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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    if your interested in a 08 c350, there was one at Foreign motors west in Natick,MA ,They offered it to me at $10k off sticker, i think sticker was $44k. it was loaded ,had all...that was 6 weeks ago. It was dark blue exterior with black interior. if it was white or silver i would of bought it. if you call ask for WILL, tell him Gary sent you, he will take care of you very well. great guy. Or ask for Lenny the sales manager. Good luck
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    i hear you on that , no one lists where they got there deals. thus the reason i posted one where i was offered a deal and gave dealer name and contacts.
    people if u truely have a deal and have made a purchase why not list where u got this great deal , otherwise its all BS. :confuse:
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    Also my friend just bought a 2009 c300 4matic sport from Foreign motors west in Natick, MA at $500 month lease, 12k yr, $4k down...if you want similar deal contact Will or Lenny . tell them Gary sent you.
    i dont know any other info on the lease terms above. just know his Dp and payments. i think residual was 57%.
  • denebjdenebj Posts: 16
    Thanks !! so it seems possible !! I am in Dallas so it is quite far :) I will contact the dealer and see what kind of price he can give me.
    A question though, I prefer to contact the dealer by email, how do you get an offer ?, I mean, do you just ask for a quote and wish that he will say to you, "it is 5k off msrp" ? Is there a classic email ?

    Thanks, it is my first car so I am a newbie :)
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I find the best way to obtain an offer from a dealer is to go to MBUSA web site and build your vehicle. The web site will take to any dealer in the USA by state and city. Select your distance that you are willing to travel to buy your vehicle. You can compare prices from other web sites. Most dealer reply within a day or so. The E-mail goes to the Internet Department of the dealer you selected. You can just ask for a quote on the vehicle with the options you requested. You can ask for E-mail reply only but some will call anyway. After you receive a few quotes you will get an idea of the prices available. You may want to check with your Auto Club and Costco to use as a base in pricing. Most dealers handles the request very well.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Nice numbers. I've been shopping and got slightly higher numbers for p01, no ipod, no metallic paint. How did you get them to go down to 34K? Also this is for the 2009 model right? Do you tell them to throw in the paint etc once you've passed the impasse? I am not sure how to get the number I want at this stage...
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    How did you get the dealer to pay the 1st payment? Do you still have to pay the TTL or the dealer agreed to the 1st payment and taxes title tags for you?
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    a dealer will never agree to pay TTL, unlesss of course they robbed you on the price of the car and your paying MSRP, then im sure they will... 1st month you can sometimes get out of them...sometimes.
  • Yes it is a 2009 model, but didn't have the recent price increase on the tag ($39,500). Remember Mercedes increased the price by $800 in October. So the same car also sells for $40,300.

    I negotiated with EuroMotors in Gaithersburg first (Fred Gordon), he came down to 34,800. Then I called up the internet sales lady (Rebecca Raines) at HBL in Tysons, and challenged her to beat the price. Also told her that she needs to account for Maryland's low processing fees of $99 vs Virginia's $300. So she had her sales manager call me up. He offered the deal without wasting any time at all. $34,400 inclusive of processing fee + tax + title + aquisition fee. I stopped by the dealership on my way back from work, picked up the car in 45 minutes.

    I think it helps if you can look up their online inventory, pick a car and then call them up with your offer for that particular car. That is how I negotiated, for the whole car I want which in their parking lot.

    I tried to negotiate for a better MF with both EuroMotors and HBL, but they didn't budge. 0.0025 is what Mercedes offered for this lease and there was nothing they wanted to do about it.

    Good luck!
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    There's a lot of misinformation about money factors floating around these posts. Before you accept what you read as gospel, keep in mind that nowhere on a lease contract is the money factor printed. Mercedes money factors have not changed during December.
  • Speaking of which, I keep getting some mismatching info from dealers on the MF for December. For the 27 mo. lease on the C300 Sport, one dealer quoted me .00064, but others are telling me that .00166 is the base and there is no way that .00064 is possible. Can someone shed some light on this. A few people in this forum have said they got .00064 in December as well, so if you could verify for me, that would be great.

    Here's the offer I think I have (pending verification of MF):

    MF: .00064
    Residual: 67% (for 27mo/12k mi)
    MSRP: 37300
    Quoted Price: About 5k below MSRP

    So two big questions are: 1) is it possible to get 6k below MSRP on the C300 Sport/Lux (not the 4matic or C350 here) and 2) is the .00064 MF for real or is that dealer blowing some smoke??
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    How much was your "acquisition fee?"
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    I reran my own numbers - Im not looking for the 4matic. So needless to say the deal you got is amazing lol. 40K+ car for 34K? Not bad at all.
    Im using your ratios (current invoice of a car with the specs you have to price you got) and it seems like 34K now for a non-4matic with no ipod integration, metallic paint or wood trim is not such a great deal after all. I'd say something fair is 31.33 for your specs less the 4wd. I dont have a single dealer talking about going under 34K. Suggestions?

    What is MF anyways and how does that affect a buyer? I mean if you're leasing and have no intent to purchase...?
  • I read these two pages to understand the variables (including MF) in a lease.

    Though the price of $34,400 is good for a 4matic+P1+iPod+Metallic Paint, I could have spent some time negotiating the MF. You can probably do better in that area. Your bottom line is the total cost (down + sum of all monthly payments). Mine came out to be $15,500 for 27 month, 15k/year. Even if your sale price is higher (say 34k), your total payments could be lower with a lesser MF. I would say watch for your bottom line.

    I provided EuroMotors and HBL contacts in my previous post. Try calling them with stock numbers of the car (from their websites) you are interested in.

    I was advised by many to wait till the last 2-3 days of the year, which is the end of month,quarter and year. So today and tomorrow are supposed to be the best days to snag a great deal!
  • I'm looking for basically the same car as you in NoVa. I've been to ASC, HBL and will be going to Euro today. MF is nothing more than a confusing way for dealers to do the APR for their lease or financing. All you need to do to understand the MF is multiply the MF by 2400 and you can see the transparent APR.

    For the C300W, the current MF is .00166 for 27 mo lease and .002 on the 36 mo lease. Obviously, the lower the MF, the lower your total cost.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Thanks! Helps a lot.

    So what's wierd is noone is being transparent about invoice for the 300spt 2wd with p1 and paint - when all the info is available here. I calculate it at 34625 and dealer says 34989 for the same thing less paint. For the same thing but with p2 not p1, I have invoice at 35880 - am I on cr@ck? :)

    I have the below, what do you think? I'm not satisfied with these at the moment...any thoughts would be appreciated...

    C300 sport (not 4matic) with p1 = 34989, 10K miles, mf .002 residual 57% total oup 1764.20


    C300 sport (not 4matic) with p2 = 36689 same as above for the rest except 1796.90 oup.
  • Your final car sale price is certainly higher than mine, don't know what to say about negotiating it further down.

    Looking at your residual 57%, are you leasing for 39 months? It has to be more than 65% for a 27 month lease. I was offered 67% for 12k/year lease and 65% for 15k. But than your MF is lower.
  • First, this forum has been very helpful in finding the cost baseline for what's out there right now. I finally pulled the trigger yesterday after spending two weeks shopping. Hopefully this will be a helpful recap of my experience and deal:

    Location: Northern Virgina/Metro DC

    Dealers Contacted: HBL, American Service Center, Euromotors, Herb Gordon, and Mercedes of Alexandria

    Purchased From: Mercedes of Alexandria (Dwayne Butler [salesman], Lowell Duckett [sales manager])

    Comments on Dealerships: I had generally positive experiences with every dealership except American Service Center. This was very surprising since I purchased my last vehicle from ASC, and serviced my car at ASC for the entire 7.5 years that I have owned it. I found ASC sales people to be really into the game playing and the cajoling you with the "I need to make a profit" and the "there's no way that other dealer could be offering you that deal, it's simply not possible" and the "your car isn't worth nearly that, we're giving you way more than book value". I wound up dealing with the Sales Manager at ASC, and even in dealing with her, it was worse than going to the dentist. I had THREE offers from other dealers for the same basic specs at about $5k below MSRP and she told me repeatedly that there's no way I could be getting that type of deal. Very disappointing, especially since I've been an ASC customer for so long.

    On the plus side, Mercedes of Alexandria was simply AWESOME. It was the best car buying experience of my life, and I highly recommend you deal with Sharon Stepp (internet manager), Dwayne Butler (saleman) and Lowell Duckett (sales manager). I went to the dealership after a quick convo with Sharon, and literally walked out with my new car in two hours. No games, no BS back and forth. I knew what I wanted and they respected my knowledge and research. And Dwayne was one of the nicest people I've ever met in the car business. Lowell Duckett is likely who will be the final say on the deal, and Lowell was one of the funniest and nicest sales mangers you will ever find. I would HIGHLY recommend you deal with them if you want a really great purchase experience.

    Ok, on to the deal now.

    My purchase: 2009 C300 Sport, Black, P1 package, Wood Trim, iPod integration
    MSRP: $38,070
    Sale Price: $33,100
    Lease Terms: 27 mo/12k miles
    MF: .00166 (3.984% APR)
    Residual: 67% (can be greater with 10k or 7.5k mile options)
    Payment: $471.55 (w/ zero down)

    So right at $5k below MSRP. I was pretty happy with that deal. I could have probably gotten another $500 off, if I really wanted to work for it for another day or two. But honestly, the fact that I was able to do the deal in two hours with zero hassles made it worth maybe not getting the rock-bottom deal. And at the end of the day, I'm sure the relationship with the sales manager and the salesperson will come in handy whenever I take it in for service. Also, small bonus is that MB of Alexandria offers free car wash anytime you want. ASC didn't offer that to me when I bought my last car (despite same ownership group).

    Let me know if anyone has any questions.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Do you guys actually drive to a different state to get the car? How would that affect maintenance - would you have to drive to that dealer for checkups?

    I'm getting really frustrating with the peeps Im working with. For a car worth less that the recent ones posted here, an absolute basic with no frills, I am getting quoted at higher. Grrrr
  • Well, for me, I live in Rosslyn, VA, so while ASC is only about 3 miles away, Alexandria isn't that much further. Maybe 5 miles or so. Both are in Virginia, so it's not a different state. BUT, I would have had no problem buying from Euromotorcars in Bethesda, since it's really not that far either. It's about 7-8 miles maybe. And considering that you need to go to the dealership maybe 3 times a year, it may be worth it if that's where you get the best deal. And while you can get your car serviced anywhere (including a private auto shop), you will typically get good service from the dealership you purchased from (i.e. MB loaners), so the location is of some importance.

    If you are buying in Northern Virginia, I highly recommend Mercedes of Alexandria. They were the most professional and straight forward dealership I came across. Go there and ask for Dwayne Butler and tell him that the guy he sold the Black C300 to sent you. He'll take care of you. You may not get precisely the same deal, but I think for the C300s, you can expect about $4700-$5200 below MSRP. So if the car you want is like $40k, you can expect to be able to get it for about $35k.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    There is no problem have a vehicle serviced purchased at another dealer. I shopped on the MBUSA site by building my vehicle and E-mailing my requests through their link to dealers all over the country.

    If the vehicle is pick up in another the selling dealer usually give temporary plates to transport the vehicle to the home state. California required a Smog test on a new vehicle purchased out of state. If a vehicle is ship to local dealer from another there will be a delivery and preparation fee that can run $300 to $400.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Hmm..I'm about a 2 hr drive from Baltimore - not in MD at all lol. That's why I want to know if it's advantageous to go out of state for a compelling deal. I am not sure why the dealers within a 25 mile radius of me seem to all be quoting above invoice as though the cars are flying off the lot.

    I would buy from another state, and drive the car back, or pick it up at a local dealer I guess, right?

    By the way, is it also possible to get a regular lease term? instead of 27 and 39, say 24 or 36? Or are they predefined and not negotiable?
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    I would refer you to Federal Truth in Leasing Act. There is no such thing as an APR on leases, and MF is not a dealer sham to confuse the two. APR applies to Federal Truth in Lending. Dealers have no say in confusing the issue and are in fact enjoined from quoting MF as an APR. From some of these posts, you should be more concerned about what you are charged for the acuqisition fee.
  • gyaruogyaruo Posts: 1
    I'm about to buy my first car and am looking for a good deal... swinging by the Mercedes dealership I saw a 2006 c230 sport, with several options such as sunroof, entertainment package, all leather, etc.. I want some advice on what kind of deal this is:

    Car: 2006 c230, certified pre-owned
    Miles: 31,500
    Warranty: until 7-2010 or up to 100,000 miles
    Great condition
    Sticker price: $24,900
    Sale Price: $18,000
    Negotiated down to $15,500

    I just worry about being hit with really expensive repair costs after the warranty is up. What do you guys think I should do?

  • It is hard to judge without knowing the condition of the car, but assuming that it is excellent, this sounds like a good deal!
  • abe300abe300 Posts: 1
    I strongly recommend that you test drive a C300 before you buy it.
    The suspension system may not meet your expectations.
    I've been buying new MB's since 1987. This is the first time that my internal organs shake when I go over a pothole or a crack in the pavement. The dampening factor is non existent.
    The problem is exarcebated by the inadequate driver's seat (it lacks padding). I also own a 2007 C230 and it's suspension is superb by comparison.
    If you own a C300 already I'll like to know if you concurr and if you have any suggestions to improve the unacceptable ride.
    I purchased it at Fletcher Jones Newport Beach, the service dpt drove it and play with the tire pressure but there was no improvement.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Ride quality on the C300 Luxury is fine - well within the usual MB and German parameters, Ride with the Sport package is certainly too firm for my tastes.

    I've owned 15 Mercedes since 1968; I'd say our '08 C300 Lux is probably the best of these, period....
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    I am surprised to read your comment. I have the c300 sport and I absolutly love the feel and drive of the car. Now I was looking for a sports car so that may be the difference. I thought the suspension was softer than the BMW 3 series. I think this is just a matter of personal taste.
  • Good morning,
    I am in the market for a Mercedes C300 2009. The car included pakage 1, navigaion, automatic transmission, wood trimming One dealer lower their MSRP from $38,890 to 35,000. Would this be considered a good deal, considering todays times? any input on this will be greatly appreciated.

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