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Toyota Avalon 2005+ Transmission Questions



  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84
    Sorry to hear about your problems, but appreciate your helpful comments & advice. Say again: what is Toyota coming out with in another month - a fix for the first fix? (Are they serious?) Is it possible (even likely) that not all dealership service depts. are equal when faced with what seems to be a fairly complicated fix like this one, and perhaps that could, in part, explain why different owners are reporting different results after their TSB fix?
  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    After reading the various posts about the TSB EG029-07 transmission fix, I took my '07 Avalon to my dealer and inquired about installing the update. The Lead Technician said he could download the update immediately and it would take about 15 minutes max. I actually watched him hook up the computer and run the program. He advised me to run thru a low throttle start, medium throttle start, and then a full throttle start as I left the dealership to let the trans. adjust to the new program. The update definitely fixed the quirky low speed shifting that I was having.

    Apparently there are other issues with '05 models, but the update to my '07 was quick ,simple, and worked perfectly.
  • byron2byron2 Posts: 12
    Had it done about a month ago at the local dealer where we bought the car. Huge improvement. No more initial transmission "slip" during rolling acceleration and the shift themselves are MUCH smoother. Highly recommended.

    My thanks to those on this forum who made us all aware of the TSBs as soon as they came out and even provided links to them. My dealer, which is a fairly savvy group of individuals, did not even know of the TSB's release until I told him, and in fact I had to give him a copy to make sure he could get it done. Very much appreciated.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    After reading about the TSB for 05 Avy's I took mine in to be looked and and they ordered the parts, which only took a week. I made my service appointment (it's a 4 hour job) and had the wok completed while at work.

    I had noticed only a limited low speed acceleration slip, and not all the time, but I did notice it once in a while. What I was really hoping for was a fix for the way the laser cruise control accelerated after a slow down and then subsequent speed up. It really slammed you in you seat because it seemed to want to get back to speed instantly. In heavy highway traffic it was a pain.

    I am very pleased with the fix. (I saw the order for the parts over $1300.00 and then 4 hours of labor so Toyota is making a real commitment to fixing this.) I have taken my car on the highway and the laser cruise now works like a dream, acceleration is smooth as silk. I've also noticed the overall shifting is so smooth now I actually had to look to the Tach to tell when the shift points are, it was always smooth and quiet but now there is virtually no perceptible change when shifts occur except the tach change.

    I would recommend the fix for anyone that feels they have the hesitation and/or the laser cruise control dragster type acceleration.

    I spoke with the technician that did the repair and he said it was the 2nd one he had done (he is the shop expert and is the only one doing this fix right now) and it is fairly straight forward and other than time consuming not difficult, so it is not something a good service department should have trouble with.

    I mentioned that I had read other folks have gone onto their dealers and all they do is flash the ECU and he shook his head and said that will only result in worse problems on the 05 since the manifold with the old Oxygen sensors will not give the new program the correct readings and will cause worse shifting.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    it might be helpful if you provided any TSB number and/or parts / actions recorded on you service paperwork to help others.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    Refer to Message # 339 by Niteone written on 6/25/07.

    A link to the TSB and answers all your questions on parts, etc. :)
  • bigmike2bigmike2 Posts: 96
    For future reference, you can search NHTSA's office of defect investigations for complaints, recalls, and TSB's."

    I am considering getting a 2007 Avalon and came across a number of complaints and the TSB (not much of a description, but enough to know what it was) without finding this discussion first.

    If you do have serious problems, please report them to the Office of Defect Investigations. I have no doubt that the complaints to NHTSA pressured Toyota into issuing the fix.

    BTW, is there a discussion group about the Avalon headlights? Saw a few complaints about them. Similar to the Azera complaints.">link title
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We don't have a discussion about Avalon headlights at this time, but you are welcome to start one. Go to the group page and you'll see the Add Discussion link on the right just over the list.
  • 2005 av with 24,000miles. Had no big transmission problems other than slow speed slight hesitation. Took it in today in Orland Park Illinois. Service department wasn't aware TSB, but agreed it would be done. Parts come in this week and will fix soon as I bring it it. No hassles, no argument. Great working with this dealer. Going East in a couple of weeks. I will get back with results. :)
  • Went East before the parts came in on my 2005 Avalon. When I got back had it done and everything is smoother. Slow speed hesitation is 99% gone. Much better on rolling stops. Transmission seems to get to 1st. gear better on a rolling start. Have about 200 miles since having it done. It does make a difference. Orland Park Il. dealer was great. Even told me I needed the steering column one done also!! They said it was clicking, but neither my wife nor I could hear it.
  • avvy05avvy05 Posts: 10
    Hello I am 2005 Avalon owner. I called Toyota corporate office to inquire about transmission fix and they said that no such a fix is available for 05 models. Can anyone include new link to that TSB since the links posted here no longer work.
  • mbs171mbs171 Posts: 4
    i have a copy on pdf of the tsb for 05 avalon transmission fix- pm me with email addy andi will send it to whomever wants it
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,445
    This one?



    '05 Avalon

    June 20, 2007


    To enhance shifting performance and smoothness during acceleration, the Engine Control Module/ECM (SAE term: Powertrain Control Module/PCM) calibration has been revised and certain fuel control feedback components have been updated. Please use the following procedure to address customer concerns.
    NOTE :Before proceeding, verify the ECM (PCM) calibration has NOT been updated by checking for the Authorized Modifications Label (shown in Figure 11 of the Repair Procedure).

    Applicable Vehicles
    ^ 2005 model year Avalon vehicles.

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  • mbs171mbs171 Posts: 4
    Yes, that is the one.
  • rpfingstenrpfingsten Posts: 154
    I bought my 07 Avy in Sept. of 06. Kept reading about, but never really experiencing the "slipping transmission" problem. However there were a few times that at very low speeds, I did notice some sort of "hesitation". Like I said it was pretty much an occassional thing, certainly not something I noticed daily, that is until recently. Then I noticed it nearly every single day. Started researching tsb's on the net and came up with the following tsb number : EG029-07 This tsb was issued by Toyota for 06 and new avalons. So when I took my car in yesterday to the dealer for an oil change, I asked the service writer about the tranny issue. His reply was there had been some issues with the camry, but not the Avalon. Imagine the look on his face when I presented him with the TSB # which specifically deals with the Avy. They called it up, I was right, they performed the update and now it seems to be running correctly again. Hope this helps some of you with 06 or newer avy's dealing with slipping transmissions.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Be aware that in the process of installing TSBs many times the ECU is reset and will then use the factory default control parameters until the correct "real time" parameters are learned yet again. That process might take as much as 500 miles of "mixed" driving.

    So it is entirely possible that the change, running perfectly "again", may be the result of the reversion to the factory default parameters and therefore only a temporary "fix".
  • My 2007 Avalon was purchased in November of 2006. I had the ECU reprogramed within six months of purchase and it has been just fine since then. Hopefully you will have the same long lasting result.
  • i would love to get a copy of the transmission TSB for the 05's, but for the life of me, i cannot figure out how to PM.
  • I purchase my 07 avalon in 1107. It has been a lemon for many reasons, but here and now the tranny. The car had low speed hesitations and clunking sounds as per the other posts. In 1007 the dealer claims to have recalibrated per tsb eg029-07. This fixed the hesitations and clunking; however,my fuel economy has dropped 10-15%. The net effect of this recalibration was to increase the speed/rpm at which the tranny changes gears. So while cruising the blvd at 35/40 mph I am reviving away at 2000 rpm,... rather than 1500 rpm. You get the picture. The dealer and corp have no remedies to offer for this and the other problems, other than arbitration. Good luck with you issues. guyramon
  • Guyramon...

    LIke you I too have an 07 Avy, and also like you, had the recalibration done to my car. After reading your post about how your engine was turning higher rpm's @ lower speeds, I decided to check mine out... here's my results:

    @ 35 mph = 1550 rpm's
    @ 40 mph = 1700 rpm's
    @ 50 mph = 1500 rpm's ( perhaps a tad higher, 1525/1550 )
    @ 60 mph = 2000 rpm's

    I can also say that I noticed an immediate difference in the shifting pattern, primarily at low end speeds, after the calibration was done.
    As for mileage, my normal daily drive is a combination of city / highway and I'm averaging approx. 26.5 mpg... On a recent "short" highway jaunt into texas a month or so back I was averaging between 29 & 30 mpg with the ac on.

  • ergo1ergo1 Posts: 1
    Thanks for the offer. Please send PDF to

  • pope414pope414 Posts: 1
    please send to if you still have it. thanks.
  • Would greatly appreciate it if I too could get a copy of the PDF of the TSB for the 05 Avalon. Thanks!

    My email address is:
  • would appreciate a copy of a TSB if any exists to show the dealer PCM or ECM . for I am having the same shifting problems on my 2008 limited. thanks.
  • W, I'm not sure about a TSB for 2008 models. EG029-07 covers shifting performance for 2006/2007 models (ECM Calibration), and is available at various sites. Just put Toyota TSBs into a search engine like Google, etc..
  • Thank you for the assist. I could use a copy sent to before I begin the battle with the dealer.
  • Hi can I please have a copy on PDF of the TSB 2005 Toyota Avalon? I just bought this car 32 days ago and just past 5 days I have been having bad hesitation in transmission, and in stop/go traffic its really bad. guess I should have done more research be for I bought this car. But the info I am asking for will be huge help My e-mail is thank you very much
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