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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • Opps..I forgot to give you my email address
  • sage13sage13 Posts: 1
    I just picked up my 2004 Chrysler Pacifica from the garage where I had to replace/repair both front struts, both coil springs, 2 mounts and bearing assembly and the tie rod end all due to corrosion, only to find out that the car will not pass inspection without replacing the left and right rocker panels and the engine cradle, once again due to corrosion. I did some research regarding possible recalls or issues related to corrosion and found your letter. I promptly called the number provided and spoke with a gentleman in the "general information" department. He was not very helpful but did suggest that I call the dealership. Which I did...they did not have any information on any such extended warranty for the engine cradle. So I called the number provided in your letter again this time speaking with a "customer service representative" in the complaint department. The woman I spoke to was very condescending and in essence told me that my car wasn't one of the cars that had the problem and therefore wasn't covered. I then explained to her that my car did indeed have the corrosion problem and that I have a $900+ receipt for repairs done and an estimate of $700+ for scheduled work next week to prove it. She then informed me that "as you were told before, your car is not considered one of the models with the problem". When I asked to speak with another representative she replied with "we all follow the same guidelines" implying that it would not accomplish anything to do so. I ended our conversation by telling her that I have driven Dodge/Chrysler vehicles for 21 years but that this experience would end that previously content relationship. If you have any suggestions as to who could potentially help me with these costs I would greatly appreciate it. I've never had any other vehicle that has had this type of corrosion problem. I do have 115,000 miles on the car and am the original owner.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    I could send you the letter with an email address. Not every one will agree with me but I would try talking to a different person if that doesn't work I would get a lawyer. It's almost a 4000 dollar repair if you win that would set a leagal window that all others could win by
  • Got ahold to the dealer today..showed them the letter..they said that they would call Chrysler about this warrenty letter on the rusted engine cradle. I told them if Chrysler did not want to fix this Pac that I would need it in writing as to why not and with the persons signature on the letter so stating . a call back within 3 hours with good news that Chyrsler would pay in full to replace the engine cradle.
  • Please send me a copy of the letter to my email with the Chrysler letterhead if possible!!! I just brought a used 2005 pacifica and only had it one week. email
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    That's great I hope it works for more people
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    Is there any way you can just post the dang letter so we don't see a multitude of requests for it every day?
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    It's been posted twice once by me and once by someone else. The next day people are asking me to send it to them. If you had looked back in earlier posts you would have seen them.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    November 9,2010

    This letter is to inform you that the warranty period on your Chrysler Group LLC Pacifica's front engine cradle has been extended to 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first. This engine cradle extended warranty coverage applies to Chrysler Pacifica model years 2004-2005.
    We are extending the warranty period on your front engine cradle because some vehicles operated in areas of high road salt usage, may experience engine cradle corrosion resulting in a driveability vibration and or/shake. If vour vehicle is operating properly. there is nothing you are required to do. If you are experiencing the conditions as described in this warranty extension within the 10 year or 150,000 mile period, simply contact your dealer to have repairs performed. Your dealer will inspect the engine cradle for perforation corrosion on the rear cross car cradle support and replace if necessary.
    If you have already experienced this engine cradle concern and have paid to have it repaired, you may be eligible to receive a reimbursement. You may send your original receipts, invoices and/or repair order with adequate proof of payment (copy of the front and back of cancelled check, or copy of credit card receipt, etc.). Please mail to the following address for reimbursement, your claim will be acted upon within 60 days ofreceipt:
    Chrysler Customer Assistance Center - P.O. Box 21-8007
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007
    If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact your dealer or the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, EST, Monday through Friday or Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, EST. They can be reached at 1-800-247-9753.
    Please keep this letter with your vehicle's other warranty information for future reference if necessary. The warranty extension applies to the above components only; the other terms of your warranty remain the same.
    Chrysler is taking this action to demonstrate its commitment to your continued satisfaction.
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • Can you send me a copy of the letter of the extended warranty to thanks
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    The requests just started again today
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    edited November 2011
    Jeesh people, read the whole thread. He has posted the letter twice already!
  • I would like a copy of that Warranty here, is my email address , Thank you Very Much
  • Did you ever post this letter as a .pdf on the original letterhead? I've called Chrysler and they claim to have no record of any such letter. I'll give you my email if I can send you a private message somehow.

  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    get a free hotmail account I'll send you the letter and you never have to use the account again or after I send it you can give me a fax number and have a copy of the original
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210 Follow this link to letter no need for password
  • Hi could you email me this letter too?
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    edited December 2011
    If you click on the link in message 568 it will take you to the Chrysler letter
  • Have any of you actually had this problem? If so did the dealer make good on it?

    I've been having problems with my 05 pacifica. We notice it the most at slow speeds when we go over bumps (as we can hear it then). thought it was suspension problems or something, but now after reading your letter, believe it might be this.

    curious to know if anyone else has had the problem and how it affected the car (and what it sounded like)?

  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    Yes they gave me a new one
  • Please fax letter to 828-264-7946. I just discovered that I have this problem after having the vehicle in for a front end clunking noise. Thanks so much!!!
  • Just had to replace all 3 motor mounts, inner and outer tire rods on right, already replaced tire rods on left and now auto shop is telling me I need shocks and struts. What the hell? My 2006 Pacifica has a little over 100k miles and I ever had problems like this with my Fords or Chevys. I will never buy another Crysler. I am going back to Fords. Who hangs the motor? Well, Crysler of course. The headlights in my car go out every few months and having to pay 2x's the normal price for tires is crazy. Not to mention the $500 I had to pay at the dealership for a new gasket to be installed, because the AC was leaking into my passenger floor board. I figured buying a car after it had been on the market for 2 years the kinks would be worked out, guess not. Sorry had to vent. Most of the posts are from people up north with rusting problems. I live in TX and it's warm enough salt is not used on the roads. Just glad to see I am not the only one having these problems.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    edited December 2011
    link title click on this link to the left or Go to this message #568 and use link
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    Yours is the third year Pacificas were out. If you type in rusted Ford engine cradle to web there is an investigation of ford for over 3,500+ engine cradles rusting out There are thousands and thousands of Ford Taurus engine cradles rusted out. All cars with a 100,000 miles should have the struts replaced 68 plus install 50 dollars farm and fleet. Outer tie rod anyone could replace in an hour 18 dollars. Motor mounts lower 36 dollars Upper 11 dollars. Rear shocks 300 dollars self leveling if they are not leaking don't replace. Your AC has a hose like all cars that goes out the fire wall if it gets plugged water runs in the car. Hope they gave you the old gasket for proof and it had a tear in it. Headlight bulb if they touch the bulb with their fingers it will go out all the time. Mine last over a year and I use the Silver Star bulbs that do go out more often. A normal bulb is 8 to 10 dollars and you could change it in a half hour. Check around for prices and labor it could mean hundreds of dollars difference. It's not the cars fault you bought it with big wheels Ford has cars with big wheels too. My tires were 360 and my wifes were 1,200. It's time to take off the suit and do some work yourself instead of being taken advantage of. Also your timing belt and water pump need to be replaced now if you have a 3.5 engine so you don't post in a few months that your engine is toast because you didn't do regular maintenance. Don't be so gullible next time when they go to sell you a bridge.
  • EVERYONE WITH 04-07 Pacifica problems, call 888 327 4236. It is the national traffic safety board and let them know your complaints. If enough people call and complain of same problem, they will force a recall.
    I have an 05 pacifica I just bought , shimmy and rattkle when I take off. Broken Motor mounts. Seems to be an issue with Chrysler. I called chrysler ( # from website) got a case assigned, and I will update everyone on how much they are going to help pay on this issue. I had a POS 06 jeep commander, everything went bad, they were going to pay for half of new transmission and ignition switch. Just call Chrysler and the safety Board
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    I would just spend 29 dollars each on them and replace them
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