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Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Transmission Questions



  • We have a 2007 Spectra 5 standard model. At 36 000 km, our garage suggested full check up including changing the transmission fluid. We noted that it was a standard and not an automatic and we were told that there was fluid (we suppose in the gearbox) that needed to be changed or the warranty would be voided. So we let the boys do their work. Afterwards, the shifting from 2nd to 1st gear began to grind. We returned to the dealership and a service manager explained that there was no "syncro" between 1st and 2nd. Therefore, we could not expect to use compression breaking from 2nd to 1st! And, that shifting from 3rd to 2nd should be done at limited speeds around 20 kph! Our model is the sports edition and for the first 36 000 km it handled like a sports car. Now at 58 000 km we drive it as though we were on a golf course so that we can avoid the grinding. It should be noted that we are experienced standard drivers who are not into street racing - just commuting and the commutes are easy. Our question is: who else is experiencing this problem?
  • my car does the same thing engine light comes on car would shock on gas at low milges. did u ever find out what was wrong with it cuz no body seem to know
  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    I had an 08 and smelt the transmission burning. Traded it in for a Honda and took a loss. Buying a Kia was a risk and I lost. Chances of getting a lemon are high and the service departments are also a risk. Not a lot of places to get a Kia repaired under warranty. I think that's why so many reports of Kia service being very rude.. they know they have that power over you and your only option is going somewhere else far away or getting rid of it.. I was really disappointed with the service on some minor repairs and got rid of it.. the transmission is very expensive to repair on a Spectra..
  • mason9mason9 Posts: 2
    We had the clutch replaced: free labour but we paid for parts. Turns out we were mislead about the problem by one of the garage managers. Needless to say, we are going to trade (at our loss) for either a Suzuki SX4 or a Honda Civic.
  • Whenever my Kia is in deep snow for a period of time, I loose reverse and the tranny is stuck in low. As I drive in low, it will from time to time act like it is in neutral. The dealer will do nothing because by the time he looks at it--the problems are gone!!!
    This happened in winter of 2008 and now agin this winter--several times! HELP!!
  • podinaspodinas Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
  • yeah i have a 02 still going but it had a lot of these similar tramsission problems including a new one i haven't seen where the over drive button won't engage or disengage on the instrument cluster,so i left the positve post on the battery off and about an hour later.i hooked it back up and it works like a charm,so i think the computer or the trans. computer is going out,considering it has a 134,000 and the fact i have hit a deer and a tree and it still refuses to die.this car i will keep even if i have to totally rebuild it from the ground up,btw kia stands for koreans in america or killed in action and so on.
  • I have had similar problems with my 2008 kia spectra and was told by the service manager that I should not downshift from 2nd to 1st when moving. In the service manual you are required to change the gear oil for the transaxle every 60000 miles under sevre conditions not 30000. I have seen hondas with 200000 miles that have never had the gear oil changed.

    It is a design flaw in the 5 speed transmissions.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    Agreed...all modern transmissions have 2 to 1 synchros. What a crock!

    The only thing I could suggest as a bit of a long shot is to use synthetic gear oil of the proper weight (who knows what they may have put in there?) and see if that helps.

    If it doesn't, you have worn synchros.

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  • i have a 2000 KIA Spectra and recently its been getting stuck on revers or wont let me get it into its just locked and wont let me switch it to reverse..anyone know what might be the problem.
  • 07 Kia Spectra with automatic transmission makes grinding sound like starter engaging when the transmission is shifted from Park to a drive gear or as it goes back into Park. . also notice a serious drain on the electrical system when this sound occurs. .. also had to take fuse out of power locks because when you unlock the doors, they immediately lock back. . .
  • My car worked GREAT until I hit 60,000 miles (go figure)....over the last few months, there have been instances where the car decelerates....twice this week on the freeway, the car would sputter while in 4th and 5th gear....I had to pull over and even pumping the accelerator while in neutral, the engine would rev, but after going back into gear, it sputtered horribly...both instances lasted about 30 seconds, but scared the crap out of me because both times I was in the 'fast lane' and had to get over...any ideas? the car will absolutely not accelerate when this happens ... but it does go away after about 30-45 seconds....
  • I purchased a 2001 Kia from a one owner/daughter, and when I bought it it did not have a reverse (so I was told). I drove it that way for a few days, and experienced some transmission delays and kicks. I am used to driving a stick shift, so I started shifting the lever through the gears, because you get a better response time into the gears, then suddenly one day, my car started rolling backwards, I had accidentally put into reverse, so I got the reverse back. I have been driving this car now for a few months, approx. 4-5 months this way and reverse has not failed me yet. I still get a kick once in a while when it doesn't want to go from 2nd to drive, but I just learned to let up on the gas pedal and give it a chance to get into gear. Strange, but true. Hopes this helps, although it doesn't fix the problem. When I purchased the car, I was told that it needed to have the transmission rebuilt at a cost of $1200. When I get some money, I might think about it.
  • I bought my kia 5 months ago and all of the sudden my car will not go into reverse. I shifts perfectly fine in all gears. Do I need a new transmission or is there something else i can do to fix this???
  • geeaulageeaula Posts: 1
    Do you know if this will also fix 2001 Sprectra trans problems?? I bought the car and it only has about 97,000 miles on it.....would hate to have to dump $3000 into a new trans..
  • I have a 2004.5 Kia Spectra and I am glad that I saw this forum because we have been racking our brain trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I began to surge and RPM's stick as we drove it on the highway especially after the slightest wind pocket and feather the gas to get it to go upon a stop. Initially We had taken it in to a corner lube and tune for an oil change and they sold us a fuel injection cleaning that it didn't need. No check engine light would come on until it came on for the TPS. Anyway, after that the Kia dealership in our town reported that they couldn't find anything wrong in 2013 but came up with a long list of things we needed that we really didn't need because all of the items had been taken care of previously. Haha! We finally took it to a mechanic who is a czar on cars and we went ahead and had them recheck all of the lube and tunes work and those things the Kia dealership recommended- everything was fine. After internet research, had them replace the fuel pump and relay switch which helped but didn't totally resolve it. Then the variable valve timing solenoid (due to the check engine light coming on because of the TPS (TPS was fine)). Variable valve timing solenoid was found to be a common problem with the Sedona's. This does make the car ok if we take surface streets and no wind pockets and no faster than 40 MPH or so and press the gas a certain way otherwise you have to feather it to go. No shaky feet on the accelerator haha! Maybe this has been a part of the problem all along. Thank you!

  • tatyho88tatyho88 Posts: 1
    This is crazy. I googled these exact words and this blog came up snd my problem with my 2005 kia spectra is exactly as spectrman describes. This is actually our second go round with the rxact same problem. At 80k miles started having problem and kia replaced tranny. (Or so they say they did, but from reading this im not do sure. We are now at 190k and have been having the exact same problem for 10k miles now. So is there now an easier fix i need to know about? Do i need s control module from a 2003 or nrwer as someone mentioned? Please please help. Now that our warranty is up i hate to take it to a garage when i actually know what the problem is. Please Reply! Thanks from reading this im notso sure.
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