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Toyota Avalon Navigation System



  • djrc08861djrc08861 Posts: 52
    i have the 2012 also.i'm curious.why did you trade in the 2013?
  • solara01solara01 Posts: 4
    I have a 2013 Avalon Limited w/tech package. I used to use a Tom Tom in my 2001 Solara. I gave it to a friend because I no longer need it with this car. I liked the 3D on my Tom Tom but I got used to the HDD nav. in the Avalon quickly. I have yet to find any nav. system that gets everything right. All that being said, I will give you the Pros and Cons.

    I live in Rochester. NY. It seams that XM traffic only works in profitable markets which I am not in. Do not fret. The HDD nav. system does not require an XM subscription for road problems. So I guess, the question was what do I have to pay for good nav. information. Nothing!

    I will say this, when driving, the voice recognition needs improvement. You need to know the commands and locating a destination that is not close by, can be frustrating. This is a software fix and can be updated to your vehicle.

    You have to get use to the system. Read the manuals and the videos. Is it perfect, No! I have still not seen a perfect Nav. system. I think this car offers a more user friendly system that I have seen in cars costing $20,000 more. Everything is touch sensitive including the nav. system. The whole user interface to the driver is well laid out and responsive.

    I own this car but I do not have any problem with suggesting any improvements.

  • cryptokid1cryptokid1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Toyota Avalon Limited and I'm having a problem with the Navigation System in it.
    Here is my question: How do you get from Point A to Point B without the GPS telling you to take
    every exit you are approaching long before you arrive at the actual exit you need to take? For example, if I need to take Exit #12 the GPS will tell me to take all the exits from 1 to ll. I purchased the car new in July of 2012 and the GPS never done this in the past. It just started
    doing this last week on our last vacation. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hi. From what I can tell, you'll need to go in and tell it how you want it to navigate for for. By this I mean, Highways (toll roads), back roads and so forth.

    Also, you'll need to notice when it tells you there are 3 routes chosen and you choose a route, it's going to follow that route. You can go in and place a marker at a point, and it will then go that route.

    I haven't checked this out yet, but here is what looks like an OUTSTANDING site to watch video's on the system?


  • djrc08861djrc08861 Posts: 52
    dont even bother.theyre is no is a garbage gps.i regret paying the extra.i removed the entire system altogether and replaced it with a sony radio and gps
  • ramosvramosv Posts: 1
    I have a 2013 avalon love the car hate the navigation every time I enter a destination it sends me on a route keeps telling to get off every exit as if I preferred to go through the city when All I wanna do is stay on the highway need help there has to be some kind of setting I can change please help
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    There are settings allowing for: Fastest Route, Stay off highways, only highways, avoid toll roads and such.

    Check out the video's on youtube for using the Nav.

    - Hw

  • I discovered something today when I called the local Toyota dealer to inquire about upgrading the disc in my 2011 Avalon. The parts manager said that the only disc available now is the 2012 version. He said that the 2013 disc will not be available until November. He said that is the typical upgrade date for new discs. It goes without saying that I put my order on hold.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    The only thing I'd say to this is É Should be in around November?

    While I'm not having enough issues to worry about, I'd be leery about the time table. Maybe others can chime in on if they purchased over the years and when.

    Other posts have noted, that while the latest is nice, it's still a year or more away from the newest data?

  • Hi all, I have a 2005 Avalon and have had nothing but problems with the toggle for typing etc. I have had the unit replaced because I just couldn't type anymore. Now we are back to the same thing and it's basicaly useless I can't type again. it seems to me to be a manufatucing flaw. To replace the unit is about 900.00 and that is without updating the map which I hear has 2003 data on the 2005 cars.. Any feedback would be appreciated, the car is too old now to have it repaired again...
  • HI, I have a new 2013 avalon. what are the little red dots all over the map? can i get rid of them?
  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    Yes you can they are showing you the routes you have been taking.

    AND READ THE MANUAL for goodness sake
  • I found it, turn off the "route tracer" feature.
    You're welcome :-)
  • gagalgagal Posts: 4
    I agree the installed GPS is a total waste of money. It can't find places that have been around for 10 years! It tries to take you down roads that have been closed for years!! GARBAGE!!!!!!!!
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    While not great, it's not garbage (IMO).

    I use it most of the time on trips, and yes, sometimes it takes me off the beaten path,
    and yes, it has gotten screwed up when new roads, new roundabouts have been built since the current version was made, and yes, it still lists many POI that is wrong or non-existing, it has never gotten me lost, or not work at all.

    Yes I like and use my Garmin, but I try the built in unit first and been fine.

    I travel a fair amount (35,000 miles a year), from Maine to Florida and all points in-between and it's never failed me to the point of being mad.

    YES, it has on a few occasions sent me out in no mans land for a pizza shop / subway sandwich shop, but for hotels, streets and most other major attractions, it's worked fine.

    YES, I'm glad I bring along my Garmin, but even that has brought me out in the woods for a restaurant before, and yes, it most often chooses a different route to get somewhere.

    Would I like the built-in unit to work as good, easy and practical as my Garmin, Hell yes (as I pointed out before, just trip planning online then downloading to the Garmin is way cool, and makes a extended trip so much less stressful, but the Toyota unit has a bigger display and shows things like how many lanes there are in an upcoming exit, REAL helpful when getting off in the bigger cities and coming up on an exit quickly.

    Ok, I'll stop so I can get some work done.

  • I'm having the same problem of the toggle sticking and not allowing me to enter a selection on my '06 Avalon Limited. While in for service the dealer checked with Toyota to see if this problem was acknowleged or if there was a fix (e.g., clean and lubricate the toggle). The dealer came up empty and short of replacing the unit referred me to a private shop that deals with electronics issues. Also, the dealer said it would not work to replace my unit with a touch screed unit Toyota provided in later year Avalons (I have one of these in my '07 Tundra and it is far superior). I'll keep researching.... not inclined to replace with the same inferior toggle ball type unit that I have, have always found it cumbersome even when it worked.
  • jmuccijmucci Posts: 1

    I have a 2006 avalon and I can't input a new destination. On the destination screen I click on address and it flashes but thats all. No input screen, nothing. Also, I can't input a search area. It's all blank on the search area right side. No map and "change" button, nothing. Help.

  • debm3debm3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Avalon and the Nav system is getting pretty squirrelly. It often says no DVD while in the middle of route guidance or just says can't find route when I put in a destination. When driving around without route guidance the map display works fine, with no error messages. It is just the guidance mode. Updated disc about 18 months ago and I know new disc is available, but will new disc fix the issues?
  • johnr888johnr888 Posts: 1
    I own a 2010 Avalon Limited and for the past year I have been experiencing a major problem with the button-joystick. It simply won't go to the letters / numbers that I point it at, hence preventing me from inputting information such as addresses and such. The Toyota dealer said that they can't or won't fix the problem, which is probably a faulty contact switch in the button assembly, but would be glad to replace the entire unit for thousands of dollars! There is no way I'm going down that trail. However, I was wondering if anyone is aware of a company in the greater Chicago area that fixes on-board GPS systems. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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