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Toyota Avalon Suspension Questions



  • My 2000Avalon went 110,000 on the original brakes. There was a vibration when braking, so I had rotors turned and new pads. At 120,000, the vibration returned, so I replaced front rotors and pads. The vibrations returned so I went to another mechanic who replaced rotors and pads and the problem returned. He replaced the rotors and pads and for the last 20,000 miles, the brakes have been fine.
  • rexkrexk Posts: 4
    In regarding front end vibration while braking or at highway speeds. gerry68 writes he had the rotors/pads replaced like three times before curring the problem.

    I had some problems like this with a 2003 Impala. I think the issue is JUNK PARTS from China. The Chinese rotors are really junk and may only last a few thousand miles. I suggest you stick with OEM (Toyota) parts. They may cost more up front but they will not give you problems like the Chinese junkers.
  • I have a 2006 Avalon with 57K miles. What is the best suspension system for the Avalon? Few years back I replaced my suspension system on my 2000 Avalon with a Tokico brand and the ride improved more than 100%. I learned that now Tokico do not make for the Avalon anymore. What is your best suggestion? I learned about that the best in the market right now? Please, advise.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    I installed KYB GR2's on our 03 at about your mileage, now @ 105k. Described in the 04 and earlier forum. Firm but likeable ride at first. Now perfect. Bought struts on ebay. Would highly recommend.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    I did exactly the same thing at 125K, but only on the rear. Total labor cost was $310 at the local Toyota dealer, and $120 for KYB parts. I similarly noticed a firm, jiggly ride for about 500 miles; now the ride is perfect. The Avalon does not bottom out when carrying an occasional full load of passengers, and corners with more assurance. The front struts will be done when my budget permits.
  • Old post but for the benefit of others looking here, worn tie rods will also produce a vibration while braking. I replaced both at the wheels and the vibe went away completely. It's easy to verify by visual inspection.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    Seems like warped rotors are a common occurance on these Avalons. What brand did they put on last time. I try to think ahead and brake carefully, leaving about 12' so I can creep ahead at lights. My thoughts are that clamping the pads against the rotors keeps heat in that one spot while the rest of the metal cools. Even with that, my rotors warped again in no thim, but not as bad.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    113k now and still great with handling just a tad softer. I still smile when I drive it.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    Sporty too, and in keeping with the suspension upgrade. Now I need a TRD racing emblem on the trunk. ;-)

    link title
  • Hit a small bump and the bottom of the passenger side coil spring broke. Removed the broken part -(which was made out of very poor looking metal) . The ride seems just fine, car corners , stops just like before, so I suppose the car did not need that lower 6 inch piece of spring .

    So do I need to change it , and if I change it does the other one need done also (it's not broke)
    And any how to video's or illustrations on how to do ?

    Much Obliged

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,454
    yeah, I'd replace both sides. The spring is part of the strut assembly, so if you have 80,000 miles or more on the car, the struts are probably ready to be done anyway. You'll need two struts, the strut mounts, and an alignment.

    Not a cheap job so get some quotes:

    My "book" says retail pricing (which you can beat) is $138 per strut + 2.8 hours labor total + alignment---so you're around $600 or so.

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  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    Mr. Shiftright makes a good estimate. The place to save money is buying KYB struts on the internet, which will result in an overall cost of $500 or less for the front (alignment necessary) and about $450 for the rear (alignment not strictly necessary, but desirable).
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    Oops! I forgot the cost of the springs! Mr. Shiftright's figure seems right on.
  • Well for now the car rides just as it did before the spring broke, so I have some time to get the parts (I hope) What would be the best struts and coil springs to get? - Will this cause any problems for the rear original struts?

    Is this a difficult job to do if I want to save money and try and do myself? Money is pretty tight right now and the local Toyota Dealer is a crook not to be trusted.

    Much Obliged for the help

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,454
    Hi Sonny,

    I think a good mid-grade type of strut like KYB would serve you well, and no, I don't think it affects the rear struts. I mean, if you have 80K or more on the car, it would be NICE to do all 4 struts but I don't think you have to, presuming the rear struts are not leaking.

    If you have a good instruction book or video say from YouTube, you should be able to do this job but you will need a spring compressor to get the strut off without killing yourself (you can rent these) and you will need a wheel alignment at some point.

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  • Reading 20 pages of posts is a good education on suspension issues. Had my struts changed at a local tire store about two months ago. They worked great for a while but now back to a crappy ride in my 2005 Avalon. Just front struts replaced. The ride is so bad that the windshield cracked in a corner. Maybe impact stress, but that is a speculation. 115,000 miles. Also have a clunking noise that only happens when going over a speed bump.

    Is this a sway bar issue? Or a bushing issue? Or something else? :cry:
  • clum50clum50 Posts: 1
    My 2008 Avalon Touring Edition has recently begun to make a thunk or clunk noise when going over bumps. The car has been meticulously cared for. Only brakes have needed servicing. This thunking or clunking noise started about 5000 miles or two months ago and is gradually getting a little louder. I can also feel this clunk through the steering wheel. This clunk also occurs when I apply gentle brakes, like when there is forward weight transfer. A third occurrence happens when from a complete stop, I apply light acceleration, I can hear and feel the clunk. The car still rides and handles great. Could the problem be front struts or bushings? Has Avalons of this generation experienced any unusual issues with front suspensions? Thanks for any help on this problem.
  • linsanitylinsanity Posts: 1

    Hello! First time user and ready to do the following to my 2000 Avalon, but I need your help! #1) PU Bushing modification is recommended first. Has it been confirmed that 17mm bushings are needed for both front and rear on this Avalon? I only see one confirmation on this forum. Can others confirm this? That size is not offered by Energy Suspension. Avy owners were you happy with this modification alone? What were your experiences? Do you recommend both front and rear? #2) KYP G2 Shocks are the second modification I need to do. This apparently keeps your avy from bottoming out and stiffens the ride. I have a 200 avy with 188,000 miles, the shocks were replaced at 38,000k (OEM) they work fine but they bottom out with a little weight on the back...don't like how soft it feels/looks on the back! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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