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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Steering/Suspension Questions



  • People, you have no ideal how far the GM steering problems go. There are some real mechanical issues. I have a 2005 malibu maxx ls with the 3,5 lt. Let me share the many parts replaced. 1. upper control arms, 4 racks, 4 sets of outer tie rods, 3 steering wheel control modules, 3 steering wheel column. 7 times my local chevy dealer had to hook up a steering module scanner to re configure the steering axis. It fail ever time. Nothing work, until. I decided to take it to a different dealer to get a second opinion. A GMC dealer. This dealer flat out said they knew of the problem and had no real pernament fix. The next day I was called and was told that they found a code that relates to a fix. but was told they could not promise a pernament fix. That was June 13th 2008, I have had this problems for almost 2 years, I have this car for 3 years. This also was the only time I received a code for anything with this car. To add, this code was not a alert code, but a stored code. They had to use a steering module scan tool to dig it up. This code, if fixed will solve your loss of power steering after acceleration. The problem, a high amount of volts going through the module component. Remember this is a nonhydrolic steering system, except for the rack, which means you can now have electrical problems when it comes to steering issues. Now you think that would me happy. Well at first I was until the squeaky, very loud noise that came from the rack and column. Thank God I got a extended warranty. I'm done.
  • trobbinstrobbins Posts: 3
    See below where I'm not alone here. Picked up an '05 car 3 weeks ago- 68,ooo km on it. Its my wife's car, but I drove it to work today. Power steering quit on the highyway. I'm reasonably fit, so it was no big deal, but would have scared the heck out of my wife. David W mentioned he has a letter on this. Could you please fax a copy to Terry at 902-873-6610.
    I can see a fight with GM coming on!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    this was a complaint filed with the NHTSA who open an engineer design fault study on the was subsequently closed as it was noted it wasnt a major occurrence in a large enough volume of vehicles and that GM/dealerships were taking appropriate actions when the issue occurred....I have an 04 Malibu Maxx LT....which now has almost 130K on it.....and havent had one problem with the steering or the front suspension.....

    this doesnt dismiss the fact that some are having steering column problems that should be addressed by the dealership...the regional tech rep or other GM field rep. The front suspension is a bad design, allowing for clunking etc...but certainly not one that would require the amount of replacement parts that some have seen......can the dealerships simply be replacing parts hit and try to eliminate something that actually cant be fixed.....dont know.....I hope you can find a solution to your issue......ultimately, if you arent happy with the auto...get rid of it.....
  • pkd01branpkd01bran Posts: 10
    Yes, you all have no idea how bad/far the problems go. I think I know this by now: (1) The dealer has to know what they are doing with this stuff. (2) The dealer has to expertly scan, using the proper special scan tool. (3) There are sensors inside the column/electric-motor area that have to be working/adjusted right for the motor electronics (inter-related with the whole GM-LAN computer that runs everything on the car) to deliver the correct assist (right vs. left, among other things) or any assist at all, for that matter. (4) Everything, in general, about the whole steering/suspension/wheels/tires system on the whole car is incredibly sensitive. (5) IF the dealer knows what they are doing, and replaces the proper parts with the LATEST versions of the various replacement parts, then things should work reasonably well. For a while. In any case, I suggest cultivating a close working relationship with the best top-notch "front-end suspension" - type independent repair shop in your area; you'll likely need it sooner or later, if only as a "consultant".
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I'll have an even better story for all of you shortly; hopefully by the end of the week. My outcome better be a good one, or the story will get even better than than what it is. Needless to say, the Maxx won't be driven by me any longer.

    Signed: no-more-maxx4me
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Oh No.....more problems???
  • trobbinstrobbins Posts: 3
    If the power steering on your Malibou quits there is a service bulletin on it. It covers the car for 7 years or 107,000 km. The bulletin is Special Policy Coverage 07126. There is no charge for the repairs.
    VIN has to be between 5F100001 and 5F2500216
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    but is this warranty for GM Canada alone since you mention KMS in the mileage..or does it apply to GM US
  • trobbinstrobbins Posts: 3
    Good question; mine's Canadian, but I can't believe all those VIN's - range is 1/4 million- were sold in Canada.
    I'll try to find out from the Dealer
  • morainemoraine Posts: 4
    I have looked at the Maxx and it would fit my needs, but am quite concerned about the steering and front end issues.

    1. Did they correct those problems for the 2006 and 2007 models?

    2. On another post I read that the cars with Vin Numbers between 5F100001 and 5F250216 in the 2005 models were the problem ones. Did the problems extend to other Vin numbers and later models?

    3. If one purchases a used Maxx and it has the problems that have been well documented in this forum, does anyone know if they are still covered by GM even if the warranty has now expired?

  • tas7107tas7107 Posts: 6
    This issue came up again and this time a check engine light came on in addition to the "Power Steering" message. Took the Maxx into the dealer and $375 later it is supposedly repaired. I was told that the power steering electrical system was recieving an over volt in excess of 16v. That kinda jives with the this only occuring at high RPM. The fix was to replace an igintion coil and a ground strap. I dunno, it seems to be fixed.
  • tas7107tas7107 Posts: 6
    Well in 44k miles the only repairs I've done to my '06 Maxx have been related to an electrical issue in the power steering($375). No clunks or rack problems. I also just bought new upgraded front rotors and pads for the brakes ($375). To me thats not much to spend on repairs after having had a Mini Cooper and a SAAB 9-3 in the family. I love the utility, room, power and economy of my Maxx.
  • tas7107tas7107 Posts: 6
    My steering did indeed have the high voltage problem. My dealer found it and fixed. FWIW
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the steering column was not redesigned nor was the suspension for the later MY Maxxs....the vins you quote I beleive are Canadian delivery cars and not US, my vin number for my 04 doesnt have that many digits after the "F" thus my suspicion of Canadian far as warranty coverage outside the norm....unless that specific vehicle has a documented history, I would think you would be hard fought to get warranty coverage....

    I have an 04 Maxx LT with 130K miles on it now...and no problems what so ever...
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    Steering Columm replaced (was one of those with bad contacts)
    Both front struts replaced
    Rack main gear replaced 3 times
    Columm regreased 3 times
    Intermediate shaft replaced twice.

    This was during my 4 years of ownership. At 57K miles, and the Maxx proving helpless on OR icy roads, it was time to put it out to trade pasture (last I heard, itw was on its way to Texas).
  • That's the part number for the kit comem47. Still holding up at two weeks.
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    That's the part number for the kit comem47. Still holding up at two weeks.

    Thanks for the feedback. One would think that if the first shaft lasted 32K then the kit should give you at least the same miles (if not finally be the cure). I'll be happy if we get to 60K before having to spend some $ (so far the '06 has been great for my wife
    and no other problems that others have mentioned from earlier years) Getting 30MPG on a V6 is good too (we had to laugh when the dealer called last week and was trying to get us to trade in on something with not even 2 yrs on a 4 yr loan. If it was a lemon we might be tempted, but then again we'd likely be shopping elsewhere next time around too!!)
    They must really be hurting for business these days with the economy in the dumper and they will get it only if this car lasts us what I think it should. (I've always tended to keep cars several years).
  • hhmaxhhmax Posts: 44
    do you have this part number? I have a 2005 maxx LT and the dealer said that the sealed unit isn't available for this model.
  • If the only problem you end up with is "that the steering wheel is not straight across" (i.e., is not "centered"), consider yourself a fantastically lucky carowner. Also, it is technically possible that the "centered" position of the wheel, even if everything is supposedly working properly and supposedly adjusted properly and supposedly aligned properly, may slightly vary over time (minutes to hours to days to weeks, etc.) with no real harm being done.
  • I have an 05 Maxx LS with 50,000 miles. This is a great car but I had the same steering clunk as everyone else over a year until I found this link: 57730.html (see post by GMCSonoma)

    I followed the instruction:
    - Bought a bottle Multi-Purpose Lubricant, Superlube (GM Part No. U.S. 12346241, in Canada 10953474). It costed me $12 from a nearby Chevy dealer.
    - Opened the driver door, spray into the gap as instructed.
    - Wiped off any excessive lubricant.

    That was it! Now my car is running just like new again!

    If it does not work for your car, there is still another solution on GMCSonoma's post that you may try.
  • I had the steering column replaced today on my 2005 Maxx, after 39,000 miles. Had the steering gear assembly replaced a couple thousand miles ago. I paid for labor, GM bought the parts both times. The sealed unit IS available for the 2005 Maxx. That's what I had installed today. Dealer thinks this should solve the clunking problems for good. Let's hope so.
  • I would like to see the letter too

    2005 Malibu alarm goes off and car stops. Going 55 the first time turning a corner the 2nd time
  • I bought mine used a month ago. I have had it 2 weeks the dealer has had it 2 weeks...
    The car has 27300 miles on it, was suppose to of been a leased car, by previous owner..
    my problems not fixed yet...
    while driving 55 alarm went off and car stopped running.
    2nd time..while turning a corner alarm goes off car stopped and started going again.

    when turning key it seems to keeps going (starting,) like it hasn't started. this happens now and then
    dealer says they cant find a problem. and it hasn't done it with them on any problems

    the dealer did say they fixed the popping noise when turning...said it was in the steering co;lumn. this has stopped.

    the front end seems loose...go over a bumpy road slow, front of car seems loose and jolting felling.

    dealer said a headlight was loose...sure

    do I have rights with it being a used car under no warrainty?? :mad: :cry:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    doubt you will have anything covered under warranty...the problems you mentioned are common to the 04-07 MY Malibus.....the electronic steering was an examples of replaced columns..the popping sound was probably corrected with proper lubrication........the starting issue is common too....mine does the same fix....I use my remote start most fo the time to avoid that issue.....yours may or may not be equipped with remote start as it was an option based on certain models.....front design issue in my will have to live with it....the alarm and shut down issue...I dont have a clue...dont recall seeing that anywhere.....perhaps a ECM reflash issue...

    with all that said...04 Malibu Maxx here with 135K on it.....and no steering column have the start issue on once in a while and do have the "loose" front suspension......but doesnt seem to have any long term effect on the auto...
  • thanks for the info you sent hope mine last for 6 yrs lol until it paid for...looks like cheve would do something about the problems since alot of people have it.

    thanks again
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    they seemed to have fixed all the problems with the new designed 08 Malibu from what Im seeing....the steering problem seemed to do away in the 06 MY car..but believe they went away from the electronic steering then.....suspension was better as well by then.....good luck
  • (A) You could read all these postings and then try calling the 1-800-CHEVROLET number and try to negotiate for some extended warranty coverage of the steering troubles. (B) Mine has the start trouble, too; as far as I know, the occasional starting motor "running on" does no harm, so I just think of it as an occasional annoyance. (C) If the only steering/suspension problem you end up with is some "loose" sensation in the front, I'd recommend paying the Chevrolet dealer to do a 4-wheel alignment, which can help greatly; also, buy a new dial-type tire guage and always make sure all tires are properly inflated.
  • With just 55k miles on it, I started up my MAXX last friday and lo and behold no power steering. Had to have the steering column replaced as apparently the sensors on it for the electric steering are not servicible. This is on top of the power steering failure in June that was remedied by the ignition coil TSB. One more strike and Maxx is outa here.
  • To all the owners of 2004 to 2007 Malibus, you should know that if you have a problem with your shifter, and it needs to be replaced you will have a long wait. The reason for this is that all the cables have been pulled from the market because they are faulty. Many of these cables were also installed on the cars presently on the road. This is across North America. The scrap yards are also empty.
    I have been waiting 4 weeks for a cable, and was told I might get one by August 09. I don"t deal with the dealer on this but directly with GM. :mad:
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    Can you elaborate on this cable thing? My wife's '06 is working fine at the moment,
    (to the tune of 40K miles) So is this a failure thing (works for a while and then breaks)
    or what? What happens when it breaks (can't select certain gears?)

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