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Dodge Magnum Transmission Issues



  • mateo3mateo3 Posts: 1
    I just took my 06 magnum in for similar problem. They replaced the ADAP plug, $14.43 for the part, $36.99 for fluid and $181.00 for labor, plus tax for a total of $232.42.
  • chicomechicome Posts: 1
    That just happened to me three days ago. I called my local dodge service dealer to ask them if i can add some fluid but they said only they can add it. They would not even tell me which type to use. To bring it in and for $280.00 they will check it. I towed it home and I'm sorry but i'm old school. I loosened the pan using a No. 30 star driver, drained the fluid and found the filter pretty plugged. I purchased a new filter and gasket from O'Riely's auto. They looked up the fluid, it takes 5 and 1/3 quarts of ATF +4 transmission fluid. I drove it to work today and it runs fine. Good luck.
  • Im trynna get the id tag on my transmission for my05 dodge magnum sxt how would find it?
  • dpearisodpeariso Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    I recently Purchased the 07 magnum with 109,000 miles. Car run`s and sounds perfect . no dash lights indicators(dummy lights) are on. Now the issue is between 3rd and fourth gear between 35 to 45 Mph i get a mild to medium surge back and fourth is the best way i can describe it. now i can speed up to make it go away . local mech.was no help told me there were no dash lights so there was no reason to hook up tester. stated if it went away when i speed up to do that. its been awhile since i`ve been that angry. Any way if there are any idea`s on the reslution please advise. thank you in advance for any help that you can provide!! also would like to add that it doesn`t seem to be slipping rpm`s kind of surge as well..i also put a new battery in it was told it would resolve it as well no luck there. battery didn`t chang the problem.
  • My '05 Magnum recently started having that same problem around 112,000 mi. The advice I have gotten so far from my mechanic friends is to get the transmission system drained and cleaned and filter replaced. Est. cost is around $200.
  • I have that shuddering and vibration now. How much did that cost??
  • Yeah i have a 2005 and it never gave any indication as to trouble with the trans. I was driving one day and it just got stuck in gear. I went to a place to see if they had a dip stick to check my fluid. Luckily they did said that thing is like a 100+ . so my fluid level was fine. I had a diagnostic done for 89.00 and they said a whole bunch of stuff was bad in the trans. I took it to a transmission shop they said maybe try to change the filter first. I'm stuck i don't know what to do. 144k on it now. I've had t for 3 yrs and did some highway driving a lot.
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