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Audi A3 Navigation System Questions

joemalejoemale Member Posts: 28
I'm trying to decide whether to buy my A3 with one.
Anyone have any experience with it?
Anyone know who actually makes it?
It's an expensive option, but the dealer has the car I want
except that it also has the havigation.
So I need help deciding. Thanks


  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    Ten years ago manufacturers charged $2k for navi. Today they charge $2k. Hmmm, the software hasn't changed much, GPS is common and cheap, LCDs are super cheap (even resistive and capacitive touchscreens), so why isn't this a $500 option? Because it's still got the bling bling factor so folks will pay top dollar for it.
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    "Personally, Navi is a massive ripoff"

    I tend to agree. The only GPS unit that I would pay that kind of money for would be something like a hand held Garmin GPSMAP 396, which commands a $2,495 street price. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear you all out there saying, "Yikes! You'd pay that kind of money for a hand held GPS? You're nuts!"

    Nuts? Maybe. Regardless of my mental state, I'd pay that much for that unit because not only is it a very capable GPS unit for one's car or boat, it is a supremely capable unit for one's airplane. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • allhorizonallhorizon Member Posts: 483
    So, blueguy, now that you are not that thrilled with the GTI FWD fun factor, are you going to give the 3.2 AWD another try? (But no more words about BMW Euro delivery, please ;) )
  • vw79type2vw79type2 Member Posts: 37
    I agree with the other contributors to this board who consider Navigation systems to be ripoffs. I think their real appeal is to those people who love gadgets and want to feel like James Bond. As a Geographer I am not even remotely interested in them. Though they do seem to be able to update positions much quicker and easier than hand held GPS units. I say the less electronic junk in the car the better. Tell the dealer you will take the car minus the price of the navigation systems. ;)
  • jeffersonwjeffersonw Member Posts: 2
    I'm responding to an old post, so no doubt you have made your decision by now. But this is a current topic for me as I just picked up my A3 from the dealer a couple of days ago.

    I ordered the Navigation system and am thrilled that I did. I think that people responding to this question do not have adequate knowledge of this system and I'd like to throw in my two cents.

    The facts. You actually order an option called Nav/Sound. The retail price is $3300 for a 2007 model. Most dealers will discount this down a few hundred dollars. Yes, $3000 is still a lot of money, but this is what you get for this;

    First off, make note this is not just a basic Navigation system, but also and upgraded Sound System. You get a 6 disc CD changer in the glovebox, a Bose Speaker system all around, and two SD card slots in the dash behind the flat screen for playing MP3s. Now, most people will pay $500.00 to integrate their iPods, but this is an even better solution I think. (If only it were easier to convert my iTunes music to MP3s.) IN addition, the flat screen is used as your interface to the car for several operations, including Bluetooth Phone, radio, and the like. It's rather intuitive, and I feel pretty pretty functional with it only having owned the car a couple of days.

    So please don't compare this navigation option with a 'suction-cup-to-the-dash' system. Not fair at all.

    I'm personally very satisfied with my choice. I didn't even mention how the Nav works, and it works great so far!

    - j
  • panzrwagnpanzrwagn Member Posts: 2
    "and two SD card slots in the dash behind the flat screen for playing MP3s" That can only accept 256Mb SD cards :-(

    Also, try to erase an old destination from the system. When you do find the menu item, it's grayed out. You can't get rid an address once it's entered. WTF?
  • jeffersonwjeffersonw Member Posts: 2
    Panzr - I can understand your frustration with not being able to delete the destination. However, if you go through the 'Name' button, you will see the directory, and be able to choose the destination and delete it there. You cannot do it through the normal 'Nav' mode.

    As far as the 256MB card statement, I wonder if you have a very old Audi? I am currently using 2GB cards, and I've seen several postings on Audi Forums that state the same. The limitation seems to be about 400 songs per card I believe. I've never hit the limit.
  • geewilliegeewillie Member Posts: 7
    I "worked a deal" to get Barrier Audi, Bellevue, Wash. to discount the navigation in the pkg. but it wasn't something on my MUST list of options. I'll admit to falling for the glitz despite having the car price brokered in advance without it. I am finally coming around to its benefits, but they so far haven't met my price-to-benefit usefulness. I did want to have Bluetooth mobile phone access and the ability to shout commands into the dash. No can do. My Bluetooth-enabled phone isn't the right type to work with the Audi MMI system, and those that do work would require me to change cell phone carriers and are overall outmoded phones. I do have hands-free abilities once i get the Bluetooth connected at ignition on time, but no voice command interaction abilities. I am still working my way through the instruction manuals -- one thick one just for the Nav system, other instructions in the general manual, and a mini instruction highlights manual. Ridiculous. Not very intuitive. Having said all that, I have found that if I follow the b*tch's voice commands, I have found she provided some interesting ways around some of Seattle's major traffic snafus that I would not have considered. But then she wants me sometimes to take a left turn when it would mean I'm going the wrong way down a street. The DVD directory for the unit is weird. It has a couple of the Landmark movie theaters listed, but not others, so I am loading them manually to see how it directs me to proceed.
  • jusssi24jusssi24 Member Posts: 1
    This is not relative to this topic but I have Audi A3 (2005) with navigation plus. How can I get bluetooth handsfree to that system?
  • kayteekaytee Member Posts: 1
    Hello all! I received an Audi A3 DVD/Navi for Christmas and love it! However, I am having issues as to how to turn the Bluetooth on while using my iPhone.

    My product is here: http://www.autocardvdgps.com/audi-a3-navi-dvd/47-audi-a3-dvd-gps-navigation-play- er-with-7-digital-touchscreen-pip-rds-bluetooth.html

    If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,
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