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Chevrolet Impala Accessories & Modifications



  • Which wire did you ground out?? What color??? Did you lose any functions (chimes,etc..)? Thanks
  • Hello you might want to check out there is a guy there that reprograms clusters. This is the North American IMpala Owners Assn. web site lots of info for everyone.
  • Hello everyone. I am a newbie here but a long time member of NAIOA. North american IMpala owners assn. check out the web site there is tons of info to answer most all of your questions mods ect.
  • jjcskyjjcsky Posts: 7
    Just got an Impala SS loaded (wood grain, of course, not the fake metallic stuff - by the way, why does gm hate to make cars that are black w. the neutral interior? took forever to locate this car). Anyway, very happy, but like most of you, I think it could look better. The website says they have a dealer option for the Chrome Five Spoke Triangular Wheels (they look great) but the dealer says the wheels still have not come out. Question

    1. Has anyone else looked into this and could you shed light on this for me?

    2. Does anyone have these wheels already and would you post a pic of the car so we could get a sense of one looks like w. the wheels?

    Thanks, John
  • webbersewebberse Posts: 1
    Did you find one? I have looked everywhere online and would like to replace my 2000 center console, tan, with a new and improved one. My cup holder finally broke, but "Gorilla Glue" put it back together. Are 2001 center consoles compatible with the 2000? Thanks for any info.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I've actually never looked, as my cup holders are still holding together. While I haven't compared the two, I can't imagine why the 2001-2005 bench seat console/armrest wouldn't fit in a 2000 model. My recommendation would be to find a "you pull it" parts place and see if you can find one, and also see what's involved in removing/replacing the part - if you can tear into the parts car seat and figure it out, you'll get a pretty good idea as to whether it's doable or not.

    My guess is it should be a pretty simple connection between the bracket that is connected to the seat, and the actual armrest...but I'd experiment with the donor car first just in case.
  • frstr8frstr8 Posts: 2

    My guess would be that an axle got bent during the installation of the new springs.
  • Hey guys and gals, I'm new here. I have a 2004 Chevy Imapala and I'm trying to change all of the interior bulbs in the vehicle to red. the bulbs are 194, but I seem to be having trouble pulling them out of the map lights in the mirror.

    i don't have a manual for my vehicle but a co-worker of mine doubts that it would be in there. Any solutions or suggestions on how to get the small bulbs out of the bottom of the rear view mirror?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    As luck would have it, I replaced my auto-dimming mirror on my 2000 Impala about 6 months ago, and still have the old one lying around (actually it's in my desk drawer at work, but that's another story). I'll send myself an e-mail to remind me to take a look at it tomorrow and see if I can easily tear it apart or not.

    Mine is the auto-dimming version without OnStar...don't know if that's the same as yours or not, but I'll let you know what I run into when I tear into it.

    p.s. If you register your Impala at I think you should be able to download a pdf of your owner's manual! :D
  • thanks a lot.

    i have the same mirror, auto-dimming without OnStar. i tried to cut the seal, but after looking over the mirror for several minutes, i don't think there is a way inside of it.

    i will register on that website for a manual. appreciate the info
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Okay, just pulled the mirror out and took a look at it (which admittedly is probably easier to do if you remove the mirror as opposed to having to do this hanging upside down)...basically on mine there's the clear lens area for each light, and each has a black plastic rim around that. If you look along the edge of that rim and the rest of the mirror, there's a notch where you can insert a small screwdriver or knife blade where there's a plastic latch that keeps the lens in place. Basically pop the lens off, and the bulb remains attached inside the base of the mirror, where you should simply be able to easily pull/replace the bulb (mine pulled right out without any problems). If you can get the lens out but are having problems getting the bulbs out for some reason, you could always put some type of red film/filter inside each lens and maybe get the effect you're looking for.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    There are a lot of LEDs out there these days too that will save battery power and save the mirror from getting hot after extended use.

    As for that replacement, auto-dimming much and was it new? I'm considering replacing my manual mirror for the auto-dimming one. My last car had it and I didn't think I'd miss it but I do. Thanks...
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I bought a new replacment from the original one gradually quit dimming properly, and I suffered with it for a couple of years before finally getting tired of it (and like you, realizing how nice it is to have when it does work). As I recall it was @ $180, which is admittedly a lot of money, but since I plan to keep the car for another couple of years I figured it was worth it.

    Easy enough to replace, just disconnect it from the windshield and unplug the wires...if I'd realized that I'd have probably done it much sooner.

    You might also consider going to a "you-pull-it" type parts place and see if you can find a used one...might not last as long as a brand-new one, but would certainly be cheaper.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    A used parts store was what I had in mind. Thanks for the info. :) I figured it would be a lot of money. A factory replacement of the plain plastic passenger-side side-view mirror insert (just the mirror) was $45 new. Gotta love the fairness in that. :)
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    My experience with electronic parts at used parts places has never been good, and I invariably end up wasting time and money going that route versus just buying the part new to being with. My previous car ('89 Celica) developed a problem with the HVAC controls, which were electronic. The AC worked, but the heat didn't...I went without heat for a year which was miserable, then I bought a used unit and put it in, which also didn't work. I finally broke down and spent the $400 for a new unit, and it worked great...I'm have been much better off spending that money two years earlier versus suffering through two years with no heat (not counting the money I wasted on the used unit).
  • well, i've been trying to do it the way you did for the past week, but my hands are too big to get a good grip on it. I wanted to use pliers but feared the bulb breaking.

    an employee of mine, who also owns an impala told me he changed his from clear to blue bulbs and told me to pry the bulb out with a flat head screwdriver. sure enough, it popped right out, with the replacing of the red bulbs being easier than removing the standard ones.

    my interior is completely red now, with the two rear reading lights, the two rear view map lights, the two under dash lights and the cigarette light all being red.

    completely cool. thanks for the input everyone
  • 00imp00imp Posts: 1
    Hello I was wondering if anyone out there has upgraded to 22" wheels on there 00-05 Impala. If so what kind of mods did you have to do to your suspension?
  • Hi, I have a 2006 Impala and want to know if these are good exhaust tips for it. They look great in the pictures like they fit the bumper perfectly, but has anyone done anything like this to theirs yet?

    Link to the tips
  • Ordered mine from a very helpful seller on ebay here in Toronto, Canada. HE went to a dealership for me to make sure the chrome exhast tip would fit and look ok on my '06 Impala LT.
    Should be receiving package today ....i will let you know if you are still interested...
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm asking for my sister. Please let us know if they look like the picture and total price paid. They seemed a little pricey on the web site referenced. Thanks! :)
  • Hi Quietpro.....
    I received.. and now have the chrome exhaust tip on and it looks absolutely great !!
    They are exactly what you see in the picture ..great quality
    and no welding required with just 3 screws holds them firmly in place. Ordered from cadillac performance in Toronto...
    2 for $60.00 on ebay ...much much cheaper than GM dealership.
    Hope this helps...
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sounds great! Thanks a lot for the info. :)
  • impala02impala02 Posts: 1
    I just paid 5400 for a 02 impala, perfect outside, inside is beat up because of hte fact of it used to be a undercover cop car. 73,000 miles on it. Does any one know a good site or place i could go to get good performance items for it. Also i need carpet,and a center console.... Also does anyone know a really good cool air intake i could buy for it, and what about a nice performence chip mabye. And whear can i find a carbon hood? Mabye someone can help me out a little..? thanx

  • Try for "new" seats and interior pieces. Ebay is a good bet too, but shipping new seats would probably be pretty costly and they would have a good chance of getting damaged in transit by the UPS gorillas :D .
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hi Guys...just for your info.....!!

    You know, I have purchased items from Ebay maybe 3 or 4 times now over the past year. I have had nothing but positive experiences here, although I know there are some horror stories around out there . I make sure shipping included insurance...just in case.
    Anyway, for example.. I purchased 4 tires and 4 alloy wheels like new and had them shipped via UPS all the way from sunny California to Toronto, for about $ 210.00.
    It was well worth it for me...and saved a bundle..

    Frank ;)
  • corny40corny40 Posts: 20
    Well, I finally got it done (plus some other stuff) and thought I would share. Thanks! :)

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105

    Those are some great looking mods. I like the contrasting colors to accent the new pieces you've added. I've looked in the GM Performance Parts website and not found anything like what have have installed. I'm particularly interested in the upper strut reinforcing crossmember for the front and rear. If you have a link, would you mind sharing it? Did you also change the struts themselves? What have you observed in handling changes after the installation of them? (I'm curious because I installed similar components along with Koni struts and springs on a VW GTI back in the '80s; made it corner like it was on rails.) Again--it looks great!
  • Do not drive that car in the inner city!!....... :shades:
  • corny40corny40 Posts: 20
    Don't worry, I have a crime deterrent installed. :)
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    As far as the strut tower braces, check out this link where I got most of my info.

    Don't listen to the part about buying bolts in the first post. You don't need to. You'll see what I mean towards the end of the thread. I know it's long, but there is alot of good info in there. If you have any questions after that, let me know. :)

    Oh yeah, I didn't change the struts, just added the braces, and yes, she handles like she's on rails. :surprise:
  • beav1beav1 Posts: 1
    Hi, I was wondering if you still had the wiring diagram for the factory amp. Impala hq's site is down permanently, and I cant find another diagram, any help would be appreciated.

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