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Chevrolet Cobalt Audio Questions



  • I noticed in my new '08 that when I play a CD it can't recognize album names, titles, or artist. When using XM I still have issues with not being able to see the artist name and song title at the same time like my standalone did. I liked that cause if there was a song I liked I could remember it with the Cobalt I have to take my hand off the wheel and hit that dumb info button to get the answer its such a waste. It also cannot read the info on CDs like my friends cars can. Putting in the new Coldplay my friend's Nissan stereo can read the songs and album and artist names the Cobalt can't. I even notice problems with signal reception with the XM and FM. XM I get alot of NO XM SIGNAL. I have resent the signal to the car over 15 times this summer just to get it to pick up. Even while I was in Washington DC I had to call and have the signal resent because driving around Northern Virginia the radio displayed NO XM SIGNAL. The car also hates local stations I guess and anything FM. While in Pittsburgh the car wouldn't read the station ID and songs that play on the channel 96.1 KISSFM. In my friend's 2005 Audi it could read the station ID and the songs and artist. While I am here at home our local station does the same deal, my Escape did it, it will show it then freeze and stop moving. All while doing this the station sounds like your trying to pick it up from hundreds of miles away instead of just a few miles since the station and its antenna are located right here in town. Another issue I notice is that while using the AUX hole my iPod sounds awful. Its very quiet even with my iPod turned completely up to MAX and the sound optimizer it has in it doesn't work with the AUX input. Another issue is the quality of the sound. My iPod sounds more like its playing through a clock radio but while using the Griffin iTrip it sounds like a CD. Its really weird but it just adds on top the many problems that are wrong with this car that GM and Chevy won't fix. :lemon:
  • i have a 08 cobalt LT i put in a new stereo with the harness that bestbuy sold me for 150$ but i have no signal or dash sound they said that there is no part for an 08 yet. is there any place to go and find what i need or a part number anybody has for me to take to bestbuy
  • Hello guys! i recently buy a brand new 2008 cobalt LT. Im planning on changing the soundsystem, but i dont know anything about this. I'd probably change 2 out of 4 speakers maybe 4/4 add a sub in the trunk, but again i dont know what to look for. So if any of you have any tips for me on anything to think of when i shop, or requirements to make my soundsystem work correctly or just sound better i'd really appreciate.

    Ty in advance! :)
  • I recently bought a 09 cobalt lt and i was going to add a subwoofer in the trunk and hope to keep the stock head unit. I got the line out converter and I was trying to find someone that knew which wires on the speakers were positive and negative bc it only says A&B for the wires. Also if anyone knew if they knew were to attach the remote wire to from the amp. Please excuse my ignorance.
  • I noticed on my new Cobalt that when I play a CD, the elapsed time does not display (this is the upgraded radio/CD with XM, not the base radio). Does anyone know if this is possible, with a reprogram or special key entry?
  • hi , im looking for a system for my car the same one the 2009 cobalt. What speakers did you get ? thanks very much im so dumb founded about this stuff. :confuse:
  • vincent67vincent67 Posts: 3
    As is said above, Crutchfield is a good source for aftermarket audio.

    I agree that sticking with the stock audio system is best. On my last car, a 99 Ford Contour, I added an aftermarket head unit and speakers. When I put the stock components back in before trade-in, I realized that they sounded okay. The stock speakers weren't as detailed as the Infinity's, but I could hear that difference only when parked; when driving, the road noise obscured that audio detail. I probably could have improved on that by installing an amp, but wasn't comfortable with adding a power-intensive accessory to an electrical system that wasn't specifically designed for it. I know there are beefed-up batteries and coils that are made for this purpose, but that just makes it even more of an engineering Frankenstein. If I had it to do again, I'd install only the head unit (the stock one was a cassette) and leave everything else alone. My LS is just fine in its stock form.
  • Back in February, I purchased an '09 LS with the Pioneer system, which I have no complaints about. However, I've been missing my Rockford Fosgate subwoofers. I'm almost certain that I'll need the aftermarket head unit as well. My only unanswered question to this point regards the warranty. Has anyone installed or taken their Cobalt anywhere to have audio installed, and is the warranty an issue? :confuse: I don't plan on installing it myself. I'm wondering if I take it to a dealer or the guys at Geek Squad if the warranty can remain intact.

    If no one knows, I'll either call the dealer, or enjoy the factory installed system until the warranty runs out.
  • I have a 2006 Cobalt and I can't play any CDs that I make with lightscribe CDs or any CDs for that matter. Is there a certain format that I have to use or what? I am completely confused and angry about it. I have tried it so many times and it still won't work. What format should I use?
  • so i have a 2009 cobalt lt and would like to know how many watts are in the stock radio and speakers, it sounds great but just curious cuz i might change speakers, ive looked everywhere and cannot find an answer
  • I wish to know if it is possible to delete an already programmed radio station. The instruction manual doesn't' seem to go into enough detail about this that I can find.

    I have a 2009 Cobalt.

    I don't want to override one preprogrammed radio station with another, I want to simply make that radio space blank-with no radio station there-awaiting for me to program something into it at a future time. I want it as it was in the beginning, never having been preset or programmed at all yet-(with the possible exceptions of my stations already programmed in).

    I bought the car used and someone elses stations are already on there. I simply want them removed. How do I do this? Thanks.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    edited September 2010
    The number of rows of presets is adjustable using the menu option from 1 to 6. I'd set that back to 1 and I would think that would clear the stations in any other rows allocated.

    If you're wanting to clear the first row, I'd look for a fuse that is the memory power for the radio. Removing that fuse should clear the memory after a period of time.

    However, I would think you would have stations of your own for the 6 slots in the mandatory 1 row of presets. But if you don't, the memory, or keep alive fuse, is the one to find. I have a factory service manual but I'd check the glovebox manual first to find that fuse.

    Just removing the radio fuse shouldn't do it. There may be a separate circuit supplying power all the time, even when the key is OFF.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Hi and thanks for the reply. You are probably right about the keep alive fuse. I disconnected the regular radio fuse and waited 15 minutes before reinstalling it. All I did was mess the clock and date. The radio stations stayed put.

    I did set back to the first row (1) only so I would not have to see the other preset stations and Rows I do not want. Row 1 is all I have and want currently.

    Still, the previous owner's radio stations are still there, even if I am not seeing them and I would still like to find a way of clearing them out.

    I did not see in my owner's manual anything about a keep live fuse so I don't know where to look for it or even if that option will work.

    I hope there is an answer to this problem. Can I contact the radio manufacturer or car manufacturer and ask them? If so, what would be their contact info?

  • personn5personn5 Posts: 2
    So I have a Cobalt, 06 Model I believe (may be 07). Whenever I drive I listen to my iPod, have a cable to connect i to the auxillury port and everything. However, over the past few weeks, the sound from it has been progressively getting worse. Basically, the front speakers sound quiet or like they aren't playing at all, and the music is extremely "off", singers can't be heard, however instruments are just fine. Background noise/instruments in songs picks up very well, but anything verbal is quiet.

    Turning on the radio itself, everything works just fine. Sounds like normal, and nothing is wrong. I haven't tried out anything in the CD player just yet, though going to do that soon, but I doubt it'll sound different. So far though, it is just when I hook in my iPod.

    I've tried two different sets of cables to hook in the iPod, so its not the cable, may just be the port itself. Is there anything I can do about it without having to replace the entire radio? Would rather have a cheap fix if I could, that still sounds decent.
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