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Toyota Camry Timing Belt/Chain Questions



  • 550 from a dealer using genuine toyota parts is in the ball park but if you can find a good mechanic and get your parts from e bay (they have kits) or parts stores you can save a lot . watch out for the extras like telling you this seal leaked or that tensioner was bad and you end up with double the bill.
  • 550 from a dealer using genuine toyota parts is in the ball park but if you can find a good mechanic and get your parts from e bay (they have kits) or parts stores you can save a lot . watch out for the extras like telling you this seal leaked or that tensioner was bad and you end up with double the bill.
  • the 3.0 and 3.3 are not interference engines and the 4 cyl is a chain . maybe the dealer wanted you to break your belt so they can say they did a 2000 dollar engine repair . If this ever happens to anyone demand to see the damage or the removed head. when I worked for dealerships back in N.Y. in the 70's . If the repair wasn't written on the work order the customer was not obligated to pay. and all parts that where removed where saved for the customer. this was state law at the time . probably not now.
  • kt55kt55 Posts: 3
    to hobieslug1

    Thanks for your reply, however in your message you stated it as a 6 cyl. My car is a 1998 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 ltr 4 cyl. Are you sure this is a non-interference motor? Also, would I just need the belt replaced and water pump. Mechanic said I would have to have the whole "kit" for the belt - I think the part was about $127.00/ it included all belts and pullys? Or maybe they were talking about the water pump?

    Any info would be appreciated - I can't afford a whole new engine repair. And if only the belt and water pump is to be replaced that would save me a bunch of $$$. Thanks so much. Hope you are correct about the non-interference motor I have.

  • just double checked on even though I new it is not an interference engine . If they kit is 127.00 thats a decent price those tensioners are expensive about 75 bucks ,water pump 30 timing belt 25 and up depending on brand these are not oem parts but will last till your next timing belt break . watch out some times the tow can cost as much as the repair . good idea to change the tensioner that bearing was spinning for 14 years
  • If you want to be cheap let the timing belt go and water pump till it leaks but change the plugs and antifreeze get the long life antifreeze from toyota and get the denso iridium plugs that will be good for another 100k. reason for the plugs even though yours are firing good is that after 11 years you might have problems getting them out and stripping the threads they screw into. put anti seize on the new ones . also with the price of gas they will probably pay for them selves
  • take the top plastic timing belt cover off then you wont have to assume . you'll probably also see the coolant leak
  • leem2leem2 Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    Assuming the timing belt\water pump has never been changed...

    Do I really need to change the timing belt and water pump on this car?
    Has anyone had timing belt fail on this model?
    Has anyone had water pump fail on this model?
    Does anyone have more miles on original timing belt\water pump on the same type of car (v6 2002-)?

    I know this engine won't break if belt breaks, so it's more of a safety issue for me. But at the same time, I have seen timing belts changed on other cars and they didn't look like they had to be changed - they were tight and looked new.

    Please advise. thanks
  • hymandd732hymandd732 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Camry and the owner manual recommends changing it at 90K miles
  • hymandd732hymandd732 Posts: 2
    Better safe then sorry. A broken timing belt disables your car.
  • bart27bart27 Posts: 2
    I am recieving my Moms 95 camry. I will be driving it from Florida to New York in July. The camry has 39,500 miles on. Given its age I have concerns about the timing belt. Without seeing it do you think it needs to be changed with the long distance trip ? The car is in good shape with new tires.

    Maintainenced with oil changes, over the years,@ jiffy lube.
    Reviewing her bills and concerns last Feb, I wonder if work done , was needed. At that mileage no one would concern with a timing belt.
    She is not knoledgeable about cars and agrees. I went to get an oil change in Feb & they cautioned me to the valve on the AC compressor. I declined @ they seemed defensive. I dont care about thwere feelings , but am looking for a mechanic in the south florida ave to flush the engine & change hoses. It probably is better to be safe than sorry about the timing belt. any useful info would be helpful , plus roughly what it would cost.
    Thank you very kindly
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,564
    It would be great if the timing belt could at least be visually inspected.

    Labor to replace it is about 3.2 hours and the belt itself maybe $40 bucks. I presume this is the 4 cylinder engine. The V-6 would be a bit more.

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  • bart27bart27 Posts: 2
    Location ,location location, not just for real estate. yes a 4 cylinder.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    ?? Are you asking for the location of the timing belt?

    If you don't know where it is (I don't either), you're probably not in the best position to evaluate its condition. Your best bet is to get recommendations for an honest, independent shop that will inspect it. If there's no indication that it's been replaced, I would definitely replace it - it's probably deteriorated from age. That would be a rather nasty surprise if it broke on a trip.


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  • Hi. I have a 2000 Camry V6. Does $950 sound reasonable for "drive belts cracked" and "timing belt water pump"? Also another $350 for "valve cover gasket." Seems pretty high to me but maybe it's going rate? Thanks. It has 78500 miles.
  • no its waaayyy to much.. don't trust just any mechanic shop around ill you find the honest 1.. I have a 95 ford probe that only needed the waterpump replaced and I bought it and took it to them and then wen I went to go pick up the car they came out wit the story that it needed belts gaskets and wat not wich they didn't replace the gave me the new timing belt in the box and left the old 1 on and they charged me $360 wich was still to high because I bought the parts and to top it off I took the car running and they delivered it to me by pushing it it wouldn't start that is my advice to u..if you live in el paso I have 1 mechanic that I trust wit my life and he does house calls and charges $35 to tell u wats wrong and then he will ask u if u want to by he parts or him but he does not ask for money in advance and is the best & honest mechanic. I have every met..
  • that's ridiculous.. get on google and find out the priceses of the belts and the water pump oo and gasket they don't come out to more than $100 depends on where u buy them.. so they r charging u $850 in labor wich most of them leave ur car worse or they take out ur gud parts and put in bad 1s so they can get more money out of u..but it does depend where u buy the parts shop around online the belts r nomore than $20 the gaskets I saw as low as $7.00 and water pump at oriellys cost me $30.00 in total depends on where u buy em also...mechanics need to stop abusing of people that don't know about those things...on ur free time try to dedicate it to educate yourself on these things so all of us can put a stop to the abuse.. i learned to do my own mechanic work after the left my car not running after I took it in in working condition all that It needed was a water pump and they took out my gud distributor and put in 1 that was bad my new timing belts also and my sensors I had o replace everythin but I did it on my own..
  • did u install it urself??? if not id take it back ti the mechanic and demand him to fix the distributor wich has nothing to wit the water pump or timing belt they are not connected.. same thing happened to me and the truth came out..they had stolen my gud distributor and put in a bad one that's wat messes up the timing actually it messes up your whole car wit time..
  • mitch408mitch408 Posts: 2
    Camry 2005 XLE V6, 67000 miles. My "check engine light" is on (trac off, VSC). So, I took it to San jose Toyota dealer. They told me that I need to replace charcoal canister, etc, which costs $1000.

    At the same time, they suggested me to change timing belt and water pump, which is a little over $1000. I have not changed it before since I bought in 2005. Is the price reasonable ?
  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey in which I had the timing "chain" replaced at about 10 years regardless of the mileage, which less than usual. My wife has a 2003 Camry LE with 99K miles. How do I find out if "03 Camry LE has a timing "chain" or timing "belt"? Just had it in for checkup and was advised the 'serpentine' belts were showing cracks so I had them replaced, about $43 each and $89 labor. Are either of these serpentine belts actually the timing belt? Or is the timing whatever, chain or belt, a different thing completely? Reading the threads is very confusing to me as posters and responders jump from using "chain" to "belt" interchangeably. Can I get the chapter and verse of this chain vs belt dilemma and an idea of how much whichever type it has might cost to replace as well as side-info re other things like water pumps that might bear replacing at the same time. A live link to anything already publlished on this subject would be fine, if possible. Thanks for listening!
  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    edited July 2013
    Hey Mitch, No expert here but methinks they saw you coming! Was this 'your' dealer or not, and have you done business with them before? Can't imagine that a 'charcoal canister', whatever that is, could cost $1000 to replace? I've had the 'check engine' light come on myself a few times over 13 years with my beloved Odyssey Van (only about 75K so far) but never for something like like that. Once it was because my gas cap was loose!. So be skeptical. Does your manual say to change the timing thingee at 60K or 90K and which is it, a chain or a belt? If it's time to change it then have the water pump done at the same time unless you'd already had that done before. Seems like you're not a high mileage driver IMO so unless you beat your car to death zooming around like some rocket jockey, tromping on pedals gleeefully I'd say you should get a second opinion before spending that kind of money, or a third if you want to count mine! Good luck with it. Vince
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    You don't say which engine you have. It's timing chain if it is a 2.4L 4cyl engine and timing belt if it is the 3.0L 6cyl engine. Serpentine belt is not the timing belt. Timing belt is underneath a cover and usually can't be seen without removing the cover. If it is a chain, it should last the life of the car unless you drive with pedal floored a lot. If you have timing belt, good idea to also change water pump, since the timing belt drives it, if the water pump goes, then would need to change the timing belt.
  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    Thanks much for the prompt reply, typesix! It's a 6 cyl , 3.0L engine so I guess I have to face replacing the belt and probably water pump now. If you know, what'd be the general cost of that work? Thanks again, your expertise is appreciated.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    Sorry, never had timing belt on V6 engine done. Last timing belt I had done was 10 years ago on 4 cyl 1989 Camry for about $500, including water pump and various oil seals.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    Sorry, never had timing belt on V6 engine done. Last timing belt I had done was 10 years ago on 4 cyl 1989 Camry for about $500, including water pump and various oil seals.
    If you don't know it already, the 3.0 V6 was known for having oil sludge, so regular oil changes are a must.
  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    Thanks anyway, and especially for the tip re oil changes. I usually take care of the wife's car and always get it changed between 5k and 7.5k mi. Also been using STP every 2nd or 3rd tankful even with all the other additives many of the major stations now tout.
  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    Hello world! Anyone out there know what a change of timing belt, water pump and seals w/labor for an '03 Camry V-6 in Florida might set me back?
  • mgt13823mgt13823 Posts: 1
    Royal Palm Beach Toyota quoted me $990 on a 2005 Camry V-6. A small shop quoted me $700 and recommended against screwing with the oil seals.
  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    Thanks! Yesterday a neighbor who owned a garage until recently got me a quote of $802.70. I'll inquire further re should the seals be left alone when I see him next as we walk our dogs at night. Seems like an expensive job, especially as my wife doesn't drive hard or treat the car roughly.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    This is not about how your wife drives the car. A timing belt needs to be changed because of age and miles. Rubber gets old. The newer engines have timing chains that don't need to be replaced. $800 is not bad for a 10+ year old car.
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