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Toyota Avalon Exterior Questions



  • indyresindyres Posts: 6
    I had the paint protection film installed on my 06 Limited by a local window tinting company. It is kind of expensive, but it has done it's job so far, and it has a lifetime warranty against yellowing or peeling off. I would recommend touching up the chips that are already there, as they will show right through the film. I would provide pictures, but you wouldn't see anything because the film is almost invisible. They did the front bumper, the edge of the hood about 12 inches up, and both mirrors. The film manufacturer will fix any chip that penetrates the film up to a certain amount. Maybe $500.00, I can't remember for sure. (dents are not included in guarantee). Anyway, it's an option you can consider.
  • sunny_8sunny_8 Posts: 10
    gomst1....where did you get the side moldings from and how much were they ?

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    sunny_8: Got mine installed by the dealer for $150--look great and they work. Also had color keyed door edge guards, pin stripes, Window vents. splsah guards and tinted windows done on our 06 Silver Pine Mica limited--looks great!
  • putter5putter5 Posts: 12
    Had mine installed this morning at Bev Smith Toyota, Ft Pierce FL.Perfect job,took 1 hour cost $ 180.00. I read post where dealers were charging a lot more. If I have a problem with the installation I know where to go , this dealer is very accomodating
  • tj2000tj2000 Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me how high to place the body side moulding on my 2005 avalon
  • Don't know what type moldings you have , BUT if they are like the Dawn Enterprise one which look like the Camry moldings the instruction sheet says the top of the moldings should be 10 3/4 inches above the crease near the bottom of the doors.
  • I'm about to aquire a 97 XLS. It has the standard chrome emblems on the grill & trunk. Is there a way to get a gold set for it?

  • Hi
    I am having a similar situation. 2006 Avalon less than one year old, about 6000 miles. Took one trip of about 150 miles.
    Discovered many small splash like areas on front hood of paint eaten away, like BUG splats.
    Saw regional (southeast) rep and he refused to take any responsibility or offer any help.
    I contacted national headquarters in Calif. and asked for arbitration forms.
    Have you heard of others with this problem and did your dealership offer to repaint.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    marco10: I only complained to Toyota thru customer service. I haven't heard anything----it is the old 'buyer beware" and we paint our cars according to stringent specifications. Don't look for any help from Toyota. I just told them that for a car, at that time, with less than 5,000 mile to have that many chips certainly indicated something needed to be done. I said you'd think Toyota would realize the front of the car would sustain the majority of abuse. I recommended they offer some sort of protective coating--I know its available on the open market--I think it costs $400-$500. I 'cringe" at the thought of looking at my front end after every trip. We're getting ready to take a 2,000 trip from here in Missouri to Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and back. Probably will need a "total" front end paint job! Car now has 7,700 miles and like I said before, my wife's 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd with 60,000 miles has less pits and chips. I constantly look at Avalon's and other Toyotas just to see the damage. I have noticed that the newer cars seem to have much more pitting and chipping than the older cars. I did find a guy who does touch-up and he's very good--not a paint job of course--but, far better than I could ever do. I have chips on the plastic front end and even the metal hood. I'm VERY careful not to follow too closely. Not much else i can do other than put on a metal helmet!
  • brucejbrucej Posts: 105
    I helped a relative shop and purchase for an 07 Avalon. A beautiful car if I do say so myself. When they finally got their permanent liscense plate they asked me to install it for them. When I removed the temp license plate (back bumper) I noticed a rectangular square cutout that enabled me to see into the core of the back bumper. Did the car come this way from the manufacturer or is something amiss?


    Confused in Columbus
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    My '06 Limited is the same. I've no idea why it's like that.
  • Anybody know of a bug deflector available for an 06 avalon? my hood has so many chips in it, i am wondering if there is something wrong with the paint.Thanks
  • tedtnjtedtnj Posts: 10
    We didn't order the Toyota Avalon with body side moldings. But now we want to add the moldings

    How easy is it to install the moldings, or do you suggest I use a dealer service department. Yes, a special 3-M cleaner is recommended before applying the molding.

    I've seen the cost via the Internet about $30 less than the dealer for parts alone.

    Installation locally is about $100.
  • Has anyone removed/replaced the rear bumper cover on the 2000-2004 series? I'm wondering if it is all screws, all fasteners or a mix. I am going to change mine, but don't have any spare fasteners if one breaks.
  • Anyone have suggestions to remove old 3M film quickly? I left it on for almost 7 yrs now, and it has cracked into tiny pieces. They will still peel off w/out residue, but you have to start anew at each piece-this could take weeks.
    Tried a hair dryer but was afraid of damaging paint.
  • Have found 3M site where they recommend 150 degree temp with heat gun or hair dryer...also leaving in sun 1-2 hours first. Will try on a sunny weekend.
  • vesves Posts: 1
    I purchased moldings for $120 (including shipping) and installed them in 20 minutes. Rubbing alcohol (75%) works fine to clean the surface. Installation instructions are included in the package. Very simple!
  • wadesterswadesters Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 2006 Avalon Limited. I think I want to add the body side molding. I cannot seem to find a picture of an Avalon with it installed. Does anyone have a picture of the molding installed? If so please send to:
    Or if near Atlanta I would love to see it. Thank you...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Or better yet someone could post a pic on his or her CarSpace page so all can see it! :)
  • I have a 2006 XLS Avalon and also would like to install the body side moldings. Where to buy from? Price I should expect to pay? Please, let me know and thanks in advance for your help.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Any Toyota dealer should be able to get the moldings in your body color and install them for $200. or less. Check the color match before installation. Your paint color may be slightly different from when new so make sure the color match is satisfactory. I have had them on my '07 Limited since new... Enjoy your Avalon...
  • I am considering putting a SS billet grill on my 2008 Avalon. For you mechanics out there, would appreciate knowing how difficult or easy it is to remove the front grill (upper chrome piece and lower plastic piece). Is any cutting or removal of major components involved or is it basically a unscrew/unbolt and replace procedure. Thanks for the help.
  • Need to find Side View Mirror (passenger side) for 2003 Toyota Avalon XLS
    Does an anyone know where to get it without costing me an Arm & Leg? Or a part # for it?
    Dealer wants like $360 just for the part!

  • Do you really need the complete mirror, or just the glass? My driver's side mirror (glass) was replaced for $92, including labor. Like you I was first quoted the cost of a complete mirror assembly.
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