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Toyota Camry Engine Related Questions



  • ddpittddpitt Posts: 1

    @hcheney said:
    I have the same issue. 2001 Camry, V-6, 71k miles. If you drive it at 40 to 50 mph and hold steady on the gas, it will start jerking badly. I have had it to the dealer twice for this issue. The first time they told me nothing showed up on the computer. The second time, they cleaned the carbon off the throttle?, since it hadn't been done and that "may help". Well it didn't and now it is going back again. This vehicle idles smoothly, runs well at highway speeds, but in that speed range, which is most non-highway speeds, it is simply awful to drive in.

    This describes my 2002 Camry, V-6 issue perfectly. I've replaced the spark plugs, checked the coil packs for visible damage, thoroughly cleaned the fuel system, replaced the EGR valve...

    I'm out of ideas. Maybe it's not the engine, maybe it's the transmission.

    Has anybody discovered a solution???

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