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MINI Cooper Clutch & Transmission Questions



  • akb3akb3 Posts: 2
    So sorry to be bearer of bad news but my 2010 Mini is currently in shop with burned out clutch at only 12,000 miles cost to replace is $1500 not under warranty. As with everyone in this forum service implied I didn't know how to drive.
    Will be taking all copies of these posts in fight with service.
  • akb3akb3 Posts: 2
    Posted a reply at end of this forum to you: yes we have a 2010 mini with 12,000 miles and a blown clutch. Repair estimate $1500 not covered under warranty. Like everyone else service implied I didn't know how to drive.
    Let you know the outcome
  • Well, just got the call from my dealer...the transmission is out of the car and the bill will be $3200.00!!!!!!! I am having complete sticker shock!
    Does anybody know how to go about having the dealer pay for it? I have read in previous posts that people have been able to have the dealer pay for all or at least 80%. I believe we have 18,000 miles on the car. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: ?
    I am a great Mini owner...just bought the 5th Countryman to come into the state of Michigan (in January).
    I am so disappointed by this news. : (
    Any help would be so appreciated!
  • Help!!!!
    The same thing is happening to me!!!! $3200.00 for a clutch and flywheel!!!!
    2010 Clubman S!!!!
    How did you go about getting them to pay for it?????
    Im so upset!!!!!
  • clutchedclutched Posts: 5
    Dear 1 minimama,

    Do not despair. They have given you the stasndard dealer speak - it's your fault, your a terrible driver, etc. Bull. Leave the car there at the deaker, no matter what they say. Don't be bullied by their threats tio have you pay storage fees, etc. Just more [non-permissible content removed]. Check your state's lemon laws, Here in PA we contacted a lemon lawyer who specifically deals with BMW / MINI North America in Englewood, NJ. We got ours resolved (2 clutches within 12,000 miles) at no cost. The dealer can threaten, all they want, but there seems to be some hidden defect amongst most all MINI's and thier clutch flywheel assembly Stray strong and determined; offer to pay absolutely nothing. They will fold and replace your parts while getting in a few digs about you and how you drive. Tell them to . . . whatever comes to mind. But smile because they know they are wrong and are only trying to bully you into paying
  • Thank you Clutched!!!!
    They said,"YES"!!!! My dealership contacted Mini USA and they did authorize a "one time only" payment of $3200.00!!!! I am so grateful to all of you wonderful posters and I feel lucky that we have this forum to communicate on! I did say to the dealer that the "one time only" offer tells me that Mini doesn't seem to have confidence in the product if they feel that they need to qualify their offer with that caveat! She agreed and promised that if we experienced clutch and flywheel issues in the next year then she would "go to bat for us". Now my husband's clutch is so much easier and smoother...I have a feeling it was never right from the moment we purchased it last year. Neither of us can get over the feeling when we drive it.
    Well, thank you thank you, thank you! I feel so RICH now and haven't made a penny...HAHA! Thank you everybody!!!
  • ordirishordirish Posts: 2
    Picture this: Sunny afternoon headed up a steep canyon just about approaching Muhullond Drive where James Dean was killed. Clutch on my 2005 Mini Cooper S blows out. Luckily I could coast to the side of the road but it was scary!

    To replace the clutch it will cost $1,300. So here is my question: Should I dump the car as soon as it's fixed and find something else? Or should I stick with it for a while?

    I just moved to LA from Chicago and have so far replaced my breaks and now the clutch. I'm really concerned about future expenses.

  • sable24sable24 Posts: 4
    Well . . . my experience has been that the clutch WILL fail again. But the question is -- how many miles can you go before that happens? The fact that you got 37,000 miles out of the first one is actually pretty good. I seem to get only about half that mileage between clutches, and others who have posted on this forum get even less. So it's kind of a gamble, but it could buy you a little time before you have to make the decision to change cars. No matter what you decide, you'll have to get the clutch repaired now anyway. I'm kind of surprised that it's only $1300 though -- my repairs have been closer to $3,000. Is your flywheel okay or do you not know that yet?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,715
    You REALLY only get 18 - 20,000 miles out of a clutch? That seems like a low number based on my experience. We've owned nothing but manuals since 1979, and on 10 vehicles and over 1.5 million combined miles we've never had to replace a clutch. I have a 2001 Altima with 207,000 miles on the original clutch. That Altima is the only used vehicle I ever bought (12,000 miles on it at purchase), the rest have been new. The two cars before the Altima both had over 230,000 on them when I sold them.

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  • I purchased a 2010 Mini Cooper S with manual transmission. The clutch burned out at 12,000 miles. Mini Corporate told me it was driver abuse and refused to replace the clutch ($3700). After going round and round with the dealership, they agreed to fix it for free. They also did the next best thing, They taught me how to drive their unique manual transmission:

    Cooper S clutch systems are highly sensitive and designed to drive as a race car. When you shift, take your foot off the gas, engage the clutch, shift, release the clutch THEN hit the gas. Do not step on the gas pedal at all when you are releasing the clutch. The only time you step on the gas pedal when shifting is in first gear. Hit the gas and do not go above 1000 RPM as you are shifting. The reason the clutch goes out is because we have been driving the Cooper S like any other manual transmission. With the turbo engine, the flywheel heats up too much and the clutch will burn out if you apply gas as the clutch is released.

    It is weird at first but it totally works. My dealership told me that they now will advise customers on how to drive with a Cooper S clutch. Good luck.
  • innapininnapin Posts: 3
    Is this specificto the "S" not the base am i correctly understanding? thanks
  • sable24sable24 Posts: 4
    Well you aren't talking about the Mini! I've never had a problem with any other manual transmission car, and I've been driving a clutch for 40 years! I've never had to replace a clutch except on the Mini Cooper, and yes, 18-20k miles on a Mini clutch is about as good as it gets. Read all the other posts that have to do with this Mini problem. And I repeat -- this is specific to the Mini Cooper.
  • 58coopers58coopers Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    10,300 mi & the clutch is barely going to get me to the dealer tomorrow...I've told them 3x that I could smell clutch, esp. in 3rd gear. They say I'm abusive to the car. .......But...there's so much more. My wheels had to be replaced because the brake dust from the pads was corroding the finish.They say that was my fault because "I don't keep my wheels clean enough" & those same brake pads aren't going to last to 15k. And the tires, maybe 15k, maybe. And what about the power steering problems? I was sold on my mini, Starling, with initial quality, appearance/style, & performance. But ,sorry to say, she just doesn't have any staying power & she will not be staying at my house....They WILL fix the clutch one way or the other. They will either fix it, then I'll trade it & take my loss & say"bye-bye" or I'll park it in the the driveway til they come & get it & I'll take my loss and again say "bye-bye". I'm a 58 yr old gm & i've owned 15 new cars w/o trouble. This car is not going to eat me out of house & home with it's problems... How ridiculous that BMW would allow such poor quality!!!!Too silly/LOL
  • ordirishordirish Posts: 2
    So here is my question to you - what will you purchase next?
  • 1minimama1minimama Posts: 5
    Here is what worked for me...take your car to the dealer...insist they call Mini USA (but insist nicely) and tell them about this forum and that you have read that there are tons of people who have clutch issues. It took them 2 days to say that they'd take care of it, so be patient. It worked for me! I have a feeling if you try you will be victorious too! They told me they'd fix it this one time only (for free). I love the car and am sticking with it!
    Good Luck and let us know what happens!
  • mjbaughmanmjbaughman Posts: 2
    Well, the 2005 Mini Cooper S began making clutch noises again this month, one month in front of the extended warranty they provided me with the last fix. The dealership has the car again today and the first words out of their mouth was they only see a few of these cars each year and it is driver issues. I promptly responded I have driven a clutch since I was 13 and have been an active reader of Edmonds forum. This one will be interesting, I only have 60.6K miles on the car.
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    The transmission on my 2004 Mini (automatic/basic) went out at 60,000 miles! Must be a magic number! Today, I saw a new model Mini parked next to me. Four doors and quite roomy looking. I only drooled over it for 30 seconds and then wondered what will go wrong with it and when it would happen! Never again!
  • pstrompstrom Posts: 3
    Wow cant beleave so many people with clutch issues..heres mine 6000 miles on mine and under factory warr. and the dealer.... Crevier mini in Santa Ana ca says.... cust neglagence.. you dont know how to drive a clutch, there machanic says he can see what happened just by smelling hes really good.....but if you want him to tear it down ....1500 dollars to look inside.. after 6 weeks and no help from the factory. i had to tow a brand new car that is only 3 months old. to a repair shop as i was not paying 3800 dollars for a clutch.. now i am suing for the repairs that should have been fixed under warr..
  • 1minimama1minimama Posts: 5
    Tell your dealer about this forum...tell them your next step will be to call Mini USA directly.
    Good luck!!! Always be kill more flies with honey than with vinegar!!!! : )
  • I have a 2010 - clutch went at 1800. I marched in to Irvine Mini, they gave me the same line of crap. that I was a negligent driver (even though I've been driving standards for 20 years). We also have the extended warranty. They also told us $3800. We told them they could take their car, we didn't want it any more... and that we were not going to pay one dime to fix a car with a known defect! they conceded, as they knew they had no leg to stand on. They replaced the clutch, no charge.
    As soon as we are no longer upside down, we are selling it!
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    edited May 2011
    Not long ago someone on this forum posted explicit directions on how to drive a manual transmission MINI. And, yes, the directions clearly were different from how the rest of the world (non MINI drivers) has been driving standard transmission cars for decades! Good luck, everyone!
  • I have a 06 mini cooper hardtop automatic and was wondering if it has a CVT transmission,
    the dealer said it did not however, on the internet I keep getting mixed answers, hoping to get the final answer here.

    Does my 2006 have a CVT transmission?

    Thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,004
    If it is an '06 base Cooper, and it's automatic, then it should be the CVT..

    If it is an -S-model, it is a traditional automatic (6-speed).

    This is from Edmunds review of the '06:

    The base Cooper is powered by a 1.6-liter inline four that makes 115 horsepower. This isn't much power by today's standards, but with only 2,300 pounds of car to propel, it's not dreadfully slow. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) with an automanual mode is optional.


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  • alexkid70alexkid70 Posts: 2
    I'm stressing over what to do. I bought a used 09 Cooper s about two months ago. 15,500 miles so car is practically new. I have put about 2500 miles on it and I was just told the clutch needs replacement. Heard the same grinding sound others mentioned. What to do? Mini cooper dealer says they dont cover clutches, dealer where i purchased it is telling me the same. help!
  • alexkid70alexkid70 Posts: 2
    After stressing about this car yesterday I decided to trade it in while it still ran and held some value. Picked up a new mazda with cool features for a lot less. I would never buy this car ever again. My mission is tell everyone i come in contact with, what a piece of crap the Mini Coopers are.
  • mtoolemtoole Posts: 2
    What was the final outcome with Crevier. I am in the same situation. My 2011 Mini Cooper has less that 4000 miles on it and the clutch went out. They are calling it "abuse". I did go to Mini USA and they didn't/wouldn't do anything about it.
  • mtoolemtoole Posts: 2
    I took your advice. I've been really nice for 2.5 weeks now. Mini USA looked at the car. I also dealt with a customer service person at BMW. They continue to say it's "driver profile" and abuse on a 2011 Mini Cooper with only 4000 miles on it. I have driven manual transmission cars for over 20 years without replacing a clutch, let alone the fly wheel. I am dealing with Crevier in Santa Ana. Any other advice. I am not paying for a new clutch and fly wheel on a new car.
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    Not that long ago there was a thread on how MINI USA says their manual transmission MINI's are to be driven. Having learned to drive on manual transmission cars many years ago and having driven a myriad of such cars all my life, I had never come across these guidelines. So, maybe there are differences in how MINI clutches needed to be treated. Too bad the people who sell us MINIs know this and don't let their buyers know this up front! I have driven automatics for the past 10 years. My 2004 automatic MINI basic had it's own challenge.....a transmission needing replacement at 60K miles, for instance....of course, not under warranty! This is not a user-friendly car. Cute....but not so much so under the hood!
  • pstrompstrom Posts: 3
    to give you a update i took my brand new car out of the dealer because they would not warr the repair as like i said the mechanic and the shop forman have super sonic sense of smell...i towed a new car to bullet peformance in santa ana about 5 miles form the dealer and had it repaired... then i turn in the complant to the B A R and filed a complant it is now in the B A R S hands as they are checking into the complant.. i would contact the B A R and file a complant they have another complant about the same clutch issues..
  • deron3085deron3085 Posts: 3
    Mission Accomplished

    I was sold, it was a done deal, I was ordering a brand new Mini Cooper S Convertible with multiple packages....was going to drop over 36K and was ready to put down a 1K deposit.

    Thank God I stumbled across this clutch debacle Mini/BMW will never see one single red cent.

    Sorry for those who have had to deal with this joke, but I am thankful for everyone who have meticulously documented this ridiculous scandal and are sparing the rest of us the impending :lemon: nightmare.

    You can take solace in the fact that your efforts have directly prevented a sure fire purchase. MINI/BMW are you you care?
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