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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • Hi -

    Sounds like a good deal. What was sticker on it and how did you get the price down? Was it over the internet or what?
  • Ok guys, I got the car yesterday and it was a done deal, as quoted. I'll post some of the details here so hopefully it can help you out also...

    2009 C300

    057 - Ipod Integration
    413 - Panorama Roof
    768 - 18" AMG Wheels
    P02 - Premium Package II
    320- Multimedia Package
    427 - 7 Speed Automatic

    MSRP of $44,150 the selling price of the vehicle I got was $35,225.

    Zero Down

    Since this is a lease, in finance, I opted for their up-sell of Lease Excess Wear and Tear and Tire and Wheel Protection, I had a previous BMW lease and really got hurt by those 2 so went for them.

    Excess Lease Wear and Tear Plan for 3 years - $1,195 (negotiated down to $599)
    Road Hazard Tire and Wheel for 3 years - $1195 - (negotiated down to $695)

    I did not email them initially, I just looked up the internet team on the internet and called in told him I am ready to buy and if their number can match or beat I'll be in. I emailed him the numbers I was given which were from the nearest competing dealership, until I got the selling price to $35k

    Since it was a 2009, not a 2010 the (.00173) money factor special was not eligible but after going back and forth he eventually got an OK from his desk manager to give me a money factor that was also a special at .00217 which is called a Mercedes Benz Ambassador Program Lease, dealers have these but in limited stock. So I went in the next day and the car already had a sold sign on it with my name.

    If you can find any 09s in stock now is the time to get them (4k incentive for C300 and 5k incentive for C350) and if the dealer has any ambassador leases that drop your MF, left to use, try to get it. They need to clear these out and will, just have to negotiate hard for them.

    BTW 2010 has different side turn signals and the biggest difference is on option package 320 (the multimedia package) on 2009s the package includes Logic 7 Surround 12 speakers, it is not included on the 2010s!
  • I am new to buying a Mercedes. Like the c class and am looking to buy for cash...What type of discount can I expect, or would you look at the CTS?
  • I want to preface this by saying I absolutely love the exterior of the C300 and did test drive it prior to buying my Lexus (IMO, much more bang for the buck as far as interior and packages). But yes, I would look at the CTS. The CTS is much more luxurious than the Benz on the inside. Right now the CTS is only available in a sedan, but a coupe is coming out for 2010. Depending on your price range, also consider the CTS-V. It has a Corvette block engine (LS3), 6.2L V8 with 500+hp (sorry, I have to run or I'd find the exact number). I can give you more specifics about the CTS later if you want. You can email me from my profile.
  • thank you for the input. Yes the CTS is very nice inside,,, would you go for a 2009 or wait for a 2010. I hold on to my cars for at least 6-7 years and only put on about 5000 miles or less a year. what about GM reliability?
  • Vinny, May i ask the name of the dealer in south cal.

  • Just got a 2009 C300 2 weeks for $29,734 with ipod intergration & multi media package white. Sales person was great!
  • I own an 07 Hummer H3 & I'm not sure if it's b/c it's a Hummer or if all GM vehicles get this kind of love, but they're the most accommodating people I've ever met. They'll give you a loaner on-the-spot for an oil change, much less anything else. I took my car in for a few minor things, and the warranty is up-to-par with the best. I know this is a MB forum, but if anyone's ever interested in buying a Chevy/Hummer in the Chicagoland area, swing by the Woodfield location. They really are the nicest car-people EVER.

    ...on with the MB talk, lol...
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I think your question is really for Shinakuma.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Here is what I did: I went to, where you can go to "Dealer Quotes", select your State and request a quote individually from every Mercedes-Benz Dealership in the country. Let them compete between themself. Whoever comes with the lowest price - earns my business. I did not care about rates or residuals, etc... All I care - who can give the lowest payment. The best deal I got on my E350 was $2,100 below invoice plus they had $2,500 incentive at the time, but I did not care about all that. The only thing made a deal is the lowest payment.
    Hope it helps.
  • bought c300, 6MT black on black, with multimedia, 18 inch AMG, ipod for 28,120 ( msrp 38,120) including $500 fleet discount.
  • That sounds very cool! Congrats!! Where did you find it?
  • thanks, i bought it at rusnak mercedes in arcadia, they had the only manual 6 speed with multimedia in more then a 1000 mile radius. :)
  • selling experience is always fab at MB (haven't heard of anybody getting puched for paying 30grand); the same quality remarks about the coffe in the reception area while you wait when MB are (not) servicing the car. If you will resell the banger or exchange it before the warranty runs out, all misshaps you are likely to experience will fade in time, else, all little issues experienced under the shelter of the warranty will jump and bite you badly (in the shape of a $ followed by four zeroes) after the warranty wears out.
  • dtc143dtc143 Posts: 3
    I got a quote for a 2009 black C350 with P2, Mutimedia, Ipod Integration, Pano, 18' AMG wheels for 37K plus tax + doc; MSRP for 46.6K.

    Is this a good deal or not?

  • dtc143dtc143 Posts: 3
    The dealer has improved his offer from 37K to 36K plus tax +doc or 40K out the door. Tax rate is high in California.

    Is this a good deal?

  • Hi,
    this seems to be a good deal. I am also in the market for a C300 or C350 2009.. From whom did you get the offer from?

  • dtc143dtc143 Posts: 3
    I got quotes from Mercedes-Benz of Pleasanton, Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco, and Autobahn Motors Mercedes in the San Francisco Bay Area. All their quotes were putty similar but Pleasanton gaved me the best quote.

  • Hey guys! I followed this thread closely about 7 months ago when I was getting my own car, but haven't lately since I'm not in the market, but I have seen through my email alerts that many people are getting $10k under sticker on 2009 C300's. Can anyone tell me if they know of any dealers around Los Angeles that still have any 09's in stock? Also, can you tell me the residual and MF on these cars for October(If possible, please give me the different tiers as I'm looking for my bf and his credit is crap and I'll likely co-sign for him bc my credit is 720, but that still won't give him Tier 1 since it'll average)? Thank you so much!
  • Sorry! I didn't see this post until just now. The CTS is coming out with a coupe in summer 2010, but you probably don't want to wait that long. I don't believe the 2010's are out yet, but I could be wrong. I just started working a program for Cadillac taking the cars around and showing them to people (we have a CTS, CTS wagon, SRX, and Escalade Hybrid) -- do you live in So Cal? Maybe you can come check out the CTS this weekend when we're out if you're interested. Otherwise, I can look into what the differences between model years are if you'd like.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    It's even worse - legally you can't co-sign for a boyfriend. You can't even co-sign for a husband. However you can go on the same application with the husband as a primary buyer, since your credit is better. Besides, it does not do any good to reestablish his own credit, unless he can get approved on his own. The rates will depend on the bank who approves him - it may be other than Mercedes-Benz Financial, and different banks have different terms, so the best way to take the guesswork away is to contact Dealers directly, explain the situation and ask if they have 09 in stock. Of course you need to contact multiple Dealers so they can compete to earn your business. You can contact any Mercedes-Benz Dealership in one place here
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I received the original window sticker for my 2008 C300 and was surprised to see for the interior MB-tex. All the while I thought it had leather. Is this common, because the dealer I bought it from (used) even had it advertised as leather. I know it is more durable and looks just like leather. Even if no one else can tell, I know it is more like vinyl.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Mb-Tex is not vinyl - it's a leather substitution, which is much better quality and last longer than even leather. Most people can't even see the difference between a leather (which is on your steering wheel) and the rest of the upholstery. About 20-30 years ago Mercedes-Benz put leather in almost every car, but today they sell about 1/4 of a million cars per year only in US alone, so I guess they are running out of enough cows in Germany to produce leather interior on this large scale. But you are safe, because about 90% of the C-Class sold in US have Mb-Tex.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I agree with the durability. Ten years from now my interior will look better than one with even the premium leather option. If only they could find a way to inject that leather aroma, it would be perfect.
  • So it turns out that Sep 2009 was a better time to get an 09 C300/350 than Oct 2009. The manufacturer rebates on a C300/C350 were 4000/5000 in Sep, while they're 2500/3500 in Oct. Looks like many vehicles were picked up in September due to the huge discounts (for example, mfctr rebate of 4000 + dealer rebate of another 5000 on a C300), thus clearing out a lot of inventory, eventually leading the dynamic price adjustments to reduce the rebates in October.

    I bought a C300 yesterday for 7500 below MSRP, and am reasonably pleased about it. This carries the same amount of dealer discount as a 9000 markdown in September. On that note, I wanted to thank this forum profusely. If it hadn't been for you guys, I'd have had no idea of what kind of discount to shoot for. THANK YOU ALL!

    If October sales of 09 models are poor, the rebates in Nov may go up, but the choice would be very limited. As it is, the choice in October is tiny compared to that in September.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Mb-Tex is not vinyl - it's a leather substitution

    MB-Tex has been around for a long, long time.. Call it whatever you want, but it is vinyl... It might be very high quality vinyl.. . but, still..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Glad to hear that you made a deal. What was the process - what tools did you use to get this deal?
  • Hi, I am also in the market for a 2009 C300/350. Which process did you use and where did you buy. Can you provide the dealer and the name of the sales person. thanks.
  • (Disclaimer: This post turned out to be slightly long. Sorry about that.)

    I got it at "Mercedes Benz of Princeton" in Princeton, NJ. The sales person was Alex something (I forgot his last name, and don't have his business card with me right now), but I felt that it didn't really matter who the sales person is.

    Basically, I thoroughly researched the msrp and the prices of all options/packages of both C300 and C350 on both 2009 and 2010 models, in order to show that I'm a well-informed buyer. I also read up on all the things they usually say to push you off guard, and prepared appropriate responses. This really worked to my advantage in two ways. First, I wasn't surprised by any of his "sales moves", and so I didn't have to think or react on-the-spot, which helped me focus all my neurons on a single entity - the price. Second, after trying to pull a couple of sales tricks on me, he decided that it was pointless and just gave up!

    Though I had a preference of exterior/interior colors and options/packages, I didn't show it and pretended that I was equally interested in all the vehicles that he had. As a result, he couldn't figure out which vehicle I was eyeing. This also helped me because, had he known how precisely one of his vehicles matched my criteria and how disappointed I would be with any of the other vehicles, he would have dangled it in front of me and ripped me off. And this was pretty much the only vehicle that matched my dream combo of colors/options in over 4 states (yes, I called almost every dealer in NJ, NY, DE, CT and eastern PA and none of them had what I wanted).

    Finally, during the bargain, I didn't mention (or allow him to mention) the price, but talked about the discount instead (I guess it's the same as talking about the price, but I was more comfortable with the discount). I directly told him that I wasn't interested in wasting either his or my time, that I had other dealerships to visit after his, that I knew I'd be doing them a favor by taking an 09 model off their lot, that I knew they had sold similar cars for 9K off the MSRP in September, that I was looking for the same amount, and asked him to give me a simple yes/no answer. I expected him to laugh at me deridingly at my 9K figure, but he didn't. He showed me the official manufacturer rebates for Sep and Oct. I looked carefully, and though a part of my brain was telling me that this might be their latest sales ploy, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and instantly reduced my number from 9K to 7.5K in line with the rebates, while he was saying 5K. I refused to budge and he kept stalling. Meanwhile, a salesman from another dealership called me on my phone and I started speaking to him loud enough for this guy to hear ;-) Soon after, he agreed to 7.5K. The end :-)
  • Folks, need guidance to close out C 300 auto, P01 and Multimedia package. I was eyeing to get one for months and only now the price has come down. I'm in Baltimore area and there are only 3 to 4 dealerships close to me. So far I got $34,140 + tax, tittle..on a 2009 model.

    I'm still not satisfied with the price based on other posts in this forum. Please suggest me how uch i can go down to seal the deal... The good thing is so far i did not go out to a delaership in person

    I'm thrilled and excited to own a MB but that should not blindsight my price deal...

    I will post on this forum once I finalize my deal...
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