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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Audio/XM/MP3



  • i'm wanting to buy an 06 maxx, the only option i like that it is misssing on this one is that it does not have the rear audio controls and wireless headphones. Not a necessity, and it should not sway the decision one way or the other, however i have a child who really likes them, and i was wondering if anyone knew if they could be added aftermarket. .
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    let's put it this way: why fuss over a luxury that is bolted to the car?? You can't take the audio system with you! Go buy a portable unit so your child can have it in the car and wherever else he/she wants. Having less "toys" in one's car makes one's car a lot less attractive to thieves as well.
  • lhuffman75lhuffman75 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Malibu Maxx with XM radio. I would like to get Sirius radio. When I contacted Sirius to ask if this was possible, they told me to buy a SIR-GM1 radio tuner. I now have the tuner, but was wondering how to exactly install it. My husband is very mechanically inclined and has done a lot of work on cars so he is certain he can do it, but was wondering if anybody had already installed one of these tuners, and, if so, if you could give him any pointers. Thanks!
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    I installed one of those $20. add on tuners from Sirius (Stratus 4)using an FM modulator to my wifes standard FM radio in her Maxx. I believe you are talking about installing an add on module that works with the factory GM radio. I can't help on that, but you do know that Sirius and XM are approved to merge and provide a great majority of the same channels on both (keep whatever radio you have be it XM or Sirius). I don't know how soon this will happen, but before going though the exercise of swapping the radios I would check further as in the future the existing XM radio you already have may just have the Sirius channels you want.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    teh merger is still awaiting FCC approval...and it doesnt necessarily mean that existing OEM equipment will give you access to both far as the will have to replace the XM tuner with the Sirius one...Im not sure where the XM tuner is located....or if it is integrated into the might have to get a parts manual...or ask a professional installer to attempt it...
  • morencyjmorencyj Posts: 8
    I've searched searched the forums (and the net), but couldn't find the answer. All I want to do is unhook the car antenna. Simple to do? Like in a Caravan for example, its right behing the glovebox..takes seconds. I have a Sirius radio and I want to unhook the antenna so the other channels don't interfere. I don't care that I will be missing regular FM/AM...I could never go back to terestrial radio.

  • rdesantisrdesantis Posts: 30
    I have taken out several factory radios from 80's and 90's Gm cars. The antenna cable may be connected inbehind the radio tuner. In my experience after taking all the trim off around the radio on the dash board and pulling out the the radio tuner the antenna cable was attached inbehind the tuner box. If i am wrong, go to the parts counter at the dealer they will print off a diagram or go to a car stereo installation store for more detailed advice.
  • redberedbe Posts: 1
    these days i'm think about how to connect my mp3 to my 2005 malibu maxx. i found that there is a product can help AUDIOVOX FMM-100, but i'm looking for a cheaper way.
    i found that there is 12-pin connect on the back of the headunit, and i have found the funtion of each pin.
    1.AUX MON +
    2.AUX MON -
    3.AUX ST COM
    4.L AUX IN
    5.R AUX IN
    9.AUX ST COM
    10.L AUX IN
    11.R AUX IN
  • Hey guys,

    Is there any dvd/cd/gps players out there that are compatible with the computer functions of the maxx? I need to be able to switch back and forth between miles and kilometers as I live near the border.

    I know there is an aftermarket dash kit with display you can buy for around 150, but that looks terrible and with bad reviews regarding its function.

    If theres any way to avoid that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! -Nick
  • popadopolispopadopolis cnyPosts: 14
    Nick you already have that ability in your Malibu Maxx. You see that orange colered----MPH--- in your dash that is on all the time? You are able to change that to kilomiters through your radio menu function. Use the menu button to search through the different settings and I'm sure you will find it!! Have a nice day. Pop
  • Hey thanks for answering.

    I don't think I phrased my question properly.

    I'm looking to get a NEW stereo for my maxx, one that has an indash dvd/navigation, but I don't want to lose the computer functions of the maxx (changing km to miles etc), and I don't want to get this thing.. QQitemZ200446024245QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20100306?IMSfp=TL100306173002r17974

    So, what I'm trying to find out is if there is a stereo receiver available aftermarket that will do dvd/cd's/navigation and STILL retain the ability to change settings on the maxx.

    Any advice will be much appreciated!


  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    having owned my Maxx for 6 years now.....I havent seen any other option available in order to maintain your DIC display since its integrated into the OEM head unit....other than the one you posted previously.
  • rferd43rferd43 Posts: 20

    Did you ever find how to remove the radio on you Malibu Maxx? I have a CD stuck on the CD player (single CD) and have not been able to take the CD out. The "No CD" message comes up. I thought that if I could remove the radio I might be able to take the CD out. Any advice?
  • tyoungstyoungs Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    2007 Malibu Maxx - antenna mast broke off in car wash - where do you access the underside of mounting boss to replace the part the mast attaches to (stud broke off flush with mounting boss)
    ot sure if you go through the interior or if you access through the wheel well??
  • I just bought a used 2004 Malibu MAXX with the Rear Seat Entertainment system. The RSE won't power on. Is there something you have to do besides pressing the power button on the unit to get it to work? If not, is there a fuse or something I should check? I am hoping that it is something I am overlooking on my part.
  • my kids have cracked the screen in the rear dvd player. i called the dealer and they say i cant just replace the screen and that its a dealer part and its 700 bucks for the whole thing. i cant afford this but i have a 3 year old that screams when he gets in the car unless the tv's on. its one of the main reasons we bought the car. please help!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  • If you check ebay regularly, there are often times dvd consoles and stuff for the maxx that go pretty cheaply. I missed out on a whole console that went for $50. Theres a replacement screen and dvd player for $112 right now buy it now. Heres the link _W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem20b6631b83QQitemZ140498901891QQptZCarQ5fAudioQ5fVide- o
  • Hey all,
    I just want to throw this out there to help anyone I can.
    I recently lost the display on my stock stereo in my '05 Maxx. This is the 6 disc changer, the car also has the rear seat DVD if that makes any difference.
    After going through all the research to find out how to replace the stereo and get the new one reprogrammed for the vin , I spent the whole day to do it and failed! At this point I took the stereo out and took it apart.
    There are several basic parts to this stereo:
    1-faceplate- includes screen and buttons
    2-cd changer/player
    3-large circuit board-likely the radio
    4-small circuit board (half the size of a pack of cigarettes)- this board is mounted on the inside wall of the radio case. the connections between this and the rest of the radio had slipped. I tightened it up and put the radio back together and the display worked perfectly.
    two different size screws so beware!
    Very poor design by Delphi!
    Hope this helps somebody
  • is there any way to change the menu and info like mpg average and oil life to you cluster :confuse:
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