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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15

    I was offered 2650 below invoice on any c-class I wanted, no matter what accessories etc. For example, I was offered the following. MSRP 40040 invoice 37899

    so 37899 minus 2650 is my price then plus taxes and DMV fees.

    Penske West Covina, CA and Walters mercedes riverside, ca

    edmunds is not very good at displaying manufacturer to dealer incentives cause obvioulsy there ar eincentives goign on right now.
  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15
    by the way, it was a cash price. if financing, you can do better since they make more money off the financing
  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15
    If you can find a mercedes 09 that was deliverd on the lot prior to november 08 you can get another 800 discoutn for the same car since mercedes privcing went up. ask the saleesperson, they make the same money eitherway....
  • Hello everyone,
    Just purchased 2009 C 300
    wood trimming
    18" AMG wheels

    for $3,000 below Invoice.

    My experience was exhausting. The salesmen are nice when you first meet them but once you try to negotiate with them they are short and rude. It was annoying trying to negotiate with them because all they keep saying is they are not making any money. One exception Fletcher Jones mercedes the best customer service I encountered.
  • MSRP $45,840

    Configured -

    2009 C350
    Premium 2
    Panorama Roof
    Multimedia package
    18" 5 Spoke AMG Wheels

    Good luck!
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    10% here--3K under invoice there--P.T. Barnum had it right---"to the egress." The blind may but aspire to lead the sighted----Taxes here, first payment there---what onanism to blither on and try to divine the all and everything of your "deal."

    Where have you gone Joe diMaggio?
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    So in an nutshell, if it aint here it's there - just hidden under a different guise?

    MBPro, I had posted my digits in an earlier post and soccer suggested I run them by you. Could you take a look and let me know? I don't feel like I'm getting any decent deal from anyone and am really looking at alternatives now. Noone I've worked with has offered anywhere near 4-5K off invoice. If I strip cars of features I dont need, it seems the MSRP-invoice gap shrinks instead of widens...

    thoughts? Suggestions?
  • dannnvdannnv Posts: 6
    I am not sure I could divine much from this post.
  • MBProMBPro Posts: 5
    Nothing to divine where there is no divinity. In which case, the art of the deal becomes no more than the maya of the Hindus.

    You can afford a C Class. Wonderful. A quality vehicle. Can you expect it to be represented by people of similar quality, salespeople with a degree of respect for your intelligence? And vice versa. Can't you imagine every salesperson has suffered every ploy and lie from buyers? Including some of the crazy claims in here.

    Did you ever wonder if some BMW salesperson posts crazy numbers in the Mercedes site, hoping that you'll just wear yourself out making yourself crazy looking for the ephemeral deal that doesn't exist? Or the reverse?

    Today is the thirtieth. Sales are sparse. Inventories are swollen. Deals evolve from the vortex of supply, demand, and floor expense.If you have not already consulted with a salesperson, call and ask the operator who the top salesperson is. He or she will have more influence with management. Go to the dealer today or tomorrow. Find something on the lot. Smile at your salesperson and say "I could own (lease) this one now. I have been to two other dealers. Please give me your best price. One time. No back and forth. I do not want to meet the manager. Please tell the manager if the first price goes up or down a penny, I promise you I will have to return to the dealer who treated me as I wished."

    Maybe you'll get a deal.

    A year from now you probably won't remember what you paid.
  • Looking to buy a C350 fairly loaded:

    18" AMG wheels
    P2 package

    My dealer quoted me $43,850. Please let me know if this is a good price or should i beat him down more and by how much ?
  • way to high. should be below invoice.
  • DOes it have the panorama roof?
    What is the paint?
    If not its high.
  • Dont know about sunroof (Panoramic). Color is Black (non metallic)
  • Purchased/Leased mine in Dec. here in GA.

    Same equipment as you want but also had the Panarama Roof.

    MSRP $45,840
    OTD price $41,486

    Your dealer is way too high.
  • Wow ! That is some price. I guess if he doesnt give that to me then I have the option of buying in GA (Atlanta) since i am moving there shortly but wanted to take advantage of OHIO registration ($50 per year for tags) for this year since GA reg fees are crazy (i think $500 upwards per year)

    I will use your OTD price to negotiate - thank you. BTW where in GA are you and who is your dealer ?
  • I am living near Lake Oconee. The dealer was MB of Athens. They were excellent to deal with. One thing I forgot to mention was that my car was built before the last price increase which was about $800 - $900.good luck.
  • 31 months ago, I leased a Mercedes C280 for 39 months, with a payment of $585 a month, with no money down other than first payment and license fees. I get 15,000 miles a year. My lease runs out in October, but I am almost at my mileage limit, since the car has 49,500 miles on it.

    The dealer offered me a new lease on a Mercedes C300 with a sticker price of $38,070.

    I could buy out the last 8 lease payments for 3 lease payments. Stated differently, the dealer will pick up 5 payments.

    Based on a sales price of $38,070, I will get a new lease for $635 a month, which is based on a residual of $18,700, and an interest rate of 3.96%. I put no money down, other than the first payment and license, and about $1,800 for the 3 lease payments. I pay 20 cents a mile for every mile over 48,500 miles.

    I figure this is a good deal because I have exceeded my mileage now, so I am paying 20 cents for every mile I drive for the next 8 months.. If I turn the car in, I can start over.

    I tried to haggle a little on price, but the salesman pointed out he is giving a lot of concessions by buying out the lease early, and waiving the mileage overage. Note that this will be the third car I have gotten from the same salesman.

    As an aside, I use my car alot for business, and save my mileage checks. I have about $5,000 set aside in an account from mileage money.

    Any thoughts on whether this is a good deal?
  • I negotiated a 39 month lease with 15,000 miles on the car described in the prior post. I paid $595 a month.
  • dbx1dbx1 Posts: 4
    Hi Vilchez,

    I'm looking to buy a 2009 C300 mercedez from Fletcher jones as well. W/ prem 1 pkg, Ipod, wood trim, 18" AMG wheels, and Navigation.

    By any chance, do you happen to have the sales person's name who sold you the car? Is it okay if i reference your name? Sounds like you did a great job in negotiating the price for the car. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  • Leased C230 in June 2006 for 39 months and 15k miles (San Diego). I think they wanted to make a deal that day cause I only paid $100 in drive offs and payment is $471 per month. My sales guy says new deals come out all the time to trade in lease early with no penalty to get you into a new vehicle. Car is great shape but some scratches on the wheels so what can I except to pay in any damage "fees"?.

    I want a 2008/2009 C300 Sport with the AMG, iPod wheels so what payment should I be looking at for a similar lease? The last 3 cars I have leased I have put zero down and zero out of pocket (except $100 to MB) at drive off. I could care less if the salesman is making zero money. The dealership needs to sell\lease cars to make their numbers.
  • dbx1dbx1 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know what's the best deal out there for C300 w/ options? I'm trying to get it below invoice price. Which dealership gives out the best deal? I live in Southern California.
  • egmdxegmdx Posts: 5
    Looking to buy 2009 C300 sport
    Mulitmedia Pkg
    Prem Pkg 1
    18" AMG wheels
    Grey Met Paint
    Leather int

    what price should I be looking for? Any comments/assitace would be geat. Thx
  • dbx1dbx1 Posts: 4
    I just bought a White C350 w/ Navi & Ipod from Fletcher Jones Friday night. I was able to get the car below invoice price. You can get it for at least $2000 below inovice. If you live in cali, now is the best time to buy now. Salemen know the sales tax will increase 1% next month. They will do pretty much anything to push a sale.
  • egmdxegmdx Posts: 5
    dbx1, Thanks for the info. I just got one for $41K out the door.
  • dbx1dbx1 Posts: 4
    that sounds about right....i got mine the same price out the door...enjoy your new car
  • Here's what I just bought:

    C300 Sport
    Wood Trim
    Panorama Roof

    *Chrome 17" wheels
    *Wood Steering Wheel
    *Illuminated Door Sills
    *Custom Badging on the back

    The last 4 were all accessories that had to be ordered and installed after I bought the car (no C300 in the country had it). It's the wood wheel is listed as "only" avail on the luxury model, but House of Imports will install it on my sport. I got the deal $800 under invoice plus all of the labor on installation was included (I priced it at other dealerships and they wanted between 800-1200 just for labor). So, as I see it, it was $1600 under invoice, with a lot of extra work done to the vehicle. I might have gone elsewhere (FJ maybe) and gotten a little lower on the price, but the service I got at HOI was better than I got everywhere else and worth the few hundred difference.
  • tlittetlitte Posts: 2
    Are 2009 C300's currently being sold under invoice as I've seen in earlier posts? My local dealer is only willing to discount on the order of $1800. Here's what I'm looking at.

    C300 4 Matic Sport
    PKG 2
    18" wheels

    MSRP $42,438
    MF = .00013
    Res = 56%
  • egmdxegmdx Posts: 5
    I got my C300 Sport, P1 Pkg, iPod, 18" AMG, Multimedia Pkg for $37,700 plus tax, lic, etc. Keep looking and wait until the end of the month. You might have to go outside your local area (bigger city with more dealers) to get the deal you want. Call over the phone and speak with the internet sales mgr, they give prices over the phone. The deals are out there! Good luck!
  • tlittetlitte Posts: 2
    Thanks.I'll take your advice and contact a Chicago area dealer for a quote. Can you tell me what the MSRP was on your C300? Did you buy it recently?
  • car38car38 Posts: 3
    I am thinking between Buy or lease a new 300 sport 09 Mercedes with wood trim.
    So, the offers are as follows:
    Buy: $2000 down and pay $570 per month for five and half years with 1.9%
    Lease: Zero down and pay $530 per month for four years with 15000 mile per year limit and I have to pay $559 when I return the car after four years.
    Please advise. Thanks.
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