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MINI Cooper Clutch & Transmission Questions



  • howerhower Posts: 2
    Its a shame my 2003 MINI has 42k miles on it and the transmission has failed. They want 6 grand to fix it, this is low mileage for a transmission failure, am I the only one?
  • I need your email to send you my correspondence that succeeded in getting the part paid for by Mini
  • sounds like my situation.

    have you had your car repaired yet?

    If not, it is probably worth talking with the dealership about the repairs & cost especially if you have had all of your previous work done by the dealership. Check out the comments by Ceee Ceee in the previous thread.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be the super squeaky wheel.
  • howerhower Posts: 2
    I called MINI international, let them know of the bad tranny diagnosis from the BMW shop, they had me tow it to the dealership and now the dealership is saying its just the front axles. They also said they wont know for sure until the axles are replaced because the sounds cannot be separated since the tranny is connected to the axles. Wish me luck.
    PS. I had most of my service at MINI but the closest dealer was over 50 miles away, so I had oil changes done at a BMW service shop closer to home.
    Thanks for the response, is your MINI fixed now?
  • 2003 "S" - My seat belt airbag idiot light comes on and stays on. Two Mini mechanics told me it's a faulty electrical plug under the seat(s) that jiggles loose and the computer reads it as a airbag fault and lights up the warning light. The mechanics simply reset the computer and the light goes out until the next "jiggle". Good news: it is not an airbag problem. One recommended either replacing the plug(s) or splicing the wires together to prevent reoccurence. Has anyone ever had this same problem and what was your solution?
  • Old news, but pls see today's post on the airbag light. Did you ever find a solution?
  • My late husband had a very expensive Mercedes and the "Service Engine" light would not stay off! He decided that after numerous attempts to have the dealership's mechanics take care of the problem, without success, he would take care of the problem himself. He taped a small, circular bandaid over the light. By the way, he was a physician. Best wishes!
  • Wowser- good to hear that things are working out for you.

    Yup, my car has been fixed.

    I took it to a third party and learned mid-repair stream that MINI Corp. was willing to help/assist with the cost. OUCH, it was too late!

    In any event, I am now trying to get a good trade-in. If you have any ideas or tips please let me know as I am encountering some friction from the dealership.

    Well, I am off to work on my "MINI Cooper Happy Endings" trade-in campaign.

    Thanks and special thanks to "ramquist" for the great advice.

  • 00m5800m58 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 05 Mini Cooper with a 5-speed manual transmission with 37,000 miles from a private party few months ago.
    I have driven only 600 miles so far, but lately I have started to hear a clattering sound from the clutch/flywheel? when the car is at stop with the gear in neutral.
    Can anyone tell me if this is something that may be related to all the clutch problems posted in this forum and should be looked at immediately by a mechanic?
    And would you recommend to take it to a dealer or private repair shop?

  • Would you mind helping me out too? My manual transmission failed at 65K miles.Neither the dealer NOR the corporate office would do anything for $3K and 6wks later......I had the tranny replaced by my own mechanic, who got a used tranny out of salvaged cooper. I am taking BMW to small claims court in 3 days to ask for compensation. My tranny had a metal bearing that shredded the interior of my transmission, resulting in my car completely locking up on me. Thank God I was not going high speed or could have been seriously hurt.
    I would greatly appreciate your help.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,835
    While I feel your pain, the CarSpace forums cannot be used to organize legal actions and any posts trying to form class action lawsuits will have to be removed.

    Thanks for your cooperation on this!

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  • saddened that my 2005 cvt transmission is not working above 80km/hr (in higher gears)..any suggestions?
  • jimeneivjimeneiv Posts: 1
    My MINI S just start having exactly the same problem you described, the clattering sound from the clutch/flywheel? when the car is at stop with the gear in neutral.

    It has been a while since you start having that issue, would you please share how did it was fixed?

  • I have a 2008 Cooper S with just 8500 miles on it and began hearing terrible noise and soon after the clutch began slipping. In 21 years of owning manual transmissions have never replaced a clutch and was insulted when the SF Mini service guy said that they aren't responsible for how customers drive their cars (i.e. it's my fault). After reading hundreds of other stories like my own I feel less insulted but no less infuriated at the $3300 bill that awaits me to replace the clutch and flywheel on a car that has over 2yrs/40k miles still left of its warranty. I am very interested in hearing more about the above mentioned service bulletin (#210107 "the clutch and dual mas flywheel have an unfavorable tolerance."). How were you able to get them to admit this and based on this bulletin, did Mini pay for the repairs completely? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • well>>>>
    I sold the car just last week because I read so many articles on clutch problems and I knew i couldn't afford to pay for another replacement.
    Here is what I did about my clutch....I found out about all these clutch problems and printed off each one, had a meeting scheduled with the manager from SF mini and the Northern Ca Mini Rep. There I told them that Hell was going to freeze over before I was going to pay their $4200 with only 19000 miles on the car. I found out that this was going to be the 3rd clutch installed. I bought the car with 16000 miles and the previous driver lived in maybe the hills there was not the greatest place for a stick shift...still something fishy going on here. I ended up paying $1100 for the parts and they did the labor for free!
    This cars have very weak clutches.
  • bda2bda2 Posts: 1
    My cooper from 12/06 has had numerous transmission problems with finding a gear around 60 can not decide to up or down shift.... so the RPM just starts rise 3500 > I have had the problem on/off since I got the car in 2006 and how weird it might sound the problem often appears after a service check or a "software upgrade". So the BMW found that because of the cars ability to adapt to the driver a proff. mechanic need to do a "special" drive before handing it over. It usually works and no problem appears for periode - now its back and they are getting really tired of me and they say that everything is fine - but reading all the comments it seems that I´m heading towards a seriose problem. The car has now gone 50.000Miles
    Any suggestions on how to fix the issue that seems to come and go as it please....
  • Where are you people getting number from???? My clutch is at 108k and still going. Last service they quoted $1800, which is STILL high. I have a 2002 MINI S
    Great car, would buy another in a heat beat
  • WOW, I am shocked. I am at OVER 108,000 miles on the original clutch. It must be how one drives!!!!
  • I am at over 108,000 on first clutch
  • buddsterbuddster Posts: 1
    My 07s sporadically slips out of gear as it upshifts?????
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    my situation was different as is my MINI. 2004 automatic. Just died in the middle of the street. Transmission was "shot". Car had about 60K miles on it. Bought it from a dealer at 44K. After making a scene, dealer replaced the transmission free of charge. Car runs like new and now has almost 70K miles. My fingers remain crossed. Good luck!
  • jayeshpjayeshp Posts: 1
    Hey CeeeeCeeee,

    I have the same problem. The transmission blew away in the middle of the freeway with 80K miles on it. I got it from this dealer with 40Kmi on the car 3 years ago. Don't have any warranty left on it now. Do you think i could go ahead and make a scene and hope that the dealer can fix it? :) If yes, what/how do you tell them? I hope my ignorance doesn't bother you.

  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    My MINI had 60,000 miles on it (est.) when my transmission blew. I purchased it with 44,000 miles on it and was specifically concerned about the high mileage when I purchased it. The gal who sold it to me assured me there wouldn't be an issue because it had this 100,000 mile pre-owned MINI guarantee. She tried to backpeddle when I brought it in with the transmission problem. Guess I was lucky because I was dealing with the same person. If I were you, I'd try anything to get them to pay for the fix. So sorry you are having to go through this!
  • I am a normal person with normal driving habits.

    I have a 2006 Cooper S, bought new. The warranty just ran out two months ago (have extended factory, but not maintenance). Last year I hired a lemon lawyer to look into filing a claim because the car had been taken to the dealership for repairs over 20 times in 3 years, many of which clutch/transmission noises, chatters, and malfunctions.

    I have driven manual cars my whole life without problem.

    Took the car in yesterday because of a chattering in the trans/clutch problem. I was just informed that they believe the clutch needs to be replaced again -- but it will require spending $1,500 first to rip apart the car to properly diagnose.

    1. Has anyone ever heard of ANY car (driven by a responsible adult) requiring 3 clutches in 30,000 miles?

    2. Has anyone ever heard of a clutch needing to be re-replaced after one year (approx 10K miles)?

    3. Rhetorical question: Has any other Mini owner had premature clutch malfunction?

    It is against my nature to threaten but I have finally reached my breaking point with Mini (it was right after the dealership hinted that this is all my fault -- abuse and hard driving.) I drive like a normal person. If you want to find something abnormal, just google "MINI" and "CLUTCH."

    I am a journalist for several national magazines. This is the first time I've ever considered playing this card, but I can guarantee Mini that if they do not provide me with a reasonable explanation/solution to this problem, I will devote the next three months of my professional career writing about what it's been like to be a Mini owner. Not exactly fascinating reading, but I will do my best, and I can guarantee a prolific output.

    I would welcome anyone else's stories/concerns/advice either here or at regarding similar problems.

    Thanks for your time.

    C. Brian Smith
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    Sorry to hear about your problems! I have to say that after my transmission
    replacement (2004 basic MINI at about 55,000 miles)my car is running like a
    dream! It now has almost 70,000 miles total and other than the trim popping
    loose from time to time, I have no complaints at all. Wonder what is involved
    ($$$$$) in replacing those clips that are supposed to hold the trim to the body?
    Hmmmm! I can just imagine!
  • minijcwminijcw Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 JCW with 2500 miles. Recently it started making a clunking sound when the clutch is released on 1st gear. The Service Dept opened the clutch and said the clutch is worn with hotpots on the flywheel. They said it is likely due to "driver abuse" and I have to pay for everything.
    I live in a hilly area in the SFBay area. My daughter drives it to school and she is relatively inexperience with a manual car but I have driven with her and she does not ride the clutch or abuses the clutch. We have never been on the track.
    Overall, I have taught others to drive on a Triumph, Acura, Porsche and even a Lotus. No clutch has needed replacement till > 50K miles (Porsche)
    I am not sure what options do I have, do I have replace a clutch every 6 months? Anyone know who makes the Mini clutch?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • stacielawstacielaw Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Mini Cooper S with 40k miles on it. Out of nowhere the clutch started slipping and within 10 miles the car was no longer drivable. I too had to pay nearly $4,000 for a clutch and a flywheel. They tried to blame it on my driving. I have 16 years of experience driving a stick, my last two cars went well over 100k miles before needing a clutch and 90% of the mileage on my Mini was freeway miles. Mini USA told me that NO ONE had reported any problems with clutches or transmissions so it had to be my fault.
  • 31rhodium31rhodium Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Mini Clubman S with < 40k miles. I will now have my 3rd clutch installed. The 1st one was replaced after 12k miles and they said that it was due to my abusive driving - I told them that the parts were defective and replace for free - they did and now I am at the same place again at 39k. I have owned 2 manual transmission cars in my life - one i had for nearly 7 years and everything around the car died except the clutch/transmission - what do you all think?
  • Hi C. Brian Smith:
    We have a 2006 Mini cooper S JCW and have just replaced second clutch. Car has a total of 20,000 miles on it. My wife drives it so gently the brake pads are virtually new!!!
    We purchased an extended maintenance agreement before the expiration of the initial maintenance agreement. Dealer covered the first clutch job before expiration of the initial agreement. Now Dealer says that the second clutch job is not covered under the extended maintenance agreement, because it had not "worn" enough, even though it failed. The symptoms of both failures were exactly the same.
    Apparently Dealer and Mini are going to reimburse me for a nominal portion of the $1800 it took to repair it. That's not good enough.

  • boxingdayboxingday Posts: 9
    As much as I enjoyed driving the mini, I am so glad I sold it when I did. I lost money on the resale but my clutch problems are gone! I must get at least one email a week on this same issue, Mini has a very weak clutch and just won't own up the simple fact that this should be a recall. I have a friend that works as a mechanic for BMW and Mini and he has given me the inside word....."get rid of that car or be prepared to spend money on a regular basis for the replacement of the clutch"
    Good Luck!
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