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Toyota Avalon Basic Maintenance Questions



  • Thanks, John. Works like a charm, but I sure couldn't find it in my 2006 manual.

  • manav82manav82 Posts: 16
    I have found replacement blades for the 2007 Avalon. has them for the lowest price I have seen ($14 each). They are also available thru for a little bit more.

    You can get more info at or call them at 888-485-8468.

    Valeo ULTIMATE® OE Wiper Blade
    Make Selected: TOYOTA

    Model Selected: Avalon

    Year Selected: 2006

    Driver — Part No: 900-26-7
    Pass. — Part No: 900-20-7
  • schaffnerschaffner Posts: 2
    Have a Toyota 2004 Avalon and am stumped on trying to get the glove box to drop out of the way so that I can change the filter located behind the box. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I think you just press the sides together at the bottom of the drawer and it falls down.

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  • schaffnerschaffner Posts: 2
    WOW! your answer came in just a few minuets. It worked and I do thank you.
  • gatorleetgatorleet Posts: 2
    I'm getting ready to change the timing belt on my '97 Avalon. I'm considering getting the water pump replaced too while they are in there. What other items should I go ahead and have changed? Camshaft Seal, crankshaft seal, Crank/Cam Sprockets? I would think it would be a good idea to get them changed out now as if they fail/leak in the future, I would have to shell out the same amount to get them replaced. I have about 90k on the Avalon now. Thanks.
  • steve326asteve326a Posts: 58
    One of the things you should change also besides the water pump and sprockets is the belt tensioner.

  • cps21cps21 Posts: 2
    I'm curious as to the mileage on your '97 and is that
    what is prompting you to change the belt? I also have a
    '97 with 56k miles with some oil leaks, and am debating
    change the belt. Thanks cps
  • cps21cps21 Posts: 2
    I have a '97XLS with 56k miles, Toyota says replace at 60k,
    I'll be taking a trip soon should I go ahead and get it
    replaced now. Are there any signs, noise etc that a belt
    needs to be changed. Your suggestions, Thanks cps21
  • I also want to change the engine air filter but on my 2005 Avalon. I see the 3 clips but still cannot get the top off to get to the filter. Has anyone done this???
  • My Toy. Avalon 2000 XLS with 120K miles. Worked with Eng. light on for almost 6 months. Suddenly, car shut off when depressing gas pedal. Scanned with OBDII and codes for the three Oxygen sensors shown. Replaced all three with brand new sensors ( Nippon Denso). Engine light continue on and same problem shutting off when gas pedal depressed. Scanned again and this time shows Bank 1 Sensor 2 faulty?????? Sick and tired with this problem that I am facing since last year. I have spent almost $600.00 and looks that nothing is getting better. Very frustrated with "good quality Toyota". Any help, please?
  • mem4mem4 Posts: 52
    The air box has two hinge type pivots on the back side, you don't need to fully remove the top of the box, just release the front clips and pull the top up enough to get the old filter out and the new one in. Be sure the top lines up and fully seats in the bottom before reattaching the front clips. If you have partially dislocated one of the back hinges you will have to move the top around until it goes back in before the clips will attach correctly.
  • domoadomoa Posts: 1
    I have been changing the oil on my cars since my 1950 Chevy, in-lie 6, with the oil filter cartridge on top of the engine and very easy to get to. What has happened to the old days when things were simple and engineers didn't outdo themselves making things more and more complicated.

    This new oil filter system on the new Toyotas in which you only change the filter element has me confused. After reading the instructions on the filter element box, I am still confused. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks Don Morrison
  • Domoa, think of the filter assy. like this :
    The small removable cap in the end is simply to drain excess oil from the filter housing-slick idea. Take it off, plug in the plastic fitting and oil will run out (the piece of hose makes it more controllable).
    Use a filter wrench to unscrew the main filter housing. Remove old filter, insert new filter (It will only fit on center post one way), replace big o-ring. Re-install filter/housing on engine. This is a metal to metal fit (o-ring provides seal) so finger tight is not enough. Torque slightly.
    Replace o-ring on small cap and reinstall, again metal to metal fit.
    It looks complex on instructions, but if you do it once, it's pretty simple. It's the old filter cartridge with more pieces!
  • I am about to take my 2006 Avalon, Touring in for the 30,000 mile service. I know that the dealer is going to try to talk me into doing things that are not really necessary. What really needs to be done at 30,000. I would say that I am an average driver driving under suburban conditions. Would you say that the Edmunds maintenance schedule would be a good guide?
  • My 2004 Avalon just passed 110K miles. I bought it new. Other than oil changes and tire rotations I have never done any maintenance. Never had a problem. It runs great. Should I do something or just leave well enough alone?
  • Use the service schedule in the owners manual that came with the car. While Edmunds is OK, they don't build them or warranty them. If you want to do some of the work yourself, you can buy and install the air filter yourself.
  • r6264r6264 Posts: 1
    Need to replace fog liht bulb in my 2003 avalon, anyone know the proceedure w/o going back to the dealer??
  • zizzerzizzer Posts: 1
    I like to change my own oil most of the time. I just purchased a 2006 XLS 2006 avalon and when I got under the car I didn't see a n oil filter but I did see a metal thing that looked like it could contain a filter but it hadd a square hole in the center of the metal cylinder. Is the filter inside this cylinder? Whats required to get it off if it holds the filter? thanks

    Zizzer :confuse:
  • marstilmarstil Posts: 5
    I used to work industrial trade shows and often ended up in a booth with the Royal Purple regional guy. He had an interesting test rig with which he would put pressure on a rolling ball with various oils lubing the ball. The synthetics always outperformed the mineral oils by a longshot. Interestingly, he also had lots of testimonials and oil test results from truckers, etc. who would run their rigs a million miles and not change the oil, only change the filter and add oil. I started doing that with my cars and have run every one of them to over 150k miles with no oil related problems. I even have my Iawn tractor and snowblower on the stuff. I do hedge my bet and drop the oil in the cars at 50k miles and refill, though. I just bought an Avy 2007 and changed to RP at 4k miles. I drop the filter at 3k and add, just as I've done with all my cars. I expect this Avy to run with no problems just as long as the three Toyotas, one Chrysler 300m, and a Dodge Durango that I've done this with. Wife's '97 V-6 Camry has 89k on it now and I took the valve cover off to check on it because that type of Toyota engine has been known to sludge up and fail. Engine galleys were clean and shiny. Son now daily drives the 300m and it now has 178k on it. Synthetics are the way to go.
  • marstilmarstil Posts: 5
    See # 232 in these discussions. It's easy to do; it's simply a retained filter housing with a paper filter inside. You remove the housing and replace only the paper filter inside along with a couple of o-rings...very simple. And the filters are cheap, too. I've found my local Toyota dealer to be the cheapest at around $5.00/ea.
  • alan48alan48 Posts: 1
    After changing oil in car, with smart key system how do I get maint. required light out? called dealer and they said hold trip A button in while starting, did not work. Also tried odometer button as book says and trip B button, no luck. Please help
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Oil Change Reset Procedure

    Step 1 Switch display to the odometer.

    Step 2 Turn the "ENGINE START STOP" switch or the engine switch to the OFF position.
    Step 3 While pressing the trip meter reset button, turn the "ENGINE START STOP" switch or the engine switch to the ON position. Continue to press and hold the button until the trip meter displays 000000.

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  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    Does anyone know where to locate the transmission dipstick on the '05-'08 Avalon?
  • dodge77dodge77 Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I don't have an owners manual for my 2007 Avalon Touring. I have read elsewhere that it is necessary to recalibrate the TDMS system after rotating tires. Can anyone provide me with the procedure to accomplish this recalibration.

  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    Manual says system will not work properly if tires are rotated on vehicles requiring different front and rear pressure (07 Avalon pressures are the same) or if normal tire pressure is changed. I have rotated tires twice with no problem.

    If re-initialization of TPMS is required:
    Adjust all tires to correct cold tire pressure.
    Turn ignition switch to ON.
    Push and hold tire pressure warning switch (push button located under dash to left of steering wheel) until TP Warning Light blinks slowly three times.
    Wait for a few minutes with ignition switch ON, then turn switch OFF.

    If TP warning light does not blink slowly three times, try procedure again.

    Hope this info helps.
  • dodge77dodge77 Posts: 2
    Thank you popsavalon for sharing the information concerning the TPMS on my 2007 Avalon. I can see that I am going to have to break down and purchase an owner's manual in the near future. Happy motoring !!
  • Does anyone have a suggestion on how to change the car battery without losing the information in the computer in order to avoid reprogramming the radio and other accessories?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I know mechanics have a special device for this but this advertisement claims it does the same thing: (scroll to bottom of page).

    You dont need a very big battery to preserve radio presets.

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