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Honda Civic Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • mgrantazmgrantaz Posts: 11
    To rkbates:
    My story started the same way...noise, rotation, balance, but it did no good. Got louder and louder, wore out uneven, and shook. Dealer looked at everything, said all was okay, just replace tires. I did, but not with same ones. See my other posts here. Good luck.
  • 74apollo74apollo Posts: 22
    It sure sounds like tire control arms. We had same problem only we complained about road noise & vibration at 10,000 miles and they found the bulletin. They replaced the arms and tried to tell us that we would have to pay for new tires. Because we had all of our service done at the same dealer where we bought the vehicle, we continued to press the issue until they called Honda regional office and then agreed to replace the tires free of charge.

    Keep in mind that they are not required to bring up bulletins issued on their vehicles unless the customer complains. A bulletin is not the same as a warranty recall in their minds.

    You may have to look through the other threads on maintenance issues cuz there are a lot of complaints about the tire control arms.
  • Mar. 27, 2009
    Because I have found this blog to be so valuable in my struggle to deal with this issue, I want to update what happened with me, since last blog. After ~5 phone calls to American Honda in Torrance, CA and the dealership that sold me the car, they basically ran me around the block. I then went to another mechanic who ran the car up on the lift and told me that the arms on the car did NOT have the "C" that the definitely correctly manufactured arms have on them. I ended up buying the new rear upper control arms kit, and having it installed, and buying 4 new tires and having the tires balanced and mounted, all at my own expense.
    Now, when I called an alignment guy for the final step, he wants to sell me another "adjustable" set of rear control arms for another $500. I have already been told by Honda and ~4 other mechanics that no such "adjustable" arms existed.
    I must admit that this whole business has made me very very angry with Honda.
  • rkbatesrkbates Posts: 3
    Took hch to jack o diamonds honda in tyler tx today. They replaced the control arms, balanced the ruined tires and aligned under warranty. Would not replace tire that has 14000 miles on them. Now it rattles. Before we drove off we called honda cus serv and the rep said the tires were bad. Asked for supervisor and will call in 1-2 days. While waiting on phone a young couple was looking at the new cars and hubby yelled 'don't buy a honda they won't stand behind it'. Saleman promptly took them inside. Good laugh anyway! And yes the fight is on or they can have this hch back! Also my hch surges when accelarating. But they can't get it to do it. Surged about 20 miles from dealer. I get about 35 mpg.
  • mgrantazmgrantaz Posts: 11
    If you look back at my messages from July 2008, you'll see that my tires grew worse and worse, got louder and louder, and the vibration/shaking became unbearable at 70-80 MPH. New, different tires solved the noise and vibration problem. The OEM tires are horrible.
  • beeh87beeh87 Posts: 1
    What kind of Yoko AVID's did you get exactly? And what is your average MPG?

  • humblejdhumblejd Posts: 2
    I have an '08 HCH, I was having problems with the alignment after having the car for only about 8 months. The dealer then told me that there was a part I could have replaced and it would fix it. So I got the rear control arm replaced, but at that point my tires had already become too unreversably worn. The wear only increased. At this point, a few months later, my tires are all worn and bare on the inside and two have very bad cupping. I need to replace my tires and am not sure which tires to replace them with. Has anyone had the control arm replaced and then gotten new tires that meet the same mpg? Are new tires wearing just as badly even with the control arm fix? Thanks.
  • phbmrgnphbmrgn Posts: 3
    I own a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. I have had the car serviced at the dealer as per the manual specifications. I check the tire pressure with each fill up and have never had a tire below recommended PSI. In 2005 at 3100 miles I had to replace the original tires due to uneven wear and cupping. I purchased Sears tires with 75,000 mile warranty. In 2008 Sears replaced one tire and balanced all tires at no charge due to excessive wear and cupping. Honda then realigned the wheels. Now, at 98,000 miles the Honda Service Center tells me the alignment is out again and I need to replace all tires due to uneven wear. Where should I start? Should I go to Sears and ask them to honor the warranty? Or, should I press the Honda Service Center to trouble shoot the cause of the wear? Should I write off these tires as a bad choice and buy a different brand? Is it time to trade?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    One thing I don't see you mentioning is rotation. Are you rotating the tires every 5-6,000 miles? It's pretty much a given that there's no such thing as a "perfect" alignment and tires have to be rotated to avoid unusual wear patterns and make them last longer.

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  • phbmrgnphbmrgn Posts: 3
    Yes, the tires have been rotated as per the Honda Service Manual schedule and the tire manufacturer's recommendations. So, the latest set of tires were rotated by Honda in January 2008 and again in June 2008. No mention of unusual tire wear in their inspection report. In July 2008 Sears replaced at no charge one badly cupped tire and aligned the wheels. In June 2009 (this month) Honda rotated the tires again. The inspection report noted uneven wear and recommended replacement of all 4 tires. How could the tires deteriorate so quickly?
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Rotation only delays the problem a little. My new tires with the new suspension are starting to have a very faint noise but still have 90% tread. I have rotated these at Sams and I am about to conclude to leave the same tires on the back and when the noise gets so bad you can't stand it rotate them off the car.

    As far as fuel mileage is concerned, my mileage went up with the two OEMs on the back and then dropped with non OEMs on the back. Weird! The Goodrich are good cheap tires but now I suggest you go another route. Get the new Michelin fuel savers or Goodyear fuel max if you can find them at a reasonable price.
  • I just had my '07 repaired Wednesday. I will say it was painless and only cost me a total of $102 for new tires. This was due, in large part, to the posts on this forum related to the subject.

    I had printed out many of the posts as well as a copy of TSB 08-001 also posted here. Armed with all of this I contacted the service manager at our Honda dealership. We have always had good luck with our Hondas (have had 8 or 9 since our first Accord in '79) and the dealership has always treated us well, both up front and the sales end and consistently in the service department. We currenly own 2 HCH's, my '07 and my wife's '08. We were the first two HCH family our dealership was aware of (at least at their dealership).

    My daughter and her fiance complained this past spring about the noise level in the back seat. They couldn't hear what we were saying up front unless we hollered. I drove my wife's '08 later that day and noted a MUCH lower noise level. I chaulked it up to those cheap Dunlop tires. But hers were exactly the same as mine. I let is slide until I had need for an oil change and a couple of other items needed addressed under warranty. I actually stumbled on the control arm thread while seeking info on a glitch in the IMA system!

    At any rate, the service manager at our dealership has a totally different take on TSB's than most, it seems. "If is not right, Honda should fix it", he says. "If I can convince them it should be a reimbursable repair, then it should cost the customer nothing". We had a brief discussion on TSB's (which you and I may not know about unless we go searching for them and then complain long and loud enough). He doesn't agree with the way Honda handles TSB's, but I guess it is commonly done this way.

    The upper control arms were replaced (no cost to me for parts or labor), the tires were replaced (only charged a percentage of what they normally would run...that was the $102), tires were mounted and balanced and resintalled on the car and the car was computer aligned...and then washed before I picked it up in the later afternoon.

    I had a good experience (if something like this can be called a good experience). If you have this issue, go armed with copies of posts from this forum and others and take a copy of TSB 08-001 with you. If you can't find it here, email me and I'll make a .pdf file copy of it and email it back to you.

    Good luck!

    And we really do love both of our HCH's!
  • tgbuildertgbuilder Posts: 1
    I own a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid and am experiencing uneven rear tire wear and cupping. The tire life is reduced to 20,000 miles.The car came equipped with the upper rear control arm that was supposed to fix this problem. Obviously, that did not fix the problem. I'm on my second set of tires now. I've read the messages on
    this forum and it appears this problem has existed at least since 2003. Does
    anyone have the solution to this problem?
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    They replaced mine on my 2007 and I am starting to get road noise again. Most likely it is weak struts and shocks from the factory.
    My last Honda ever. The quality is after profit for these guys as evident they made a profit when everyone else is going down the tubes.
  • astonesastones Posts: 1
    I have had exactly the same problem. Don't go to PENINSULA HONDA in Hampton, VA. After care is very poor!

    They tried (still trying) everything to get out of paying, taking responsibility or doing the work. I've been through 2 tires (6 new total), on average, every 16000 miles. Even after showing the dealership the Honda Service Bulletin (08-001) they refused to take any action and refered me to Honda HQ. The service manager said "there's nothing i can do"!

    So frustrating....after reading this forum and spending $750.00 on new tires for a known problem i doubt very much if i'll ever buy another Honda product.
  • I have a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid that has had all recommended maintenance, including tire rotation. All reports to that point indicated that the tires were in good condition. There are 13,000 miles on the car at that point. Two months later at 15,000 miles, after excessive noise and vibration, I'm told the tires all need to be replaced due to inside wear and cupping. I see that this is a somewhat common issue in this vehicle and am annoyed the neither Honda or the dealerships take ownership of this problem and correcting it. When first reported, the dealership failed to mention that this was a known issue on the car and basically told me I must have hit a pot hole or something. I had the tires replaced with Dunlops (those were the original tires) and the car still vibrates. I'm told my car has the updated arm on the rear tires and doesn't have the same problem as the multitude of posts on this site. Obviously there is something wrong with this car model. I would appreciate anyone's information on how they got the tires replaced, aligned, rotated, etc. without having to shell out hundreds of dollars every few months. I'm counting the days until I can turn this leased vehicle back into the dealership. I will not get another civic hybrid.
  • phbmrgnphbmrgn Posts: 3
    I can only give you a "reality check" and say that I had the same experience with my 2003 Hybrid. After reading the related posts, I decided it was time to trade the Civic for an Insight. I used my knowledge of the tire wear problem as leverage in negotiating the trade in value of the Civic. Good luck!
  • kg0330kg0330 Posts: 1
    I have HCH 08 and the front two wheels are worn on the inside after 23K. Curiously, for the rear tires, only one on driver's side is worn on the inside. I called the dealer and they said I must have hit a pot hole (the same song and dance other users here got) . My regular mechanic refused to serviced the car due to his machine did not detect any misalignment. Funny thing is that American Honda said my car VIN does not fall in to the Service Bulletin updated JULY 22, 2009 (

    I guess the control arm issues don't appy to my specific VIN, yet my car has the same cupping problem.

    I'm not sure what to do next. I'm tempted to just bring it to Sears for alignment and tire replacement and not have to deal with the dealer who doesn't what to deal with the dddreal issue here :-)
  • oreo1oreo1 Posts: 2
    '07 civic EX 2 dr., started to hear loud noise from right rear of car above 60-70 MPH, seemed to go away when below 35 MPH. Took to dealer for look-see, as it is still under warranty only 14500 miles. Yep, changed out the rear control arms at no charge, realighned 4 wheels. Both rear tires are cupped on the inside and they offered to sale me "New" tires for about $360. I think you can guess what I said. If your part damages my part, then you should pay for my part. It would be the same as if you hit my fender with your car, then you should be responsible to fix my fender. Sure hope someone would post that TSB.
    Also, steering wheel squeaks when turning into or out of a parking spot, latest word is another" TSB" that calls for stop bumper replacements on the front suspension. :mad:
  • go back to my old posts. i got my new michelins paid for by honda america. the case number is posted. use it.

    i am not happy with the 2006 hch. i wish my dad had bought me a used station wagon. after taxes, we paid 26k for a car that doesn't get the mileage they said it would and isn't backed up by the manufacturer. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • my 1990 toyota camry was better. i gave it to a young man with 2 children when i got the hch. the toyota didn't corner as well, but it got better mileage than stated, after 266k miles! 35 mpg! and, the car is still running another 100k later!!!! yeah, its back to toyota after i have enough money to pass the civic on to a deserving person. at least the civic it has high safety ratings.
  • oreo1oreo1 Posts: 2
    I'll give Honda a call first thing in the morning as I'm still waiting for the local dealer to call me on a diff. problem as in squeaking right rear suspension bars that they replaced last week; Of course they cannot hear it.
    Thanks again
  • I have a HCH 2008 and I too have had this issue with the cupping etc. I called Honda and spoke to my dealer. The best they can do is for the dealer to pay half of the cost of fixing the rear arm control. Something is better than nothing. But this upsets me since i have spent money on replacing the tires too soon. Honda wasnt willing to do anything on their end. I hate my HCH. I should have bought the Prius.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    I have HCH 08 and the front two wheels are worn on the inside after 23K.

    I have to ask... did you rotate the tires? Because there's no such thing as a "perfect alignment" on ANY vehicle. If you don't rotate the tires every 5-6,000 miles, you WILL get some kind unusual wear patterns.

    At 23K, should have been rotated at least three times. Check with any independent tire shop and they'll tell you the same.

    I used to be a slacker on tire rotation, but once I hooked up with a tire shop instead of my dealer on tires, I started having them rotated regularly. (Your local tire guy may rotate them for free if you buy the tires from him like mine does)

    We put a lot of miles on our vehicles and I have to say the evidence is pretty strong. Before I became a "rotator" I was getting a max of about 30,000 miles out of a set of tires. I haven't gotten less than 50,000 out of a set since. The last set of tires on my 2001 Altima went to 60,000 miles and if it hadn't been heading into fall and winter last year I likely would have gotten close to 65,000 out of them Right now they have 20K on them and at the latest rotation I measured the tread depth and they are at about 8/32 (started at 11/32) so I'm right on schedule to get 50K+ again.

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  • I rotated my tires four times before 30,000 miles- and they were still horribly worn. The alignment was also adjusted when they fixed the rear arm. Did you have the rear arm replaced on your '08 Hybrid? What was the mileage when you got it fixed?
  • After the second tire rotation at 10,000 miles, I noticed heavy tire noise. The dealership showed me the factory bulletin and installed upgraded rear control arms at their expense. I had tire alignment checked (OK!) at a good tire store. The tire merchant and a Honda service writer both have told me that the cupping of all four tires will not be "healed" by wear-in, as claimed by Honda.

    The dealership has checked the tires on 2 more occasions and the Service Manager elevated my claim to the District Representative, who turned me down flat.

    Honda's national customer relations group has told me the District Rep has the final say. They can do no more.

    I now have 15,000 miles on the car and there is strong vibration in the 50s and 70s mph. I am worried after reading this blog that perhaps my alignment is not ok. I am also very concerned about wear and tear on the car, which I can't afford to replace like the tires.

    I've asked Honda's Customer Relations to annotate my complaint with the comment that I have been a very loyal customer through 4 Hondas, but this has ripped my loyalty away.

    Where can I find a good class action lawyer? :
  • My tires wore out at 30K on my HCH06. I had the dealer replace the upper control arm for free, but got nothing for pre-mature tire wear. They aligned and balanced the tires free as well.
    I need new tires! I used the Dunlop OEM's and they gave me 40 mph (with 15%ethanol fuel) and I want to maintain that.
    I heard of recommendations like Bridgestone Potenza or Escopia EP100, Cooper GFE and Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max. All are LRR tires I believe.
    What tire should I get???? Help! I need them in a couple weeks for a long trip.
    Thanks folks.
  • I now know from these postings that there is a design flaw in my 2008 Civic Hybrid and its tire wear. It started at about 23000 miles and now at 32000 it is almost unbearable! I, too, have had my tires rotated by our Honda dealer with every oil change and have record of such. After all, who else am I going to take it to for an oil change? After reading all these postings about this sorry tire/car design, I realize that I probably made a big mistake in buying this car. Where is your savings if you have to buy a new set of tires extremely prematurely? But what really ticks me off is that way too much of the good mileage of this cars is based on a freakin' tire instead of the hybrid assist system. We have been had. And another thing----the car is a HONDA which is the reason I bought it. Why in the world won't they take responsibility for this problem. I hope there is a class action lawsuit that will put thousands of dollars back in our pockets.
  • After dealer replacement of rear upper control arms on my 06 HCH (after of a year of [non-permissible content removed] excuses when they knew of the problem; a buddy ran his Civic off the road from bad tires), it is much better but not perfect; tires still tilted inward and wear on the inside. However, I may be fooled by better wearing tires (Yokohama AVID TRZ; almost as good mileage (high 40s to 50 MPG summer; low 40s winter) as Dunlop OEMs Their TSB admits to the problem FINALLY so I assumed that 2008 would be fine. Make sure you have the correct control arms on the rear. Like you say, we trusted HONDA and got, do I regret not getting a Prius.

    P.S. I change my own engine and tranny oil - 5W-20 Quaker State works fine and little or no mileage loss (0W-20 is way too pricey) and the $8/quart of CVT oil at the dealer is hard to take but only 3 quarts every 30K or so.
  • Could you please tell me more about these Yokohama AVID TRZ substitutes? Isn't it funny that Honda only recognizes 2 tire brands with each one having one model for the Civic Hybrid but yet if you take this problem we have been discussing to Honda then its the "tire manufacturer's fault"? Does that even make sense?
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