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Toyota Camry Audio Questions



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    has anyone upgraded the base radio on a 2006 Camry LE with radio controls on steering wheel? I'd like to add a radio with an HD tuner, satellite radio and has an "aux" jack. Also is it possible to replace the antenna with an aftermarket antenna?

  • odugsodugs Posts: 5
    I want to add an ipod interface to my LE could anyone tell me the best ones and the best deals out there for purchase and installation?

    Also, I am interested in a stereo that has one or all of the following: bluetooth and or navigation equiped. Please advice also on devices and prices. Thank you. I appreciate the help.
  • It is sad, very sad. I listen to classical and if you try to listen to anything with any kind of dynamics, you do indeed pay a price. I was thinking of contacting JBL directly and inquiring about replacement drivers (speakers) that hold up. Another thought is what is the actual power of the amp. The spec says 440 watts? I would like to know what the continuous power rating over what frequency range at what value of distortion? If you play the system at low levels then it isn't an issue.
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    several years ago in an edmonds test of mid-sized cars, the reviewers rated the jbl as the best of all stereos in the tested vehicles..wonder if jbl quality has dropped lately...
  • lzklzk Posts: 2
    i have a 2007 camry - sedan model CELEXL. I can't figure out if it has Bluetooth capacity or not...the manual talks about Bluetooth, but how do I know if my model car has Bluetooth? thanks for your help.
  • i have a cd/cassette jbl player factory. about 5 weeks ago, my stereo went completely out. no power no sound no nothing. my friend was going to give me a kenwood exelon cd player. i bought the harness and it hooks up fine, even though the harness does not have 2002 on it. my friend hooked the kenwood cd player and the player will play but no sound is coming out of the speakers. and i know my car year normally does not have jbl because my book that came with the car does not mention anything remotely close to factory jbl. all it mentions is my setup or a 6 disc changer set up. thats all. i believe it is the amp but i am wondering if i replace the amp to another toyota jbl amp will it work or is it even the amp. my factory radio has not worked since it went completely out about 5 weeks ago. PLEASE HELP ME! I'M LIKE LL COOL J, 'I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUTH MY RADIO!"
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    Does anyone know if toyota will soon be offering a HD radio option, either from the factory or dealer? If not, is installing it to the factory stereos possible?
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    Can you scroll thorugh playlists, albums without atually changing the selection? It seems when you scroll down the playlist, where ever it lands it will change to that playlist. Is there way to set it so your just browsing and can then select the playlist you want?
  • I have a 2007 Camry XLE, purchased new. One or more bands on the radio (e.g., both FM bands, the AM band, all three XM/Sirius bands) periodically goes silent. I have full display -- can see song/artist info, score in a ball game, etc. -- but have no sound. Sometimes this resolves within a few minutes; the longest outage I've documented was more than 30 minutes of XM/Sirius silence.

    The dealership replaced the original radio unit, absolutely no hassles. But the new unit has precisely the same problem. Obviously, this is pretty minor matter; I could listen to another band or put in a CD. But when I want to listen to a ball game and can't get XM, then it gets serious!

    I've searched Edmunds and the web generally, but found nothing similar. Any suggestions (beyond just living with it)?

  • When I put a CD into my player it rejects and accepts repeatedly for about 5-6 times then accepts but the screen shows Err 3. Can anyone throw any light on this problem?
  • I'm wondering the same thing about the XM radio not seeming able to scroll. I have a 2010 XLE. I can't live without seeing what year various Shaun Cassidy songs were released. :cry:
  • I have an Se 2010 Camry and I am using an Ipod touch via the usb jack in the Camry. Every so often or more often than none the radio displays an error message stating usb device or Ipod not operating correctly please check device. I then have to disconnect the Ipod from the usb jack then plug it in again for it to work again. Any ideas or do you have this issue?
  • have an Se 2010 Camry and I am using an Ipod touch via the usb jack in the Camry. Every so often or more often than none the radio displays an error message stating usb device or Ipod not operating correctly please check device. I then have to disconnect the Ipod from the usb jack then plug it in again for it to work again. Any ideas or do you have this issue?
  • thepro1980thepro1980 Posts: 6
    edited March 2010
    Well with the JBL system the doors are 6x9s and the rear deck has 6x9s as well, in the dash there are tweeters. As far as the regular system, the doors have 6x9s as well and the rear deck is the same. The main difference is the tweeters in the dash. As far as power the jbl system will have more power, how much I'm not sure. Most of the time they run an amp in the jbl system that puts about 45 to 50 watts to each speaker, which will sound better then the stock non-JBL system. The appearance on the other hand is not much different between the two. Hopefully I have helped.
  • In some cases the factory radio will not recognize the after market cables for the Ipod. It is quite common in most factory radios. Either you can deal with it or upgrade.
  • We have a 2007 Camry with aux input. We have purchased the 3.5 male to male cable and have plugged it into an ipod and an mp3 and can't get it to work. What are we doing wrong? Its is like the stereo is not seeing that the cords are plugged in. Please help.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited April 2010
    did you select the aux input, on the radio? and turn the volume up on the mp3 player?
  • Yes, I did. I don't even see that aux was selected on my radio. I keep hitting the cd/aux button and nothing happens.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited April 2010
    Assuming the audio volumes are turned up on both the ipod and the radio, and you selected the aux input, then I'd suggest you buy another cable.

    Either the cable you have is bad, or you bought one with the wrong plugs.

    It's been a couple years since I bought the cable, but I know I posted the part number somewhere in these forums long time ago. IIRC, I think I even bought two, one at radio shack and another later at walmart. We have one that is 6 foot long that reaches the back seat, and a shorter one for front seat occupants.

    The plug was the standard size (at the time), that fit our mp3 players and headphones. I know my new blackberry has a thinner diameter plug, which is not the correct diameter.

    I'm suspecting you may have the wrong diameter plugs on that cable.
  • I own a 2008 Camry with JBL Premium sound . When i play my mp3, for most of the songs i get rattling noise from back speakers while bass is rich. Its getting worse day by day. (the same CD/song used to play good six months back). Toyota dealer said once that the way i ripped my MP3 is the problem. But it plays good in other cars and more over the same song played good few months back. I think the cover on top of the speaker is making the rattling when bass is heavy. The base is only in '3' when it keep it in -1 it goes away. Is it the way its supposed to work ? any help?/advice please.
  • I just leased a 2011 Camry and wanted to get XM radio running on it. I had XM on my Pilot and had mentioned the sales people that I liked it.
    I spent about a half hour on the phone with XM trying to activate my car but they couldn't find any record of it. Didn't make any sense to me.
    I spoke with my sales guy and he didn't help and eventually had to speak with the dealers customer service head.
    He (with a lot of attitude and some confusion) explained to me that my car was xm "capable" and that meant I could buy and have toyota install a receiver (behind the radio (with satellite written on it ) for about $350 and then I could subscribe to XM. I was fine subscribing to XM but thought that Toyota is running some kind of scam selling cars that are XM capable without explaining what that means. He also suggested I go to bestbuy and have them install XM and they dont install on factory toyota units.
    Am I the only one making this complaint or do other know the difference when they buy the car?
  • madhouse22madhouse22 Posts: 1
    This issue is very difficult to explain. I think my amp might be shorting out or not always working. For instance, I may listen to my ipod and have the bass at -2 and 30 is VERY loud. Other days I can listen to the same song, but I have to turn the bass to 0 and up to nearly 40 just to get the same amount of volume. It is very noticeable. I'm having to adjust my bass daily and the volume always fluctuates.

    Today, when I left work, my setting was -2 and volume at 27. I changed from aux to radio, and back to aux, I had to adjust the base to +1 and volume to 39 just to get the same quality of stereo as before... Make any sense?? If you can give any suggestions please do.
  • 05camgurl05camgurl Posts: 1
    i have a 05 camry se and i want to upgrade my radio system so that i can have aux output. my current radio is JBL... what options do i have as far as replacing my old system?
  • i have a 2010 camry and was sold this radio/stereo package. I want to hookup a mp3 player for audio books to listen while I travel. Any suggestions on mp3 players that work great.
  • 2009 Camry with regular audio system.
    :cry: I turned my car on (the radio stays on i never turn it off) and the cd popped out. The radio won't come back on, doesn't give error message. A radio display is flashing. The manual isn't giving any help. What can I do to figure this out without taking it to the dealer?? Help!
  • gman2774gman2774 Posts: 1
    I had the same issue. I had a 08 Honda Accord that was fully XM capable. I just got a 11 Camry LE as a company car and was excited to transfer my XM from the Accord to Camry. Went to Best Buy and was told the same story. I think it sucks that Toyota advertises the car as XM compatible when it's really not. It's only about 50% compatible. I'm not going to spend the xtra cash on a fleet car.
  • My 2010 Camray keeps losing the signal for the sat. radio. Display says "no signal" and after several minutes will say "Loading". Have taken to dealer and they cannot find the problem. Suspect the problem may be the ant. Can I install an aftermarket ant. and where does it connect to the receiver? This problem may occur several times a day. Dealer cannot duplicate the situation. This happens when the vehicle is on the open road with no obstructions above vehicle. Also this is a factory istalled unit and vehicle is still under warrenty


  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    It's under warranty, don't mess with it or you may void the warranty.

    Keep taking it back until they replace the radio and antennae if necessary. Have video phone available to record symptoms when you are driving, so they can see it occurring, since they can't seem to replicate it. You may have to open a record with toyota corporate help desk. Keep excellent records of every date/time it fails, every dealer repair, etc.
  • 2007 Camry with JBL audio system. Recently (never did this before), when using an MP3 player plugged into aux jack, I get a whining noise which corresponds to engine acceleration. In other words, when coasting it is barely noticeable but gets annoyingly louder as I accelerate. Any ideas on how to remedy this will be appreciated.

  • We have a new Toyota Camry2011 SE we are having problems with static on sirius and am-fm when we are in car it is intermittent The radio has been replaced by dealer and we are still having the same problem
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