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  • I have a 2000 RX300 with original Goodyear tires and need some advice on best type of replacements to consider. Need to do this soon for an upcoming cross country road trip. All replies will be sincerely appreciated.
  • gluangluan Posts: 4
    I heard great reviews on Michelin Cross Terrain SUV and will replace mine soon also.

    I still have the original Bridgestone tires which is OK.

    You can buy the tires at and shipped the tires to your mechanic for labor cost only.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    I'm also in the market for new tires. I think I've limited my decision to the Bridgestone Dueler H/L or the Michelin Cross Terrain. The Bridgestone H/L is a new version - "improved" compared to the B. Dueler H/T that came as original equipment on the RX. The B. Dueler H/L employs a new UNI-T AQ technology with dual layer tread which resists normal heat deterioration of the tire. Tire Rack did an eval. on the two and found the H/L to have " matched the H/T in ride quality while being quieter on all road surfaces. On the wet track, with both tires at half tread, the new H/L performed better than the earlier H/T by providing more traction, control and confidence."
    The quotes I have list the Michelin's more than $300 per set more than the B.stone Dueler H/L. They both are listed between 50,000-60,000 mi warranty. The few people I know with the Cross Terrains think they are great for quiet ride and good traction in bad weather.
    (I think most people think that the original Bridgestones were better than the other original Goodyear Integrity - the other Lexus option). Interestingly, when I talked with the Goodyear dealer he said he would not recommend the Integrity as replacement tires for the RX, even though he new they were original equipment.
    So, for my money the Bstone Dueler H/L at around $500-$550 is a good improvement over the original equipment, but if you want to spend $800 the Michelins might be better.
    (My 2 cents worth) Good luck.
  • I have owned my 2002 RX 300 awd, since mid august. Certified used with 13,400 miles now 18,200. Loaded with all but nav. the most beautiful pearl white I have ever seen, It even has the wood trim. We love the car, been on 2 1000 mile trips already, avg. 21+ mpg at over 70 mph. 16 to 18 in town. I have 2 problems the dealer can't fix. Pulls right just enough to be annoying. They put 2 new tires in front, no help, aligned, helped alittle. Worse problem is the trans shifts are crazy at low speed 2nd to 1st or 1st to second. Slips, or bangs into gear most of the time. Normal traffic, (almost stop) and start driving, traffic or parking lot, etc. Dealer says cannot duplicate, replaced throttle position sensor. No help in that regard but helped in other areas. Also, slowing from 40 mph, very acute down gear til 30 mph then lets go like a sling shot at 29 mph. I take it out of overdrive the problem goes a way.
    Has anyone had any shifting problems?? I hope I'm not the only one.
    I really like the car in all other areas. Certified, with extra 2 years and 100,000 mile total warranty, bumper to bumper. $31,000 and change window plus warranty and taxes in CA.
  • Hi,
    How common is this I have a 99 that needed a new front pipe mass flow, pipe exhaust F, 2 exhaust gasket and a meter S.A. air intake. Nothing is under coverd by Lexus. Is this common on a 99?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I have no idea how Lexus and Toyota have actually implemented this effect but I suspect it is the result of the hazards of engine braking on the front wheels on slippery surfaces.

    Some years ago Cadillac added an over-running clutch in their FWD cars for the same reason, too many owners were loosing directional control on slippry roadbed surfaces due to engine braking ONLY on the front wheels/tires.

    I suspect that Lexus is up-shifting the transmission in some manner in order to accomplish the same purpose. Some folks have described the feeling as if being struck lightly from behind by a following vehicle.

    While the HL and RX are touted as being AWD they are both predominantly FWD, 95/5 F/R, except with continuous loss of front traction and then you might see as much as 75/25.
  • dt1900dt1900 Posts: 1
    Check Engine light has come on before. but it was the gas cap. I was on a trip and the ck engine light came on, bought a new gas cap still on. It’s been 2 weeks 2 tanks of gas, thought it would go off. Just now I removed the # 13 fuse let set and put the fuse back in, the light is off. Thanks for the tip. EFI #13 fuse reset.
  • Just picked up a used Audiovox Nav System on Ebay.
    To install, I need to find "Speedometer signal input wire". Can anyone help me locate this wire without ripping the whole car apart?
    RX300 2000
  • Hi!
    I'm new here but have been researching RX for about 3 months now, mainly the 2000 model. Heres' what I was wondering form those of you who own these puppies:

    1. I'm concerned about having to pay large $$ for so-called"X-mile " services. I had a Volvo and couldn't get out of the shop usually for less than $500. Are these required and what experiences have you had having these performed?

    2. We are also looking at the MDX and the Highlander. Any comments and/or suggestions will be helpful. Dollar wise, the HL is comparable but is only about 1 to 2 years old vs. a 4-year old RX for about the same price. The MDX is much higher in $$ but seems to be a little better in that the salesman said that the first major service is at 115K. Is this true or not?

    3. I'm also concerned about paying higher during repairs because it is a Lexus (vs. Toy). I will probably try to purchase a ext. wrty., and will be using a Toy dealer for non warranty events or a Lexus shop (non-dealer)for same. Would I be better off with the HL or the Acura, or do the Acura folks charge as much?

    As you can see, I'm not too concerned about reliability, as I know that the cars we are discussing are relatively reliable. I'm concerend about having a car payment (after not having one for 7 years!) and still paying for any major repairs over the course of the loan.

    The car will be driven by my wife, mostly around town. We will not be towing or off-roading, and she likes the way these cars drive. If you would like to send a message direct, please email at

    Thanks in advance for your comments/help.
  • dmead516,

    I have looked at HL and RXs. I own a 1999 RX and it has 100k on it. Great vehicle, never a problem. Service has been superb. I plan to trade my Acura TL-s for a SUV (the RX is my wife's.) I like the HL, but I like the quiet and little extras on the RX. I can get a used 2001 RX w/~30k miles for ~ $26-29k. A new HL with everything is ~ $33k. So, I probably will go with a 2001 RX.

    The maintenance it needs is oil changes every 4-7k (I use Mobil 1, hwy not pamper a $36k car?), transmission every 15-20k (it IS 4wd, this is a smart move), timing belt every 90k ($1200 service in Wash DC). All this can be done @ a toyota dealership. They use the same parts. Of course, you will not get the loaner Lexus ;-)
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    I don't tow or fit into the special operating conditions and have found that I can save a lot of money if I do only what the Lexus manual suggests not what the dealership suggests for a major service. It really adds up.
  • Hi Doug (dmead516),
    I'm am the happy owner of a new (used)2001 RX300 and maybe can help some:

    I bought the FWD version with the premium plus pkg that included the wood steering wheel/shifter. I specifically was searching for a certified pre-owned at a Lexus dealer because of the 100K warranty. I used Carfax's service to run the VIN's of the cars on the dealer's website and that helped identify one owner cars coming off leases, how the dealer acquired (fleet auction meant they paid close to wholesale), and sometimes how long it was on their lot. I used all that to negotiate a good price, I think, as they asked $27,900 and the final price I got was $25,900 before taxes, which according to Edmund's is what we would have paid buying from private party but have the added benefit of a CPO vehicle with new tires.

    Oh, and not sure if you were paying cash or not, but having financing in hand prior to negotiating was a big asset. The F&I person offered to beat our interest rate by offering new car financing at 3.9% (since it was a CPO vehicle) and so that saved us some more $$, although you had to be careful because he did try to push the loan to something crazy like 66 months.

    I know you mentioned looking at a 00 version, but there were some improvements made to the RX with the 01 that seemed worth getting the 01. I love the car, the ride and the beautiful interior. The only thing missing now is my XM which I'm working on getting back in there.

    Hope this helps,
  • mchen70mchen70 Posts: 9
    Muppettman, I just got new Michelin Cross Terrains for my 99 RX at 56,000 miles to replace the original Goodyear Integrity's and the Mich. are far superior to the Goodyears. I got them mid this winter and in snow and rain, the Mich. out grip the Goodyears. Only problem is, you'll have to pay a premium price. The Intergrity are about $70 per tire, while the X-Terrain are about $150 per tire. I plus sized to 235x70-16 without needing to change the wheels and they seem to clear properly except at my in-laws when I turn the steering wheels over fully to turn on their street. It ONLY happens on that road and I can't duplicate the problem anywhere else, so I'm thinking it might be road.
    Go with Michelin if price is not a factor and safety is your concern.
  • sdsmsdsm Posts: 2
    Hi I am the proud owner of a 2001 Blue Vapor RX300! I love it, and have dreamed of owning one for a long time. Does anyone know how I can get touch up paint and something to fix a couple of spots on the leather? Thanks, Sue
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    For Touch-Up paint have you tried the dealer(parts dept.)?
  • joanziejoanzie Posts: 51
    Hi, I also own a 2001 Blue Vapor Rx. Did you purchase it from a Lexus dealer? If you did they should give you a couple of small bottles one for the car and one for the trim below, they did for me because I asked.
  • tccctccc Posts: 13
    Does anyone know of any aftermarket shocks that will improve body lean on a RX300? I put a stiffer shock on a Grand Cherokee and it improved the lean.
  • dstardstar Posts: 2
    I just traded in my 2000 RX300 which had Michelin Energy's on it for a 2002 Rx300 which had the GoodYear Integrity. The 2000 at the time of trade in had 95k on it and the new 2002 had only 25k on it. I have to say the Integrity's made the 2002 RX300 feel like a mini van and couldn’t believe how poor the tire performed. They were so bad (and they were new) I just purchased the Duelers H/P which took the handling and response to an entire new level. They were a bit pricey, but worth it. The touring version I am sure would be good as well. Whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM GOODYEAR INTEGRITY which are a disgrace to their name. I purchased the tires via and went with the 235/70/16's
  • My name is James! I am an owner 01 Lexus RX300 FWD. Great Best Selling SUV in USA market! I wish, Lexus put more sporty to RX300, like wider tires, CD Changer makes sound bad, 4 speed automatic old transmisson, feel unstable on unpaved road front lost some control speed 60mph. I had this RX300 87600 miles on it! Center console were simple, full leather dash board, shift knob like other toyota cars, more thigh room driver seat & passenger too! First, Lexus should offer rear drive SUV fight Infiniti FX35, that's mean more power hp. Engine check light on, VSC, and TRAC. Many lexus owner problem air flow senor their cars! :confuse: :sick: :lemon:
  • My 01 RX300 were lazy low rpm at uphill. Lexus said, RX300 produces 1600 rpm 80% torque but really sicks! Shift to 2 gear, car diving front a lot! For sporty driving. Gas pedal were weird, reaction were dame stupid! Mainly, because 4 speed automatic sucks, that's old tranmisson borrow their 90s models! :(
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    First, you can add 30mm wheel spacers all around and then 17x8 wheels and wider tires. More "contact patch" and wider stance adds stability. With 2" lowering springs add even more stability.

    In case you should need, the extra rear wheelwell space will allow you to safely use traction chains, on the rear first and then also at the front should the need arise.

    If you really want a RWD RX300 that can be done too!

    Simply trade up to a pre-04 AWD RX300 and have a technician remove the direct mechanical drive to the front. Then the front will only be driven with the VC charactoristics if/when rear wheelspin develops.

    The front driveline is somewhat beefier since it normally takes the majority of the engine drive torque but the rear driveline/system should still be able to hold up for a decent period unless you're really into SUV racing.
  • I have a 99 RX300. The brake sensor light came on so I checked the 5 bulbs, found nothing but replaced all 5. The sensor still comes on after the brake pedal is pressed. Is the sensor bad? I don't know what elso it could be.
  • mikeytmikeyt Posts: 22
    I also have a 99 rx and also thought I had a wiring problem after changing the top brake light bulb and the dash light still coming on after the brake was pressed, the problem is most likely the bulb not having the correct resistance. The bulb works fine in the car and the voltage is right but the computer sees the bulb as good or bad by how much resistance it sends back to it, The problem is usually in the 3rd brake light bulb. Search this forum and you'll find threads with the same issue including my own back when i had the problem. Good luck and Happy holidays!!
  • kevinnkevinn Posts: 5
    Have you found a way to rememdy the brake light sensor coming on. THis has happended before to me but the light was actually burned out. As weel does the RX have a redundancy system built in to disguise a burned out light? Thanks Kevin
  • lexusuvlexusuv Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 99 RX 300.Could anyone tell me how the interior light is activated when the door is opened? I don't see a button anywhere and sometimes mine doesn't work from the driver's door only. I appreciate any responses Thanks :confuse:
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    I don't have the body manual, but I think the switch is built into the door latch mechanism.

    If the problem is intermittent, you might try some clean lube (not like WD-40) in the latch first. However, since the vehicle security system is affected, if that doesn't work, it's probably cheap enough to replace it if you are handy enough to work with the door panel yourself (if your car is out of warrantee).
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I have the opportunity to purchase a used 2006 Lexus. The vehicle only has 15,000 miles on the clock. I make it a point to have all my routine service performed at the dealer, (such as oil and filter changes and transmission fluid changes). Can someone give me an idea as to what an Oil & Filter service would cost at a Lexus dealer, before I get TOO EXCITED about this vehicle! ----- Best regards. ---- Dwayne ;) :) :shades:
  • I'm a first-time Lexus owner also, djm2, but
    what I did was I purchased my maintenance stuff
    for the next 4 years, 48 months in advance
    because they supposedly give you a discount when you do that. I don't recall right now what a single oil change/filter, tire rotation
    runs( probably close to $100). But the
    prepaid maintenance that I purchased will cover
    my oil/filter changes and tire rotation every
    5,000 miles. Check with Lexus as to what they
    charge for the regular maintenance.
  • How many bulbs are in this light unit and how do you replace them? Thanks for your help
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