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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Tires and Wheels



  • for safety reasons stay with OEM.
  • 91199119119911 Posts: 54
    Please post Service Bulletin you referred to in item 31...about programming the computer or replacing the torque converter.

    I have a 2008 CTS with 1200 miles and I experience a vibration from 40 through 65 MPH, it is worse when on an incline (slight or steep) it is worse at 40-42 MPH. Vehicle also vibrates in reverse when backing out of my garage (slight downward slope) with basically no accelerator applied.

    Anyone having this problem please reply.

  • I am leasing a 2005 CTS. I have replaced the tires 5 times since 2005 and I have replaced two rims and had one rim straightened out. I am just finding out that I'm having problems because I have the 17 inch tires which come with the sports package. I'm told that this package is for highway driving and not city driving. Well, why didn't the dealer say something before I drove it off of the lot. Right now, I'm fed up. I contacted GM, they pulled my records and thought that giving me a $60.00 credit was enough compensation for this problem. Then, I get on this web site and find out that everyone is having tire problem. I feel as though I riding on plastic rims with balloons for tires. How can anyone design such a high end car and put such poor quality tires on this vehicle. I have owned GM cars for 12 years and I've never had problems like this with the tires. Oh, and don't purchase a Saab because the tires are equally poor. I'm truly upset because I was looking forward to the 2008 CTS. I feel that the car performs well. I love driving it but I'm always concerned about the next blow out. This is totally unexceptable. I will not be leasing or purchasing another GM car.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    your dealer is blowing smoke if you beleive a perfromance package...all summer tires is for highway need to get a good road force balance done on all wheels using a good hunter machine and a mechanic who knows how to properly balance a wheel...

    Im betting that will solve your problem....not all tire shops or dealers have this machine...
  • 91199119119911 Posts: 54

    Please post the bulletin # you wrote of in item # 31. I'm having vibration and rumbling noises at speeds between 40-65 MPH. Dealer want's me to let the tires run in for 7-8,000 miles. The vibration is worse at 42-43 MPH and in a slight pull or trying to maintain that speed straight and level.

  • GovertGovert Posts: 1
    The Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) = 08-07-30-044 (reflashed TCM with software modification per bulletin).

    I had the same issue as you are describing. Totally resolved after applying this TSB by my dealer. There is a warning with the TSB that the mpg may go down. Haven't noticed anything significant sofar.

    It made all the difference to me. Highly recommend the solution. My CTS is once again just one great car. Wouldn't trade it for anything else.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    edited November 2010
    You are exactly describing a problem I had with my 2009 CTS at16,000 miles. Dealer replaced front wheel bearing. Problem solved.
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