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Buick Regal Transmission Problems



  • lyzziescharmedlyzziescharmed Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    i bought a 99 buick regal ls two weeks ago from m local towing yard. it ran fine the first two days. the 3rd day it would shift from first to second just fine but would not shift into third well the 5th day I was driving it and in the middle of driving it, it just stopped driving I would push on the gas and nothing it would not drive at all i tried 1st 2nd 3rd and nothing I got nothing. not even reverse works. when i shift into drive i dont even here it or feel it shiftig keep in mind there is 172000 miles on it. i really dont now what to do. besides buying it for 900.00 dollars i just paid the dame tags that were 590.00 i am taped out. please tell me it something easy and that it wont cost me my first born to fix lol. i had it towed home can someone help and i check the fluids and there is fluids in it. but itt doesnt seem to be pumping the fluids.
  • 92 regal 3.8 engine 140,000. Trans wants to shift up in gear when under strain (uphill). starts to shake until I reapply gas and it shifts to lower gear and runs until nex hill. Buick recomended not to have engine flush since I don't have history.Mine since one year ago. Put in 12 oz. of Lucas trans conditioner ran 10 mil. .. a tinny bit better. any recomenditions??
  • Did you remember to remove 12 oz. of transmission fluid before adding the 12 oz of Lucas conditioner? You don't want to over fill the transmission. I know that is not likely your original problem but the Lucas may give better results if the fluid level in the transmission is correct..
  • Have you had your motor mounts changed. If the motor is not mounted it won't make a direct connection to the transmission. I ended up spending $1750 on having my transmission rebuilt only to find out it was the motor mounts which they did for free of course
  • jaycee9jaycee9 Posts: 1
    Bingo you have found the problem: The 4T65E tranny in the Buick smaller cars is problematic especially after approx 95k miles and a transmission oil change. Don't change the transmission fluid!! Something about putting a cleaner transmission oil in the tranny that causes the TPC to malfunction. One thing I have noticed is that the TPC Solenoid malfunction is definitely heat related. When you start the car in the morning it does well until the transmission fluid warms up, it then begins to misshift. I did solve the problem by installing a couple of transmission oil coolers that go in front of the radiator and connect to the radiator transmission coolant line. It took two of the small coolers to do the job at $30 each. I live in Florida and it gets hot here but so far the only time the tranny has acted up is after driving a long time in stop and go traffic. Kudos
  • luckybareluckybare Posts: 1
    mine has been fine for just a year and now it doesn't want to go into overdrive so i burn up gas like crazy its at like 2300 rpm going 55 mph and i think its my filter or something i need help
  • So I've got 200K miles and very few problems till now. After replacing the instument cluster and a few 'modules', window switch and door regulator (driver's) and exhaust system; I'm having problems with the trans. The car sat most of the summer for these little nagging repairs. The trans has always worked and shifted smoothly. However now it will not go into 4th (overdrive). The first three gears still shift smoothly. Am I looking at a 'control module' or 'relay' replacement? Or a 'computer' flaw? Please don't tell me I need a trans replacement. Any input or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • If you have the other gears it is my experience that the overdrive gear is stripped they have splines on them and after a while they wear out because of the way they were manufactured and the only way to fix it is to replace the gear but the bad thing is that you had might as well just rebuild tranny it has to come out anyway to replace the gear
  • I have a Buick Regall 99 Supercharged and that is how my car started off. It has been shaking really hard when it goes from 2nd to 3rd. It has been doing this for awhile, I finally took it to the shop and they said the Torque Convertor was almost gone. So now I am having to shuck out @2,000 for parts and labor but that is because I am getting a whole new transmission, the guy at the shop said once that goes out it can mess up everything else. I hope you have better luck, we tried everything to fix it with no luck.
  • This is exactyly what my car has been doing. I took it to the shop, the guys put the computer on it and it came up the Torque Converter is out. The only thing left for me to do is to replace that but that means they have to pull the whole trans out to replace it so I am letting them just replace the whole thing. Hope this helps.
  • Did you ever find a solution because I'm having the same problem
  • No...mine is still sitting up waiting for a solution.
  • If Customer Service can look into this further, please send us an email with more information, including your name/user name, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your involved dealership (including, if applicable, details of any diagnoses you've had performed there for this concern).

    GM Customer Service
  • keeps-coming-on

    Mine is doing the same and I did have one of my hubs replaced too. the above like is something I just found and the thread has a comment from someone "Mr" that makes sense for my car and when the lights come on.

    Hope this helps!!
  • :sick: 1995 Buick Regal II - 3800

    This car belongs to a High School student that works and gives all of his money to help support his family. He is a fine young man who more than deserves our help.


    The car ran fine until it was parked last weekend. The next morning the Motor would not turn over. Upon inspection the old Starter was found to be drenched in oil from a leak on the front side of the top end. I pulled it and had it tested at a local auto parts store who said it was marginal. Because I lost all of my knuckles in the removal process I went ahead and purchased a lifetime Starter to replace the 'marginal' motor.

    I first replaced all of the gaskets that I could to stop oil leaks, I then installed a new starter with new + and - Battery Cables and a new Battery. Those looked questionable also - 17 year old original equipment.

    Now - We experience the same effect when trying to start and even when trying to rotate the serpentine belt by hand, the motor feels like it is locked up!

    In recent weeks the young man that owns and drives the car had issues with the trans. linkage and occassionally had to shift to nuetral in order to start the car.

    Is it possible this is a transmission / linkage issue? OR - is it a toasted motor that locked up with no signs.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He needs to be mobile for the next 3 months to keep his job and complete high school until he leaves for the Army in Dec.

  • Check the intake plenum on top of the engine. I cant remember what year they went to the black poly plenum but they had issues with them leaking. Try pulling the spark plugs out and see if it will turn over. I have seen them leak coolant into the cylinders while sitting which can cause the engine to appear that it is siezed. If there is coolant in the cylinders it will blow it out all over and you will know for sure that is the problem. It is usually an intake plenum and gasket that leaks. There is an updated setup for them if that is the one you have.
  • mike881mike881 Posts: 2

    I have a 1999 Buick Regal gse that has coolant problem the electric fan is not working I have disconnected the plug at fan and tested for power at fuses good there no power going to fan (plug) assembly. I also ran separate power to fan it does not work either. Any ideas Thank you

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