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Toyota Avalon Exterior Questions



  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    I spoke with Friend , I am going to put on zaino (showcar car care I think) Recommend Z-2 the best there is for protection and clearcoat Also can use the Claybar for removing the pitting and imperfections without hurting the paint. Today I put on new Lifetime 3M tint Colorstable for cars with NAV, Sat radio does not hurt reception. I highly recommend...
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Thanks Neil5: I did get a reply from Toyota--take it to the dealer if it is a "big" problem. I probably should have said "chipping" vs "pitting." I have the 1st oil change coming up and I'm going to take it back tpo the dealer and at least voice my dissatifaction. I just find it odd that a $39K car would incur so much chipping in 2,000 miles. My wife's 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd looks better. Claybar won't help--chipping is to the "black" of the bumper. I'm very concerned what the front end will look like at 10,000 miles. Like I said--I stay well back from the vehicles in front and I did have a professional detail done. I'll check out the Zaino and again--thanks!
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    I spoke with professional detailer (brother also details at Audi professionally). He states that although the toyota chips as you stated, the base paint is very good. Nissan, Infinity very poor! Also consider road guard or 3M film to be placed over your bumper about 400.00 here in fl. This goes over hood front, bumper, mirrors, and headlights...I am considering
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    neil5: Thanks agian! What is 'road guard?" Not sure i like the idea of 3M Film--seems like something else to go bad--tears?
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Thanks neil5--appreciate the info!
  • fmayberryfmayberry Posts: 33
    I am exploring adding a trailer hitch to my 2006 Avalon. It will be used to tow a small utility trailer (1,100 lbs max). I was wondering if anyone has added a hitch to their Avalon. If so, what brand of hitch did you have installed, how visible is the frame when looking at the rear of the car, and how was the wiring for the trailer installed?
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Hi Guys,

    I have 1995 avalaon, Outside temperature display is not working. Can anybody please guide me that how what are the things that i have to test and How can i do them. Thanks you very much all of your time reading my message.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    I have an 02 and can only give you my experience for my vehicle. Companies that make good hitches are Draw-tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch. The old Avalons have a 2000lb capacity. The new ones 1000lbs. That includes the trailer itself and cargo inside, so I would be very cautious at the weight you describe above.

    I put the Draw tite on myself after undercoating it and letting it dry for a day in the sun. It basically bolted on but they was a tricky bracket that need to be put in and the exhaust hanger need to be taken down, if I remember correctly. Every fit perfect though. I torqued the bolts to the exact setting in the directions.

    The wiring, they make an interface called a Modulite with a 4 prong hookup. I used industrial strength velcro to attach it to the inside lip of the trunk, under the trunk fascia. I had a electrical technician splice it in one of the wires for the rear lights. I ran it in the car, not outside the car, with the other wiring.

    It has been working for years. Two days ago, I picked up about 1400lbs of screened fill, from a nursery in my trailer. The are some hills to get home. It was about as much weight as I care to tow. I always tow with the OD OFF!! and I change the tranny fluid and filter every 30-40K.

    You can get more info on the net.

    good luck

  • I got a glimpse of a 2006 Camry and it had this extremely nice grill. If you know of any aftermarket/specialty grills for the 2006 Avalon, let me know.
  • Hello, I bought my body side mouldings at jay wolfe toyota in north kcmo by the airport, but even thought that i had to protect my most beautiful car the dealer offered me a 318.00 dollar painted and put on but far to much money but alas i paid and it looks wonderful they are about 1inch wide and the color of my car and they peel off and stick but so is all the wood grain and lots more so it took 5 minutes and i felt taken but got over it movrd on and simply enjoy the heck out of my car, good luck and enjoy
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    I complained to the dealer about my LTD's rain-sensing wipers: they seemed erratic and the +/- control seemed to have no affect on their operation. He replaced the column switch and it does not appear to have made a difference.

    Has anyone else had problems with these wipers?
  • mem4mem4 Posts: 52
    The auto wipers are a little unpredictable but I wouldn't call them a major problem. I have found that if you adjust the +- setting it takes a few minutes for the wipers to react. I think the rain sensor has to provide input to the computer then based on the +- setting decide how often to sweep the windshield. Try moving the setting one click at a time then leave it there for a couple of minutes (as long as you are getting enough window sweeps to be safe) and see if the frequency of the wipers changes.
  • avanewbyavanewby Posts: 1
    Auto Anything (online) has a sharp-looking grill for 2005-2006 Avalons. It's called a "billet" grill. ABout $140, including shipping.
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    I backed my wife's Limited into a fairly tight spot along the curb and accidentally tapped the rear bumper into the front bumper of the car behind me. I was stunned to see that the paint on our car was virtually torn away in an area no bigger than a nickel. What is that? There should be some thin rubber or chrome strip to protect the bumper itself. It wasn't that many years ago that cars had full chrome bumpers with "bumper guards". I realize aesthetics and weight concerns eliminated that kind of protection but I expect I'll be hit with several hundred bucks to fix what shouldn't have even happened. I'll be more careful in the future and maybe I'll have to pay more attention to how delicate and fragile my next car might be.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    A traditional bodyshop will want to remove your bumper, respray the entire bumper and reassemble it. You probably wouldn't get away for much less than $700 if a Toyota dealer does this. I know, I had a scrape on my wife's Sienna's rear bumper and I almost had a heart-attack when I received the repair quote for a small scratch.
    Alternatively, you could use a bumper repair service. These guys repair just the damaged area in-place with excellent results, and it could end up costing you about $100.
    Look for a bumper repair service in your area. An example is:
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    Now that's very helpful...thanks Alan! I will check into that tomorrow.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Welcome! From your accent ;) I can deduce that you are from Dallas, so here is a link to a mobile repair service in your area.
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    Originally from Brooklyn, NY but a Dallas resident. I did manage to find a local "bumperman" and I'll visit soon. Incidentally, my Toyota dealer did suggest repainting the entire bumper for $700.00!! Thanks for your support Alan.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Now I know why you wrecked your bumper!
    Y'all darn Yankees parallel park by FEEL! ;)
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    Just installed the backup Camera License plate CCD camera (no drilling) with the G-net system. I now have every option the Lexus' have. I installed to prevent this! Cost less than 500.00 for everything.
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    Now that's "hindsight". As it turned out the Limited we bought was the one that had just been delivered on a transport truck while we were negotiating. It didn't have the rear bumper "radar" for that purpose. Be careful of your front bumper in your case Neil!
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Hi Avalong06,

    I also bought the body side moulding for my wife's 2006 Avalon Limited however, it did not come with instructions.
    I intend to install it myself but do not know exactly how high I should install it on the door. I was wondering if you could do me a favor by measuring the distance of the moulding from the bottom lip of the door to the center of the body side moulding. Thank you.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Hi Avalong06,

    Please disregard my post. I found the procedure to install the body side moulding on post #9114.
  • lwardlward Posts: 5
    I am purchasing a 2006 Limited and am trying to decide whether to have the body side molding. Also, wondering about the Laser cruise control. Any advice on pros and cons? Thanks
  • lwardlward Posts: 5
    I am purchasing a 2006 Limited and am trying to decide whether to have the body side molding. Also, wondering about the Laser cruise control. Any advice on pros and cons? Thanks
  • jwhagenjwhagen Posts: 4
    I have the Laser cruise on my Limited. Personally, I don't care for it but have also found I am in the minority. With the Laser you have the option of using it or a traditional cruise. What I don't like is if you are on Laser and you want to bump up another MPH, it takes you up in increments of 5 MPH instead of 1.

    For instance... You enable the cruise at a speed of 62 MPH. You tell it to bump up a little faster and you suddenly accelerate to 65, not 63 or 64. Bump up again and you go to 70. Not sure why they did that.

    Otherwise it works okay, but I personally wouldn't get it again for the reason stated above.

  • robert52robert52 Posts: 27
    Anybody know if there is a deflector available for a 2006 avalon. I do alot of highway driving and have started to noticed several small chips on the hood. Trying to keep looking new as long as possible. I have searched the internet but cant find anything.
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