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Toyota Avalon Electrical Problems



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    In my experience some of the cars with headlight off delay will allow you to bypass this by opening the driver door before turning the ignition off.
  • rjnnrjnn Posts: 1
    So I purchased a 2002 Toyota Avalon XLS and everything was going fine. Great buy but then.. My AC and heated seats and everything controlled bellow the CD player wouldn't work..
    Pretty much I have nothing working bellow the CD player.

    Could this be a fuse problem or?? Please help me.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,471
    Its on my carspace page as a guide. Just click on my user name.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • Any ideas on what could be causing this? Any help is appreciated!

    I have a 1996 Avalon that was recently involved in a wreck. It was hit from the rear and then the front hit another car. The damage *looks* mostly cosmetic. I drove the car for a day without issues, then the next day it won't start.

    Put key in ignition: Dash lights up, regular "beep beep" when key is ignition.Good signs.
    Turn key to "acc": Dash lights up, radio works, clock comes on, e.t.c. Good signs.
    Turn key to "on": Dash dims. Multiple, rapid "click click click" appearing to come from under dash near glove compartment. Accessories/lights dim and come on with clicking.
    Attempt to start car (not pressing brake pedal): Clicking stops, dash lights dim till amost off. Engine will not turn over.
    Press brake pedal, with key in ignition but not trying to start: Dash lights dim till almost not visible.
    Fuses checked: Main ones look good. Ignition fuse has light "browning" on it through the viewing window

    Misc: The battery has full charge (tested it) and does not appear to lose it after sitting for days. When I first thought it was the battery I was able to get the car to start (only tried once) by jump starting it, though starting was difficult (solenoid clicking, but started didn't want to turn very well). I drove it around a bit and the dash/headlights dimmed whenever I stepped on the brake.
  • I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS. The dash board display lights and gauges are completely dead, but the car is running just fine like it has not missed a beat. Any ideas?
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    Check your battery and connections. I had the same problem ane it was the battery. Replaced battery and cleaned connections, and the dash lights worked fine.
  • I have a 2000 Avalon with about 180k miles. Starting a couple months ago, I noticed that a couple icons on the dash remained very dimly lit after I took the key out of the ignition (oil, brake, and ABS). Then, randomly, the car alarm started going off. One night it went off 11 times before someone banged on my door in the apartment complex and told me about it (it was parked a ways off). Plus, the clock and calendar all reset to Jan 1, 1999. All of this happens rather randomly, but I've become rather hated in the complex. Any ideas? Please???
  • ecujennecujenn Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Toyota Avalon with about 100k miles on it. It runs like butter except for in the last 6 months or so I will crank the car and when I shift into drive the car will shut off. Normally it has restarted right away and I can go along my merry way. My mechanic has tested everything he knows to figure out the problem and has not been able to find anything. The problem seemed to go away for a while after pouring fuel injection cleaner into my gas tank, but last week I had to crank the car 8 or 9 times before it would start. The problem is very intermittent which is one of the reasons my mechanic has had a hard time finding any problem. Hopefully someone else has had this same problem.

  • avaloonavaloon Posts: 1
    Just had my 2000 Avalon detailed. It looks great, starts & runs fine, but seats, windows, locks & other electrical things have all stopped working. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,471
    Start checking the obvious things like fuses. Possibly while cleaning they got some connectors wet and blew the fuses.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • my dash gauges (fuel, speedometer, odometer, temperature) stopped working. it doesn't appear to be a fuse problem. any ideas? is this a major problem that has to be fixed by dealer? will a mechanic need special tools etc. to fix? an expensive fix?
  • Suddenly the unlock portion of the switch has stopped working. The remote works and the lock works, but both the driver and passengers switches will not unlock the locks. Can anyone tell me what's up with this. To me it seems weird that only the unlock will not work. Thanks
  • Do the rear door switches work?
    What happens when you have all four doors locked, come to a stop, and shift to Park? Do any of the doors unlock automatically?
  • There are no lock switched on the rear doors, just to two front doors. When you put the car in gear the doors lock, but they have never unlocked when you place the car in park. I don't think that the doors are supposed to unlock when parked.
    Also, I noticed something else. The trunk release on the dash seems to be tied to the door locks as it stopped working at the same time. Just noticed this. All this seems very strange to me.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Not so strange to me...

    The trunk lid wiring goes through one of the trunk hinges and is often pinched enough to blow fuses.
  • Sorry, I thought the shift lever lock/unlock actuator might be a place to look for trouble. There must have been a change between your model year and mine (2007) because my doors do unlock when shifting into Park.
  • Have your idle air controller checked for carbon buildup. Have it cleaned or replaced. My Avalon did the same thing and that's what the problem turned out to be.
  • xxagonxxagon Posts: 6
    This is good to know. Is the idle air controller and the intake air controller one of the same?
  • My Avalon started by having strange battery problems. Parked to pump gas for about 5 mins and couldn't start. Needed to jump start two times thereafter even though headlights were turned off, and no known battery draining devices were on.

    AC started acting out of whack next. Shut off for a few seconds and turned right back on. Sometimes, AC wouldn't work at all. Mechanic changed AC relay and suggests it's the AC control unit. Am a student and need to think twice before spending that much money.

    Can anyone please suggest possible diagnoses and fixes? Thanks a million.
  • fraxinusfraxinus Posts: 1
    In the last 2 months, I have had to jump start my 2007 Avalon three times - keyless ignition. I seem to remember that on all 3 occasions I turned off my car while in drive and not in park. Normally, I turn off the ignition while in park.

    On each of these occasions, the battery was drained when I next tried to start the car ---- I had the battery checked at 2 places including a Toyota dealer and each time the technical readout said the battery was fine.

    Is it possible that turnoff off the car while in Drive instead of Park could be causing this problem? Anyone else having a similar problem? --- Thanks for all replies.
  • koohejiykoohejiy Posts: 2
    My Toyota Avalon 2000 xls was totally dead after I parked it on a main road, got it jumpered, did not work. Replaced the battery at a workshop. When the car was received back the remote door key stopped working; the display resets it self to initial setup even if the time date and other functions are set it forgets it when you restart the car. The radio also stopped working even with the engine running it does not come on. Checked the fuses for continuity, they all seem to be good. What could be the problem? Is there a relay that connects power to the radio and the display computer system? Where is that relay, if any? Can someone help before I take it to a dealer? Thanks.
  • andereaanderea Posts: 1
    :confuse: :sick: I Have a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS, My car battery has been dying so i went out to jump it one morning every thing was hooked up correct. When i put the pos an neg cables to the battery of the car then the horn honked an i heard a click or pop noise. i quickly took off the cables an checked the car an all the gauges went hay wire. after charging the battery an trying it again now nothing gets power jst the security light. I thought it was the computer until i bypassed some wires to the ignition an all the accessories come on only while bypassed. an the key is loose an lots of play. i took of the box under the ignition an bypassed power to that as well an it works while bypassed to. if itwas a computer i dont think it would do any of that. i think it has to be a fuse or relay. I just have to find it. Can any one help? i have a Toyota mechanic coming over to check an i will post our findings. but if any one can help in the mean time.
  • Based on my note on this, I had to take the car to the agent shop. They reported to me that the fuse base was damaged the replace it. Now everything is working.
  • chizzichizzi Posts: 1
    Have a 99 Avalon, 245k, still drives excellently - great car. Started the car but wouldn't shift out of park. Did the gear shift lock bypass with a screwdriver but noticed that the power mirrors, wipers, gauges, clock, radio, power windows, and auto head lamp out. Curiously, parking and headlights work and the radio will eject cd's. Checked all fuses and relays and are fine. This happened several years ago with the shift lock and changing a fuse fixed it, but now the situation involves more systems. Thinking it could be the integration relay or a loose radio wire. Will check the after market radio connections since that won't cost anything. The integration relay is costly, so I would like to ask if there's any other suggestions that anyone would have. Thanks!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Over the years many members have posted that a "green eye" on the battery top does not guarantee the battery will start the car. But it should start.... we all know a green eye means the battery is fully charged. So it works, right? Wrong !!

    This is one more post to confirm what the many have said, "It (the green eye) just means the battery has a certain number of volts." It's true. I replaced the '07 battery yesterday... 47 amps... and an "eye" as green as a golf course. Watch for the warning signs: Slow to start, some lights flicker, dome light dims, over 3 years in service, etc. Mine made it to the dealer, barely.

    Thanks to all who have mentioned this in the past. Enjoy the Avalon, great cars..
  • I had a real adventure with my 2006 Limited. Left an interior light on and drained the battery.
    When we tried to jump start it, it wouldn't turn over. Found out sometimes you have to wait 15 - 30 minutes for the computer to realize the battery is recharged (my guess, confirmed by a Toyo tech. They're not sure why.) Anyway, do yourself a favor and do what Consumers Reports recommends, replace your battery after four years, just to keep life simple.
    One of the best buy batteries is the Wal-Mart one at around $70, and they put it in free. Otherwise, my Toyo dealer only charged about $110, which wasn't too bad.
  • davalondavalon Posts: 1
    hi, in key position 2 everything seems fine but once i go to crank the car the cds fuse blows and i loose all power, car will not start. does anyone know what this fuse controls? does anyone have a wiring diagam or know of any common issues with this? thank you
  • djohnson1djohnson1 Posts: 54
    Does it start with the fuse removed from the CD?
    Sounds like you possibly have a short in your CD circuit.
    Electrical problems can be very hard to chase down, and most mechanics won't work on them because it takes so much time and owners get agitated at the cost.
    Did you try Googling "Toyota Avalon 2001 wiring diagram"?
    If that doesn't work, call the dealer and get an estimate. Maybe it's a known problem to them. Don't turn them loose on it without a firm estimate.
    Good luck!
  • 35divg235divg2 Posts: 15
    Bottom Line: it might be a faulty stereo amplifier

    I have 2008 Avalon Limited. I had all the problems you had. My battery kept draining and I went through three batteries, all the while, the dealership insisted it was my fault for not driving the car enough. The last time it happened a few weeks ago I took the car to another dealership who did a more thorough examination. The culprit was a faulty stereo amp that would not shut off when the car was turned off. I had it replaced under warranty.

    If I had not had the extended warranty I would have argued the problem started under original warranty, because this issue began before the manufacturers warranty expired. Don't let them blow you off.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    With keyless ignition (Avalon models 2005 and up), you will likely discharge your battery if not in park because ignition will stay in accessory (always on). I have tried that on my 2006 Avalon. Anytime it's not in park, it is going to discharge the battery period.

    With the key type ignition, you will not be able to remove the key from ignition. Try leaving your transmission out of park overnight with the key in the ignition. By morning your battery will be discharged.
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