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Infiniti G35 Navigation System



  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Actually you get a coupon code. You must print out the code and have them install it. They can't update it without that code. Takes about an hour or less. Also make sure you get your CDDB updated. That's the Gracenote CD id database. That's free under warranty. Do this as well as updating the maps. The actual map update procedure takes about 35 minutes.
  • hrbstrhrbstr Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I have a 2005 G35X all stock(for now). What is the latest Navi CD for this vehicle? How do I order it and make sure it doesn't fry something?
    Any help appreciated.


  • jimbob63jimbob63 Posts: 1
    My 08 G35 froze up like yours and the dealership had to replace the audio unit under warranty.It would reboot after a few minutes.
  • steven85steven85 Posts: 1
    The voice recognition feature in my 2007 G35X NAV system doesn't recognize certain towns and cities in NJ. I brought it to the attention of the dealer and Infiniti authorized the replacement of a certain part. Don't know which part was replaced, however I do know...The problem still exists. I will say this,the dealer had another '07 G35 on his lot and that vehicle HAD THE SAME PROBLEM! In the event a reader has an '07 G35 and wants to check his NAV to determine if he has the same problem I will provide the town and state where my problem exists...REMEMBER...VOICE RECOGNITION.....State: NJ Town: Green Brook. The systems response was "Lincroft" Not even close to Green Brook.
    This may be the tip of the iceberg. How many areas of our country are affected by this flaw? I believe its a problem that exists with ALL 2007 G35's with the NAV system since the problem existed on another G35. I would appreciate feedback.
  • beark77beark77 Posts: 1
    Hi Steve,

    You are not alone in the US it's also in Canada that I seem to that problem even with streets in the City that I live in it does not recognize the street names give me all sorts of strange listings that are not even close.

    I have the G35X 2007 as well, It's going in for it's highly expensive maintenance on Monday not looking forward to the bill but according to warranty has to be done.. Like the 100.00 A/C filter that has to be changed, in Canada, if we are lucky we get to use it 2 months out of the year.. thats another beef for another day..

    I am getting the Nav updated by the dealer on Monday so I will see if that makes any difference or not.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I have an 08 G35x and have seen the same issue at times you say tomato it say rudabegga not even close. I had the problem with South Hampton I than manualy set it as a destination to get where I was going. it seems not to have a problem with the voice command a second time, does it learn? I live on Long Island and tested voice command NJ city green brook it acknowledged it the first time.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I have an 08 G35x and have seen the same issue at times you say tomato it say rudabegga not even close. I had the problem with South Hampton I than manualy set it as a destination to get where I was going. it seems not to have a problem with the voice command a second time, does it learn? I live on Long Island and tested voice command NJ city green brook it acknowledged it the first time.

    The part of the Navigation I enjoyed most was the salesman demoing it and asking for my address, which it did not have it prompted 100-1999 and I'm at 60. The salesman tried to blow it off as is it a new block, no my house was built in 1949. Anyway when I entered my address in the system it guided me there and placed a house symbol in the right position just on the wrong side of the street. Close only counts in horeshoes, hand grenades and gps
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Our sytems suck (07 G35)...Acura/Honda's is far superior. The fact that I have to pull over when flying down the highway to see anything more than 5 choices of where to eat borders on insane. I enjoy my portable when we take the girlfriend's car MUCH MUCH more. I only got navi in the G for the music-box.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I actually think its a great Nav, you can use the voice commands to enter your destination if you wish. I personally have never been annoyed by the need to stop in the rare event that I need to use it, its something I can live with, but then again, people are different. On another note, I am no fan of Acuras, never been never will so when I hear their Navs enable this, its a none event for me.

    Lexus completly disables the touch screen once in motion. I am not sure about the Germans, but their cars have never been known for their hi-tech interiors so would not be suprised if there isnt much to offer there.

    So generally speaking, LEX/Infiniti would be Good Navs, Acura would be Excellent, given that you cant disable them, but then again, who cares about Acura :P
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    lol lol Acuras are great cars...just not very muscular and they made the RL look like a TL is hideous though. I have taken long trips and wanted to stop to eat....having 5 options at 80mph is ridiculous. The irony being that I reloaded every few miles to see what else was tell me whats more dangerous lol I could maybe even accept the touch-screen disable...unfortunately, they disable options 6-100 also. Makes no sense. It would have made more sense to tie the touch-screen disable into the passenger seat airbag sensor...that way the attorneys could rest easier at night knowing the the driver has their hands on the wheel while the passenger scrolls around. I passed on navi in my previous two cars, and unless they sucker me in with backup camera and music box on my next car (Prob G37), I will pass on it again. That being said...other than the bad mpgs and the inability to over-ride the recirc button...this car is SPECTACULAR ! !
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    Well said. I have a 2004 Acura TL, and while I am looking fwd to getting a G when my lease is up, I will miss the TL's nav.

    I very rarely enter my destination at a dead stop. Seems like an oversight that Infiniti didn't provide a voice command to let you scroll to the next screen of destinations (like "next screen").

    With points of interest that you save into the system manually, are you able to categorize them? For ex, I have categories like "school" "business" "restaurants". They help me access my poi more quickly. If the G allows that, maybe you can mitigate the issue (at least with your preset poi) by est a lot of categories. Guess that'll only help if you can access categories 6 on with voice?

    Anyone ever use an aftermarket hack to disable the restriction?
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    LOL, I want to assure of one thing. The last thing that will be on you mind when you move over to the G37 is the Nav in your current Acura. You are going to go through these phases:

    1-During break in, you will be enjoying the hi-tech offered, probably downloading some cds into you music box etc.
    2-After break-in you are going to be going wide open throttle, there will come a time when you will think maybe there is too much horsepower in this beast, LOL.
    3- You will realize that 99% of the time, things will go your way on the highway, you can do anything you want, I mean anything.
    4-You will fall in love with the exhaust note, they will be days you will just drive with all windows down, not because its hot, but you just want to listen.

    So I am sure you will be able to move on very quickly from the NAV in the Acura, it will be the last thing on your mind.

    All the best
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I made the same switch. I couldn't help you with the POI on the navi as I dislike it so much I rarely use it. VERY good upgade, but the car is not without flaws. You will also miss your great highway MPGs...your more comfortable (on long trips) seats....your headlights are brigther (trust me)....though mine articulate which is surprisingly effective....and might be annoyed that the car will force you to suck in other cars exhausts in some situations (Can't override the recirc at times).
    I haven't seen a hack, but my car is a lease, so I haven't looked too hard. The bluetooth setup will make the TL seems like MS DOS vs NT lol But don't try to dial with the touchscreen or the touch phonebook while you drive....that's a NO NO lol
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Break-in? Whats that lol lol
    I did triple-digits on the local highway the first day I got it...the exhaust note and thrust was too tempting !
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I played it safe, although the 1200 mile break in period was toooooooooo long. I have to agree with your point on the exhaust fumes though, at times you will suck them in. I had an IS250 prior to the G and there was a button that would just take the nasty air out and leave the interior smelling fresh again.
  • yuxmyygyuxmyyg Posts: 1
    I had this problem exactly the same as yours. I bought 2008 G35xS with Prem, Nav packages in May 2008. After several weeks, I saw the map was spinning from time to time, roughly 2-3 times every 30 minutes. It looked like the GPS lost satellite signal and could not find current location. After 2-3 minutes it was back to normal. But sometimes, the current location showed wrong places, even worse, different roads or parking lots. Many times the guidence was too late for turning.
    I am not sure other people have the similar issues or not.
  • Hello from Sweden!
    I have a problem with my FX35 that i shipped from the states...I knew that the Nav system was a problem. Think its locked to US region... but there must be a way to unlock the system and make the Navigation open to all maps...the GPS must be the same all over the world...Hopefully someone could help me with this must be the same problem on all cars exported to Europe.

    I was thinking to either unlock the DVD player...or make a regionfree copy of a europe map would solve it...but i dont know how to do it.

    I would be so happy if someone out there can help...Greetings from Sweden//Arne Johansson
  • Similar question: but rather just get a Navi CD upgrade, is there anyway you can actually get upgraded navigation system entirely. I hate the pop up and no touch screen option, it is just so dated in comparison to my 07 TL. I am not ready to replace the G35 yet, but wonder if in the meantime I could make it seem new again by upgrading the Navigation?
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    If this is in the manual, then I missed it (sorry).

    How can you delete entries in the 'Previous Addresses' list in the Routes menu? I am not referring to the 'Stored Routes', or 'Stored Addresses'. Just addresses you have entered and used with Route feature. I would either like to selectively delete some of them, or maybe even all.
  • Did you ever get an answer? Im trying to sell the car and do not want this info left in the system
  • I'm hearing $125 + for a dealer install charge on NAV system updates from NAVTECH. This is on top of (current) $99 offer from NAVTECH for purchasing the upgrade ( '09 - '10 upgrade )

    Is there a work around available at a lower cost?

    2008 G35s
  • Just traded my 2007 lease in for a 2010. Gotta say, a near perfect nav system in the old is now very slow, hangs, and has issues. Anyone else experienced this?
  • Hello from Holland!
    I also imported an Infinity ('08-G35) from the States. Did you get the Nav system working? I can't believe it can't be done, the GPS coordinates are correct so I know the GPS works here. Both dealer in Holland and UK say they can't load maps. Do we live in the 19th century??? :mad:
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    > Did you ever get an answer? Im trying to sell the car and do not want this info left in the system

    Nope. I can't believe something like this can't be done. Anybody?
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    Page 4-22 of the Navigation system manual (2005 G-35) has a procedure for clearing the memory.
  • texas2010texas2010 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer? I got an email for the internet $99 upgrade for navigation system, valid until June 30, 2010. Reading fine print about extra charge at dealership for installation... I called Infinite today and they said it was $110 for installation.
  • g352008ksbg352008ksb Posts: 2
    No, I never got an answer on this. I'm thinking there must be an alternative to the high dealer charge. Talking with customer service at NAVTEQ they said many Infiniti dealers do the download free but they heard of dealer charges from $125 to $235. :mad:

    NAVTEQ has a deal restricting their software to INFINITI dealers but there must be a way around that.
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    I checked the manual for the 2007 G35 and found nothing on clearing memory (unfortunately). I still can't believe there isn't a way to delete this route address entries.
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I downloaded tthe 2007 G-35 NAVIGATION SYSTEM manual from

    On page 6-21 there is a procedure for deleting old entries.
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    edited June 2010
    "I downloaded tthe 2007 G-35 NAVIGATION SYSTEM manual from
    On page 6-21 there is a procedure for deleting old entries."

    Yes! Thanks for taking the time to find this.

    To delete Previous Destinations is not real obvious. Here are the steps if anyone else is looking...

    1. Select the Settings button on your console dash.
    2. Choose Navigation from the menu.
    3. Choose Address Book.
    4. Choose Delete Stored Items.
    5. Choose Delete Previous Destination
    6. Then you can select either 'Delete All' or 'Delete One'.

    Delete All will clear out your previous destinations. NOTE: Your stored Address Book will remain intact.
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