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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • I have a copy if the letter (not with me now) and it has done me no good.
    'If' I could get someone to admit the letter was valid, they immediately state that the letter was superseded by the updated one in 2012. That is the one that states it will only cover 2 months worth of build dates.
    I paid to fix mine and am now doing the letter writing campaign to Chysler corporate
  • Glad to see that others have had some luck. In fact luck is needed. Sometimes no matter how doggedly you pursue, they ignore you or shut you down. I spent 18 months making noise. Called and wrote every possible contact. Nada. Chrysler had a potential life-long customer and instead made an enemy.
  • Letter sent. I don't know why they replaced my 04 and 05 cradle. I guess I was lucky.
  • Got this reply from an email I sent to Chrysler:

    "Our records show that you have contacted us by telephone and we have
    addressed your concern. We have updated your file to reflect the latest
    information you provided in the email message."

    It sounds like what ever answer you get from the first contact remains the party line!
  • Ugh, you can add one more person to the list of Pacifica owners with rusted out cradles.

    I have an '04 with 117,000 miles, took it in for a tire rotation and they spotted it - one end is completely gone and the other is rapidly getting there.

    Dreading the quote on this, since I'm pretty sure I'm outside the tiny range of build dates!
  • I have seen quotes from $1700 to $2700.
    $900- $1100 of that was for parts
  • I feel your pain, but, maybe I was lucky. My story sounds exactly the same as yours - rust out was spotted by a service person at a Goodyear store while I was getting an oil change and tire rotation, ready for a drive from the Cincinnati area to Florida. The service person showed me the one rail completely rusted through and the other getting a good start on rust. At that time I only had about 75,000 miles on my 2004. The Goodyear tech said "do not drive this to Florida". So, off to my Chrysler dealer. It took them a couple of days but the job was done for a little over $1,800.00. Then I went to Chrysler. With the help of the letter that has been circulating on Edmunds, they agreed to reimburse 80%. They also said that I was outside the parameters stated in the letter, but, they were "wanting to support their product". I took the 80%. Now we all need to file our stories with the NHTSA.
  • I have also called and had Attorney General call on 3 way with me with NO help from Chrysler. I have a 05 Pacifica that is just sitting in my driveway because it is deemed unsafe to drive. I have to make monthly payments on this still for another 2.5 years! I do NOT have any money to fix this problem and I only have MAYBE 80k miles on it (I don't rem. exact mileage because I haven't been able to drive it since May!) They told me I was out of warranty because of the age of vehicle and they only fixed ones within that Feb/March of 04' range. If anyone can help me to get some assistance on them paying for it I would appreciate it. Sincerely mother of 2 small children with no vehicle yet I pay for one sitting in my driveway :(
  • vabuda, I was in the same boat! So sorry to hear your situation. I never got satisfaction, not thru the Attorney General or otherwise. Single divorced parent, underemployed, 2 kids at home. Had to rely on friends etc for a few days; don't live near family. Finally sold most of my jewelry, bikes, sports equipment, better clothes/shoes other possessions to scrape together enough get it repaired by a local welder who gave me a reasonable deal. In the meantime, my Ex was nice enough to loan me our older first vehicle and share his wife's car. I grew up driving Chryslers and really made every effort to pursue this both reasonably and assertively. Shame on them.
  • I wrote a letter describing my issue to the owner of the dealership where I bought the car. I was simply asking if they knew anyone at Chrysler that I could talk to since Chrysler Customer Service simply reads a computer screen.

    The dealer's service director called a few days later. They offered to cover the parts if I was willing to cover the labor. The labor wasn't cheap, $740, but it was better than the $1700 - $2500 quotes that I am seeing on this forum.

    I was certainly worth the postage stamp!!
  • Yep, in your case sounds like it was. That's great, and if only that could be a consistent experience for the rest of us. I lost track of how many postage stamps, return-receipts, etc that I sent. It was nearly a year of very polite, clear, earnest inquiries. It didn't matter. They had made up their minds not to work with me, period. After that it was phone calls, Consumer Affairs, Attorney General, NHTSA, etc. There is a random element involved here; a customer is at the mercy of the individual moods and attitudes/prejudices of the people whom he or she reaches. I was very careful not to sound disgruntled (at least for the first year or so... until the car failed inspection and I was really in trouble). Sometimes people take every single correct step, and still get ignored or denied.
  • I agree about dealer involvement. I have been a customer of the same dealership for, maybe, 20 years. When I went to Chrysler and they agreed to reimbursement 80%, in their letter to me, they indicated that they had contacted my dealer about my relationship with them. So, good point about going to dealer management for assistance on repair cost.
  • vabudavabuda Posts: 4
    Well I didn't buy from Chrysler, I bought from a used car dealership that was an hour away. And it has been 2 years so idk how I would go about that without actually buying from Chrysler?
  • I would like a copy of that letter, my 2004 is rusted through as well and i have goten no where with them. please send to ty
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    I just don't understand why everyone gets a different price. Mine was $250 and I see above they paid 20% of whatever price Chrysler decided they would charge. This is just a guess but I think it is against the law to charge different prices to different people for the same work. Someone needs to look into this. You said you would sue me so I will do it for 250 this guy is nice I'll get 20% from him, Joe blow I'll charge 1,500 where will it end?
  • I am having the same problem could you please send me a copy of the letter chrysler has out
  • I can send a copy of the letter but I need your e-mail address to do it.
  • kadinokadino Posts: 1
    if you don't mind could you also forward me I copy of that letter from Chrysler- I just bought a used 2004 pacifica and found out that its too has a rusted/rotted sub frame

    my email is
  • Same problem here. Please send copy of letter, if you would, to Thank you!!!
  • vabudavabuda Posts: 4
    This is ridiculous how many people are stuck with this expensive repair!! There has GOT to be something we can all do about this? Class action lawsuit? Something because this ain't right that we should all be footing the bill for their shotty materials. It's like they're waiting until we all are over 10 years with the vehicle so they can make an adjustment and say "as long as your car is under the 10 year mark we will fix for you" because all if the problems are happening in our years make and model.. So that will be their way of 'correcting the problem' I am so po'd to be paying for a car that just sits in my driveway useless while I have to use my husbands work truck to bring my kids to school etc. the gas I use driving his truck is outrageous but I don't have a choice because I can't afford the fix!
  • Just had my 2004 Pac. repaired and got it back today for $1910
    Rusted cradle, motor mounts gone, engine strap gone, its a wonder the thing didn't fall out before I found out what was wrong.
    I would like to write to Chrysler a letter and ask for some reimbursement, I really can't afford this. Can you send me a copy of the letter please to ? I would really appreciate it. I hope I am replying to the right person.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    Letter sent. Sorry to some of your posts ended up in my junk mail and I did't see them till now
  • I would like a copy gurtone (at) gurt . com please!

    I really appreciate it.
  • I have a 05 pacifica and sounds like the same issue clicking when turning forward or backward...thing is mine is paid off and warranty is expired...what does this cost to fix or is it a recall that i dont pay for..and also where would i take it...any dealer or the place i bought it used
  • The issue that all of us are having is rust out of the front frame and engine cradle, mostly on 2004 Pacificas. In my case, I did not have any "clicking" noise. The frame rust-through was discovered by a Goodyear store service person when the car was up on the lift. The right rail was completely rusted through and the left rail was partially rusted through. He told me not to drive the car, that it was totally unsafe. I drove it directly to my Chrysler dealer and had the repair done for $1,875.00. Chrysler reimbursed me 80%. I had bought the Pac new but was beyond the normal warranty time but still well under 100,000 miles.
    Good Luck.
  • wgoodwgood Posts: 2
    Is anyone reading this from Canada? Has anyone with this problem in Canada had any luck recovering any cost at all from Chrysler? We were told by Chrysler Canada today just flat out NO to fix our 2005 Pacifica. What cost am I looking at to fix both the cradle and the motor mount? HELP - unsafe to drive! Should I trust my local mechanic where I bought the used car 5 months ago or should I take it to a dealer? Mechanic quoted $2000. Dealership still hasn't called me back.
  • The costs are fluctuating widely. A lot of that is because of the region's labor cost. My mechanic told me the repair would be $2000 - $2500 US. That is near Chicago and I would imagine our labor rates are higher than elsewhere. My Chrysler dealer (where I bought the car) did the repair for labor only. Chrysler covered the parts. I also had to replace two motor mounts and two tie rod ends. The total bill was $1500 US. Hope this helps give you an idea of the cost.
  • wgoodwgood Posts: 2
    Appreciate the reply. I have an appointment at my local Chrysler dealer in the morning. The service manager said he would put my car up on the hoist, take pics and send to Chrysler but he told me not to hold out hope for ANY assistance. :( Used dealer where I bought my car will give me %6500 for the car in trade in ... that's a loss of $3500 from what I paid a mere 6 months ago. I feel trapped, used and robbed. I wish I could live without a vehicle! :(
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    If your going to lose 3,500 and then this guy will sell you a new used car that could have problems. It only makes sense to try to get a loan and get it fixed. By the time your old car dealer adds the loss of your car into a new used car you will be paying a lot more than a loan against your car or house to fix it. I have seen them on the internet for about 460 and up new and then the price to have someone put it in
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