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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • liche90liche90 Posts: 28
    is this a 4matic or sport or luxury?
  • It's C300 sport with automatic transmission. good deal or can it be better?
  • Its the sport mercedes C300 with automatic transmission. Good deal or can it be lowered? Thanks.
  • liche90liche90 Posts: 28
    I think you can get it down a little bit more. that price is just around invoice and I think you can get it to below invoice.
  • Thank you, your comment makes me feel more confident to go back and request a lower quote.
  • I think it is a good buy. I believe that the dealer will extend your warranty for another year.

    your total price will be around the 17000.

    I bought one last year for 18800 out of the door.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Does anyone have a P2 or got one recently? Any #s would be greatly appreciated.

    Whats the ride/handling diff between a 4matic vs 2wd? I dont really want a 4matic but I got salesguys forcing it on me...your thoughts?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    There is virtually no difference in ride and handling between the rear drive and AWD versions of the same car. You're carrying extra weight and paying for extra maintenance and complexity on the AWD version, in addition to the upfront cost [only a small portion of which comes back at resale].

    In parts of the country where snow is a real, daily, unpleasant reality for several months out of the year, the 4-matic option makes sense. Everywhere else, decent winter tires accomplish the same thing at a considerable saving.

    I don't know where you live, so can't comment further, except to say here in the Portland OR area, lots of people THINK they need AWD, but they really don't, and the local dealer is happy to sell you whatever you want. We get challenging weather maybe 3-4 weeks out of any given year, and my experience is that most of the people using AWD around here don't actually know how to drive in snowy conditions, especially when it comes to stopping, and thus get themselves into more trouble than those of us carefully making do without.

    Anyway, the car behaves pretty much the same with or without 4-matic, until you get into really challenging conditions.
  • I owned RWD in Virginia where we don't get much of snow and it was frightening at times when roads were really wet. A close friend of mine drives C240 RWD and he really really wants to buy an AWD next time. He claims that the computer kicks in so often on wet roads (not even icy) and it is annoying. Sometimes it can't handle due to the fact that the car is trying to push itself from the back. Forget about climbing slopes when there is sleet. An AWD or even FWD can climb that slope with exactly the same tires.

    Sure driving on icy roads is a skill. But given a person, following is the order of safety (from highest to lowest) as I read probably on this forum before:

    1. AWD with good winter tires
    2. RWD with good winter tires
    3. AWD with OEM tires
    4. RWD with OEM tires

    I am sure some other members of this forum may disagree with the above list, but my personal experience with RWD isn't good. My current purchase preference is

    1. FWD (if available, so that I don't have to pay for AWD and the excess baggage)
    2. AWD

    I don't want to buy a RWD ever again.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Snow wouldnt be a daily occurence (east/PA) for me, but rain/slick wet roads might. I learned how to drive a stick shift at 13 yrs old...but I won't say I'm as good now as I was back then (lol funnily enough learned how to drive on a benz and recall loving how it felt).

    They're telling me the car I want doesn't exist (I think I'm the 1% of the population of 100 that does not want wood trim inside my ride). There are some available with that and P02 if I open up to the 4matic...What they're telling me is there is no difference in the ride/ long as the 300 doesn't feel like the 350 (I test drove both and I felt the albeit subtle difference, and I prefer how the 300 responds to me vs the 350) I suppose there is no major difference based on your responses - thanks jrct and smrtdude. LoL...sad but I'm still lookin for my ride eh?
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    This is for a 4matic with p2:

    27 month lease / 12,000 miles
    Monthly payment = $737.62
    Total out of pocket - $1,990.67
    Residual = $25,106.90
    Money factor .00233

    Isn't the payment high? I've asked dealers to bring it down but they say they cannot. I thought they have room to play with the residuals etc...any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • gotgt3,

    There's no play in the residuals. The MF seems a bit high, but car_man can tell you what the current buy-rate MF is. Then make sure you get there (anything above is pure profit for the dealer). The real point of negotiation is the Cap Cost of the car -- otherwise known as the purchase price if you were purchasing. Negotiate that lower, and your payment will be lower.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Hi Soccerandlost,
    Thanks! How do I get the buy rate from car-man? Is there a separate forum?
    I have negotiated the price of the car, and that number is based on the lowest the seller agreed to. Dealer said the payment cannot be lowered, its based on the MSRP. I asked him if he had room if he played with residuals he said no since those come from the MSRP which won't change. He hasn't given me any reduction in monthly payments...we did come to his lowest on the purchase price/cap cost (or so I thought)....
  • gotgt3,

    Car_man is the moderator of this forum. Just give him a description of the car and the lease terms you are looking for (term and number of miles per year) he will provide you with the current lease terms (residual and buy-rate money factor).

    In terms of negotiating, edmunds is showing an MSRP for a C300 Sport 4-Matic with P2 of $38,465 (incl. destination), invoice at $35,834, and TMV $32,915. While the TMV number is not hard and fast, what it does tell you is that cars are regularly selling for $3,000 below INVOICE -- or nearly $6,000 off MSRP. This is aided to some degree by the fact that MB is offering dealers $2,000 in "dealer cash" -- which is basically a subsidy to sell the car and something you should take into account when negotiating the cap cost/purchase price of the car.

    I don't know what your dealer is telling you, but the fact is that this is a buyers market and you shouldn't be afraid to negotiate (or walk out and try another dealer). I don't know if this vehicle has any other features (it would be rare to find one with *just* P2), but if the numbers above are accurate then I'd offer a cap cost of $32k and work up from there, with the hope of landing no higher than $34k.

    In terms of benchmarks, I leased a C300 Sport loaded (P2, Multimedia, AMG wheels, wood trim, iPod connectors, metallic paint, window tinting) for 39 mos at 10k miles/yr for about $2500 out of pocket with monthly payments of $580 (including tax). My residual is almost identical to yours ($25,15x.xx)
  • Are you looking at a 2009 C300 4Matic with P2? I see on Edmunds an MSRP of $40575, with an invoice of $37796, and a TMV of $39987. Possibly you are looking at a 2008?
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    It's supposed to be 2009 - that's what the dealer said..
  • I wanted to share a recent experience in trying to buy a used Mercedes C-class, and am also interested what other reader experiences have been. In December 2008, I started actively looking for a 2005 MB C240 4Matic. I got financing through my bank and started to visit used car dealerships in the Boston area. Being the end of the year (was after Xmas), I assumed dealers may be in a negotiating mood. I was surprised at the lack of willingness to negotiate from the dealers. I seemed to have miscalculated many assumptions, which are listed below.

    1. End of the year shopping - dealers didn't seem motivated to sell their cars before the end of the year. Even on cars that have been in their inventory since June 2008.

    2. The economy - I assumed there would be fewer buyers looking to purchase a car in this economy, therefore, dealers would be more willing to negotiate with customers. In fact, they gave very little room in negotiations. I couldn't get many dealerships to even get back to me when I called/e-mailed for more information on a car.

    On average, I have been offering 10% less than their asking price. Is this unreasonable? What is an average markup/profit on a used Mercedes? What is a reasonable starting point for negotiations? 90%? 85%? 95%?

    I found an interesting trend on eBay. I searched for 2005 C240's and many are listed. The asking prices are similar to what I am finding at dealerships. When I searched for only auctions that ended, I found that approx. 3 out of 100 cars were actually selling. The cars that have sold were much closer to the prices I have been trying to negotiate, other listings seemed very high.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has a similar experience, or a different one. Is the economy not as bad as I am reading about in the news? What sort of deals are actually being had out there? Thanks!
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    RE: 2. The economy - I assumed there would be fewer buyers looking to purchase a car in this economy, therefore, dealers would be more willing to negotiate with customers. In fact, they gave very little room in negotiations. I couldn't get many dealerships to even get back to me when I called/e-mailed for more information on a car.

    I've had the same. I wasnt getting any responses - 2 weeks after a RFQ no numbers and the audacity for 1 dealership to say noone is available everytime I called. Asked them point blank if they wanted to sell a car or not? Still no numbers. It's ridiculous. Im even considering other brands now, even though I don't want to, because of the rudeness and lack of service provided by most of the benz dealers in my vicinity. 1 in particular refuses to talk anything but MSRP. What planet are they from?
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    Hi, Guys:
    I just bought a used 2006 C280 sedan from dealer. I have questions and hope to ask from you guys:
    1): My C280 has cell-phone prewired package. Dealer will charge about $1,700
    to make it work. Does anyone hear about third-party solution? such as extra part, procedure.
    2): There has exterior lamp switch. When it turns left one stop or two stop, according to the user manual, it supposes to turn on left or right standing lamp.
    But I do not observe the light. Does anyone know how it work?
    3): How to open the cover of air filter? Does it is very difficult or need special tool?
    I find that that there have two parts above the engine. The front part is easy to remove and just pull/lift it, which let you to access the oil filter. But the back part on air filter/duct looks difficult. In the User Manual, it DOES Not provide such info.

  • gotgt3- A possible explanation might be that used luxury car sales may actually be increasing in this economy. A person who is used to leasing (or buying) brand new vehicles every couple years might decide it's more economical to buy a used luxury car and hold on to it for a while. Perhaps new car sales are down, but used car sales are up? If this theory is true, it could explain a dealerships lack of service, and an invalid negotiating point. I don't have any data to back up this theory, just a thought.

    Another note on pricing is that many dealers are claiming to be "upside down" on their cars, therefore not able to sell below their asking price (which I feel is still high). They bought the cars many months ago before the economy got really bad and wanting to at least break even, which I can understand. It's interesting because I view cars as a perishable, losing value every month, especially on cars that still have an existing warranty. At a certain point, a dealer may have to face the reality of the market and take a loss on a car. That is my hope at least... I'm a patient buyer so I will see what happens in the coming months.
  • Mercedes C300 sport 4matic 2009
    P1 package
    Wood trim
    MSRP 42890 quoted 39500 (500$ below invoice)
    MF 0.002
    Lease for 39 months/12000 K
    Payment: 471$/month, Upfront = 3350 downpayment + 795 Acquisition + First month payment + Tax. Residual value = 55 % at 39 months
  • jgurajgura Posts: 16
    I think I did some serious damage on this one and I wanted to post here after lurking enough around the forum.

    2009 C300 Luxury 4MATIC with P1
    MSRP - 39850
    39 Mo Lease
    12,000 Mi/yr
    $2480 Down at Closing
    $439/mo INCL NJ Taxes

    !!!!!!!! I think this was way below invoice.Go get em this month guys as I think Feb may change the residuals lower.....
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    I am looking to pull the trigger in a new 2009 C350 with P02, MultiM, Leather, AMG wheels. I see lots of confusing prices with people talking about leases but I am buying. I think I should be able to get a pretty good deal on this since I have heard many people opt for the C300.
    Can anybody confirm they paid below invoice and about how far below? I am not looking to hammer this dealer I just want to get a good deal. I got about 10% off my current 1999 C280 when I bought it. Can I get about the same now on the 2009???
  • liche90liche90 Posts: 28
    yea you can probably get 10% off.
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    Thanks. What are you basing this on? Anybody else buy a C350 and get in this range? Is this really pushing ? I just think MB has to be giving incentives to sell below the so-called 7% invoice price with the market down.
  • I took delivery of my C350 last month. Similar configuration, also with the Pan. roof and ipod connection and was able to get a 10% discount
    here in GA. Hope this info. helps. BTW, I leased for 39 mos.
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    SO another person who leased. DOes nobody buy anymore? So would you expect the same deal on car price whether buying or leasing? I don;t want to push the buy price if there is a reason the lease price is less. Thanks .
  • To me, it made more sense to lease for the following reasons. If I purchased the car, total cost including 7% GA tax would be $44,390.
    After 39 months, the car's value is around $23,500.

    With the lease, I paid no money down. Everything was included in my monthly payment of $555. The dealer paid my first month's payment so I will pay a total of $21,090. (38mos x 555.) and the car after the 39 months is worth $23,500, so I could purchase it or just walk away. For me, it was the same as purchasing except my money stayed in the bank. If you add the 21,090 plus the residual value of 23,500, it's basically the same as if I purchased it. Now I also don't care if the car's value declines further over the 39 month period. Either way, the dealer gets his selling price, from you or MB leasing.
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    Thanks. You must have a different config. What was sticker including delivery.
  • We're in the market for a pre-owned 2008-09 C300 Sport. A local MB dealer has a certified pre-owned 2009 C300 Sport: P01, AMG Sport wheels, Auto tranny & Ipod. With under 300 miles on the clock.

    I've been following this forum and the general consensus for price paid for a new C300 Sport is around $4-5K below MSRP. But I have no clue where to begin with an almost 2009 C300 Sport with only 300 miles.

    Given that it is MB certified, and dealer has this vehicle listed at $37,800. How much should I pay for this vehicle?

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