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Honda Civic Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • at 19000 miles, just recently found out abt the control arms and tire replacements...and obviously honda is not paying anything to replace tires. Has anyone had any luck on any complaints against the company regarding this problem coz the AH doesnt seem to care. Also had a problem with external water pump last year...i guess thats so much for a honda....there ends my honda loyalty.
  • I have exactly the same problem (HCH 2008) . At 14000 miles I went to the dealer for 1st minor service, they told me the rear-tire edges are wearing down, need to change two tires and recommended to do alignment by paying $99.I had my initial oil change done at 7000 miles, they did not tell me anything at that time. After I showed my frustration, dealer tells me to check with bridgestone for tire warranty (which is not going to work because I did not purchase the tires from Bridgestone, Honda did).
    1. I would like to know if anybody has contacted American Honda main office and has any response from them.
    2. If I do an alignment check outside (not with Honda service) and find no-alignment issues, are they going to pay for this.
    3. Given such a massive number of complaints, is anybody aware of mass-law-suit in progress or preparation.

  • I have a 2008 HCH and 3 of the 4 covers for the lugnuts are chipping. There are no scratches or chips on the rims themselves. Honda has replaced one aready and they have sent pictures in to get an opinion from Honda, but so far the dealer says it is from driving. I only have 12,000 miles and am extremely careful with the car everywhere I go. I find it hard to believe that after 14 months and 12,000 miles that 3 of the 4 inserts would be chipping. Has anyone else had a simliar problem? Thanks, Mike
  • I just have to let you know that I decided that I wasn't going to put up with Honda and its attitude about these tires so I went out and found a 2008 Prius program car with the exact same features my 2008 Civic Hybrid has and since it did not affect my monthly payments and only had 8000 miles on it I traded in the Civic Hybrid and never looked back. I did not want to say, "I regretted not buying the Prius" when I had the opportunity. I forgot how comfortable/plush these cars really are. Maybe I can still be part of the lawsuit, anyway.
  • eljoheljoh Posts: 3
    First, thank to all forum folks for entering information about HCH 2008. I found out about 2 TSBs that did apply to my car (auto stop hard restart issue, acceleration from stop issue). Took in for my B1 minor service, took printed out pdfs of the TSBs. No problem. Then at service desk to pick up car, tech says "your tires all have a lot of inner wear, and your right rear is bald on the inner side. We recommend you get an alignment and consider replacing the bad tire."

    Me: I think this is covered by a TSB.
    Tech: I'm not sure, but don't think so.
    Me: Let's have a look
    Tech: clicks around on puter for several minutes, says " I know there is one for the 2006, but don't think it applies to 2008"
    Me: I'm pretty sure and it's in my VIN range as I recall. I ddin't print it out as i didn't know I had that issue. Keep looking.
    Tech calls over supervisor.
    I ask them to read out loud.
    They do.
    slowly it emerges that my VIN is covered by TSB 08-001 (all 06-07, and a vin range for 08). Then they tell me my wear isn't enuf to qualify. I respond sounds pretty dangerous, so it must qualify. Then they read "if the inner part is bald" you ignore the middle tread number, and enter the prorate chart ata 2/32 tread. The TSB also says, do NOT replace only one tire, if one tire bad, replace 2.

    A bit more polite smiling persistance, and a full 08-001 TSB service done at no charge, and a rental car paid for, as they were not equipped to do all this that afternoon. I had to split the cost of 2 tires 50%.

    I think they did well by me EXCEPT -- when the tech told me of my inner tire wear issue, he used exactly the phraseology from the TSB, yet never mentioned it, nor seemed to think it could possible be.

    At home, did some research the 2008 HCH was added to this TSB (versus creating a new TSB) Feb 08, so it is possible (?) that they weren't fully aware that 08 had been added (early 08s - like mine bought in 07).

    I did find the TSB 08-001 and saved it as a pdf, i cannot figure out the link i used to get to, but do know i googled HCH TSB 08-001 and eventually found the PDF. Its'a 5 page PDF and the dealer has to take all sorts of photos of the tires so they can be reimbursed.

    hope this helps you all.
  • eljoheljoh Posts: 3
    check out my posting, number 108 in this thread.. there is a tsb that covers this issue and I just got the work done "free." TSB 08-001.

  • Let me share my story.

    I bought a 2008 HCH in November of 2007. All was fine until I had snow tires last winter. In February 2009, I found out that my snow tires were worn and needed to be replaced. I bought Goodyear Triple Treads. In less than two months, I started hearing some loud humming at certain speeds. At my next scheduled service, i found out that my tires were cupping (in fact, the snow tires also had cupped). That was in June. The service manager told me about the TSB and replaced the rear control arms. he said they couldn't do anything for me on the tires. I bought a new set of Triple Treads.

    Two weeks ago, I had my tires rotated, and the same noise is back. I'm goiing back to the dealership.

    In the meantime, another thought popped into my head. Why were the OEM tires okay? They weigh 18 lbs. each, while the Triple Treads weigh 24 lbs. each.

    My question for you is: could that make a difference? Should I stick with LRR tires on my HCH? Or is the problem elsewhere?

  • I bought a HCH 2008 in May of 2008 and I have 50,000 miles on it now. Last winter (at about 25,000) Honda noticed that my tires were wearing unevenly and told me that I needed to get my alignment checked. (And yes before you ask, Honda performed all of the required maintenance on my car and and did all the tire rotations as scheduled). They "fixed" it or so I was told. About 20,000 miles later, I noticed that my car was making some crazy noises. So I take it back to Honda, and they tell me that I need my alignment "fixed" again and that I need my rear rotator arm or whatever fixed. BUT I also need new tires now because the original Dunlops wore unevenly. So - I get my alignment "fixed" again and the rear rotator arm is "fixed" as well (at no charge), and I buy Yokohama Avid TRZ tires for my car because the Dunlops were crappy in ice and snow. I like the Yokohama tires - they are better but my mpg dropped from 45 to 38 mpg. So - what do I do now? Do I keep the car and just deal with having to buy new tires every year? Should I keep the Yokohamas and hope they deal with this problem better or go back to the Dunlops and just expect to buy new tires every year? Or should I stay with a better tire and just deal with the drop in mpg? Someone, please, please help me! Thanks.
  • I had/have similar problems with a 2006 HCH and after 3 sets of tires and all sorts of excuses, Honda kindly replaced the upper control arm (incompetent bogus design). It's better but still noisy and premature Yoko AVIDs are about shot after 30K. I get 45-50 MPG (low 40s in winter) with them though (Dunlops were a little better); driving habits must be the difference.

    BUT I can't believe that Honda has allowed this problem to fester...they knew in 2006 that they screwed up (rear tires tilted inward) and it's still happening...this is outrageous...we must band together and demand a recall. I complained to NHTSA (clearly a safety issue...quick wear = more accidents even deaths) and wrote to Honda; I suggest everyone do the same. And next time, buy a PRIUS.
  • With the Dunlops - I got 50 mpg in the summer and 47 mpg in the winter. I also got 50,000 miles out of them. I do only highway driving and I put the cruise control on at 60 mph and stay there for the entire time. I was still getting this mileage until I changed tires and that's the only thing that I changed and my mpg drops like a rock? WTF? Also the TSB states that my car does not fall into this catagory that by the time my car was made, this problem was FIXED! Uh - yeah right! Anyway - I don't want this car anymore and with the amount of driving I do - its making me nervous. I need to decide if I want to keep dealing with this crap or get something else and just take a hit (money wise) just to have piece of mind. I bought this car with the idea that I would own it until it died, because its a Honda right? I am SO disappointed. Anyway - I am calling my lawyer and seeing if I can do anything about this. I'll keep you all updated.......
  • New HCH purchased 7/08 by my wife from the local dealer. Car has 18,000 miles. Tires have considerably less than that, since I had 4 studded snows mounted on their own wheels from Nov-March. (With snows on, car is much louder and poorer gas mileage, but well worth it for the traction in our locale, also TPMS doesn't work & amber annunciator for same remains illuminated). Now, my garage guy tells me the tires (Dunlops) are totally worn. I'm thinking: 12,000, maybe 13,000 on a set of new tires? Outrageous! Honda seems unhelpful, as does Dunlop. I was told unofficially that "they" but really cheap, light tires on the new hybrids to save cost, weight, and increase gas mileage. I'm thinking what good is 40 mpg if I need new tires every year?

    I see from other comments here about HCH TSB 08-001. Anyone got a link where I can download/print it? We're going to put the nows back on now, which means in the Spring, we either sell the car or buy new tires; any suggestions?

  • eljoheljoh Posts: 3
    Sorry to hear you share our problems with tire wear. The TSB 08-001 has a specific VIN number region for 2008 Hybrids that it applies to. This is also listed on the TSB. I found a PDF by googling "TSB 08-001" so that should work for you to.

    Good Luck.
  • tomobtomob Posts: 1
    Our HCH is a 2007 model and at 16000 miles this past May we took it in to our selling honda dealership in Gainesville Fla with rear tire alignment and abnormal rear tire wear.

    I noted the uneven wear when having an oil change while the car was up on a lift. The dealer said there was a kit they needed to install p/n 04523-SNA-A01 which they accomplished for free along with the alignment. I think this was the upper control arms. However the two new Dunlop tires costs 111.00 each plus 50 labor so it cost me a total of 294.37.

    Guess what, had the car on the lift last week at 22,000 miles for another oil change and rear tires are again worn on the inside surfaces and the car rides very noisy and vibrates like crazy above 75 mph. While on the lift we did some checking and the front edges of the rear tires are 5/8 inch wider across the front compared to the rear edges of the rear tires. i.e. the tires are towed outward 5/8 inch.

    I wonder if Honda even can fix this problem which I think is caused by the extra rear end weight of the batteries. Put a load on the car and in the trunk and it just makes it worse. The rear end is not designed for the squat caused by this weight.

    What do you guys think? Tom In north Fla
  • HCH 2007: 65,000 on OEM Bridgestone Insignia SE200 (All-Season). Going to buy same set again. :)
  • azoxybenzeneazoxybenzene Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    Read your post #143 on the Honda Civic Rear end suspension problems. We have a HCH with only 17,000 miles and the rear tires are almost worn out and its starting to make a lot of noise and vibrate. Would appreciate it if you could send me the PDF of the TSB 08-001 service bulletin.
    Edwin Geels
  • brehmster1brehmster1 Posts: 1
    May 17, 2010

    2008 Honda Civic Hybrid 16,000 miles and rear tire wear is unbearable. Car shakes and is loud. I bought my car with a salvage title due to a storm on a dealer lot, it had 3 miles on it and still had all the plastic on the outside and inside. There was nothing wrong with this car other than scratches and broken glass...with that said I bought the recomended kit in the TSB-08-001 since Honda would not cover mine under warranty. I can understand that since I have a salvage title but when I went to install them I discovered I already have the ones with a "C" marked on them. Are the ones with a "C" supposed to fix the issue? Did Honda just sell me the same ones I already have? I realize I have a salvage titled car but Honda has really shown their true colors when trying to get answers and or help with trying to solve this issue. Local dealerships played stupid..."never heard of such a problem" I only paid $15000 for my HCH so I can swallow a little extra to fix crap like this but I feel really bad for anyone who paid top dollar for their HCH and have to deal with Honda on this issue...this is one reason I don't buy new. Honda's have always been great cars for me but they really screwed up on this one : ( :cry: I am still waiting to get an answer from Honda customer service on this "C" marking to see if maybe I have a new batch that are different then what I already have...tic toc tic toc...and I wait. I will most likely buy some aftermarket adjustable arms so then I will not waste another set of tires. Pitiful!
  • NoisyWheelNoisyWheel Posts: 4
    Been there ! .... Don't expect satisfaction from Honda.

    The car was designed with hard-rubber tires (for better gas mileage) that wear terribly.
    The car also had a service bulletin requiring exchance of a rear linkage in the suspension (you can Google the bulletin).

    Honda and the dealer will likely give you the runaround (they did same to us) since they've heard it all before.

    We (and apparently most other owners) have changed tires to minimize our problem. Suggest a low rolling resistence tire (see Tire Rack for data on selection). Expect gas mileage to suffer (approx, 5 mpg.) when you change tires.

    By the way the OEM tires were/are (in my estimation) a safety hazard ! We discovered this once when we decelerated approaching a stoplight. The car skidded into the intersection (dry, clean pavement).

    From my engineering point of view, Honda made trade-offs to optimize mpg. Unfortunately, you are noticing/experiencing the trade-offs at your cost !
  • uberbaumuberbaum Posts: 1
    hybridguyx2, I am experiencing exactly the same issue with my '09 HCH which has had extreme inner rear tire wear after just a little over 10k miles. If you still have the .pdf handy please let me know, I am preparing to go to bat with my dealer who says this type of wear is "normal" when clearly it isn't. Thank you!
  • lyninmainelyninmaine Posts: 15
    hi, i am busy planting or i would look this up for you, but, go to my old messages. i posted my case number. i got $429.00 paid by honda america for 4 new michelin tires i got from sam's club. do it now! honda will try to tell you you didn't rotate your tires perfectly when the wear is not a rotation issue. control arm problems coupled with very cheap tires is the culprit - unless the control arms are not the same as older models. those low profile tires are cheap and are part of a hoax to get better mileage that cannot be achieved with a good tire. i am unimpressed with honda as a corporatation.
  • Just to know you are not alone, twice I had to replace my tires at the dealership. They usaed Yokihamas. I had been rotating and ligning them per schedule as I was seeing them bi-weekly for my many other issues. I finally went to Sears and got some good Goodyearts tires and kept them rotated and aligned and had no other issues. No they were not what the dealership put on, but I had road hazard protectioon on all of them and when they went out either to due that or premature wear, they were replaced free of charge, something Honda never did for me! Just IMHO...
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,768
    I've been buying cars and getting service from the same dealer since 1979, but back in 1987 when I brought a vehicle in for inspection and decided that I wanted to change the tires, they pointed me to a local tire shop where they told me they were getting them anyway. Since tires are one of the more important things on a car, I'm a firm believer in taking care of them. And a specialty tire shop is a bit better choice than the dealership in my view. Not the the dealer service is bad, but tires are sort of just another "part" for them.

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  • bosslessbossless Posts: 179
    I need to replace my tires soon. What tire is the best for this car in terms of milage and noise? I hate noisy tires. I have a 2006 with the rear alignment mod.
  • I went with original Bridgestone set after I drove 66,000 on them in MA for my 2007 HCH. ;)
  • bosslessbossless Posts: 179
    Can you tell me which specific type of Bridgestone?
  • dungeonlaadungeonlaa Posts: 23
    edited November 2010
    Sorry for late answer: 195/65R15S BST Insignia SE200. Paid for 4 $303.28 + $39.00 alighnment :) after 66.000 miles ;)
  • It seems this forum has been quiet for about a year and a half, but I'll post anyway.

    I was wondering if anyone has any recent opinions on the best tires for an 06 hch.
    I'm due for new tires again and wanted some opinions on wear vs. mpg vs. price.

    I just read the majority of this discussion and was wondering if any of you had any new experiences to share about tires.
  • bosslessbossless Posts: 179
    I recommend the Bridgestone Ecopia 100. A quiet tire with low rolling resistance.
  • anananan Posts: 1

    I have a constant loss of air in one tire. I have to put air in the tire sometimes several times a month, to every other month depending on "i have no idea what"
    I have been advised that there are no holes in the tire.
    Why would I be losing air in one tire?

    It's like pulling teeth, asking questions getting them to do anything to pursue the issue.

    is something like this covered under warranty?
    I am being told if it is what they think it is...wouldnt be covered under warranty BUT I have been taking the car to the dealer since I bought it for this very reason. So i feel it was a pre-existing condition.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,768
    With no hole in the tire, it could be a corroded or otherwise damaged rim that's not letting the tire bead seal. Could be a leak at the valve stem. Or it could be that the bead on the tire is damaged or malformed and not letting it seat right on the rim.

    It HAS to be one of those, because there's not much of anything else that could go wrong. I really can't imagine anything associated with a "wear item" like a tire being covered under warranty. If you go to a reputable tire shop, they should be able to figure out fairly easily where the issue is.

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