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Toyota Avalon - Remotes, Remote Start, Door Locks and Security System Questions



  • I have 2005 Avalon with Factory installed remote starter. Is there setting i can change to engage the seat warmers when the car is started remotely. also, why does the car shut off when i open the door. The reason for an autostart is to warm the engine and interior. all my other vehicles engage the fan and heaters, why cant Toyota? :(
  • I have a 2006 Lmtd. I also have the factory remote start. I notice that when it is cold outside (don't know at what exterior temperature) the climate control does go to a heater/defrost mode on a warm setting. Try setting your climate control to a colder setting before you get out of the car. When it is cold out, remote start and look through the window. The temperature display and mode might be different then how you left it, and it will come back on at the same temp. and mode it was last in. I am usually always in AUTO mode though, so not sure what happens if you leave it out of AUTO mode. Could also be a 2006 change though- I am not sure.

    I don't know how to remotely activate the seat heaters, other then leave them on before you exit the car.

    I completely agree with how foolish how the car turns off when you open the door. I am thinking that it is because of the smart key system, but that is a guess. I too would like to know how to defeat the door opening causing the remote starter to shut-off. Thanks for posting!
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    Do the doors lock automatically when you hit the remote start? If they don't, I've seen where you still need to hit 'unlock' prior to entering the vehicle to keep the engine on. Not sure if this willl work with your year, tho...just a thought. It should kill the engine only if the door is open AND the vehicle is put into gear...or at least this is how I was told that Toyota programmed it.

    Also, the only way to have warm seats when you get in is to have them on prior to exiting the vehicle like you say....wouldn't it be nice if we could 'remote' in to our vehicles and mess with the settings? I see another iPhone app coming!
  • nicolasj1nicolasj1 Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    Hi Robsis,

    according the the VIP system manual (just a one-sheeter I found online, really), the doors lock automatically when you remote start the car. Are you saying that when you press "unlock" while in range for the smart key, you can enter the car without having the engine shut down? That would be news to many people, including myself, but good news. I'm having the factory remote starter installed tomorrow on a 2011 Sienna no matter what, but what you say is encouraging...

  • Hi Robsis,

    Thanks for posting! To activate my factory remote start you hit the "lock" button on the remote three times, with the last (3rd) time holding the lock button down till the car starts. This locks all the doors before remote starting even works. I just went out and tested the remote start. If I hit the unlock button on the remote, the car shuts off. Also, if you open the door by grabbing the handle though the smart key, the car also shuts off. I may send an inquiry to Toyota, but I would LOVE it if I could have it re-programmed (even if I have to pay Toyota), but I am thinking this is something that can't be programmed out.
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    Here's what I was told by the svc mgr at my dealership:

    1) When you activate the remote start, it will lock all the doors, then start the vehicle. The doors lock for obvious security and safety reasons.
    2) Upon approaching the vehicle, you hit unlock and the doors unlock (or just get in with your smartkey) and you have approximately 5 minutes to get in and hit the start button manually (maybe with your foot on the brake...I didn't ask but I assume so...) and this lets the system know that you are in the car and to not shut the engine down in the preset time (he didn't say what this was; however, it may be in the neighborhood of 15-20 minutes, which is what I've seen on other remote starts...).

    He seemed puzzled when I asked if the engine would shut down once you got in...basically asking: "Why would it do that?"

    HTH. This makes sense to me and follows with other remote start systems I've seen...can't say for certain that he is right; however, it sure makes sense.
  • It's amazing how service people themselves know crap about systems like this. Systems they are supposed to install once in a while, right!? I'm having this installed today and initially the service manager told me "I doubt the engine shuts off when you open a door". He checked with a tech who confirmed it does exactly that. I was hoping that maybe if you unlocked the car with the remote when you are in range for the smart key to be recognized, the doors would open without the engine shutting down. According to another poster that's not the case :cry:
  • Avalonfan1, when you hit unlock on the remote where you close to the car, I mean so that the smart key was in range to be recognized by the car? Or were you out of range? The manual does say that to shut off the engine remotely you have to press unlock on the remote. But maybe that only shuts off the engine if you out of range for the smart key's transponder?
  • Hi Nocolasj1,

    I tested tonight, both ways. It shuts off every time close or far away. :mad: I also contacted the dealer. They kindly responded, but I do not agree with what they said about an anti-theft feature. If the smart key isn't around, and the car is shifted into gear after a remote start; that is when it should shut off (and alarm sound), or if the door is opened after a remote start without the key nearby- it should also shut off (and alarm sound) but here is what the dealer said:

    "In response to your email regarding your Avalons remote start system, I cannot find anywhere in the Toyota data base where you can change that safety feature. The system is designed that way so someone cannot steal your car, when it is warming up. I called Toyota technical and they said that it cannot be changed either. I also looked on Google, and still could not find anything. Let me know if I may be missing something."

    It isn't the dealer's fault really, a design issue I think.
  • As an owner of a 2011 Limited, I too am not happy with the remote start system. There may be a option to add a switch and do some rewiring as indicated in this forum: . I know it's for a different year and model but a tech who knows the ins and outs of the system may be able take this info and come up with a fix.
  • My remote start only works at the dealer; aside from that it works about once out of 6 or 10 tries. By then, I'm already at the car and then it turns off when I open the door. The only time remote start may be of use is if you grab your snow scraper out of it first, THEN turn on the engine if you can, and let it warm up while you scrape.
    Having a garage, I don't use remote start when at home. With this in mind, it's useless.
    Dealer said the only option is for it to turn off when the door is opened.
  • 40644064 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 avalon limited that I bought new and had no problems until my warranty expired. When I had 40,000 miles on the car the drivers door would unlock and instead of the 2 beeps and 2 light flashes it woud unlock but you could hear the locks on all the doors cycling about 6 times with about 6 flashes of the lights soon the door would not open from the outside at all but the cycling and the flashes continued and I had to go the passenger side and lean across to open the drivers door. Brought the car back to the dealer and he fixed the problem to the tune of $710.00. They replaced a module in the driver's door and about a month latter the passenger door started the same thing. I wasn't about to spend another $710.00 so I took the door apart myself and replaced a small DC motor that activates the lock mechanism($6.00). The doors worked fine for about two months and the rear passenger door started the same thing. I fixed that one but now if I have it programmed for all the doors to unlock when the drivers door in entered the on all the doors and lights continue to cycle and flash about 6 times but they do all unlock. If the locks are programmed to open just the drivers door it will unlock properly with just the normal two beeps and two flashes of light, but touch any other door and they all unlock but with multible cycling and flashing. Even after all the doors are unlocked, you touch any other door except drivers door with the fob in your pocket they still flash and cycle the locks repeatedly. If the fob is not in your pocket and the doors are open there is no cycling and flashing. I have been to three different dealers and none of them can figure it out. They told me they have never seen this before. I can't believe that I'm the only one who has had this problem.
  • The same thing happened on our 2000 Avalon. I got a code sheet from when I bought new remotes from them. There are a series of steps that you have to take in very strict order in order to reprogram the remote. Then our both worked again. Very mysterious, but I am very grateful to The dealership wanted to charge me more than $100 to reprogram them. (open the door, take key in and out of ignition, lock and unlock door 5 x, etc.) I'm sure that each model has a different series of steps that work. Anyways, the ikeyless staff are very knowledgeable and will tell you if they can help you.
  • I have a 2006 Avalon Limited. I have the factory VIP remote starter. It has worked perfectly since 2006, but now when I go to remote start it, it goes through the same routine, and when the lights flash the final time before it starts....nothing, it's doesn't attempt to turn over the car.

    The fob is fine and both fobs do the same thing. I can't even find the remote starter under the dash, so I'm guessing it's integrated into the car somewhere, unlike the aftermarket ones.

    Has anyone had this happen, and if so, what was the problem?

    The only thing I can think may have caused it, is that I had to get a jump start recently. Could this have done something? Everything else is working fine.
  • cl77cl77 Posts: 1
    To richa555: I have that same issue. Took my car to dealership service dept. They took 5 hours after having to troubleshoot the computer system. Found out the main chip in the starter system was relaying only three doors were locked instead of all four. Before the starter could activate, all four doors must indicate locked and car is in park. So I had to purchase a new chip which is like purchasing a new system.
  • How much did the dealer charge you to replace the chip??
  • sega37sega37 Posts: 1
    Recently had a Viper Remote Start installed, car is running awfully, ran injector cleaner through car is still missing, someone stated he had a remote starter installed in a 2001 Camry and had to have it taken out because of car running like crap. Has anyone else have this problem with a aftermarket supposibly good system.
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