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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Warning Lights



  • i gotta agree with cob. i very recently had hard starting and rough running til i went in the distributor cap and bent all the tips in to be closer to the rotor as it passed (you'd be amazed at the gap inside the cap from the tips of the cap to the rotor tip)and sure nuf it starts like the vehicle was just rolled off the producion line ... i carefully measured the safe amount to bend inwarded with no touching between rotor and dist.cap and i suspect i may have changed the timing a very little bit due to the spark being able to jump a slight bit sooner but if the vehicle senses stuff like that , well i guess it might compensate( if it has the ability) for the timing advance if any :)
  • chinnesechinnese Posts: 3
    Run fine 1998 115 k only problems runs great when warm a bit rough when cold and when turn on ac on it once and a while get a check engine light turns . Check engine code get o2 sensor replaced 3 of them any other ideas. :) :)
  • trevor14trevor14 Posts: 2
    Having problems with a cylinder loading up with fuel and fouling a plug. Did a full tune up, ran a fuel injector cleaner, scaned the motor, did a fuel preasure test, no codes but a flashing engine light( meaning a missfire and your converter is loading with fuel), replaced the fuel injector system in the intake, checked for leaks in the intake and lines, and still no differance in proformance. I then decided to check the wiring from the fuel wiring harness (top of the intake) to the computer harness and low and behold the wires from the comp side had been laying on the van body under the battery and had wore through causing the one fuel injector to stay open.
  • trevor14trevor14 Posts: 2
    check the wires from your computer by the battery so they are not touching the van body
  • dep1006dep1006 Posts: 1
    i need help with a service engine light the code shows small vacume leak or loose gas cap i just had a vacume leak fixed at the dealer 3 weeks ago. the light came on for the first time 2 days ago does anyone know if there us a way to reset the code light without a code reader, auto zone won't do it for me. i mam due for an inspection and it won't pass with the light on any help is appreciated thanx
  • danr4danr4 Posts: 1
    I have an unusual problem that is intermittent - the Brake and ABS dash indicators lamps come on. They also go away, usually after I park and turn off the Safari for a short while. The reservoir is full, the brakes were all replaced recently. The first time it happened, I took it in for repair and the mechanic filled the reservoir (it was low) and a couple of days later it came back on. I returned and agreed to replace the brakes - it has 85000 miles and they have never been replaced. It stops fine, but the dash indicators keep coming on - any ideas from fellow Safari owners as to where I can begin looking for the problem?
  • steveb17steveb17 Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Refer to question/answer #2 of 39: This member is correct (Again: as odd as it may sound). I've had two different vehicles that both gave me the check engine light and it turned out to be the gas caps were not venting correctly and caused a vacuum problem within the system. I replaced the gas caps and everything was fine from that point on. this may not be your problem exactly; But, it may be worth your time and money to check into this possibility.
  • glenggleng Posts: 1
    o2 sensor no activity detected .Bank #1 Sensor #3.
    Does anyone know if this is a upstream or downstream sensor.Thanks
  • Its very likely that your ABS Module needs to be refurbished. Mine was doing exactly the same. Vibrations seemed to set it off and both BRAKE/ABS lights would come on until I turned the car off. It is a popular problem with the modules.

    The fix was less than $100 dollar and it was very easy.

    There are two companies that do this and give you a warranty for their work:
    ASI (Automotive Scientific Inc) (HINT: their Ebay listings are way cheaper!

    And the other company is Module Master:

    You can ship it to them and still drive your vehicle. Your brakes will work just fine, but the ABS feature won't until you replace the controller. Just make sure you cover the other half of the ABS unit on your car. You'll want to protect it from debris and water.

    Best of luck.
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