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Buick Regal Electrical Problems



  • ctrycprctrycpr Posts: 1
    For some time the instrumet panel lights would not immediately come on when you started the car. After driving a short distance you would hear a click and they would all come on. Recently the dash lights went out but all other lights worked. I checked the fuse and it was blown. I replaced it and turned on the ignition and it immediately blew again. Any suggestions wheer I should start looking?
  • i have a 99 regal. car misses and dies as soon as the engine starts to get warm. I runs perfect when it it cool and first started. The coils, ignition module,crank and cam sensors have been changged
  • I have this exact car and had this exact problem! The multi-switch is bad! You will need to change the whole switch. I had to change it twice. The second problem was that the wind-shield wipers wouldn't shut off...
  • I have a 2002 Buick regal and I will b driving for at least 25-30 minutes before it will start chugging and if u push on gas pedal car won't go any faster and rpms will go up then it comes out of it and other times it will start to chug and then it will die and if I wait about a minute or two it will start back up. Had it at shop and they can't seem to find the problem. Anyone else having this same problem? Please help and let me know if u got it fixed and what problem was thanks. I am a mother with 3 children and need help fast before it causes us to get into an accident. Once again thanks for any help that u can give.
  • What was the problem with your car I don't know if u were posting to me about car chugging then it would die thanks
  • We replaced the ignition switch and now it all works perfectly!!
  • I have a 2002 buick regal GS with 151,000 miles and I had the same thing it was just so crazy, I was thinking that there was a short in wire in turn signal or the unit it self , but after reading this post, I saw it was the same thing I bought the part it was $92.00 at auto zone and it took me about 3 hours to complete the install, and like the above post it can be done faster after you do it hope these post help others. (turn signal shuts car off while driving if used, flickering the Service Engine Soon, ABS and track off light) Duralast/Ignition Switch
    This product is a fit for your:
    2002 Buick Regal 3.8L SFI SC OHV 6cyl
    Part Number: LS927
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • I had success with the odometer problem & youtube fix described above. Thanks for the posts.
    Hoping someone can help with this set of electrical issues:
    1) My 02 Regal has always had electric windows that intermittently refuse to respond. On the same trip, we can roll the windows down one minute and then not be able to roll them up the next. There doesn't seem to be any trigger or cause and also no fix. We just have to wait it out. Stopping/restarting does nothing.
    2) Occasionally, there is a fairly loud clicking sound that comes from the back of the engine, passenger side after the engine is off. Kind of behind the glove box. It doesn't always start right away and has drained the battery before. Sometimes we can prevent this by ensuring the key is in the "steering wheel lock" position before we remove the key.
    3) We just started having the engine fail symptom others have described, where the throttle becomes sporadically unresponsive and then the engine dies. After the car rolls to a stop we can turn the key off and then start it again.

    I hope that replacing the ignition switch at least fix #3. Maybe more? Has anyone had experience with #1 or #2? I will report what happens after I replace it.

  • hello i am hoping to get a response from tsu670 but anyone one who knows will do i recently bought a 97 Buick regal ran great till i got it to a stop light at a busy intersection pushed on the brake while turning on the left turn signal causing the car to shut off instantly neither one by itself would cause any issue also right turn signal wound'nt do anything also woud'nt do anything while in park later changed a ecm fuse which made it happen a'lot less very inconstant to me which makes me think it is a short and only cuts out when there is to much flow in a certain spot in the wiring at a certain time also when you turn the key into the start position SOMETIMES it make the dash go crazy with a buzzing noise could all of this be caused by an improperly installed custom radio
  • keeps518keeps518 Posts: 1
    edited March 2015
    I have a 2002 Regal LS last week my illumination for the speedometer and tachometer stopped working. Also my lights on the gear shifter doesn't light up either. My headlights don't come on automatically and my park lights don't work anymore so I have no lights on the rear of my car unless I am applying the brakes. Can anyone help me out with any info or suggestions?
  • jenmcb82jenmcb82 Posts: 1
    edited June 2017
    Hey! I have a 2003 Buick Regal and the pain in the butt is doing the same thing. Now, I have the part I need. I just need to know if anyone can provide any information on how to get the cosmetic pieces off of the dash and steering column. Normally I'd have my husband do it, but he's unavailable to help at the moment. So if anyone could attach a picture of a Haynes manual or Chilton manual referring to that section, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd go out and buy a book, but unfortunately I can't even afford to pay my electric for the rest of the month. I was able to get the part due to the goodwill of a nice person that bought a piece of jewelry I made. So, help a Momma out? Please.
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