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Chevrolet Cobalt Electrical Problems



  • My car has started doing this also. The hesitation between 30-40 has continually been getting worse. Why do I want to take the car in for the 15 time to be told by the dealer there is nothing wrong? Everyone else who rides in the car says it's some shifter thing in the transmission, but the dealer states there is nothing. I don't know what the ECM is, but it's probably not working either knowing this car 2007 Cobalt. Worts decision I ever made to buy this car.
  • I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt and my key is stuck in the on position in the ignition. I have to unhook the battery and take the fuse out to turn my car off. Has anyone had this issue?
  • Had this problem. Also had the key not turn in the ignition switch to start the car (3 times for this )All four times the ignition switch and housing were replaced. Good luck!
  • beach88beach88 Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 2009 Chevy Cobalt that has the same problem and customer service from Chev did not want to own up to there being a problem. I have never had an ignition swith go in any vehicle we have ever owned let alone on one with only 55k miles. Chevy needs to own up to there being a problem.
  • We did contact Chevy and they set an appointment for next week with a Chevy dealer. Chevy stated that if they say it is a defect then Chevy will fix it. I will let everyone know what the outcome is.
  • We took her car in and Chevy paid for everything!
  • For the last 6+ months I had been having troubles with engine warning lights, trans shifting, power steering and A/C cutting out. Replaced power steering motor under recall. Had TCM replaced per the dealer and the diagnostic codes. Didn't fix the problem and dealer was just guessing from that point. Had the ECM "flashed"/codes cleared by a garage guy who has the software. Fixed it for a week. He said if that failed, it was likely the BCM. Didn't want to pay new for BCM, but couldn't find a junked one locally. Apparently Cobalts are too new to be in most junk yards in the Chicago area! Those that admitted having the parts, refused to sell them (too many complaints about mis-matched electrical parts). So out of need to match the serial numbers on my part with what is available on Ebay/other sources, I pulled off the BCM cover - passenger side center column, black cover snaps off. While in there, I pulled the two "computer plug" connections, wiped off and reattached. Pulled the fuses across the top (which just so happened to be in this order: power steering, transmission, A/C and A/C). Wiped the contacts which seemed to have a grease feel to them. Blew out the whole thing with the air hose. Lots of dust - the car's ventilation system blows right past the back side of the BCM. It was clear someone had been in the BCM before I purchased the car used as all the spare fuses had been removed. Reattached everything and (cross your fingers), no problems for almost two months. Knock on wood, I hope this did the trick. I wanted others to know, because this was a frequent post.
  • I am having the same problem and my car just 75,000 miles i have a 2009 Cobalt i bought it back in Feburary this year and it had 52,000 on it. Most of my miles are from the highway going to work 44 miles each way. The dealer I got it from says its becuase i have more than one key on my key ring and that is causing stress on the ignition switch. I of course think they are full of it. My father has more than 30 keys on his key ring and never had trouble like this. From what I have ready Chevy needs to own up to this being a problem. Cause these things just dont go bad like this.
  • I would have to say that the "grease" you are talking about was there to help keep water out of the connections and prevent corrosion. You should probably get a tube and put it back on the connections before you have a problem.
  • deepcscottdeepcscott Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I have a 2009 Cobalt. All of the power plugs are out. When I pulled the fuse panel on the passenger side of the vehicle I looked for the fuse to these plugs. There is no diagram or markings to show which fuse goes to the AUX power plugs. There are three inside this car. I pulled the entire cowling from between the two seats and traced the wires into a wire bundle. I have checked all of the plugs to make sure they are not broken and there are no dimes, pennies, etc stuck in them. Where do I look for the fuses? I know there are fuses for this but Chevy didn't spell it out for the customer on how to troubleshoot the AUX power connections.. I am at a loss, any ideas?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,384
    edited September 2011
    The fuse for the Auxiliary power outlet and the cigarette lighter are under the hood. If I read my circuit diagram right, it's Row D, #5. The relays and fuses are under the cover with the RED battery connection sticking up out of it.

    It's a 20 amp fuse. Push in on the two clips on each side of the cover and lift. Mine has a coolant tube on one end and the rubber seal for the hood on the other making it hard to pull it up, but wiggle and it comes. The fuse on my 2008 is on the left side facing the car and about the middle.

    Inside the cover, the listing of which fuse and relay does what is embossed. Use reflected light to read.

    Check for pennies and dimes down in the lighter and outlets. they go in easily and short things out.

    I'm looking at a 2008 FSM. You talk about plural auxiliary plugs. Mine has only one.

    The info may be in the glovebox owner manual, but likely isn't obvious what they mean.

    I hope this helps!

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • I am having a lot of issues with this chevy cobalt. They are not new issues but when I take it to the dealership everyone there seems to have no idea what I am talking about????? Since I have owned the car I have had a problem with the locks as I am driving along constantly locking and unlocking, the lights on the dashboard work when they feel like it, the air conditioning constantly leaks (now it stopped working altogether), the steering wheel is very hard to turn( the recall to have it fixed only made the steering worse), and now my Biggest Concern is every time it rains or gets hot outside the engine powers down and the car starts shaking violently. I made several trips to various dealerships and paid to have things on the car fixed like the air conditioning for example and its still not right. Last year when I went to see why the engine kept powering down ( $129.00 just to look at it) I was told after six or seven hours they could not find anything and sent me on my way. This is absolutely crazy. These are serious concerns of mine. This is my second GM vehicle and I don't understand why Gm can't stand behind the product that they put on the streets for consumers. I have had most of these problems for SIX years and I have only owned the car for six years which would mean that this car was probably a lemon from the start. As a consumer I don't deserve to have gone through the issues I have with this car and I am shocked every time I see an advertisement for a COBALT because I was duped into believing that after my good experience with the chevy metro that this too would be a great purchase. Needless to say, I want my next experience with a car to be a lot less frustrating so GM will probably be at the bottom of my list. And as far as all of these invisible problems that your mechanics can't seem to see or don't want to see because they may all end up factory defects, I think it is really sad that you would be willing to sell a bad product to a consumer and not even care how it affects the people that are sitting on the the side of the road and can't get home to their families (I have seen a lot of cobalts on the side of the road). I would just like to know what happened to the integrity of this company, a company known for presenting a good product, a product people could believe in. I would liked to have been able to drive my car at night, in the rain or even when it's hot outside without worrying about if i'm going to make it home or not safely. And I won' even speak on how rude and unattentive the people you have working in these dealerships can be it's really unbelievable. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way!!!!! But I guess since I am just one of the many people that spend their hard earned money making payments on cars that should have never been sold in the condition that they were that these issues will remain and not be made priority by GENERAL MOTORS!!
  • After all my issues that I had it was a simple fix, Dialectic (probably spelled wrong) grease on all of the connectors between the computers to help the connections. worth a shot.. shouldn't cost much, they did mine for free. I know it doesn't seem like much but It worked on all my issues I had thus far...... Knock on wood. If it still keeps happening contact Kimball and Silverman They got me $2700 out of GM for my issues... and my car didn't qualify as a lemon.. There is another law out there that this stuff falls under (a federal one)
  • Hey I had to have my PCM replaced 2 times and ECM as well and the steering column bc of all my electrical issues, radio, power steering, all my gauges on the dash my transmission etc. and it didn't work. Before you do that try this. Last time I took it in I-- knock on wood-- finally got it fixed... have them put dialectic grease on ALL the connectors between the computers.. if they forget just 1 it will have the same issues -- they did this once with mine before but forgot a connector. its worth a shot and cheaper than a PCM or ECM. (PCM: Power-train Control Module and ECM: engine control module; are the 2 major computers to your car. With the cobalt though the power steering is electric so it has things run through there as well and was the reason for the recall that is why I had all 3 replaced... )
  • This was the only one that was pulling for me too!!! see my other reply to you.
  • So far haven't had the issue again...... I had to have my PCM replaced 2 times and ECM as well and the steering column bc of all my electrical issues, radio, power steering, all my gauges on the dash my transmission etc. and it didn't work. Before you do that try this. Last time I took it in I-- knock on wood-- finally got it fixed... have them put dialectic grease on ALL the connectors between the computers.. if they forget just 1 it will have the same issues -- they did this once with mine before but forgot a connector. its worth a shot and cheaper than a PCM or ECM. (PCM: Power-train Control Module and ECM: engine control module; are the 2 major computers to your car. With the cobalt though the power steering is electric so it has things run through there as well and was the reason for the recall that is why I had all 3 replaced... )
  • I have a 2008 Cobalt n I HATE THE CAR WITH A PASSION!! I had the original ignition replaced on 11/27/09 and currently my car is back in the shop with the same damn issue!! GM is refusing to do anything about it but offer me a rebate!! IF I COULD TRADE THE CAR IN WOULDN'T THEY THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN TRADED IN ALREADY!! I will never by another Chevy!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. What is your case number with GM and VIN? Please feel free to email me directly. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • We have a second Cobalt in for the same repair: Daytime lights don't come on, and on both cars the problem is a melted or burnt wiring harness. Dealer managed to patch the first one, but the second requires a harness replacement. Very expensive, and can only be ordered from the US.
    Have others experienced this? It seems maybe a systemic problem, with 2 cars down within a week.
  • Hi. I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Out of know where the engine just stops and the car goes dead. It happens several times a day. I am scared to drive my car. I don't know what to do. When I bring it into the shop they can't find anything wrong. I am worried that one of these days the car is going to stop in an intersection or on the highway and something horrible will happen. It seems like there are so many of us with this problem. I just don't understand how the car hasn't been recalled. Has anyone found a way to fix it? Has anyone contacted Chevy?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Has your dealer spoke with Technical Assistance? If not, I would recommend asking them to. Have they tried installing a recorder in the vehicle? Maybe even having a technician drive it for a day and not just a test drive this way it is more likely to happen while they have it if it happens a couple times a day. I hope this helps. Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
  • I am afraid to even take my car to the dealer to have to looked at because in all honesty, it is probably going to cost me more than it is worth [and more than what i still owe on the damn thing!]

    First off, every time I hit a damn pot hole, the damn thing shuts off on me and then I can't even steer myself off to the side of the road to re-start my car! [and who the hell's idea was it to make the power steering column all electrical anyways?! MORON!]

    Secondly, I am PRETTY sure my power steering is shot again. I was driving again the other other day and it randomly went out. So I had to use both arms to attempt to steer my car off the road to turn my car off and restart it.

    Also, when I am driving and I apply ANY pressure to my brakes; whether it is pumping them to just slow down a bit or coming to a complete stop.. my car makes a pretty intense violent rattling noise. Let me just tell you, it is pretty AWESOME to say the least. Sometimes, my steering wheel vibrates along with the rattling as well. ps - it is not my brakes or alignment, had that all checked. my mechanic has NO idea wtf it is!!

    Like I read previously, I am also having the issue where my high beams just come on whenever they damn well please, my driver side headlight also doubles as a fish bowl when it rains, my CD player likes to tell me there isn't a CD in my CD player.. so I have to stick another CD in there to retrieve the current CD that is in there (it also takes FOREVER to remember where it last left off playing the CD when I turn my car back on), and when I am driving my car informs me that my e-brake it on when in fact it ISN'T!

    I really wish somebody would just abolish these cars - they are a NIGHTMARE!! sigh.
  • My 05 shut off 3 times today going down the road. Managed to coax it in to a Chevy dealer. They said I needed a PCM to the tune of $400. Now after reading some of the posts I'm not sure that's going to fix a DANGEROUS problem. Will let you know.
  • harryr3,
    I’m sorry to hear about the concerns you’re experiencing with your Cobalt, but am looking forward to an update on how things went after your visit to the dealership. If we can be of any service to you (following up with the dealership, looking into warranty/recall information on your vehicle), please don’t hesitate to email us with your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your preferred dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • bought a new09 cobalt. tried to trade in 2011. told it had been wrecked and repainted. impossible it is new with 20,000 and full warranty remaining. Turns out it was wrecked and repainted at factory but district after sales mgr. in los angles, paul wasko, who falsely calaims it has not been repainted, said gm, by law, does not have to inform buyer BUT, "by law" dealers, if damaged on their lot, or transport carriers, if damaged during transportatin must do so. I appealed by fedex to CEO Aderson, Pres. Reuss, and VP of customer service Copses. They refuse to cooperate as well even admitting they know I am going online with the information. Customers have to sue so GM so that their insurance co. can pay claims and lawyers. Please pass on this info. NEVER BY GM. I was a customer for 45 yearrs and when need GM the customer service just stonewalls phone calls and fedexes. local dealer is your only hope. after that sue. just look online at lawsuits ag. GM, chev. etc.
  • Well, it's been a week now since my Power Control Module was replaced and the car hasn't shut off leaving me in a dangerous positio yet, so maybe the PCM was the problem.

    Here's hoping!
  • so, for the past week or so every time i hit a pot hole or a significant bump in the road my car completely shuts off. it's done it about 25 times in the past 10 days!! thankfully i have been able to "steer" myself to the side of the road (as well as i can muster, anyways) so i can restart my car and it restarts right back up without a problem.

    but today, i drove through an intersection and i hit a very small bump and my car shut off. this time i was on a street where there were cars parked back to back and i had nowhere to pull my car off to. THANK GOD there was only one car behind me at the time and he was not following too closely or going too fast, and i was able to quickly put my four-ways on to avoid any major problems.

    but this made me think.. if this happens when i hit a small insignificant bump when i am at a simple intersection, WHAT is going to happen if i am on a highway going 65-70mph and i hit a pot hole and there is a tractor trailer behind me and i have NOWHERE to pull my car off to when my car decides to shut off? yep... pretty much.
  • I have a 2005 with pretty much identical the car just am getting REALLY frustrated with these issues,they are ALL of a dangerous kind too really!!! The only problem above I dont have is the high beam coming on whenever.
  • i moved the battery wires a little bit and the errors dont seem to be occuring could it be that the battery wires were a little loose that wouldve caused the problems?
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