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Chevrolet Malbu Maxx Tires/Wheels



  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    all the nuts (plastic) unscrew just a little and them spin freely.

    For how long? Could it be that you are not spinning them long enough?

    I tried to pull them out with a plier after lossening them, but
    they stuck.

    That should mean that the plastic "nuts" are still sitting on the
    "real", metal wheel nuts. (A wheel nut has the threads on the
    outside, the plastic "nuts" have the thread on the inside.) Keep
    spinning for a bit longer, going around all five of them.

    Now, I have no experience with Malibu 2009 -- the above is based on
    dealing with the previos generation's Malibus. In fact, I rotated the
    tires in my newly acquired Maxx just today -- its wheel covers are
    similar to the sedan's ones. I would be surprised if Malibu 2009's
    wheels covers are significantrly different.
  • I have a 2007 Malibu maxx.....I was wondering if the rims from a Chevy Cobalt SS would fit on my Malibu.....They are 205/50R17..Thanks in advance.....Dave
  • Me again,

    the cobalt rims #'s are as follows.....bolt circle.. 5x110mm, hub dia.. 65.1mm, offset.. 49mm

    the malibu maxx rim #'s are as follows...bolt circle... 5x110mm, hub dia.. 65.1mm,

    My malibu maxx now has 16 inch rims..tire size P215/60R/16

    The rim that I want to put on my Malibu Maxx from The Cobalt SS tire size is P205/50/17

    My question is will the Cobalt ss rims fit on my Malibu Maxx.....I don't want to buy these rims and not fit my car..........Thanks in advance....Dave..
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I currently running a 17 inch rim on my 04 Maxx with 225/50-17 tires on it....mine are aftermarket rims....dont know if the offset will cause you an issue or not
  • I was told the wrong offset for the Cobalt.......It's not 49mm.....The 2007 Cobalt SS and Malibu Maxx LTZ factory wheel specs are both the same.......Bolt Pattern is 5x110....Hub is 65.1 and the offset is 42mm.....

    So I would assume that if they are both the same The Cobalt SS rims should fit my Malibu Maxx LTZ....If I'm wrong please let me know........Thanks in advance...Dave..
  • Just to update..........I bought the new rims from the Cobalt SS......They fit my car perfect and look awesome......Dealer told me that there is NO way they would fit.....That came from 6 out of seven dealers that I called....CRAZY...You would think that your G.M dealer would know...Apparently NOT!!!!....Why wouldn't they fit.....They have the same bolt pattern...the same hub dia....and the same offset......But according to the dealer they still wouldn't fit.....No wonder I don't use my dealer for service anymore!!!!!!
  • I had the originals replaced with General Altima HP and this winter they have been outstanding. Last year my wife spun out three times.
    I took a trip to New Orleans and back, 2700 miles, and got 29.2 mpg. The tires were quiet and provided outstanding steering and comfort. I drove between 75-80, but once in awhile I had to go 90 to get away from a pack.
  • Whats the biggest rim that will fit on my 2005 Malibu Maxx without getting a lift kit? Suggestions?
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 877
    I think you need to be thinking in terms of tire size.

    Both Tire Rack and Discount Tire have up sizing features on their web site to help with the selection. If they indicate a certain size fits, you can take that as a guarrantee! If they don't indicate a certain size fits, you can take it that there would be problems!
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