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Toyota Camry Suspension Questions



  • pff3pff3 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I have a 2009 Camry with 12k miles and I have the exact same issue that you mentioned in #2 above. At low speeds, especially when turning into driveways, I hear a loud clunking noise from the back end of the car.

    I took it to the dealer and they "couldn't replicate" the problem and refused to investigate it further. I did a quick visual inspection and everything appears to be firmly attached, but I'm far from an expert in suspensions. I'm planning to bring it back in and take the Toyota technician for a ride so that I can replicate the problem for him.

    Just wondering if anyone else is coming across this issue.
  • Lot of 07-08 Camry's have defective struts. Toyota and the dealerships are stressing over that. They won't recall them. Far too many Camrys on the road, far too expensive. So, they blow people off, and wait until the struts get really bad (at around 60K miles), then offer to replace for about $1500. At 60K, the car has just ruined its 3rd set of tires (premature wear due to defective struts.) As you drive around town, look at the rear tires of 07 and later Camrys as they go down the street. It is easy to see, on 2 out of 3 Camrys, that the back tires are bouncing way more than they should. It is high frequency, low amplitude bouncing.

    So, I have to agree with your advice. Repair your vehicle and move on with your life. And don't buy another Toyota, make sure they know you won't buy another Toyota, and make sure to do your part to ensure no one else buys a Toyota, i.e., word of mouth.
  • After I contacted New Motor Vehicle Board, Toyota still insist is not a defective struts. I asked the NMVB to say that if Toyota insist their struts are not defective, that I wanted an extended on the "struts" only. They still declined. I took them to small claim cout, and we ended up settling out of court. I WON!
  • I have a 2007 Camry and at 60K 3 of the 4 struts were leaking. About ninety percent of the miles driven were on Interstates. There were no extreme road conditions. Toyota dealer maintains leakage is normal and the service manager said that with a straight face. The strurts are, in fact, leaking but it is NOT normal. Toyota would not be selling very many new cars if leaking struts are a normal condition. What next? Is a slow radiator leak normal? Is an oil pan leak normal? I don't know what happened to Toyota but the quality of their cars has slipped dramatically. The fact that they won't own up to their mistakes is unacceptable. There are better choices in the marketplace.
  • Hello Everyone. I hope someone here can help me figure this problem out. I have just purchased my 07 SE V6 with 17k miles on the 23rd of December. The car was certified and i also purchased the platinum warranty so that i can have a full warranty on the car. It wasn't until about two weeks ago i started noticing the thumping/rattle sound coming from the front passenger side strut area. I took it to the dealership last week and they replaced both front struts and mounts. I got the car back from them this past Friday (1/14/11) and am still experiencing the same problem but this time it sounds even worse. I took it back this morning and had the tech who certified the car and also replaced the struts look at it and with no surprise they claim that they didn't hear anything or find anything wrong. The noise is a lot more noticeable now then it ever was before. So in the process of trying to make something better it ended up becoming worse. Based on all the threads I've read a lot of people say that it maybe the swaybar bushings and or endlinks. Could it be that or could i just happen to have gotten another defective strut? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey, i do the same. I installed the eibach springs, then within a couple of months, my car start to bouncing more. Thats around 20K, now the car have 55K and the ride quality is horrible. I feel the steering wheel moves too much. Let me know whats your car condition right now.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You may have to sleuth this yourself, to prove to the shop there is a problem.

    If you go out and push up and down on the vehicle getting it really rocking, do you hear the noise? If so, then have the shop do it while someone is under the car in a pit. They should be able to identify the problem fairly easily.
  • I brought the car to the dealership a couple days after my original post a d the tech heard the noise I was talking about. He said that it was the struts and that they were leaking gas which didn't make much sense to me. He ordered he ordered new struts and mounts for the left and right side. Not even a full day after I got my car back I heard the same noise again but this time worse. I took it back and another tech looked at it and said that he knew what it was. He took the car in and in about an hour I got it back. He said it was something on the strut or mount that needed to be sanded down. Sorry I don't remember exactly which one but it was definitely one of those two parts. We went out for a drive and the sound was gone and I was extremely happy. A week later on my way to work the sound came back. Everyone that's driven in my car questions me about that and I have no answers. Car has on 17k miles and now with a new pair of struts and still I get the same noise. Now it leaves me to wonder if its not the struts what else could it be? I told the second tech to look at the sway bar endlinks and bushings to make sure they were good and he said they where fine so I'm lost right now. Its one of the most annoying sounds ever. I have to keep my volume no less than 10 to cancel it out. I can't believe how a $30k vehicle can have this many problem. Yes most of it is petty but shouldn't be there. My girlfriends 08 yaris has had one problem since we picked it up in August 07. I have two other dealerships near me so I plan on taking it to one of them and hopefully one of them will know what the problem is. My apologies for the late update and thanks to all who have replied.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I'd be taking it back to the place that did the original work. Ask for a service manager to review it, take him out in the vehicle, and show him the sound by having him hear it. Don't let them off the hook of fixing it correctly, by taking it somewhere else.
  • I have a 2011 Camry LE with 2500 miles. I notice that the suspension feels a bit bumpy and noisy in winter, particularly at low speeds, even over relatively smooth roads. I don't notice it at highway speeds or even when going over a speed bump. It is noticeable when driving in a parking lot, for example, or on a road at 30-40 mph. I don't remember it happening in the Fall when the weather was warmer. Does anyone else notice the same problem?
  • I having the exact same problem in my 2008 Camry LE @ 40K miles. I called Toyota customer services last month, they said that they woudl have a local Toyota Services manager call me...I have yet to receive any call from anyone at Toyota.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Wouldn't your extended warranty cover this repair? ------------- Best regards. ------------ Dwayne :shades: :confuse: ;) :)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    When I purchased my new 2007 Toyota XLE V6 Camry, I recognized that this was "high tech vehicle," and I also purchased a "Top Of The Line Toyota Extended Warranty" for the maximum number of years, and the maximum mileage with a "0" deductible. ------ The cost of this warranty was $1600.00 dollars. ----- To date, this extended warranty has paid for the replacement of the exterior engine oil hose for the VVT. ----- My vehicle now has 63,000 + miles. ----- Should I need to replace all four struts, (before 100,000 miles), I will have broken even with the cost of the warranty. ---- Should I need an additional repair beyond the "struts," I will be way ahead of the financial game! ------ With today's "High Tech New Vehicles," a factory extended warranty is just as important as "high quality tires" and "high quality vehicle insurance!" ---- You cannot afford to be without this coverage. ----- If you DO NOT PURCHASE this coverage, your are gambling your personal finances against the possibility of an early major repair! ----- Should this occur, you cannot hold the vehicle manufacturer responsible! ----- A new vehicle is covered for three (3) years or 36,000 miles, (which ever comes first!) ----- Without an "extended factory warranty" you are responsible for the cost of any repair beyond the new car warranty! ---- To expect a manufacturer to pay for a repair beyond three (3) years / 36000 miles is simply not realistic. ---- (Purchasing a vehicle is simply a business transaction. If you cannot afford an "unexpected vehicle repair" beyond a new vehicle warranty, YOU NEED AN EXTENDED WARRANTY!) ----- If you want to protect your vehicle investment and drive stress free, YOU must purchase a "factory extended warranty" to cover unexpected repairs beyond the original three (3) years / 36,000 miles. ----- YES, it is that simple! ----- You as the owner must take responsibility. ---- I always purchase an extended warranty on all of my vehicles, and I always come out ahead of the repair game, plus I can drive all over the United States stress free and with confidence that I can get high quality repairs at any Toyota Dealership free of charge! ----- This is something to consider on your next vehicle purchase. ------ Best regards. ------ :shades: :confuse: ;) :)
  • jnaultjnault Posts: 1
    The problem may come from:
    1-Leaking gas strut that makes noise only in cold wheter; sometimes they cannot find the noise because the car inside the Toyota garage, when they try it the problem desapear because the struts are warm
    2-Door hinges bushings that transmit the noise to the body, I know it sounds ridiculous but Toyota has bad door hinges bushings. The result is that on sudden small bumps it makes noise. It cost $500 for the replacement of 4 doord hinges (2 front doors)
    John Montreal
  • smy123smy123 Posts: 2
    My 2007 XLE Camary needed all four struts replaced. They started leaking at about 36,000 miles. I also had to replace a external oil hose. Toyota said that leaking struts are "normal" and that the leaking external oil hose was a "fairly common problem." I wish they would have told me that before I bought the car.

    My next car will be a Ford Fusion. I plan to purchase one early next year--unless my Camry breaks down again. Then I'll replace it sooner.

    From my experience the price premium consumers pay for Toyota quality isn't worth it.
  • busterbunnybusterbunny Posts: 16
    edited June 2011
    Like my previous post on my 07 Camry. Struts are DEFECTIVE. After i settled with Toyota. I had replaced my 2 front struts by myself with help from a mechanic friend, and it's not leaking anymore. I wonder why Toyota is telling the dealer that it's normal for a strut to leak. It's not NORMAL especially if it's causing premature tire wear. Who knows..............
  • ralcarezralcarez Posts: 1
    While having my car's tires aligned at a regional tire dealer, I was informed that three of my Camry's struts were leaking and I should contact my Toyota dealer. With the cars warranty being in effect for only 36 months or 36,000 miles - which ever comes first, my car was 41 months old and has 30,000 miles on it so it out of the warranty coverage The dealer's inspection found all four struts leaking and on a scale of one to 10, deemed the status at four. I car is safe to drive and I could delay having the work done now. However, the dealer offered to replace all four struts now and I would pay only for the labor, which was about $410. I was satisfied with this arrangement. I had not detected any problems with my Camry's ride or handling beforehand. I am disappointed about the struts all needing to be replaced with only 30,000 miles. As a side note, I chose to replace the Bridgestone tires that originally came with the car because the thread life was much too short.
  • Did you try to contact Toyota to see what they can do for you? If not, you should have called Toyota to see what they can do for you since it's not even out of warranty (as in miliage wise).
  • I agree 100% buster, Toyota and the dealer knows there is a problem with the suspension but choose to ignore it.
    I am about to replace my 3rd set of tires after about 70k miles.
    I noticed the problem after my origional set of tires lasted for 30k miles which I was ok with replacing assuming they were simply cheaper oem tires.
    My second set of tires started to feather after about 7k miles so I went back to the shop that installed the tires and they said your struts are leaking!
    I went to 2 Toyota dealers and they both said struts are fine small amount of leakage is normal. I told them I want to replace my tires and they told me everything was fine. So with this in mind I assumed the tire shop where I bought the second set was worng.
    Now after 13k miles the 3rd set is feathering and the car sounds like a truck with big nobby tires!
    I went back to 3 Toyota dealers and they all told me the struts are fine! Obviously there is a PROBLEM and they will not tell me what the real issue is.
    I called Toyota care and they were very curt and said sorry not our problem and they have no solution. I told them after buying 3 Toyota's I feel toyota is pushing me away as a custom. No comment was their answer.
    By the way I rotate the tires at least every 5k or less and have had it aligned several times. The only way I can resolve this problem is to go to a lemon lawyer.
    I love Toyota's but the way the dealer and Toyota is dealing with this KNOWN problem is WRONG! :mad:
  • Keep me updated on the lemon lawyer. Don't go to dealer to replace your strut. I replaced my struts myself with the help with a mechanic friend, and it' s not leaking anymore. But the new tires i put on sounds very load when driving.
  • I bought this car new. It has been well cared for; now with 147,000 trouble free miles until I had the front struts replaced recently with new Monroe struts. Ever since I have had loud ratchet noises or pops and grinds from the front. What was always a smooth ride sometimes feels like wheel hop now, but not all the time. I've it back six times and they say they installed one wrong and replaced it, on a later trip they put a new bearing plate on.
    Wondering if they put the wrong strut on, I have asked if there is a difference between SE Camry strut parts and LE or V-6 and they said they checked and it's the same part number.
    Front suspension is still noisy. I am giving this car to my granddaughter and want it right when I do. Any ideas?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,471
    The 4 and 6 cylinder are the same part # but the SE and LE have different part numbers.

    LE - 48510A9190

    SE - 48520A9200

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  • triptrip San DiegoPosts: 1
    hahaha...I dumped my '08 Camry in '11 because of rough idling, leaking struts, broken sun visor in less than 2 years. Will never buy another Toyota again...Toyota quality just went down the drain after around 2006...My '04 Camry still run strong.
  • kutasykkutasyk MDPosts: 1
    Replacing the strut is totally DIY job. However, you should never replace the spring coil, only the entire strut that includes the spring coil. It costs a little bit more, but, trust me, doing it otherwise, first of all, does not make any sense, second of all, it requires a special tool that squeezes it and it is a very dangerous job tring to squeeze the spring coil.
    When you replace the whole thing you have a brand new strut! Once again, buy the entire strut assembly only.
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