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Chevrolet Malibu Electrical/Lighting



  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    It sounds like your brake apply position sensor calibration might need to be reset. Unfortunately this is something only the dealer can do with service tool.
  • Recently my malibu 98 2.4 gave a faulty engine,I change a lot of parts,and continue the same ,today we notice that when we unscrew the coil cap cover the problem desapear and the car beguins working as new,Is there any electrical part,ground or any thing related to the coil fuctioning,or the ignition module that when the cap touch ground give that engine fault?I am mad with this ,please anybody who has had this problem,plese give a little help,THANK YOU.
  • sgz1sgz1 Posts: 5
    Recently my daughters 2004 Malibu Classic has been having the following problem. When the ignition is turned on, there is a delay from the engine start until the dash instruments start working along with the radio. Has anyone else experienced this problem? This has started at about the same time the Service Vehicle Soon light started coming on at times.
  • caddevcaddev Posts: 1
    I was hoping someone could help me figure out my 2000 Malibu!!! It is having a complete melt down, well ok, I am over this car. Each time I start the car it is something different and in different combinations. It all includes: no daytime running lamps, the heat will not work, the gas gauge and oil pressure gauges will not work, the engine light comes on time to time or the service engine light soon comes on time to time. Sometimes they all happen at the same time then the next time maybe just the gauges and the engine light. I was hoping someone had an idea of where to start with this car, besides the junk yard. I constantly have problems with the brake light and back turning signals burning out. Please help!!
  • I'm new here, so please bare with me.
    I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu.
    The turn signal keeps tapping,
    even when the signal is off.
    The light doesn't light, only the noise.
    Any Help.
    Thanks John
  • I had the same exact problem with my 03 so I ripped the dash apart and accidentally broke the switch. Went to the dealer, bought a new one, put it in and now nothing works at all...I'm assuming I blew a fuse or something but maybe someone can shed some light?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not sure about the older models....but the 04 and beyond are all controlled by the ECM I may require a reflash to the control module.....
  • heidi14heidi14 Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my 2003 Chevy Malibu. The dash lights flashed the oil symbol as if I needed some kind of servicing. A nationally known garage chain gave me a quote of over $1600 for a fix to this problem, stating that there were oil leaks. The curious part to the"fix" was that the manager who gave me the quotes, could not tell me how much oil had to be added to top off my oil, or how fast the oil might be leaking, how much, etc. Basically he showed me a long detailed list of things and a labor rate of $104 an hour and told me this was the work necessary.
    Fortunately I talked to some friends at church, and was able to talk to someone at my church who is an independent mechanic. I would put his name and contact info here, but I think that might be considered advertising. He was very aware of this kind of pressure tactic at garages to get the "highest quote of the day," something he hated hearing when he worked for a larger garage.
    He told me that the problem on my dash could be electrical and that the item flashing pertained to oil pressure, not an oil leak. He could not find anything wrong with my car to suggest an oil leak, but did something inexpensive which seems to have solved the problem. He put in a new "oil pressure sender" as he described it. On the empty box the item came in, I can read the name, "Engine Controls/ignition,electrical,emissions,fuel." The part costs about $12 and is less than one hour of labor to install. My car has not had any more problems and sits outside at airport parking outside for days on end in Minnesota, so it is doing just fine, as far as I am concerned. I had the service done about a month and a half ago. I think going to a well educated independent mechanic with morals is the best way to handle this problem. Prayer can help too!
  • sgz1 did you find out what your problem was? Mine just started doing the exact same thing!
  • sgz1sgz1 Posts: 5
    Ufortumately no. Problem has gotten worse where the car will not restart after short trips. Of course, it's intermittant. I spoke to a place a friend recommended. Said the gauge problem may be a bad ignition switch. Would cost about $85 to $150 for various testing, but no guarantee if they can not duplicate the problem
  • sgz1sgz1 Posts: 5
    I had the car tested and car exhibited the problem once during testing. They told me that codes pointed to a faulty ignition switch. They also told me this is a common problem with this vintage Malibu. I had them replace it and they told me it had burn marks on it. The dashboard problems disappeared and the starting problem is gone. Very pleased with where I went.

    With testing, parts and install, cost came to $350
  • skitch2skitch2 Posts: 1
    I went to go get in my 2002 Malibu to go to work and my battery was dead. I noticed my parking lights were on, but not real bright. So I jumpstarted my car and took off. Then I was driving to work and my head lights just went out. Nothing else went out, so I had to take them off of auto and turn them on manuel and they came back on. If I put them back to the auto setting they would go off again. Then when I got to work I locked my car with the remote and my parking lights stayed on. They would not go off. After locking the car the head lights went off as normal, but the parking lights did not. I had to pull the fuse to the parking lights so my battery would not go dead like it did sometime in the night.

    Has anyone had this problem. HELP!!!
  • aznomadaznomad Posts: 1
    Help!! I am traveling and need to replace my left turn signal lamp. I can't get the bulb out, can anyone tell me how to remove the light cover? It's a 2005 malibu.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    If it the old body style 05, open the trunk, I think there are two or three large black plastic nuts in the trunk area that will allow the whole rear reflector assemble to be pulled out to the back and then the bulb holder should have a sort of lever that runs around the outside, squeeze that lever and turn, the holder should slip out, I think the bulb may just push into the holder.

    If it is a new body style 05, I don't know if it is the same or not.

    Autozone or Pep boys, etc. would probably install it free if you buy it there.
  • I have an 03 malibu, many months ago, i noticed that the crusie would quit owrking as well as the power windows, but would come back on eventually, then later, the radio, wipers, door locks, and auto headlights would stop working, then come back on later. also the fuel and temp gauge would quit to along with the radio,. But certains things of that group i listed would go out, then come back on, very weird. sumtimes they all would. and the last few days, sometimes it cranks but wont fire till about the 3rd time, and it idles great. but many once a day, will shut off. also sometimes the check engine light, or service engine soon light would come or, or both at the same time. I have no idea what is causing this. and does anyone ever get better than 22 MPG with these malibu's?the car has 60K on it now. I have read some forums on here and makes me think maybe it might be the ignition switch? and i probally need a fuel filter for the engine dying too i am assuming.
  • Well, I just figured it out, took the ignition switch out, and noticed that one of the contacts was dirty, cleaned it up nice and now everything is working Great!!
  • pskatspskats Posts: 2
    Is the ignition switch fix still working right? I will try it this weekend. Last weekend did the quick fix for the A\C issue and my A\C is working like new. Just an FYI for those with the A\C controller problem.
  • pskatspskats Posts: 2
    I had the same issue with my 2000 Malibu and got some hints on the fix. It had to do with the ignition switch. Instead of going to the dealer, I took advice from this and other sites. I cleaned the terminals on the ignition switch with sand paper and then with alcohol on Q-tips. I also noticed that the thin black wire on the harness had play in it when it was on the switch, so when I put the harness back on the switch I gently forced that connection to remove some of the slack. So far it has been working.

    Also I fixed my A\C controller as described in other blogs by cleaning the contacts and using the #2 lead pencil, and that is working great. (I live in So FL, where we are now in the 90's)

    Another issue I had was gas gauge not working correctly. I let the car run out of gas completely. This was something I remembered from the early 70's when I worked at a dealer while going to school. Since then (over two years) I have not had a problem.

    I had a stalling problem, and noticed that the top of the fuel pressure regulator appeared discolored. I replaced that and the car has not stalled since.

    I hope this helps with your issues. All these can be done with a little mechanical skill, but you will have to take your time and get the right tools, like the trim removal tool. Do the A\C and the ignition switch at the same time, so you only have the dash apart once.

    The car has 108K + and now that I fixed those issues, it is a great ride. If you have the brake issue too, replace rotors and pads with aftermarket, and the problem sould go away. Use a good quality brand.
  • sgz1sgz1 Posts: 5
    I haven't been in for a while. My 04 Malibu has been running great since the ignition switch was replaced. Mine had burn marks so a new one was put in
  • sybsyb Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 Malibu Lt v6 with just over 118,000 miles...
    My left turn signal just started showing a fast flash indicating a burned out bulb, which I replaced...The bulb lights up but does not blink when I try the left hand turn signal...Tried reversing the right hand bulb with the left hand side...the right hand side continues to work while the left although is lit doe's not blink...
    Hopefully some-one can be of some assistance with what might be the issue and solution...thanks in advance...

    :confuse: :(
  • Ok, yesterday i took off my battery cable to install an amp wire to the positive and after that i started the car and now on the gauge cluster the abs, E-brake and traction control lights will not go off and on my radio it says service traction soon. what does this mean it all happened after i disconnected my battery for an hour. help asap thx !! it is a 2007 Chevy Malibu LT V6 3.5L
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Did you remove the negative wire first, was the key on when you removed the wire.
  • jblaquejblaque Posts: 1
    I have an 03 Malibu that I have had for three years. And within those three years I have had to replace the alternator and the fuel pump. Now here it is the third year that I have had the car another issue. This time the car will start but it shuts off as soon as it is started. The power locks does not work, the inside lights does not work nor does the trunk button works. If I put the car in the on position the gages and lights on the dash takes a while to come on and the radio does not come on. But the weird part is when I try to start the car the radio comes on, when the car shuts back off the radio does not stay on. I have gas in the car but it says that my gas tank is on E. I love my car but it is very obvious that my car hats me. Can someone please tell me what the issue maybe?
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    My daughter's old 98 Malibu LS isn't getting much use lately, and when I went to start it yesterday, it acted up but, did start. I went today and cleaned the battery terminals, removing the negative first with the key in my pocket. The positive wasn't that dirty, but there was corrosion down inside the rubber boot. I cleaned both terminals and the battery connections, the bolts and neutralized the corrosion, oiled the connections and hooked the terminals back up pos first and the the negative. When I went to start it, the gauges jumped all over the place. Finally after a few tries, it did start and I let it idle to charge the battery. While it was idling, I noticed the gas gauge needle is now on the bottom side of the limiting peg. I shut the car off and restarted and the peg only fell straight down, but was stopped when it tried to go up by the peg. Anyone know what caused this and is it fixable or is something broke. Thanks in advance.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Tried to start the 98 Malibu again yesterday, wouldn't turn over, replaced the battery and all is good. I was able to take a fine wire and going through the same hole the trip odometer reset pin uses, hook the gas gauge needle and get it on the proper side of the limiting peg and it appears to be working okay now.
  • Does anyone else have this problem? My car was parked outside overnight in a very heavy rainstorm and ever since, there has been water inside the right headlight housing (all three lights -- high, low and parking lamps).

    The heat of the bulbs burns some of it off, but after I shut everything off it all clouds up again. Think this will cause any problem with (more) corrosion of the electrical contacts and connectors?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    ultimately it will cause an electrical issue. In the short term, it will burn out your bulbs faster and cause reduced lighting at night. Given the amount of water that "ponds" up around the plastic inner lip on these lights when you wash the car, I'm suprised that this has not been a bigger issue for this model. It appears as if your rubber seal has been compromised. "IF" you can find the exact spot where this has occurred, you could put some silicon caulk there to try to mend it. Normally it is a tough fix, and requires a headlight replacement. He, he...I better get rid of mine before that happens to me...........only a week or so away until my new Vibe comes and the Maxx nightmare ends.
  • Hmmm....thanks, that's what I was afraid of. I wonder what these projector-beam beauties cost to replace? $$$$$$$$$$$$ ? :(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Looks like retail is $210 each + .6 of an hour labor each side. I'm sure you could do better on the Internet.

    These lens covers are pretty sensitive to heat, impact, etc., so it wouldn't take too much to distort, crack, bend them etc.

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  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    aftermarket parts wholesalers have them for $70 each....also so an ebay deal for a pair for $120....what happened with mind is the yellow globes melted through on the top of each globe due to heat of the bulbs from the DRLs..still have the originals headlamp assemblies on....even with the globes melted through.....132K on my Maxx now
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