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Dodge Caliber Engine Problems



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    There isn't much else you can do. Hopefully you can find a better dealer. Good luck.
  • We have been having the same issue with our 08 caliber. Has been in the dealer several times but they can not get it to duplicate the stalling so they will no do anything. We have 20000 miles on ours now and this has been going on for almost a year. I have contacted Chrysler still waiting on the response team to get back to us. We are ready to push it off a cliff. Dealer told me last time that he had another customer that was having the same issue, but this time he recanted that statement and said he never told me that so I think there is something that they dont want us to know about these cars.
  • You listed email is not any good, can you provide me with a correct one. My email is I just poste the reply above
  • I wonder if anyone has used the lemon law for their dodge caliber. i have had to get an alternator . And it was after the warranty expired. I had to get the hatchback door fixed. they replaced the latch and it still won't open. I work to jobs and haven't had time to take it back yet., I got stuck on my street in the snow storm this past Saturday. I drove back and forth and the check engine light came on. i have had older used cars and the engine light doesn't come on as much as with the caliber. The two years years that i've had it it always started except when I had to gewt a new battery. yet, a car this new shouldn't have this many problems.
  • I have went thru the process of taking my caliber to the dodge service station to have it fixed several times (see my previous post), however, they always say "can not dupilcate". So i did all the steps the "lemon law" required. They denied my claim TWICE (not to mention i would email them EVERYDAY) and told me there was nothing they could do. They never responded via mail, which was suppose to happen; i had to call up myself to see the status of my claim. I got so tired of their BS i traded in my car. It was either my sanity and my family's life (car was stalling at random) or me trading in my car. I too my chance and now I'm happy driving a Honda CRV. I have mention in this forum if anyone wants to sue we should all get together and do this. No one has ever responded. The car company's are just taking out money and giving us junk and the governments are allowing them to do so.
  • I am having the same issue with Chrysler and the Lemon Law. They will not help me because the dealer can not duplicate the stalling issue. Please email me at my personal email I would like to discuss this with you and see what we might be able to do.
  • dweezildweezil Posts: 271
    The Lifetime Warranty was always for the original owner only and non transferable and not a secret.

    Sorry to hear about your problems because I wanted one of these and in Consumer Reports they have an average repair rating, the best for any of Chrysler's offerings
  • I bought the RT model in Sept. of '08 only slightly used.
    The dealership told me that when it came off of the truck the engine was bad so it was replaced. It had almost 400 miles on it when it was bought. Since I've had the car, I've had to buy FIVE new tires for it (and tires for this car are NOT cheap. $120 easy.), new break pads, a rotor and yesterday was the worst of engine blew up with a little over 40,000 miles on it. LUCKILY mine still has a warranty. Also, my console latch broke and the compartment above my glove box won't hold itself up.
    No wonder the prices of them dropped tremendously. Very cheaply made.
  • I hear a whinning noise also in my tranmission when I start my car up. It stops after driving it for 2-3 hours. I can stand to hear it so I tried turning up my radio and still hear it. I brought my car in January 2010. I have not heard of this kind of noise in almost new car. I brought a 2003 Outlander which is a 3 year old car when I brought and I never heard or had trouble with that . I missed that car. I was in accidient with it and total loss it. When i saw ths Dodge and drove it it seem like a great car until a month later. If there is a suite let me know.
  • frbutt2921frbutt2921 Posts: 2
    I think I'm having the same noises. Did you find out for sure what the issue is? I agree with you the best mechanical fix for this car is probably to take advantage of your GAP insurance.
  • Hi, Have the same problem (2008 sounds like a diesel) did you get your resolved?
  • I have a 2007 dodge caliber and it started stalling about 3 months after I bought it. I have taking to the dealer several times. It is actually at the dealer now and they told me that is how the engine was made. If you go 75 - 80 mph for a period of time the car will stall, it shows it is running hot when it actually isnt. I drive alot and the speed limit is 75 on alot of freeways I take so it will take my hours to get to my destinantion. I am really frustrated with this car. I was reviewing the lemon law and Breach of Warranty (BOW) claim 30137/?icid=main%7Chp-laptop%7Cdl8%7Csec3_lnk3%7C171374

    From what I have read it seems like alot of people who have blogged may have a case. Even if they cannot duplicate the problem there is definitely a problem in general. And this vehicle is a safety hazard. I am considering taking legal action. If anyone is interested in joining suit please let me know. Or if anyone has similar issues please let me know. My email is
  • jen54jen54 Posts: 2
    Maybe we should get a commercial going where people can call in if they have a problem with the Dodge Caliber for a Group Lawsuit (kind of what people are doing with Accutane and Yaz). I'll try to pay attention to the commercials for the law firm grou that is putting these adds together.
  • jen54jen54 Posts: 2
    Has anyone else been told by a dealer not turn your car off (or take key out of the ignition) if it stalls because the computer information in the car will lose code information? Maybe we should contact the law firm that does the commercials on TV for Group Lawsuits for complaints against Accutain and Yaz. We can do one for the Dodge Caliber.
  • hello the car lot i work for has one i fixed the problem, in the back seat under is the acsses for the fuel pump check the pigtail to your fuel pump might not have good contact in the plug, o and the rattleing noise is two things i fuond out to be the pulleys,timming chain tensioner it about 50.00 at th dealer hope this helps
  • I bought this 2007 hott mess of a car Dec 20th 2009. it had 35,000 miles on it wheni bought it. a few weeks later i took it back to San francisco Ford where i got it from and told them i heard a noise coming from the engine. they claimed they too it for a test drive and did not hear anything. a few weeks later i called again and told them i heard it getting a little louder of a rattling sound. They told me that their should not be anything wron with an almost still new car. now that i has been about 10 months it now sounds like i have a truck instead of a little car. i have had a few people look at it and some think it was a pulley others the water pump. im lost and anygry. please let me know if you find out what your noise it. We need to start a class action law suit in all acutality. then maybe they will stop taking advantge of consumers
  • I have told ppl that we all need to band together and do a class action against them. I posted the same issues I was having with my 2007 on this site. I too had the same problem plus some. Ever since the 1st week the car gave me headaches and literally made me sick with all the issues i was having. The service dept could never duplicate or solve the problem. The lemon law also sucks. They denied my claim twice and never contacted me to tell me. By the time someone did decide to pay attention I had already traded in my car. I hated the fact that someone else would have to deal with the car, if they purchased it, but I had to take the loss and trade the car in before I loss my mental state and even more money.
  • I jsut had my sisters 07 caliber in the dealer and they told her that the ticking noise is because #4 cylinder is loosing compression.. ive been around the car business for a long time and well her car only has 58,000 miles on it and this shouldnt happen. they want to tear the engine down and replace #4 piston and rings and hope that fixes the problem. like anyone has thousands of dollars to throw at a car.. check the compression and see what happens..
  • lucyslucys Posts: 1
    So i am having the same problem with the stalling issues... Its seem like everytime it rains or if im at a stop taking my foot slowly off brake it shacks and then it stalls. When i brought it in the first time they said it was a upgrading issue ( it was after 9 months having the car..and it needed to be upgraded...i dont get it) the second,third all the way up to 8 times bringing my car back to the dealer... they tell me it was normal and it happens with all of there cars...( hes words exactly "my wife has this car and it shacks all the time thats normal) P.S. im a girl and i know they were just bullshitin me because they think i dont really know anything.. I tried calling head office but they dont help with anything.. So now im stuck with this stupid car and i will probably trade it in because i dont know what else to do.
  • I have the same noise in my engine have had it since 40,000 km does any one know what it is also I have a flucuation in my rpms at Idle Dodge doesn't seem to think the knock is a problem
  • I bought my 07 Caliber SXT a little over a year ago. It only had one owner and was at 31000 miles. When I test drove it and even for about a month after I bought the car, no troubles at all. Then I start to hear a rattle. I cannot tell where it is coming from and I hear some complaints about welding issues? Also, I had an issue one day where I started my car and I noticed the electronic throttle control light was on. When I tried to drive it, it would sputter and I could only go about 10 feet and the car would stop on its own. I called my dealer. He told me to shut the car off, leave it off for about 30 seconds and restart the car. There was not a problem after that as far as that goes, but I didn't pay good money for my first newer vehicle to have it do crap like this. Then sometimes when I take off it there is a creaking noise that comes from the front left (driver) side. Now when I start the car, and only when I start the car and its cold and only lasts for a few mins, there is this metal on metal knocking sound and it is very loud. What in the world is going on? I love my Caliber and I don't want to get rid of it, but I can't afford to keep having issues with it. I want some input before I take it in and let someone touch it. :confuse:
  • I too have this issue and forgot to mention it in my complete list of crap going wrong, but have you found out what it is yet? My kids' dad told me it was normal, I said he was nuts. That is not normal. My fluctuation usually only happens when I have the heat or air on but when I shut it off, nothing!!! If you have found the issue please let me know.
  • I have a 2007 Caliber. I have had it for 3 years tomorrow. Just since Nov. 20th 2010 when it rains the passenger side, back seat floor area, fills with water. I thought we found were the water is coming in from and filled and covered the area. This last rain over the weekend put water in the car. Does any know of any issues like this and how was it fixed. Please help.
  • txmom4txmom4 Posts: 1
    While in LA, four hours from home, our 2007 Caliber died. It turned over once & then smoke came out of the engine block, next the electrical went. It had just started making a horrible knocking sound which can only be described as sounding like a diesel as someone else put it. We had it looked at & was told it had something to do with a belt but, would be ok for this trip. Now it's stuck in Shreveport & I am really hesitant to have it towed to a dealership because I'm afraid of being overcharged since we're from out of state. Since others have had the same noise, has anyone found out what this knocking could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have had my Caliber since the beginning in 2007. I have been in the shop numerous times. I've replaced the PCM at least 3 times and the throttle body keeps going to no resolve. I have now had to replace a coil in my engine as a piston isn't firing right or something. I also have had to replace the tie rods and ball joints in the front. My first problem was a water leak too. I called Chrysler dodge headquarters with the number the dealership gave me and they said, putting complaints on the internet does nothing. They haven't heard one complaint yet. They told me that you Caliber owners need to contact the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority. These are the people that make recalls. If the throttle body keeps going, it is wrecking the pistons and getting the gears stuck and sounding like a diesel engine. I now also replaced my clutch. Its possible that the throttle body was the problem causing the clutch to go too. Please complain to the NHTSA. This problem is similar to the stuck gas pedal. Its going top cause accidents and result in lawsuits.
  • complaint for is here its simple.
  • Just got the same trouble Jan 29. Check Engine start flashing.
    Towed my car to Dodge dealer... Bought it in CA, but now I'm in Phoenix.
    Will see what they are should say...
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Once is sufficient, caliberednot - we have rules against spamming where the same post is repeated excessively.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • i just got a 08 dodge caliber 2.0L and theres a ticking sound coming from the engine, is that normal?? and when im sitting and a stop light and the car is in Drive theres a engine rumble the whole car rumbles, is that fixable??
  • I have an 07 Caliber. It has around 75,000 miles on it. It's an automatic, but seems to be having similar problems. If the weather is cold or rainy, the car shutters and shuts off when I am in reverse. The check engine light will kick on and off. We've had it looked at several times and they keep informing us it's the fuel sensor. Each time, we have replaced the sensor and it's still doing this. More recently however, there is a knocking noise that is coming from the engine. This only happens when I first start the car. After the engine is warm, the knocking stops. I've had several people say it almost sounds like a rod knocking. Does anyone have any recent information about the problems with these calibers?
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