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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Steering/Suspension Questions



  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    It's been over 2 years since the factory "22687711 kit" was installed on my wife's '06 Maxx under warranty and so far it's been fine since.
  • Here's a link I found to service bulletin 06-02-32-007F related to this problem, though it doesn't mention warranty extension. I have the clunking problem too.
  • I just had to replace my leaking right rear brake caliper too - at just under 123K miles.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    this describes a condition on my 04 Maxx perfectly (clunk in steering column) ....long past warranty at this point at 172K...and no long term impact at this point.....wanting to make 200k before I let it go perhaps......only time will tell....

    for the longest time always thought is was the suspension...but had it checked by several different mechanics...none of whom could find just simply lived with the slight clunk.........
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    Well pao, since your 2004 is of the first design shaft it looks like you can follow the instructions in the bulletin supplied by patmaxxlt (thanks!!!) and just grease the shaft coupling. Worth a try.
  • NO! DO NOT use any grease or lube unless/until you have read and understand the LATEST version of that Technical Service Bulletin ["TSB"], which is 06-02-32-007G which came out in April 2010. (NOTE the G at the end.) I know it can cost big bucks, but the best place to get any steering or suspension or alignment or wheel or brake, etc. stuff worked on on these extremely difficult cars is the Service Department of a high-volume Chevrolet dealer (use a high-volume one, as they will have seen a lot of these cars, and will be most familiar with the TSBs, the latest-series parts, etc.).
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    That TSB does not seem to address the same part at all (steering coupling), so I fail to see why greasing the older style coupling as recommended by the earlier version of the shaft would not apply if that is found to be the source. (the newer version of the shaft should not be greased but replaced per that TSB, but this TSB addresses other possible causes.
  • hhmaxhhmax Posts: 44
    2005 maxx LT lost power steering in when pulling out of drive way. I had the information letter saying that the steering column had a service adjustment of 10years 160,000 kms (in canada). My question is: Is this a one time replacement or it is a extended warranty of 10years 160,000kms for the steering column?
  • RE the brakes, including calipers, everything is very trouble-prone; note that the Brakes have a Black Dot in the Consumer Reports auto Frequency Of Repair Records in the Annual Auto Issue which comes out each April (and is updated/duplicated in the Annual Buying Guide issue/softcover-book that comes out each December). There is also a Black Dot for the Suspension, which in Consumer Reports' systems inclusions includes everything to do with steering.
  • Read that "Customer Letter" [industry term] very carefully; you'll note that it only applies to one part, and even then you have to have 4 or 5 things/parts go wrong exactly in the way it says, to qualify.
  • hhmaxhhmax Posts: 44
    actually there was no problem at all for them to replace it. However, they didn't return that information letter to me. So I am wondering if I should ask for another letter from GM if it is not a one time thing.

    In the same time, the dealer negociated with GMPP for a $1200 dollar ABC module replacement. My car is 78km over the GMPP extended warranty but the dealer convinced the GMPP field rep for a goodwill. I am quite happy with this dealer which is in ottawa, canada (chevy west).
  • The power steering failed in my '04 Malibu Maxx (exactly 25 days after making my final loan payment!)_and the repair shop tells me the failure is due to a faulty design. However, GM has not issued a recall and the car is out of warranty, so I'm facing a repair bill of several hundred dollars. I registered with Edmonds after finding this discussion in searching the internet for more info about Chev steering problems. So I'm new to this but would appreciate help in finding out how to make GM responsive to customer complaints and to get some financial help in paying for this surprise cost. I've already told the mechanic to go ahead and fix the's a sensor in the power steering system that requires the steering column to be pulled, the sensor to be replaced and an in-car computer update. Thanks. Bill J in Roxboro, NC.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the power steering failures have been a weak link in the 04s to include other suspension parts....most folks had it happen early in the life of the car..or had it documented during the warranty period....yours as a single failure may be difficult to get any help on..especially one approaching 6-7 years old...and how many miles?

    my readings of the forum indicate it requires a steering column replacement, not sure it can just be the sensor.....the repair also requires a recalibration of the steering column....the running costs I have seen are approx 7-800 for this repair....

    I also assume you are using a independent mechanic and not a dealership...again....I doubt you will get much help unless you work through a dealership unfortunately.....even if you independent mechanic states its a faulty first stop would be a dealership, then to GM customer service.....the failure was noted by NHTSA but the engineering case closed as being handled under warranty by GM

    I too have an 04 Maxx LT, with 175K on it that will be 7 years old in Feb 11.....and no major OEM parts replaced or failed yet.....hoping I can make 225-250K before I trade it.......
  • I own an '06 Maxx, which I had bought used. I received a letter from GM which extended the warranty on the power steering for this problem to 10 years/100K miles. Yours should be covered.
  • 07maxx07maxx Posts: 7
    When I accelerate very briskly the steering locks up. Can't turn the steering wheel. Anyone else see this problem? Have a 2006 with 97K miles and it has been an excellent car. Had to have the rotors cut at 85K miles, but other than that has been routine maintenance and 30mpg average.
  • Daughter just took 05 Malibu Maxx in to replace the steering column-it locked up while going through drive-through and had letter from Chevy..however, dealer just called and said "steering pump" also needs replacing. I asked how often both go out, at the same time. "not often". Huh. So its just a coincidence that one is covered under warranty and one isn't (the pump)? "yes, just a coincidence". He wants $350 or this common? Has anyone else experienced this? My mind immediately goes to this guy doesn't get reimbursed enough for the warranty item and is throwing this in so he can make some money. The car is with daughter at college, so we are not there to discuss in person. Need to give him an answer Monday on whether to continue the repair. Thanks for any input.
  • I'd get a second opinion from another dealer if possible. If not possible - I don't remember a "pump" being part of the electric steering. I believe what's needed for steering is all in the steering rack and steering shaft.

    What is being done that is covered under warranty?

    At a minimum - if you are "hostage" to this dealer, request the part number of the "pump" and all defective parts to be returned to you/daughter.

    GM never changes, I guess, everytime they introduce a new system, like electric steering, there are serious reliability defects.
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    AFAIK only the Malibu Maxx SS model uses a conventional hydraulic pump. The other variations of Malibu are essentially electric motors.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    I agree with getting 2nd opinion. I had an 04 Maxx LS and now have an 06 Maxx LTZ (neither an SS). Both had electric steering. The columns were replaced in both several times under (extended) warranty/recall. The rack also was replaced on both the 04 and 06 and intermediate shaft 2 times on the 06. All at no cost to me. The electric motor and sensors are attached to and replaced with the steering column inside the car. There is no pump. Of course maybe the 05 is different, but I doubt it. If it is a hydrolic system, there would be no need to replace steering column.
  • I've just taken my 2005 Malibu Maxx for it's annual safety inspection and discovered it needs a steering rack replacement. How do I go about finding out if this is covered under some secret extended warranty? The car has about 110,000KM on it. I've contacted GM through their website, but don't have a response yet and the car is sitting at the mechanics waiting for word.
  • I just got my 05 Malibu Maxx back from dealership. Steering wheel pump is covered under the extended warranty for this (you should have gotten a letter earlier this year), but column was NOT covered and needed to be replaced as well. Found it fishy that both would go at the same time, yet only one part of it was considered under the special warranty. There is also a milage requirement and can't remember what that is. With 110,000 on your car you may be over it. Mine had 80,000. The dealership would know about the warranty-plus just google it and find out as well. I think Edmunds has something about it.
  • smaxxsmaxx Posts: 10
    I would get a second opinion, especially if you went to a dealer. I was once told by a dealer that I needed a new steering rack for my '06 Maxx. I went to an independent mechanic and he just replaced a ball joint.
  • Hi,

    I've been reading this forum for the whole summer, trying to diagnose my malibu maxx, and I'm not quite sure what to look for. In spring of 2009 when the malibu was still my mom and dad's "Let's do everything in this car" car the steering column was replaced out of pocket along with a transmission flush. The a/c compressor blew out later that summer and the car was garaged until I fixed it myself :) The clunk never really left, but this past year before I was given the car as a graduation present, my dad really did a number on it. I've already replaced the wheels and tires(2 wheels were bent) Had the coolant flushed(almost empty) With 128k miles, I am still trying to tackle the obvious maintenance items. But I am having trouble figuring out what exactly is causing my front end rumble. The wheels made a lot the roar disappear, but I'm confused as whether it's simply the shocks and struts that have never been replaced causing it or the tie-rods or something more serious. If it's the steering column then I don't care.. I'll deal with that demon again when it starts cutting out. I am planning on replacing shocks, struts soon, but any ideas? Will they replace the bushing as well? It's handles the same I feel, just feels like worn out shocks to me. No ticking or popping, minus the brakes. But I also have this deal where if it sits for a little while running it gets awful hot well in between overheating and the mid-line. With a/c on. I don't think I hear the fans coming on. The a/c also cuts out from time to time when sitting in traffic or stopped in general with a/c on and the engine starts getting hot and shaking tad.. I read about some sort of gasket, but I'm not leaking coolant. I also think my rear-main seal is leaking but I need to address these first. Any ideas before I ramble to dealership that hates to listen?? Please HELP! I WANT MY MALI MAXX TO LAST FOREVER! X(
  • andymaxandymax Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    Was turning right and completely lost the EPS and almost went straight into other trafic. I noticed a 80 amp fuse is listed for the EPS. Has anyone had issues with fuses?
    I checked the lil 2 amp fuse but it's ok.
    (Dealer did my rack warrarty work a year ago. Car now has 105K.
    I hate GM electrical probalems ! ! !
    Any Ideas?
  • 07maxx07maxx Posts: 7
    Should be under warranty if work done within lsat year. I would certainly be ragging them about it.
  • The car has been making a noise when turning right for some time. It sounds like.... a "race car".. its hard to describe a sound. its like a slight vibration that can be felt on the floor of the passenger side. I took it into today and had the front tires replaced (they were worn) and the car aligned. I was hoping this would fix the problem but it did not. I jacked the front end up and checked both tires for play (thinking maybe the wheel bearing is going bad) but both seemed fine.
    I did notice that a sway bar link is damaged. the boot covering the joint where it connects to the wheel is cracked open. I plan on replacing it because i know it wont pass inspection reguardless if thats the problem or not.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Replaced sway bar link and still having same noise. While i had the wheel off and checked the wheel for play and its tight so i wouldnt think it would be the wheel bearing. the axle seems tight too, but it could be a bearing going bad inside the axle?
  • A wheel bearing going bad (when you are turning right) would make noise on the left "drivers wheel side" since all the weight of the car is loaded up on that tire when cornering. usually CV joints are similar to diagnose but under load. I often pay attention to these noises/feelings when turning. I jot down the condition and after a few repeat situations can determine the side going bad. (I recently did this drive test to figure out which rotor was warped, then simply swapped it out when I got home and its fine now. (the Rotors warp nutoriously on these cars (at least my 05 Max)
    At least then you can explain to your mechanic intelligently what seems to be the problem.
    Some of these noises are hard to describe "sounds like race car? is it a grinding or ?
    I once had the Brake caliper worn enough that at times the rusty outer diameter lip that was not usually in contact with the pads did so during sharp cornering flex? who knows" but turning the rotors a bit may solve this. If that is what it is.
  • mockbear,
    I just wanted to check in to see if you had been working with a dealership, or through an independent shop for the alignment? If it was the former, and if you had wanted for us to check into this further, we can be reached via email at (include your name, contact information, and the last 8 of your VIN).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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