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Jeep Liberty Problem Codes and TSBs



  • What a piece of junk 132,000 miles on it always got the oil changed 3,000 miles check engine light came on driving down the road and it stalls out the odometer needle was going crazy, my husband was out of work trying to get caught up on bills drive it to the chrysler dodge dealer says it needs an oxy sensor, crank sensor cylinder heads and catylitic converter $6,450.00 freaking out do not have the money and mind you the car does not start up
  • Hi there, we had a similar scenario.
    1.) take your jeep to a local mechanic shop, dealers are ripoffs. Have mechanic replace the crank speed sensor located on the right side of the engine block. Hard to see unless its up on the lift. It's threaded into engine block with a 12 volt wire lead that goes back to the onboard computer. This sensor costs about 20 to 25 dollars at a parts store.

    2.)Also have mechanic spray a can of carb cleaner into throttle body intake while engine is running. This will burn out most carbon deposits in throttle bottle and top of cylinder heads. Engine will stall out several times while doing this. Then have him pull the spark plugs if they look carboned up and nasty then replace them at about $4 each, will be cheaper at a place like Autozone. Also it wouldn't hurt to add a bottle of stp gas and carb treatment to the gas tank. Average cost for this job including labor should run about $125- $150.
    Good Luck. Hope this works for you. It did for us.
  • HI i appreciate you writing back I just spoke to them I need $7,400 in parts alone.without the labor They said that I need 2 head cylinders timing belt catalytic converter, that the heads are burnt up. I am so stressed have been crying all day they said something about a speed sensor but never fixed it they replaced the oxy sensor and crank sensor,I owe them 488.00 for that Do you think it will run if I do that, as of right now I need it towed
  • Question for you on this Jeep liberty 2002 that you replace the Piston #2 and works fine.

    Is it still running?

    I have same issue #2 piston. It is sitting on my drive way to either fix or junk.

    please help.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    In spite of what the scan tool says, it smells like a bad EGR valve to me. Questions to pose to you are:

    1. Do you "blow the egr valves nose" on a regular basis, in other words do you with a fully warmed up engine and from s dead stop and with overdrive locked out, stomp on the gas and blow out all of the accumulated carbon from the engine?
    2. Do you do lots of city (stop and go) driving or mostly highway driving?
    3. Are you still using the Mobil 1 0W-40 garbage oil?
    4. Do you clean the boost sensor at the back of the intake manifold on a regular basis?
    5. Do you use any fuel additives or cetane improvers?
  • Hi they say something with piston # 3 I have not done a thing with it yet it is just sitting also, The dodge dealer wanted called back and wanted $7,400 for parts alone for that amount of money It is ridiculous you could get a junkyard engine or parts. I will keep you posted, If you look at post #95 this sounds like something to try before anything,
  • Hi I always use Mobil 1 I also put a gas additive in it, I do a lot of city driving stop and go, I never let the engine warm up and always ran the car with very little gas which was why I went to get the fuel filter fixed and they replaced spark plugs $200 and then had oxy sensor and crank sensor replaced $488.00 and it still will not start. Oh also some times when I did try to start it it sounded like a huge backfire under the hood like a gun shot or backfire but under the hood, I am so frustrated at this point the dealer wants $7,400 for parts alone that is without the labor. I am desperate, Not only that our other car a 1997 jeep wrangler the hose came off and the needle did not show the car was running hot but the car started driving crazy there is oil every where and tapping noise so loud when it did start and that is dead also all of this happened within a week of each other
  • I just read the definition on the EGR valve it is exactly what was happening when it ran the bucking and the shakey idle I will check into this
    Thank you
    I don't know much about cars
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Based on the name you use here, I was under the impression that you drove a Jeep Liberty CRD (diesel),

    First of all your driving habit, mostly city, is contributing to the problems you are having. City driving is the worst thing you can for any engine. Not letting the engine get fully warmed up is bad news too as you will have issues from moisture accumulation as well as carbon buildup in combustion chambers and elsewhere.

    You need to get your Jeep out on the open road and run it fairly hard for a couple of hours to drive out accumulated moisture and to start getting rid of the carbon buildup.

    Looks like you have a mess on your hands. Try someone other than the dealer. A second or third opinion does not hurt. Good Luck!
  • chipshotchipshot Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Ok Guru's 2006 Liberty 2wd 6 speed 31,900 miles check engine light just came on. Checked the code on the odo. all it says is 6.3 before it displays 0.0 for trip miles. Jeep has been a great car. Only problem to date has been L/R window, but found a metal part on line and was an easy fix. I have been recently getting a noise in the R/R wheel when braking so I'm thinking new pads. other than that has been fine. 6.3 for a code seems strange, any thoughts on this?
  • Well your repair issues are not a BIG deal for any backyard Mechanic..For probably a 1/4 of the dealers cost. I have NEVER (in 35 years of car ownership) let a dealer touch any of my vehicles UNLESS it was covered by their warantee...Hell I find with patience and a bit of time I save THOUSANDS $$$
    For me...If Ive never repaired it before..Doesnt matter, I DO IT MYSELF and learn on the fly...If you think real hard Ill bet you can find a male friend who is Mechanicaly inclined or better yet fairly them to do the job.... At This point you are gonna pay the dealer more than the vehicle is worth. My dainty and mechanically challenged wife replaced her O2 sensor for the cost of the sensor $50.00 and about 35 minutes of her time most of that time was reading the manual.
  • Own a 2004 Liberty, i have recently become aware of low mileage/gal, rough idling and black smoke emissions, checked for code and got P0171, any ideas or diagnostic?
    Please help, need solutions........
    Thanks in advance
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    That is a bizzare code. What I have learned with my 2005 CRD (diesel) is that the code that I can generate through the odometer are wrong most of the time. I do not know if that holds true for the gas Liberty. I have had codes come up for several things and yet when the dealer scans the OBD, it shows only one thing, like a glow plug or some other simple issue.

    I would suggest getting the dealer to use their scan tool to give you the correct code before you or anyone here proceeds to repair the wrong item.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    P0171 is a lean condition picked up by the oxygen sensor on the bank where #1 cylinder lives. Look at:

    1. Bad oxygen sensor (replace if needed)
    2. Dirty MAF (clean or replace)
    3. Vacuum leaks (vacuum lines, intake manifold gasket(s), etc.)

    Start with these areas.
  • Ok Thanks, will clean MAF, then injectors and then check for leaks......will let you know how that goes...
  • I am trying to help my niece long distance. She has a 2004 Jeep Liberty and the check engine light went on last night. Oil, water and belts all are good and no discernible noises are evident. I see posts talking about codes - how does she get to see these codes so I can help her with this problem? She is a young teenage girl with limited funds and I am trying to help within her budget, so all assistance appreciated.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    edited June 2011
    This is how I read the codes on my wife's 03 Jeep Liberty.
    1) Insert key and turn forward as if to turn on car, but DON'T turn on. You will hear the chimes.
    2) Turn back to original position.
    3) Do this 3 times.
    4) On 3rd time leave key in forward position (do not turn on), the car will chime. Look at the odometer section beneath the speedometer, I believe. Otherwise, look under the tachometer, there should be a small digital display as well. If there is a code, it will appear there starting with the letter "P" P0122, P0171...etc.
    This is off the top of my head since I am not in front of the vehicle. Our 03 Liberty had a stalling/rough idle that gave a code of P0122 (throttle position sensor) I ordered the part based on that code, swapped the part and the car runs great now. Hope this helps.
  • flyboy_53flyboy_53 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Liberty that is giving me a a 0700 code. The jeep runs fine with no slip in the transmission. What do I need to look at ? Thanks!
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    edited July 2011
    Wife's car just got a P0300 which indicates a multiple cylinder misfire. Her car was idling roughly and came close a few times to stalling with the check engine light flashing. Replaced the OEM spark plugs with Bosch 4 platinum spark plugs. Problem was corrected. Relatively straight forward job on the right side of the engine. However, a chore on the left side, especially in the back where the last plug is practically under the antifreeze container. Matter of fact, I cracked and broke the last plug trying to remove it. Removed what was left by using a duct tape tipped rod, sticky side up. Car runs like new again. Noticed quite a few cracked hoses and repaired. I'm sure it's just coincidence, but it seems I have more cracked rubber hoses on this car than all the cars I've ever owned.
  • What other vehicles are interchangeable with Jeep Liberty 2002 3.7
  • driving home from shift today, while it was shifting , the transmission shuttered and then went into limp mode. the following codes have come up. PO700 and PO734. from what I have researched, the 700 is a general trans code, the other something to do with 4th gear ratio.....anyone have any dealings with this

    this is an 4x4 auto transmission
  • My Jeep has been overheating, I had the radiator replaced and the thermostat replaced.. its still overheating!! I am on a humble budget and recently lost my job,, I need someone to chat with me.. I have someone willing to fix it but hes not worked on a liberty!!!! I really need some help..
    I am not too savvy about my Jeep lingo I will try to keep up :cry: :sick:
  • my moms 2003 jeep liberty has been having problems for the past week we lost the belt on highway and had to replace water pump as well replaced all spark plugs and 3 coils a few sensors and we are still having issues the car will not turn on without putting the gas on try to drive it and dies over and over again and dies immediately when trying to back up. it is also putting it would stay started longer if we disconnected a hose. any ideas of what to do let me know.
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