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Need suggestions on dealers who offer competitive pricing on camry accessories such as floor mats and mud guards. I once had a good line on a company somewhere in the Pacific northwest that dealt with Camry/Toyota accessories -- Roman, Rumanian, something like that.

I look forward to your recommendations!!


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    Try for OEM parts and accessories. The price is better than most local dealers and It is $55 vs. $73 for the same mudguards for 2002-2003 Camry.
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    Hi! New 2005 Camry owner as of Sunday - Salsa Red Pearl 3.3 V6 SE w/ all the trimmings - lovin' it.

    I would like to know where I might find a reputable, reliabel and reasonably priced vendor of Camry accessories can be found online from users w/ personal experience.

    I want to personalize & pretty it up a bit w/ some things like billet grill, hood rock guard and other protective & mostly cosmetic add-ons.
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    They have a good selection of used Toyota parts.
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    Try ebay and do a search and you'll find a bunch of stuff. As for personal experience, I have only bought a spare remote and key, both of which were muchhhhhhh less than the dealer. Also, you might want to checkout
    I bought some stuff here for my wife's Mazda and was very pleased. ;)
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    hello all, I have read quite a few postings about the camry's hesitation and or transmission problems. I have spoken with a few techs in different large toyota dealerships 1 is new englands largest toyota dealership, all are reporting a fraction of problems. nothing to be worried about, you will hear the bad things rather than the good things, you expect good things from a 4cylinder camry. Its a new redesigned model, just hope for the best. So far my 4cylinder auto SE runs perfect. What my main question is, anyone know any sites for accessories? Like grills, any ground effects kits, lights etc... Thank You.
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    hey 2007camryse, I'm loving my 07 SE too! No problems that I've read about in the Woes either. In fact, I've begun buying some after market products already... something I don't really have the desire to do for my Porsche boxter S or Lexus RX350. I've already changed the grill out for a stainless steel wire mesh grill... look around for the best price. I paid $282.. but have heard that someone got one for $212. That said, I wouldn't go to anyone one site or online store for all my purchases since you can always find a great deal if you look.
    I've also been looking to change the OEM wheels for another 17" 10 spoke alloy wheel... something I've seen on a few Mercedes S500 and similar to what's found on the Infiniti G25 coupe.
    Slowly, but surely... the aftermarket will be making alot of things for this car.. just be patient.
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    Thanks for the site on grills! That mesh grill looks AWESOME and I have to have it! How was it to install? I'm about as handy as a 7th grader trying to build a house! I did put my EG Classic grill on my '05 300C Hemi, which nobody could believe I did! Must have gotten lucky that day. Please let me know! Do you need to take the current grill off, or does this one just fit over it? didn't look like the current one just "pops" out?!?!? Thanks in advance for your reply!
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    Thanks for the site on grills! That mesh grill looks AWESOME and I have to have it! How was it to install? I'm about as handy as a 7th grader trying to build a house! I did put my EG Classic grill on my '05 300C Hemi, which nobody could believe I did! Must have gotten lucky that day. Please let me know! Do you need to take the current grill off, or does this one just fit over it? didn't look like the current one just "pops" out?!?!? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    No thanks required bv050506! I just hope this doesn't catch on too much, it make my camry SE stand out a little more than the others here. ;) that said, it was relatively easy to install. Yes, the current grill has to come out, but I got my the service guys at my toyota dealership to do it for me for free. It took them just under 30 minutes, but I didn't have the lower grill put on. I thought it might be a little too much. I want to try to keep the looks clean, if you know what I mean. I'm in the process right now of trying to find out if I can order the chrome lower door body side moldings on the new 07 Lexus 460 modified and installed on my camry. I think it'll look really sharp and add a clean highlight to the profile. take a look at what it does for the LS 460... TOS01&ArtNo=608160802&Ref=PH&Params=Itemnr=11

    What do you think?
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    Thanks for letting me know about the grill. I'll take it one step at a time, then maybe go for the lower grill and then the lower moldings. I did put color matched side molding on, which looks fine but not flashy. My kids think the Camry grill is superb too! So with their pressure I'm sure I'll be getting it at some point. again thanks
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    Hey Dr. James.......I have a 2007 LE Camry, just wondering since you replaced your grill if you were interested in selling your original from the SE. Not looking to spend as much as the one you purchased, I just think the SE grill would look better than the one I have now. BTW all you 2007 camry owners check out these wheels:

    link title

    I bought them for $310 plus $99 shipping, what a steal!!
    I sell cars for toyota and throught the dealer they would have cost $2400. They're awesome, I don't know how this guy can sell them so cheap.
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    Thanks for sharing your idea.
    That is tereffic idea.
    Did you do it already?
    Could you up load your images?
    I am going to do chrome plating for front grille, I like to keep the stock grille.
    How do you think?
    Thanks again for your input.
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    I am in the market for an '07 car, having just said goodbye to my 1987 camry wagon. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had an 07 xle, 4 cylinder, about the reliability of their car other than the transmission problem that may already have a fix in.

    I hate to switch manufacturers, and my salesman and dealer service are top notch. But consumers reports rated honda as exceptional and the camry le as average. The xle was rated better than average but with a 6 cylinder engine. I've seen horror stories about that engine.

    Basically, I want to convince myself that the 4cylinder xle is a responsible purchase for me.

    Thanks so much for your help.
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    Here's a link to the discussion that will be most helpful to you: Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry.
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    Does anyone know if the Throttle Body Spacer for a 1997 Camry LE works well or is it a waste of money? Also, can anyone recommend a cold air intake that will pass smog for the 97 camry as well? All help is extremely appreciated!
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    I wanted to know if anyone know where I can get the side view mirror turn signals for the 07 camry like the ones that are on the camry in Japan. I see them on the Avalons and other cars, and I wanted to add them to my car.
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    I have an 07 V6 Camry with the JBL stereo, no navi. I was looking to add more wood on the dash. Does anyone know where I can purchase a trim kit that will fit?

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    Hi Vicki,

    I'm not sure where you live so I can't recommend a store, but there are a lot of dealers and stores on ebay that sell the wood trim kits. I'd suggest searching on google or yahoo "2007 Toyota Camry wood dash kit" and you'll find a bunch of sites. Good luck!
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    Perhaps you could order the parts from overseas by contacting a dealer. In Australia the V-6 Camry is called Auron and it comes with the signal mirrors as well. I'm sure the part numbers are out there somewhere.
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    Hey, I am looking for seat covers for the 2007 LE (Silver). Could anyone advise me? I have looked at PepBoys, Autozone etc. WHere have others purchased them from.

    Thanks in advance
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    How would I know if it will match what is in the car already? I wanted to add to the existing wood. Are there places that do this kind of work?

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    Any car customixation shop could install it for you, or the dealer probably could.

    As long as the dash kit matches the year and model of your car it will fit perfectly. All you have to do is ask the dealer what kind of wood trim is currently in your vehicle, and then purchase that kit. Also, most kits come with a manual with pictures of each part and tells you where each part will go, so if you only wanted to add a few pieces you could buy only those ones.

    A bunch of stores sell the kits online. I'd suggest calling them to see if they can recommend any certified installers that offer some sort of warranty with their work.

    Also, check with the dealer to make sure adding the trim won't void your Toyota warranty. I assume the dealer could install it for you too. Good luck.
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    I bought a front/rear set of covers for my 2007 LE with Ash interior from

    t862 2007+ Camry LE/CE
    t861 2007 Camry LE/CE

    Dealt with a Michael Stevens.

    Covers look really nice and are a very good fit except for the outside edge of the front seats where they meet the seat back. I thought I got the wrong covers, but was told that is correct.

    I can send pics if you like...
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    Yes, could you please send me pics. I looked up the website and it says that the seat covers are for


    What does "NO SIDE AIRBAGS" mean? Dont all Camry's come with side airbags. I am confused.....
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    Well, all 2007 Camrys do come with side curtain airbags and front seat-mounted side airbags.

    You're not really supposed to put seat covers on cars with seat-mounted side airbags, because the covers can interfere with the deployment -- see your owner's manual. So this aftermarket company is probably trying to cover themselves legally by saying you should only install them in cars without side airbags.
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    I need to get another 2 keys for 2007 Camry. I'm sensing that realistically speaking, you need to have this done at the dealer...just trying to confirm.

    1.) Since even the valet key has a chip in it which needs to be recognized by the system before it will start engine, there is some process which needs to be done to add the new key as an approved key to the cars computer. I haven't seen the secret instructions written anywhere, so I assume that I need to pay the dealer to do this step (even with valet type key-no remote entry). Assume also that if it is a key w/fob, that remote entry also needs to be configured in the cars computer so that it will unlock the doors as well.

    2.) Assuming I could find a blank somewhere online, I still need to find a local place to cut the blank to match existing key. As such, I run the risk that if they don't cut it correctly, then I'm out the cost of the key w/fob.

    Those two reasons lead me to conclude that from a practical and realistic point of view, this is just something that I'll have to bite the bullet and get done at the dealership.

    Is this correct thought process, or has someone found a cheaper way to get some additional keys?
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    I'm looking for an aftermarket black grill for my 2007 camry LE. Any thoughts on where to pick one up?


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