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Toyota Camry Fuse and Electrical Questions



  • pct108pct108 Posts: 4
    The Multi-Information Display on my 2011 XLE has developed a few problems. The OAT reads low by as much as 15 degrees. Fuel consumption reads 37.7 highway and stays there until I turn the ignition off. Average speed is low also. I tried disconnecting the battery for over 1 hour in hopes of a reset, no luck with that. Anyone experience problems with this?
    It also has the tranny problem as well and lately has developed a strong transmission fluid smell when the tranny is nice and warmed up.
    Thanks to All,
  • My AUX outlet appears to have quit working. I have tried new cables so it is either a fuse of the acutal outlet. Can anyone tell me where the fuse? If you have similar issue? How to fix it?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Check your owners manual, it will show you where the fuse box is, and has the fuses labeled for you.
  • All options running from my 1997 toyota camry electrical fuse box under the dash have stopped working. Any help? I have checked every fuse and all are okay. Was having trouble with alternator connection burning the connecting wire. Alternator checks out and good and have a new battery. i have seen two other posts describing the exact problem that I am having but could not follow the solutions given. I have traced the wires and harness but all look good. All the components from the fuse box under the hood work properly. Something is stopping power from getting to this particular fuse box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    battery installed backwards?
  • No. I am certain that the battery is installed correctly. Keep in mind the headlights, horn and every thing else that is associated with the fuse box under hood works properly. But everything that is tied to the fuse box under the dash does not.
  • burnscjhsburnscjhs Posts: 1
    Did you get the answer to your question? I own a 98 Camry and it looks like we have the same issues. I just replaced the water pump in mine and now I have no power to AC, windows, gauges, Radio, or radiator fan. Also can not get the car out of park had to use to override button. I have checked all fuses and replaced fuses.
  • No I have not. But it is the exact same problem. I also have to use the shift over ride button to get the car out of gear. No park lights stop light nothing. There have been issues described exactly as ours but no posts carried the conversation all the way through to the solultion. Someone out there has to know because it is an issue that has repeated.
  • Hi-
    I just went out to start my 2005 Camry LE V4. It does not start nor is there any power anywhere. Fortunately I was able to unlock the car before it did this. I have never had a stick of problems with this vehicle before and I am original owner, It has only 61,000 miles on it. Would this be an electrical issue? There is nothing working on this car at this point.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    edited July 2011
    Well by all means check for loose battery cables and clean and tighten those up.

    If the car starts right up with a jump, then something has been draining your battery.

    Once your car starts up, get it to a charging station. Don't let your alternator try to charge up a completely dead battery.

    in fact, if you could charge the battery up a bit PRIOR to jump starting it, or instead of starting it, that would be safer for you and the car.

    If you are going to be the one applying jumper cables to a battery that has been charging, wear safety goggles.

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  • I solved the problem we were having. It was the 100 amp fuse in the box under the hood. Although at first, it appeared that the fuse was not blown, once I remove the cover and attempted to test with a test light it was obvious it was blown. Heads up. You will have to remove the fuse box to remove this fuse. There are four plastic pins on the side with most of the fuses and two on the top part that holds the 100 amp fuse. Once these are removed the fuse has two screws that have to be removed. I hope this will solve your electrical issues.
  • crasecrase Posts: 7
    My reverse lights don't light up when shifting my manual transmission 2002 Camry into reverse. I checked all the fuses and didn't find a fuse marked "reverse lights."
  • Very interesting! I have a 90 camry and I have had all the same problems! My fan only will work on high and the setting which is second highest. My brake light fuse has blown twice now and I keep having to replace it, about every 2 weeks. And when I have my car in park, it will not shift unless i press the shiftlock over ride button. Did you ever find out the problem with the brake fuses? It's just annoying having to keep replacing them. And I'm definitely not car savvy so I dont know how to find a short or any of that stuff.
  • My 2000 toyota camry the starter goes on and is shuting off the engine when i put it in Drive, not when i put it in R or 2 or L.
    I had a problem with the starter and i replaced it with a new one and it worked fine for over a week but after it the same problem started i couldnt start it then i changed the ignition switch thinking that that may be it but nothing then i foulnd the bad fuse replaced it and if i put the same switch for 5 A for the starter it blows off right away and tthe same with the the one for 10 A it doesn't blow only the 30 A one and for some reason when i put it in dive it starts the starter, what can it be that starts the starter and that blows out the proper fuse?
  • Hi,

    I have a 2006 camry. When I step on the brake only the middle brake light lights up. The light bulbs both light up; but back up doesn't change light intensity. This happens on both sides; any clue as to what is happening?

  • My 2001 camry won't just clicks. I have headlights. Also noticed the other day (not sure if it's related because it has done it before) but the radio cuts off and all pre-set stations scramble. Also noticed the lights around my fan A/C controls aren't lit.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    First thing check your battery and battery cables. If the battery is dead, charge it up, clean and tighten the cables and then see if it starts. If it does, then you have to find out why the battery went dead (you aren't done YET). I would test the alternator output.

    If your car's battery is 5-7 years old, it's past normal lifespan regardless of other issues.

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  • Check the cable on the starter
  • wadegwadeg Posts: 1
    My Camry is a 1995 automatic and is experiencing the same problem with non-working back up lights. Is the solution the same as you Jul 18, 2011 5:35pm reply? I don't have a test light or know how to use one, and is there a diagram I can look at that will help guide me? Should I disconnect the battery first? Thanx in advance for your assistance.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Most likely cause is the switch on the back of the transmission---could just be a loose wire.

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  • i have 1995 toyota camry and i can open all doors with the switch but i cant lock please help iam going crazy and sometime my reverse lights want to come on and sometimes they don't
  • the wiring harness burned out. would the ECU need to be replaced and where is it. i had to replace the wiring harness inside the camry. first of all the battery doesnt stay charged, when i crank it it turns but it doesnt start. the wipers dont work nor the power windows to include the A/c. also i have to push down the over ride button to get the car to shift. i need help in figuring out the problems are. Can anyone help me. and thank you in advance.
  • tycoon21tycoon21 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Hello, I have the same problem with my Camry 2001. Please send me the flasher1, flasher2, flasher3 pictures to Thank you.
  • My camry 2009 can't start. I hv few questions to ask:
    1) Do adjusting the steering tilting lever when the ignition is on caused this?
    2) The battery was jump-started but the engine just don't turn on, I put the cable +ve to+ve, -ve To -ve but no earthing connection,
    3) when change to new battery, still can't start, no panel ilumnition light, no power window, the brake can be released, can't move the gearshift from P, but car light is there, cd can be on, though i didn't wait to hear the audio,
    4) mechanic checks all the fuses, ok, but suspect the 2 certical long fuses (blue color) under the hood the main culprit.
  • sorry, no brake as well. (typo error)
  • ken5ngken5ng Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    First I have to thank many people who posted possible causes on back light not working. I had similar problem and went back to look inside the trunk on the driver side. Immediately I saw 5 of 6 wires were broken. After reconnecting the wires, all the lights worked. Many thanks.

    My Camry has another problem. The "engine check light" is on. I used a reader and got the P0446 code "EVAP system, vent control malfunction." I looked around the hoses for cracks. They all seem ok. A manual said it is a bad VSV for vapor pressure sensor. I replaced the old one near the charcoal canister in the back with a new one. The light won't go away. Then I took out the VSV for EVAP near the air filter in the front and tested it. I cannot blow air through it. When I connected a 12-volt battery to it, it clicked and I can blow air. So I assumed it is good. I disconnected the electrical connector to the VSV for EVAP and measured the DC voltage across its 2 pins, when the key was turned to "ignition on" and when the car was started. In both cases, there was no voltage measured. Does this mean it is an electrical problem? What can I test next to locate the problem?

    Thanks for the help.

  • thayes1thayes1 Posts: 1
    I purchased the car from a dealer in November. Neither outlet worked when I got home so I took it in they changed the fuse and wala until now. Now neither work again suddenly. I have checked the two 20 amp fuses in the fuse panel under the steering wheel, they were fine and brand new looking.
    What else could this be. Also not that they should be related but as of a couple weeks ago my trunk release inside doesn't work either.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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