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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • egmdxegmdx Posts: 5
    MSRP $42,470 and I paid $37,700 + tax, lic, etc.
    Good luck. Also, let the dealers know what you are doing, contacting other dealers. I've done this on my last 3 cars and it works great. I was in and out driving my car within 45 mins.
  • bigtuna3bigtuna3 Posts: 1
    Thanks to the forum for some very helpful advice. I just leased a C350 with P1/P2, blk on blk from FJ Newport Beach. I simply went in, found the car I wanted and ask for $2K under invoice, period (I told them I knew someone who got the same deal recently here). The sales mgr came back and said the best deal he could find is $1863 under invoice, will this do? He gave me a MF of .00084 (2%) for a 39 month lease/12k miles per yr with all up front charges rolled into the total (about $2300 total). My monthly is $565/month including 8.25% CA sales tax.

    I think I did OK unless I am missing something? Love the car, great acceleration. Very happy I got the 350 over the 300, higher hp, torque etc. What a sweet ride!

  • dano15dano15 Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy a Mercedes C330 Luxury sedan with P1 package and wood trim in Massachusetts. How much should I expect to pay? Thanx.
  • nk2009nk2009 Posts: 1
    Just leased a $40,050 MSRP C300 Sport with P1 package + ipod + multimedia for 39 months at $478/month and paid $1500 drive off. Final selling price on the car was $36,185.

    Leased from House of Imports in Buena Park, I recommend contacting every dealer in So Cal with the lowest quote you have received and ask them to beat it. Keep doing so until dealers start telling you they can't match your quote.

    Note: Fletcher Jones told me the above deal "could not be done", and hidden costs were sure to arise when I went to complete the paperwork. Fletcher Jones could not have been more incorrect-- not a penny was added to my quoted monthly payment or my drive off.
  • aokhanaokhan Posts: 15
    I got mine i htink for 2300 below invoice or 2700 below invoice c350 2009 base model. I paid about 37200 out the door with taxes licese. bought in west covina, ca
  • hmleehmlee Posts: 1
    hi aokhan, do you mind to share the cost break down? The latest quote I got was only $2000 below invoice.
  • I have been quoted as "the best offer" from a dealer here in San Diego for $1500.00 below invoice for a C300 Sport, P1, Ipod and nothing else. MSRP was a little over 37k. Offer was for 33k with 36k out the door. Does this sound consistent with everyone else's experience? or should I be able to ask for 2k to 2.5k more below invoice, or atleast get more as far as packages (ie., Multimedia) for this price.

    By the way, I have offered the dealer that I would pay cash for the right price.
  • serovsoserovso Posts: 1
    Hello, I just got my C300 4MATIC Sport from Prestige Paramus, NJ. As many guys already mentioned here Eric Laberge from Prestige is the best. I spend 6 days looking for a car in NJ/NJ/CT area. Here is the car I built and I spoke to at least 7 dealers in 100 miles radius.
    C300 4MATIC Sport (black)
    Wood Trim
    MSPR (total): $42890

    The best deal I got is from Prestige: 39m, 12K/year, $1911 down including 1st payment, $490 per month.

    Couple notes from my experience:
    - only few dealers give you price over phone or email;
    - Globe of Fairfield, NJ – worst experience, sales guy said something like this “how can I talk to you about your new car if I’m not even sure if you are going to buy it today?”;
    - Ray Catena – good guys, but the best they gave was ~$530/month;
    - MB of Fairfield, CT had the car with same price as Prestige, but they are 65 miles from me;
    - Other dealers could not even match the price from Prestige

  • skinsoskinso Posts: 8
    Guys, just leased my C350 yesterday, here is the detail ( i think i got hit by the additional $1550 cap reduction but i hope it was still a good deal):

    C350 (white & black)
    P2 package
    mulitmedia package
    Panorama Sunroof
    AMG 18″ 5-Twin-Spoke Wheels
    iPod Integration
    Color: WHITE exterior, BLACK Interior

    MSRP $46,640
    Sale Price $41500 (rounded)
    Residual Value 52%
    Money Factor .00084
    Drive off: Bank fee $1095 + DMV $388 + First Month Payment $500 + $1552 Cap Reduction + $261 sales and use tax on the cap reduction + $45 document fee + $9 CA tires fee = $3850 (round to the nearest dollar)
    39 months/ 12k miles-per-year
    $500 (CA tax included)

    and add the tear & wear protection for up to $5,000 damage when i return the car the employees' price = $699, I paid it up front since this item is not taxable, if I rolled it into the monthly, then it will be taxed and charged for interest.
  • jo17llyjo17lly Posts: 1
    Just bought a C 300 W with

    P02 Premium 2
    320 Multimedia
    427 7 Speed Automatic
    413 Panoramic Sunroof
    786 AMG 18" %-Twin Spoke Wheels
    057 I-Pod integration Kit
    731 Burl Walnut Wood trim

    MSRP = $ 44,460 Invoice = $ 41,408 Paid = $39,700 plus Tax & license
  • godfather9godfather9 Posts: 27
    Does anyone know if the acquisition fee for the C class is actually $1095 as quoted to me today. Most other cars I have looked at were around $625 to $825. Thanks
  • dralskydralsky Posts: 1
    Hey all,
    I'm going into Mercedes Greenway on Monday to make a deal on a C300. They have about 60 c-classes on their lot so I'm hoping they are eager to deal.
    Palladium Silver
    Wood Trim
    MSRP 36,640
    Invoice 34,137 says a great price would be 32,608 - about 1,500 under invoice. What do you think - can I offer 31,500?
    First time car buyer so would appreciate any advice!
  • BeamerManBeamerMan Posts: 64
    Carman, how are you? I am looking at a lease on 2009 C350 . I ran it thru your pricing and with 2000.00 rebate comes to a net of 39259.00. I want 10K and 36 months. I will pay tax and fee for leasing up front. I will purchase in Va but I live in Md. What should the lease payment be? I have top credit and hear Money factor is .00084 with a 50% residual. What is tax figured on in Md. on a lease? MSRP of car is 46,995.00. Thanks for your help. At this late date should I wait for 2010.
  • c300c300 Posts: 1
    For all those out there who are willing to do some work and negotiate with dealers, it can pay off huge...just purchased an 09 C300 Sport, stick, black/black, no packages but ipod integration kit, for $28,500...i am still waiting for the final contract, hope there are no extraordinary fees but doesn't sound like it.... MSRP for this car was $34,150.... i think i did ok, don't you?

  • ccappaccappa Posts: 29

    If I could ask-where did you find a stick shift C300 Sport? I have been looking around my region and have yet to see one. Did your dealer have any more?
  • C300:

    Are u in CA?
  • swts8996swts8996 Posts: 14
    Anyone know when the 2010 models come out? And if the pricing will be any different?
  • fattysnaxfattysnax Posts: 3
    That's a fantastic deal, 16.5% below MSRP!! I thought I got a good deal =)

    09 C300 Sport white/black, 7sp, iPod kit. MSRP: $37,450. Got it for $31,995 (14.6% below MSRP). 2.9% financing for 66mo.

    This includes a $1000 fleet discount from my employer. Made this deal at the end of June, I used their desperation to offload inventory as serious leverage.

    I noticed this on Edmunds, "The 1.9%-2.9% financing includes a 1% dealer reserve (mark-up). Therefore, you may be able to negotiate the rate."

    What exactly does this mean? I can negotiate my 2.9% rate?

  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    Great Deal . Can u give me the Location/name of the dealer
  • fattysnaxfattysnax Posts: 3
    This was at New Country MB in Hartford, CT.
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    Can you give me the name of the Sales person so I can deal directly with him.

  • fattysnaxfattysnax Posts: 3
    hey svrj. I can't post names on the forum here. want to give me an email address?
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5 Thanks
  • I used carbargains and the best offer I got was 1750 minus invoice

    09 C300 Sport 4matic
    package 2
    wood trim

    MSRP at 44,915
    Invoice on at 42,231 with those options

    Normally it would be $40,481 but because they needed to swap the car over 50 miles they gave me a price of $41380

    (this is because its the color and exact package i want -_-)

    I get 1000 off because of fleet program

    Final price $40380 before tax and doc fees

    What do you guys think?


    Final price
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    Pl post the name of the dealer & Location. Thanks
  • asr3asr3 Posts: 1
    Is $35500 + TTL a good price for
    2009 C300 sport 4 matic, premium 1, ipod integration,burl wood trim

    Please advise
  • svrjsvrj Posts: 5
    I have see post on this forum where they have been able to negotiate upto 16 % of the MSRP. Where ar eyou located ?
  • Can anyone recommend a Georgia MB dealer to get the best price for a C300 Sport?

    Please advise
  • C300 4Matic

    2009 P2 $37k - 1k (fleet program) = $36k

    2010 P2 $39.5k - 1.5k (fleet program)= $$38k
    P2, MM $42k - 1.5k = $40.5k

    i am not too sure these are great deals, especially the 2009 because $37k is already factored in with the 3k MB incentive and I think he didn't subtract much from it. what do you guys think? immediate feedback would be great b/c we want to get one very soon.
  • I just got an incredible deal on a new 2009 Mercedes-Benz C 300 and wanted to share the fruits of my labors with everyone here. I have been watching the forums and discovered that Mercedes is offering a $4,000 incentive from the factory to try to clear out the remaining 2009s. I am also a USAA member which earned me another $1,000 off and I negotiated a healthy discount. I called a number of dealerships and found my best deal with Frank & Sunil (fleet department) at Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim in Southern California. This is my 3rd C Class and by far my favorite. My new car is a black / black, has the sports package, 7 speed auto transmission and burl walnut wood trim. The MSRP was $35,545 and I bought the car for $26,995. I put $0 down and financed it for 72 months at 5.24% for a payment of 483.60. I think I did pretty well. Before you consider buying or leasing a Honda or VW check out the deals on 09 C 300s.
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