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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    It seems that New Jersey is extra aggressive on prices. Why don't you get some quotes from there...
  • From what you mentioned, looks like the MSRP is around 39,400-ish. Is that right? If so, then you've so far managed to get a 5K discount over the phone. Which is a great start! I'm reasonably sure that, if you go to the dealership, you can certainly bring it down by another 2-3K (or more, depending on how desperate the dealership is to get rid of their 09 stock).

    It's understandable that salespeople might not be willing to go so low over the phone, without the guarantee that you'll buy it. But once you're present in the flesh, they'll likely be more convinced.
  • Thanks Strom and klusner for your advice. I took Strom advice to pull them $7.5K below sticker price.

    Finally i got the car for $33,550 from a sticker price of $41,050. The car includes auto, P01, multimedia package, ipod & wood trim. Only one dealer gave me the price while i ringed the other with this price they called it a myth.

    I took the delivery of the car yesterday from MB of Annapolis with all paperwork taking care of, even with license plates put in before i can took the care out from their lot. The whole process was smooth and they even gave us lunch coupons from a local restaruant.

    Overall the process was smooth and thanks to this forum for providing me with the information to get a bargain deal.

    About the car, the biggest difference I see between 09 and 10 models are with how ipods are integrated with COMAND interface. While 10 models read all the playlist and display it in the 7" display but the 09 models only pull the song name into the dash. This is kind of annoying because I'm not able to browse through the playlist and pick one. I haven't tried the media register yet. But will try it today.

    Please let me know if you find any additional information on the internet about COMAND interface. I googled it but couldn't get any information.
  • Good to hear that you made a great deal. Congratulations!
  • SoCal.

    18" AMG Wheels

    Sticker: 47,308
    Paid: 38,308 + Tax + Title (9K under sticker).
  • Congrats for your new car. Even i am in market for a new C300/350, but i am not getting the same discounts in Oregon. Can you please tell me from which dealer in SoCal you got the car from so i can see if they have any more in stock and can offer me a competitive pricing for it. Appreciate your help.
  • Congrats for your new car. Even i am in market for a new C300/350, but i am not getting the same discounts in Oregon. Can you please tell me from which dealer you got the car from so i can see if they have any more in stock and can offer me a competitive pricing for it. Appreciate your help.
  • Sure. I got it from Keys Van Nuys. They had a LOT in stock.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    California is the most aggressive State as far as pricing for a new Mercedes-Benz, because they have 44 Dealerships to compete - especially SoCal and they outsell all other States by far. But the State Government knows about it and they don't allow to sell cars to other States, unless you pay sales tax (which is the highest in the country over 10%). In Oregon you pay more for the car, but you have no sales tax. However - legally you have to pay sales tax of your residence (where you live). You need to convince the Dealership to sell it to you. If it's a lease - forget it - no Dealership will go for it. If it's a purchase - they may go for it, but you have to pick the car in person and they will give you a ONE WAY ticket to drive it back so you can register the car where you live on your own. If you can save thousands of dollars - then it may be worth to drive or fly to Los Angeles to pick it up. Try to contact Beverly Hills, Downtown LA Motors, WI Simonson and Penske. You can contact all of them (and make sure to explain situation and put your phone #) at
  • Thanks for your response, it really helped. I called up all the dealers today, couple of them had '09 C300 and will let me know their offer tom.I am not sure if they can provide me the ticket to drive one-way. They were talking about shipping it to me for which i will have to pay around $600-$700.

    The best offer i have got till now on C300 is about 9k off which sounds good to me.
  • Thanks for your response, it really helped. I called up all the dealers today, couple of them had '09 C300 and will let me know their offer tom.I am not sure if they can provide me the ticket to drive one-way. They were talking about shipping it to me for which i will have to pay around $600-$700.

    The best offer i have got till now on C300 is about 9k off which sounds good to me.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    You could fly down and drive it back home. You should be able to get dealer plates or temporary plates to take the vehicle to your home state.

    I have bought MB from Downtown LA Motors, MB Southbay in Torrance. Southbay had some good prices but the personnel have changed. My friend recently bought a 2010 from MB Calabasas. He received some good quotes from MB Long Beach and Hoehn Motors in Carlsbad.

    Edmunds has a list of dealers by state. I used E-mail each time I purchased it is a lot easier. You can build your car on the dealers site and request a quote.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    I'm glad that my advice helped. If you call to Dealership in SoCal - always ask for Fleet or Internet manager, as it will speed up the process, because they have more "teeth" at the Dealership to give away cars at low prices and generally more familiar with out-of-state deals. Just don't take too long, becuase 09 are running out. The good news is: most people in So California lease and 2010 C-Class leases better than 09 - that's why they still have some.
  • I used all the info's provided in these posts. Thanks a lot to all of you.
    I got a very good deal for a 2009 C300 with silver, auto, P01, multimedia, iPod & wood trim at MB of Laguna Niguel. Fabrizio helped to come down to the bottom line. Finally I paid 9k off MSRP
  • dhkhandhkhan Posts: 29
    Appreciate it if anyone could share info on prices/deals they are getting on the 2010 C300 4Matic.

    I'm based in Colorado and looking to lease. Travelling to another state to get a good deal is not a problem.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Car
    C300 sport AWD AUTO

    Optional Equipment
    P01 Premium 1 Package
    413 Panorama Sunroof
    786 AMG 18" 5-Twin-Spoke Wheels
    057 iPod Integration Kit

    Arctic White
    Destination Charge $875
    Total with Options $42,740 MSRP $39,800 Invoice

    Im currently at 39600 without tax tag title.
    Is destination charge neg.?
    Does anyone know any current incentives?
    Any advise?
    Purchase in CT.

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Destination charge of $875 from factory in Germany to any Dealership in the USA is not negotiable. Because Dealer has to pay for it. To make it fair: every Dealer pays the same price, no matter where they are located and no matter on what model it is. For example: it's a lot cheaper to deliver to Los Angeles (right at the port) than to Colorado - where you have to pay extra for trucking, but the charge stays the same $875.
    However, you can negotiate the whole selling price. Don't try to concentrate on some fees. Always try to concentrate on the bottom line - the total out of pocket. You can request multiple quotes from any MB Dealer in any State here link title also check specials, invoice and any other info in regards to C-class. However, Dealer cash incentives may vary from State to State.
  • Thanks for your advise and comments on destination charge.
    Seems Like ill be making a deal tomorrow so ill post later my results.

    Thanks again
  • Thanks again as i finalized the deal for a 09' C350 and the dealer would be shipping the vehicle to me. I got 10.5k off the sticker price. The car is got is

    09' C350 Steel Grey
    P II package
    Multimedia Package
    18" Wheels.

    I am excited to receive the delivery of my new car in next few days.

    I spoke the internet manager and the guy was really nice and dealing went really smooth. They have a lot of 09's in stock.
  • dhkhandhkhan Posts: 29
    Congrats on the car.

    Which dealership did you buy from?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Thats one heck of a deal. I wish where I am at there were deals like this. The most I could get was 9k off a month ago. Unfortunately now, there are no C350's in my area in the MD area.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    You may want to check with the delivering dealer to see if there is a charge. The delivering dealer wanted $300.00 for the delivery of my vehicle from an out of state dealer. The selling dealer paid the charge. The selling dealer selected the delivering dealer.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Wow, nice deal. Can you imagine 2 years from now this car may worth more than you paid for a brand new one...
  • Thanks Guys, but effectively i am getting about 9k off as i have to pay for shipping vehicle from LA to Oregon and also had to pay for my flight ticket back n forth to LA to check out the car, but heck its worth it. My local dealer wasn't giving me anything more than 5k off. I am just dying to have my car delivered to me next week...

    I got it from van keyes.
  • 2010 C300 Sport 4-Matic Sedan with MSRP of US$48,333.00 including the delivery charge plus options. Got 11% discount, which brought it down to US$5,300.00 under MSRP. How's that !!!

    Have to wait 2 months, but don't mind, since I'm getting the car I really want.


    Premium 1
    Premium 2
    Keyless Go
    AMG 18" 5-Twin-Spoke Wheels
    Harman Kardon Sound System
    Rear Deck Spoiler
    MB Tex Upholstery
    Aluminum Trim
    Capri Blue Metallic Paint

    They also included these for free:

    1.- Service A
    2.- Service B
    3.- All-Season Floor Rubber Mats
    4.- Set of Wheel Locks

    Did I get a good deal ???
  • I am looking to purchase a 2010 Mercedes C300 Sport with premium 1 in Northern California. Does anyone know what about the best price would be? If I consider a 2009 model what discount difference should I expect from the 2009 to the 2010? Is there still marketing support for the 2009 or even the 2010? Thanks everyone
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    It depends if you are looking to lease or purchase. There are good programs to lease on 2010 models and there are good cash incentives on 2009 models. There is almost no change between 2009 and 2010 models. The good place to start is here link title
  • Walked into the dealership today after reading these blogs and test drove the c300. Been looking at the 328i b/c I had a 2006 that I loved. Wanted to see what the c300 was like and enjoyed it a lot. Still doesn't have the sportiness that the 328i has as there is a delay when you accelerate, but is definitely finished off nicer. (Still bothered by the fake leather, but that's another story) I know BMW does it too, but not on a car with an msrp of $41,770! Anyhow...thought I would post for other folks my here goes:

    2009 Silver/ Black interior
    premium 1
    burl wood
    multimedia package
    ipod integration kit
    total msrp: $41,770

    Drove it, liked it..after 20 minutes of invested time, told the salesman that I wasn't interested unless I could get it for the type of price that I had seen others had received at Laguna Mercedes and Anaheim Mercedes. I told him I wanted $9500 off msrp. He said he would go check and was gone all of 5 minutes before returning with $9000 off for a total of $32,770 + tax etc. Can not get 2.9 financing with this, but I am using credit union, where I get some discounts on points. I have a feeling that I could have worked them down some more, but this was all of 30 minutes and totally painless. FYI- they also showed me the "invoice" from the back (if you believe those things are the "invoice") and it showed $38,995 as their purchase price for the vehicle. With a $4000 +$5000 from Mercedes, they aren't really having to deal anything off of their profit margin. It looks like a better deal for them too!

    Good luck!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Actually, there is no delay when you accelerate. You just need to get used to that Mercedes-Benz accelerator pedal accelerates only if you step on it or hold it. If you release it - it actually down shifts transmission - which slows down your car immediately. If you drop your pedal suddenly - it will downshift 2 or more gears, because the car thinks that accident is coming, so it brakes your car before you even hit your brakes. It's called defensive driving.

    In BMW if you accelerate and drop your pedal - the car will continue to go fast - like any other car, but then your foot is in the air. In the Mercedes - you need to keep your foot on the pedal. You can use the accelerator pedal to go faster or slower - just by applying more or less pressure to the pedal - the same like in Formula 1. If you need to accelerate - just put pressure and hold - DO NOT release, as most people are used to dropping the pedal after a few seconds. If you want full throttle acceleration (For example to pass another car) - DON"T BE AFRAID TO FLOOR IT completely to the floor and HOLD IT - don't drop. In the few seconds every BMW will be behind you. Try it yourself. Once you get used to Mercedes driving you will not be able go back to any other car.

    Invoice of the car with MSRP $41,770 is exactly $39,507. You can see it for yourself here mercedes-benz invoice calculator, just enter "0" in the gas guzzler tax, because C-class does not have it. So the difference is $488 he showed you some BS charges. That's why he gave you $9,000 off instead of $9,500. But anyway the deal is excellent. 2 years from now your car may be worth the same what you paid for a brand new one!

    Hope it helps.
  • So the difference would be $512, not $488 correct? He showed me an invoice for $38,995 and you are saying that the real invoice from that site is $39,507. That is a difference of $512 and should work to my benefit. That means he is saying they paid less for the vehicle than what that site says and they should have more money between the msrp and invoice to haggle with, not less. I actually haven't gone to get the vehicle first choice is the palladium silver and I'm going to try to get a good deal on that's at a different dealership. My back up is the silver (had 4 silver cars in the past few years so kind of ready for something different but the silvers show the lines so nicely). Anyhow...I'm going to go in hard for $10,000 on the palladium now I know how easy $9,000 was...we'll see! I also found out that I can get 3.99% at a local credit union for financing. Maybe I'm missing what you were trying to say about the $488:/

    Thanks for the info about the acceleration....I will test drive again and make sure that I am not dropping the pedal. I think I've over done looking at these blogs now b/c I was looking at the consumer reviews and the things people have problems with start to freak me out! One person complained about the paint on the c300 not holding up.....that worries me a little but I try to keep it in perspective.. Wish me luck!
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