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Audi A3 Electrical Problems

nreednreed Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Audi
I am having trouble with my a3, it is a 98 model and recently i had a battry failure. Since then on occasions the car simply unlocks itself and opens the windows!! i have had alarm issues in the past but they seemed to go away.

does any one have any ideas??



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    ralpherralpher Member Posts: 21
    Well, as much as I love my car, unfortunately it's in the shop now for an indeterminate time. Last weekend the driver side window started going down by itself, as though we were doing the one-touch on the window control. The problem is intermittant, but it's gone down at least a dozen times over 4 days and we do not drive it every day. Fortunately the dealer was able to diagnose it and it is now waiting for AudiUSA to provide them instructions on the fix.

    If anyone has experienced the same problem or can point to some Audi forums where I could discuss this please post or message me.
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    kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Member Posts: 677
    "waiting for instructions .... ?"

    Sounds just like the first year Mailbu Maxx, where GM notified me of a recall then took _two weeks_ to ship "instructions" to the dealer to recalibrate my recalled system. Not good.

    Let's hope Audi is quicker about dealing with first year model glitches, and that this is not an omen of future electrical problems with this model.
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    awooooga1awooooga1 Member Posts: 1
    For a few months I've had a small coolant leak that Mirama Audi couldn't locate back in early 08. Leak finally developed into a 1 cup a week leak and finally visible indications on the bottom of the engine (I guess they thought I was crazy the past few months). I couldn't find the leak myself because of that damn engine cover, and my wife was screaming at my when I tried to pry the cover off her car. Anyway, the dealer finally found the leak and told me over the phone it was a, "cylinder cooling flange". Sounds pretty serious, but it it's actually a washer or rubber gasket (PN# WHT-001-688) that cost $1.85, and $375 in labor. The part is so small that when I requested the old parts they couldn't locate it (ended up in the trash, somehow).
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    md101md101 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 A3 3.2 with 21k miles. This car has been back into Audi several times Many of the problems are intermittent and Audi hasn't been able to figure out or fix. It's scheduled to go back in next week, because the electric windows sometimes do not operate (again) and the 1 touch is not working (again). They've reset the system twice before - that fixes problem temporarily, however this is the 3rd time back for this problem.

    After having A3 into Audi several times for intermittent electrical problems (car will not start, check engine light, etc) and no trouble found - A3 finally died in middle of 5 way intersection. When flat-bedded to Audi - car started up and they could not find a problem. When I showed up to pick up - thankfully it wouldn't start. They replaced the Alternator.

    A few weeks ago, a warning came on briefly that indicated "Total loss of Power Steering". Audi replaced EMS Steering unit - but another check engine light came on this past week, plus windows do not go down at times..

    Wondering if there's a history of windows and or other electrical problems that others are having..? Or maybe I just have a lemon?
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    miamibobmiamibob Member Posts: 8
    I can live with an over engineered car with electric problems--this car is a real hoot to drive--love it most of the time. I've had every electrical problem you all emntion, but audi insists that the problems are not real if they cannot duplicate them. my windows work 95% of the time. they act like i'm a lier or crazy.

    my radio changes stations on it's own. the child-proof door and window locking system turns off and on by itself--audi denys everything. It truly is a shame: a wonderful car with a company that has no real interest in improving the design flaws and providing customer service
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    jtfordjtford Member Posts: 12
    I have this same problem! About a week ago the radio in my '07 A3 started changing channels on it's own! Whether AM or FM, it'll be on say, 1060 AM, and all on it's own will switch to 1050 or 1070. Same thing with FM. It's driving me insane. Never in my life have I had a car radio do this. It's the standard Audi Concert radio/cd player. It does this every 2-10 minutes every time I drive it.
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