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Dodge Caliber Tire and Wheels



  • I too am having abnormal wear (cupping and inside wear) and excessive noise. Has anyone found a solution to the problem?
  • Honestly, there IS a problem with the cupping/vibration with the tires. I started this chat 64 people ago that also responded. I was so frustrated like you, and the FIRST chance I had to dump that darn car back into Chrysler's face (dealership), I did. The last time the tires were balanced and aligned (and I had to split the cost with the dealership) since Chrysler and the tire co. argued that they weren't going to be the ones admitting to a problem, the dealership felt sorry for us, and shared the cost of the new tires. Once it was over, I traded the darn car in ASAP. I took a loss, but I did not care.....................I dropped down to a 2004 Grand Prix GT, and I love this car despite it being used and not my new shiny Caliber R/T.
    So I say, either dump the car, or be frustrated all the time. I HATE that car so much that I can't stand it when I see on going down the road............
    Good luck, and I know your frustration. The BIG THREE are losing their butts, and it shows in their workmanship and customer service with Chrysler.
    I am in the process of buying a Kia Sorento that has a 10 yr/ 10k miles warranty, and if you took off the KIA emblem and stuck a GM or Ford or Chrysler emblem
    on it you would not know the difference. The Japaness and the Korean cars are awesome, and the USA could learn from them. They attack KIA because it is giving them a run with customer service and that huge warranty, and now 7k to 10k rebates out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see, I am still trying to get my NEW shiny car back instead of a used one that I had to take to get out of that piece of crap of a Caliber R/T. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • lizzplizzp Posts: 1
    I have a 07 Caliber RT AWD with the factory 17 alloy wheels on it and I have read all 66 posts on this thread. Last year my Caliber had about 7K miles on it. I drove the car in snow about 50 times last winter. Drove like a champ. Handled amazingly well. I could do 50 mph on snowey roads with no slippage. I did however notice the vibration noise people have been mentioning in this thread-it vibrated my steering well so bad that i could go over 40mph. The first time I noticed it I immediately pulled over and emptied all of the snow out from the wheel since I have the 5 star alloy wheels and snow was impacted in the wheel well. Once I removed all the built up snow, the vibration sound was gone and it only occured when I had a build up of snow.

    Now it's winter number 2 and I have 35k miles on the car. Last winter I knocked the alignment out of wack from all of the off road snow driving and took it to the dealership to get it fixed. Once the alignment was fixed it drove like it did when I bought it-no pulling to the left, no vibrations (except when filled with snow). The road noise is still fairly loud but I know it's due to the tires.

    So this year winter I have been driving in snow for about 25 days (Seattle got hit with a major snowstorm and I have spend half my time driving up to Crystal Mtn) and the handling is nothing like it was last year. It sucks so bad that I almost crashed more times that I can count due to the car not griping the road as it did before. The car slides and I got stuck in a an area that previously not have been a problem. All 4 tires are spinning. The alignment is not off but what i did notice happen a month ago is that on smooth pavement the car makes this slight thumping noise. So I assume the tires need to be rotated and take it into a Les Scwab. They told me I have a major nail stuck in the sidewall of my tire causing it to be unbalanced AND one of my other tires has a flat spot and told me I need to get all 4 tires replaced at $950.

    One other thing I did notice, the tires tread are showing the presidents head on the penny. I'm shocked on how fast the tires wore out.

    I love the car so I'm going to get some snow tires for it, so the questions is azcfc, what tires and wheels did you get for winter driving and have you noticed an improvement in the relation to noise and vibration?
  • dmakdmak Posts: 2
    I sure am glad that I found this forum! We've been having more and more problems with the tires on our 2007 Caliber SE (yes I was too cheap to spring for the SXT). the Dunlop SP50 tires were ok for about the first year but have been getting more and more noisy every day and the handling is going south, too. Our tread just evaporated in the past 6 months and we need to get tires very soon. I'll have them check the rims for warp and I'll make sure not to get Dunlop tires again.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Posts: 42
    I do believe that I started this forum about the cupping tires and road noise with my SXT back in 2006. I was so frustrated like so many of you. I did love the look of the Caliber SXT, but absolutely HATED the issues all the time with the tires needing alignments all the time, and also the cupping of the tires constantly, and the road noise drove me nuts. I broke down and SOLD the car. I now own a 2008 Nissan 3.5 SL which is kick A__ __ in quality and also in looks. Good luck with your Caliber.
    I have no headaches anymore after I dumped that car. My tires were changed to Michelins that I had to pay for mostly so at that point I let the car go.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    How many miles/kilometers do you have on your 2007 SE?
    The car is probably 3 yrs old now and "normal" average milage
    would probably see the tire near the end of it's safe life if you
    have followed manufactures recommended inflation and tire
    rotation periods in the owners manual.
    I took delivery of my SXT with Firestone Affinity tires (el cheapos)
    August of 2006,I have just hit 25,000 miles/40,000 kilometers and
    amazingly they still look quite good and perform reasonably well
    however due to my personal habit they will be replaced this fall
    with Michelin Hydroedge models.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Hi how you doing?
    How long did you keep the Pontiac that you got after
    the Caliber?
    If I recall your first post about the tire problems related to an RT AWD.

    "HUGE tire issues with my Dodge Caliber AWD R/T by dodgeman6"

    There were a number of RT owners who had the experience you had
    and it has been/was resolved in most cases with 4 wheel alignment
    and better quality tires.Then again you may have just had a "lemon".

    Anyway glad to see your happy and all the best.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Posts: 42
    I had huge issues with cupping of tires and road noise. Cailbers are well known for this sort of stuff. I liked the inside of it and the exterior look, but NOT the road noise coming from the tires. They were changed out twice and my expense too. Nobody owned up that there is an issue with the cupping and realignments all the time to keep this car??? on the road. Glad you are managing with yours.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Posts: 42
    That was not the case with mine. It was a nice looking car......that's it.
    I sold my Grand Prix to my grandson!! It is still running great today. Fell in love with the new Nissan Altima 08 just recently too. No problems with Pontiac or Nissan to date.
    Anyway glad to see you are happy with your Caliber too.
  • I too have been having issue with severe tire cupping. It started well over a yr ago. I own an 07'. They can not figure out what has cause the cupping, overinflation (not true as only the dealership inflates my tires), alignment but i have done nothing to put my car out of alignment.
  • I see lots of Calibers driving around, but I always wonder if they will experience cupping tires with loud road noise. They are telling you the same thing they told me about inflation and alignments. Keep on them or try to dump the car without hurting yourself even more financially with the trade in. Now that I am out of mine, I like a more roomier vehicle even. We purchased a Kia Sorento Suv and WOW that is a great all around vehicle, I tell ya. Kia sure is putting out great products these days.
    My Nissan Altima 3.5 is tops as well. Good luck with your Caliber, and I am sorry you are having these issues like I did.
  • azcfcazcfc Posts: 3
    Had the same problem at 14,000 miles. My service department must have received a memo from corporate not to deal with it and to tell customers to try new tires. There were only four manufacturers of this size at the time, so I went with the highest rated set (Kumho). The dealer has since folded and in talking with the former service crew, they were told it was the Low End Firestone tires that were seperating earlier than expected. I now have 56,000 miles on my Caliber and not one problem with the tires or noise since.
    If you like the car, just change the tires.
  • I did like the Caliber design, etc. But, dealership and tire co and Dodge Mfgr., would not work together with me to get this issue with tires/noise/cupping fixed. I went along with it until they stopped helping me since it kept happening. It was going to be a cost for me to suck up with new tires over and I ditched the car.
    It was brand new at the time. You are the lucky one. The costs to fix vehicles that is the tire co. fault or the car mfgr's fault should not be placed on the customer. That is my beef. They said they would make me pay for repeated alignments, and new tires everytime the the issues came about in the future. I said..........I'M DONE...and walked away from the mess.
  • For me it was the cheap firestones that the dealer had on the car. Once I broke down and spent the money on new tires have not had a problem since, no cupping no loud noise. But I do seem to need to have my brakes done more on this car than on other cars I have had of approx same size. Good luck
  • Hmmmmmm.
    "Big Mac" here--[Germany]-- I've got 44,000 miles on MY 2008 Dodge Caliber
    RT / AWD. Just had the brake-pads replaced, but no problem with MY tires--
    knock on wood. However, I DO have a DIFFERENT set of tires I use from
    October to April (long winters).
    The only problem that I THOUGHT I had was "NOT" being able to see over
    my backseats. It IS a S=A=F=E=T=Y issue as I'm tall. I've discovered you
    CAN tilt those back-seats back a notch-- giving a better view. Ditto with re-
    placing the back-window wiper with a bigger-- after dealer' purchase-- arm&blade.
    I can NOW see through MOST of the back window, instead of about, what?,
    seven-inches? MUCH better view... and bigger wipers LAST longer! I did the
    same on front... I look out over the TOP of the windscreen/shield-- not the
    middle. This allows a fella over 6'5" to see out the back-- even in a heavy Ba-
    varian snow-- or rain, for THAT matter!
    If you've followed my pearls-of-wisdom, you'll remember [see] that I put 100-
    miles-a-day, at 100-MPH, usually, on cruise-control. The recommended
    speed-limit IS 90-MPH, however, driving at THAT speed is usually during in-
    clemment weather with fog-lights on. A heavy rain will bring the speed down
    to maybe 70-MPH, depending upon the traffic. There IS traffic that COULD
    make you wish you HAD depends on. Ha! Other than my horrible linguistic
    skills, it's very enjoyable driving my white Caliber around the rolling European
    countryside. Wish I had one of those newer ones {but they QUIT making
    AWD-Calibers} that have the words "DODGE" emblazzened atop the Ram.
    Often, a German will ask "Cool! What's the Make?" The Caliber is, now,
    VERY popular, here. Maybe THAT is WHY the new ones-- finally-- have
    "DODGE" on them. My previous car had DODGE badged on the back, and
    Chrysler on both sides... about time. :) :shades: ;) :blush: :P
  • Hi Big Mac! I love your humor, and I love Germany!! We visited there last year around Oktoberfest time. My husband is full German, and I am half German.
    The speed limits that you drive at in Germany is unbelievable! Wow!!! I did love the Caliber 2006 AWD look when I had the car for sure. I hope it keeps improving for those that like it. Now if I would have driven my Caliber in Germany at such fast speeds, I probably would have went deaf from the road noise, and the tires would have shredded off from the wheels.....lolol. My Caliber had severe cupping of the tires, and no alignment could correct it either. Tires were changed, but no improvement. Back then rumors were surfacing that Chrysler knew it had a problem but would not admit.
    Since mine was only 6 months old with same problems over and over, and NEW, I became very leary of owning it. I am glad you are enjoying your Caliber on the speedway!!!
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