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Ford Focus: Problems & Solutions



  • igor2igor2 Posts: 148
    it is possible yo ujust have a bad car.... if you like it enough get the extended warranty as recommended. BUT GET IT BEFORE THE REGULAR ONE RUNS OUT... othersie you will pay much more...

    But it seems that the car has enough prblems to justify a trade in... (I personally, if I were in your situation and had sufficient meas would go buy something different - it is ver ywell prossible the problem is hte particular car, not Focus design though so I wouldn't want you to turn back on Focus just because you possibly got ripped off on a problmmeatic car.

    I hope this helps.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,858
    a bad battery can cause some strange problems. my wife had an sho that seemed possessed. noises would come out of the speakers when the radio wasn't on, the power locks would lock/unlock for no reason, lights on the dashboard would come on/go out. it needed a new battery.
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  • I bought an '04 Focus ZX3 (2.3, manual) last year, which I'm quite happy with, EXCEPT headlight illumination on low beam. The high beams are decent but low beam illumination isn't adequate to the point of being dangerous on the highway. I keep the coverings clean and adjustment isn't the problem. Thoughts, ideas, a fix?

    Thanks for the tip, reuel3, and thanks for all responses.

  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Go to Walmart. They have a large selection of Sylvania after market bulbs that promise to be brighter. BTW, I have owned several ZX3 and always felt the low beams were fine. But, ymmv.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,858
    i split my driving pretty much between a focus and an explorer. i also find the headlights on the focus are not as bright as i would like them and have a narrow beam.
    of course, i don't see as well at night as i used to. :blush:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • I'm trying to change my air filter on a 2002 ZX5 and am having a hard time getting the top of the airbox removed. I got 2 out of the 4 8mm bolts out but can't get the other 2 out.
    They appear to be stripped or something as I when I turn the bolt; it just keeps spinning. A big problem is that it really isn't a nut attached to the other side but rather a crazy fastener thing that is perfectly round; hence I can't get a grip on it to try and break it free.
    I've tried the LiquidWrench/WD40/PBLaster route and still no luck.

    Anyone else have this trouble and how did you correct it?
    I've got an idea but it's really my last resort.

  • I have an '02 ZX3 w/ 78,000 miles--mostly highway mileage. I have had to replace the alternator, slave cyl, clutch last october and the master cyl a few days ago. When I picked it up from having the master cyl replaced last wed the mechanic told me I needed to hurry up and sell the car b/c clutch was about to go, again. The clutch went out as I was driving on highway the next morning. The car is parked on a side street at this time. The mechanic said the clutch would be around $900 to fix, and the brakes also need to be replaced and they are very expensive as well. Seems silly to put more $ into a car that is not worth anything. Help! I appreciate any response.
  • I had my Ignition changed out tonight by a locksmith and when he finished the car would start but won't stay on unless I keep my foot on the gas. Has anyone had this problem. The locksmith says its the same key and he doesn't know why it won't stay started now.

  • jdeljdel Posts: 1
    hey i was having the same problem with my 01 focus se. i dont trust almost any shop
    so i tried to trouble shoot the problem my self and found that there is a diode in the main fuse box ( engine compartment ) it looks just like a fuse but its black and has a marking like this on it -/<-- there are two one for the engine elecrical and one for the fans. you can just switch them to see if this works if it works go buy the one thats blown and replace with corect one. i dont think they ere the same resistance. hope this helps
  • Hello- I also have a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. I have replaced the ignition switch and tumblers in 2003 and I am about to replace it again not even 2 years later. I have filed a complaint with Ford, but I'am no getting any support from them.
  • Help! I have a 2000 focus that I have had very few problems with up to this point. I did have the fuel module replaced and had to pay to fix the ignition problem. My car has 87,000 miles on it and when I put my car in park, the engine rev's up to 3000 and 4000. The revving only stops when I press on the brakes or turn the car off. What could be the problem? Also, the CEL comes and goes randomly.
  • ok i have the exact same probem.

    everything with the left tail light works, except the running light when the headlights are on.

    the bulbs are fine. tried a million. even switched the socket assemblies for the left and right side, still, the left side wont go on with the headlights.

    anyone have any idea how to fix this?

  • Hello everyone... back in April I posted a concern about a whining noise in the trans when slowing down and was advised by some to just wait until the car is "broken in". Well, it's now November and I have nearly 6000 on my ZX5 and the noise is still there, however somewhat less annoying than before. Regardless, it's still an annoying sound. Has anyone else experienced this and did you get it fixed??
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    I have two 05 zx4's with the auto tranny ,both have about 10,000 miles and both have the slight whining sound. I dont think its anything to worry about.
  • My 2000 Focus is stuck in park. The lights, air and other accessories will not work. The alternator is working the car starts but I can not get it out of park. What can I do??
  • My '01 focus has an ignition problem; the key will turn to the 'run' position, and all dash lights come on, but turning a little further to the 'crank' position results in nothing. The battery checks good, clean terminals, shifter definitely in Park, still won't crank. When I've had it towed, it gets to the shop & cranks fine - no trouble found. This has happened 3 times! Any ideas???
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Odds are its the safety lock mechanism. Try pushing harder on the brake pedal before trying to take it out of park. VW's used to have this problem. There is always the chance the interlock is way out of adjustment (or broken) and pushing harder on the brake won't work. This hasn't been reported as a wide spread problem on Focii.
  • Hello all. I had posted previously in this forum about how my brakes in my 2005 Focus were weak as hell after the car is cold started. At times I had to use two feet on the brake pedal to stop the car (almost got t-boned by a semi because of it...I was only going 10km per hour!) The brakes would start to behave normally after about 3-5 minutes of driving. I had it into the dealer 3 times and they replaced the booster, master cylinder and, finally, a vacuum hose that was updated by Ford. I was told that this would fix the problem. I finally had confidence that the Focus would stop safely. About two weeks after that visit to the dealer, I had to stop and, well, the brakes did not stop the car as they should. I was going about 15km per hour in stop and go traffic. I had 3 car lengths to stop and as I applied the brake the car did not stop moving. I increased the pressure to the point where I was using all my strength but the car simply slowed down gently...right into the rear end of a truck! The truck was undamaged but the Focus sustained 4300 bucks worth of damage to the hood, grill, bumper and various parts behind the grill. I took it back, again, to the dealer and they told me that Ford recently released a TSB to fix, and I quote from the work report, "Excessive brake pedal force required to stop vehicle at high altitudes after cold start". Needless to say I live in Calgary which is a high altitude location. Does the vehicle stop? Yes. But, as I measured when no one else was on the road, the emergency stopping distance is about 2.5 to 3 times longer than when the brakes are working as they should! Its especially dangerous because its hard to tell if the brakes are malfunctioning until you have to stop suddenly. The dealership gave me a priority service card for a local body shop and took my car to get the body work estimates for me. They did so due to the "special circumstances" of my situation I was told. However, when I asked that they pay for the body damage I was kindly informed to contact their legal department. This should be a recall! I have contacted various groups in attempts to persuade Ford to pay for it. I will take them to court as a last resort which is what my insurance company said I should do. Its ridiculous that Ford won't pay for the damages considering that there is a TSB for the very issue that caused the damage! So be warned 2005 Focus owners. I would return the car ASAP for your own safety if you live in a high altitude location. Tell your dealer it is due to TSB 05-16-13, Service Bulletin Number: 051613, NHTSA Item Number: 10016804. I know I sure won't buy a Ford again. As a side note, a rental Focus I had while my Focus was getting fixed had the very same problem with the brakes. Anyone experience the same issue? What steps should I take at this point?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Print out a copy of your posting and give it to your insurance company. Also make sure you don't get "at fault" points with your DMV or equivalent. You'll preval in the end with Ford. They are just hesitant to accept liability immediately without fully investigating. There have been known to be people who have problems like this, but in the actual accident the cause was something else.
  • My car was doing the same thing. We replaced the fuel filter and gave the car a complete tune-up but ended up replacing the fuel pump. $225 later (part only) my car runs great again.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    My particular Ford dealer service department includes 30,000 mile fuel filter changes as part of their recommended service. Although this is in excess of manfacturer requirements, I think it is a good idea. It might extend the fuel pump life, too - think of the fuel filter straining to pump fuel through a filter as the filter begins to clog up.
  • The salesman was telling me how the passenger side airbag won't be activated unless there is weight in that seat. So if nobody is in it and I crash, helps to not ruin that part of the car or something.. But he didn't know how much weight the seat needed to be activated.. :confuse:

    I'm just wondering if I can put my 20lb dog in the front seat and him not get an airbag in his face..
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    No, the dog could be at risk. I had a 2005 and the "airbag not activated" sensor went on when I put a 15 pound backpack on the seat - in other words, the seat sensed the weight, but then deactivated the airbag after detecting a "light" occupant. On earlier models, the seats can't tell the difference between weights.
  • ac22ac22 Posts: 1
    I just replaced my front rotors on my 04 ZX5.When I checked the brake pedal it went to the floor.Thinking I had air in the system I bled the front and rear brakes.Still have the same problem.This dees not make sense since I did not open any lines.What,s left besides the master cylinder?Dead in the water.
  • You have a bad starting motor. When the engine is cold it will
    start fine, like when you first start up.
    After the car is warmed up the starter motor opens up and will
    not crank. Its happened to me
  • I have a 2000 Focus with all power. The problem is the car alarm system is always on, parking lights and horn are going off all the time. I can not disable this alarm system. I have
    called the dealer and he says that the alarm is part of the car computer and cannot be disarmed. The company that makes
    this alarm is by AUTO MATE.
  • I had similiar issues with my 04 Ford Focus. I bought it pre-owned at about 17,000 miles then I felt brake problems and squeakiness. I called the dealer and they said it was past the warranty to replace them. I went to a shop and they said the brakes were wearing unusually but did not need any at the time. They adjusted them and the squealing quit for a week. When I returned a couple of months later to have them serviced before I moved cross country, again they said they were ok but would need to replace when I get there.

    After moving from CA to GA, I had them checked and I needed news brakes and rotors at only 25,000 miles. Then I repeatedly went back to the same shop to have them looked at because of the squealing and softness of the brakes. Finally, I called the shop back and the manager admitted to me that Ford Focus has a huge TSB list due to faulty brakes on Fords behalf. They replaced them with ceramic brakes to stop the noise and after returning again, they replaced the rear brake shoes.

    Things were great for at least 2 weeks until I past my 36,000 mile warranty mark and the brakes would hit the floor literally!!. I returned to the shop they said they saw no problems and checked everything. I drove right out of there and had the same problem. I went to another shop and they saw no problems. I returned to the same shop and explained that something is wrong and they bled the brakes again. They test drove it and everything. Said it should be good. It was not. Then today (11/27/05) I took it to another shop and they experienced what I was trying to prove to everyone all along and said the last shop did not bleed them correctly. I had confidence that it was fixed then because they test drove it and said it hit the floor. But low and behold, when I got into that car on my way out of the shop, I again would not stop and and dragged along. I am so disgusted and frustrated. I now know that many others have faced this issue and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get my money back. These cars are lemons in my opinoin from all the the astronimical similiar stories in this forum alone. Ford needs to repay any individual that has owned and suffered from Ford Focus defaults. Any suggestions? :mad: :cry:
  • What Model Year Focus?
  • Grab hold of the Positive cable near the battery post terminal. Wiggle the wire around two or three inches. Do the same with the negative cable near the battery post.
  • Sounds like the BTSI (Brake Transmission Switch Interlock). Look near the shifter, there is a little circular plastic cap about .25 inches in diameter. Look down there and with a pen to manually over ride the safety.
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