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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • mssurreymssurrey Posts: 44
    Thanks Plekto - much appreciated.

    I'm going to the delaer tomorrow. Let's see what they quote !
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 689
    this is exactly what I did in 08 - looking at the C class and with incentives it was a no-brainer to go with the 350. Got myself a Tom-Tom for christmas and I am set.

    two years later I still get a smile each morning as I jump in and fire it up. :shades:
  • 1985mb1985mb Posts: 60
    I'm not aware of where the deal was found (it was posted as an FYI more than anything else and didn't generate much debate there), but apparently it isn't completely unheard of. A few posts up there are other people who have gotten 20-25% off overall from MSRP by combining the usual negotiation with the current rebates.

    I did like the other suggestion here about looking at C350s as well. If one can get a comparably equipped 350 for not much more than a 300, why not?
  • Dthorn1, can you share with me the contact info? I'm also in the Seattle area and in the market for a c300.
  • dthorn1dthorn1 Posts: 17
    I got mine from the Lynnwood dealer. As you know, there are 6 or 7 dealers in WA, only 4 in the vicinity. So I'd suggest you shop around these dealerships since the one I got my car from may not necessarily offer you the same deal. Good luck.
  • Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to whether this is a good deal or not:
    2011 C300 W4
    Premium 1 package
    Burl Walnut Wood Trim
    Heated Front Seats
    MSRP: 41,140

    Here are the leasing options they sent me:

    36 Month lease with 10,000 per year @$498.58 per month with $1777.23 at inception
    42 Month lease with 10,000 per year @$475.05 per month with $1753.70 at inception
    48 Month lease with 10,000 per year @445.55 per month with $1724.20 at inception

    I am wondering if I should shop the other MB dealership which has 2010 C300's on the lot to see if they can really beat these prices.

    Can anyone offer some insight?

  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    If you are looking to lease - go for 2011 model for a SHORT TERM - 27 months!
    Mercedes-Benz Financial just came out with very attractive 27 month leases on 2011 C-Class models - very high residual value!
    You can view all the new September programs here: September 2010, Current Mercedes-Benz Lease and Finance Specials. If you are looking to buy, then you still get more saving on remaining 2010 models...if you can still find any...
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    edited September 2010
    The lease inception is the killer. Let's work out the payments.

    36 months: 19726.11
    42 months: 21705.80
    48 months: 23111.06

    You are far better off buying it and obtaining their low financing rates. You'll have higher payments, but will have no mileage or wear penalty at the end as well as be able to sell it after 4 or 5 years to regain 15K or so. Or keep it if you desire. I get about $490 a month for 48 months considering this(or less depending upon how much you can sell the car for, of course)

    The end result is about the same cost. I just don't like contracts, fine print, and the miserably low 10K a year mileage limitation. That alone can cost you another couple of thousand dollars if you drive even 12-15K a year.

    Note - the reason it's a wash, more or less, is because of the $4500 in factory to dealer incentives on 2010 models. This drops the price, combined with the financing(you should qualify if you do for their lease), to quite reasonable rates. I've seen cars like the one you are interested in for about $36K. Leases are always based upon MSRP, so that's a large factor in favor of buying at the end of the model year versus leasing.

    The trick, of course, is finding any. Expect nearly all of them to be gone in the next couple of weeks.
  • Hi All,

    Enjoy the forum. Thanks for everyone's good discussions.
    First offer on 2010 C300 Sport 4matic. Looking at other offers, have some room to go down, but what is reasonable to push for? Anything else to request, maintenance?
    Thanks a lot!

    Based upon 44005 MSRP and 37215 selling price

    MSRP 44,005
    Discount -6790
    Fees (doc & lic) 400
    Tax (9.8%, ouch!) 3647.07
    Net Price 41,262

    C300 4matic 37,100
    color 720
    P02 Premium 2 Package 3700
    UMI 1290
    Wood trim 320
    destination and delivery 875

    2011 offered at better interest rate (1.9%) but less of a discount (-2250, selling price 41979)
  • Okay, am I getting a good deal?

    2010 C300 Sport 4MATIC
    MSRP $39,485
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Heated Front Seats
    Burl Walnut Wood Trim
    OTD: $33,200

    First of all I am not sure I am getting a good deal and this one does not have P1 thus not 100% sold on it.
  • I just bought the same car you describe with the P1 package and metallic paint for $33,000 before doc fees, title charge and tax.

    The msrp on mine was $41,690.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for reply.
    I went with P2 with panorama, COMAND DVD.
    MSRP 46,405.
    Paid 36,775 + TTL.

    Very excited.
  • I know I don't have all the details but I have a quote on a 2011 C300 Sport 4Matic that has the premium package, navigation/command, and AMG wheels. The MSRP is 44,425. They have quoted me a lease of $486.23 including 7% sales tax on the payment each month. This is the 27 month lease with 15K miles. They are giving me $1K more for my trade-in than I owe and I have to pay the first month's payment and two state mandated fees at inception. Does this sound like a good deal?
  • Here is how it breaks down.

    MSRP 44,135
    Net Selling Price 39,940
    Prepaid Maintenance 769
    Total Sales Price 40,709
    Tire Tax 1.25
    Doc Fee 150
    Trade-in Equity 300
    Cash due at signing $773.95 (1st payment, 1.25 tire tax, $150 doc fee, 15 days of interest on current car which I should get most of it back)

    Lease Term 27 months
    Mileage 33,750
    Residual $30,534.72

    I am pretty sure they didn't give me the buy rate of .00084 but rather .00125 or something close to that.

    Monthly Payment $454.70 + $31.83 sales tax = $486.53

    Still sound like a good deal?
  • Did you have to pay an acquisition fee for the lease? Usually $795.
  • There is no mention of it on the Buy Order. I tried to calculate the lease and I come up very close to their payment (within a buck) number if I use .00125 and all the figures above.
  • Hey,
    I was talking to a dealer about the 2011 C300W4.
    Unfortunately, around NY/NJ area, there aren't 2010's anymore.
    So I was quoted a C300W4
    p1 pkg, pano, mult pkg and etc with a MSRP of 45,230,
    and the dealer was willing to sell it for 42,000.
    Does this deal seem fair? or should I wait until the end of the year?
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    Unfortunately, new MBF financial October programs became worse than they were in September, in regards to C-Class. Both lease and financing. The reason is MB built new factory plants in South Africa (out of all countries) to boost C-Class production. After workers went on the usual strike, C-Class production got frozen. SoCal dealers usually carry 70-120 C-Classes in stock, but now they have only 10-15. So don't expect to get bottom line deals easily, until the availability returns to normal condition.

    The good news, there are still pretty good deals available. You can check out October specials here: October Mercedes-Benz Financial and Lease Specials.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is hoping to talk with a new Mercedes C-Class owner, as well as anyone who recently bought a new Mercedes after having owned Lexus models in the past. Thanks for sending your contact information to no later than Tuesday, October 12, 2010.

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  • First of all, thanks for all the previous posts. They allowed me to negotiate with more information. Therefore, I feel it's only right that I share what I was able to negotiate. I also recently bought a 2010 C300 AWD at $10k discount from the MSRP including shipping and handling which I believe is $875. My understanding is that not every dealer is willing to do this kind of discount because among other factors, it depends on their inventory of C300s on the lot since 2011 models are not arriving at the lot at the pace the dealers had expected (this was also mentioned by a previous post). So you might have to check a few dealerships, my recommendation is to start with email quotes just to get an idea if big discount is even a possibility so as to save you the trouble of haggling at the dealership, but at some point you do need to show up so that they know you are serious. The bigger discount for October is only for AWD not the RWD. I believe the difference in incentives is about 2k. And by the way, make sure you do research on financing first on your own. I got 2.99% over 60months. and there are a few banks that might offer you that depending on where you live. I am sure if you google 2.99 auto loan" you can find some. However if you walk into the dealership, they might not offer you that when they are readily available if you do some research on your own.
    Good luck!
  • grios1grios1 Posts: 22
    Hello, Can anyone advise if scheduled maintenance was included for 2008 C Class models?
  • Hello, Can anyone advise if scheduled maintenance was included for 2008 C Class models?

    No. You may have had the option to prepay at the time of purchase, but it was not included with the purchase or lease of the car.
  • jim407jim407 Posts: 2
    I just quoted today. And so far what I get the best
    2010 C300W4 $37,100
    755 Steel Grey $720
    101 Black Interior
    P01 P01 Premium I Package: SIRIUS Satellite $2,300
    320 320 Multimedia Package: 7" Power Retract $2,650
    444 444 Sport Sedan Package Plus One $250
    731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim $320

    SUBTOTAL $43,340
    TOTAL $44,215

    Your Purchase Price: $34,371!!!

    not many stocks for 2010. is this a good deal
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter wants to talk with someone who is deciding between a new Lexus, BMW and/or Mercedes. Please email asap with your daytime contact info, your city and state, and the vehicle models currently under your consideration.

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  • frankhawkfrankhawk Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    just bought one today in SoCal.

    Black C300 Sport 33,990

    1. Automatic transmission 1,490

    2. Nav (not the multimedia one) 1,290

    the extra 1400 for the multimedia is not worth it, especially since all of them have ipod adaptors, and Sat radio anyways. you're basically paying $1,400 for 2 extra inches. may as well buy a nice Sony/Google TV for that kind of money)

    3. Heated Seats 750
    (not really necessary in SoCal, but the car on the lot had it. They just threw it in when i said i didn't want it)

    4. Wood Trim 325
    (try finding a car without it!)

    5. Destination Fee 875
    Total MSRP: 38,720
    Invoice: 36,094

    After some negotiation, my purchase price: 34,180
    Drive off: $2,000 (includes tax, tags, license, first months payment, financing fee)
    Money Factor: 0.0016
    Lease Payments: 380 + tax
    Lease term: 27 months
    Searched a lot to get this deal. Best dealerships to deal with in SoCal:
    1. Encino (speak with Guy)
    2. Beverly Hills (Speak with Mark)
    3. Silver Star in Thousand Oaks (Speak with Ian)

    Worst Ones (rude, obnoxious service, and no phone service):
    1. Fletcher Jones in Costa Mesa <--- unbelievably rude. dealt with Candice here

    2. Valencia <--- they low ball the price to get you to drive to the dealership (soooo far for me), and then the guy who you deal with over the phone is magically "not there", and they try and shove a new deal down your throat. Just walked out when the guy refused to honor the deal i spoke to him over the phone about.

    3. Calabasas <--- don't do business with 'Omega' the dude is just continuously trying to pull fast ones, and lies non stop, was just toooo much to handle.


    Things I've learned the last three weeks:

    1. Go to the dealership to check out the car, test drive it, figure out EXACTLY what options you want, THEN WALK AWAY AND GO HOME.

    2. NEVER NEGOTIATE AT THE DEALERSHIP, go straight home.

    3. when you're sure you know exactly what you want then call three or more dealerships in a 40 mi radius and get some quotes. Make them beat invoice as a starting point.

    4. if they say they can't give you a quote over the phone, and that you need to come to the dealership, DON'T GO. thats pure BS, they just want to wear you down.

    Negotiating over the phone is way more effective. they know they're just a button away from losing you. If you go to a dealership, it take more time and effort to get there, and you're always more likely to compromise and not get your ideal price.

    don't get attached to a salesman.
    don't ever fall for their guilt trips, its a ploy. I've heard soooo many its ridiculous.
    push them for the best deal. its your money, you worked hard for it, don't just give it away.

  • How many miles per year did you get?
  • e120711e120711 Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    Dear Car_man or any other member who contributing to help saving millions of hard working dollars,

    Does Mercedes offers dealers incentives this year to get rid of 2010 demos. From past I noticed that it was around 5k for 2009. There is couple 2010 c-class demo with around 7,000 miles, although they never been registered, I do not think it fare to treat them as a 0 mile 2010 car. Any input will be helpful.

    Once again, thank you very much Car_man and his helpers for saving a lots of money, energy and sanity for countless people around the nation. I hope one day current car dealership business model will become more simpler and transparent.
  • Thank you for sharing your experience in negotiating your car purchase. I am interested in purchasing a 2010 C300 Auto transmission. Have not decided on the sport or luxury model. Will test drive both models to narrow the decision. Given the time of year, limited inventory of 2010 models, would it be worth pursuing a 2010 model? Can I expect a savings in a 2010 model vs. the 2011 model. I would assume that dealers are motivated to clear their 2010 inventories.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 183
    2012 redesigned C-Class will be released in about 6 months! Huge improvements! My advice: if you can wait, don't buy 2011 model, unless you can get super cheap deal. If you want to lease - don't lease for more than 2years or 27 months.
    Read this article: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class upcoming changes: SNEAK PEEK, so you can understand why...
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