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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Hill start assist not working is your biggest complaint? Really? Somehow every manual transmission owner in history has managed to handle rolling back on hills, I really think you guys can too. Simply move your foot from brake to gas more quickly in the future. Or if you really want to get fancy, keep your left foot on the brake while you press the gas with the right foot before you release the brake. You won't roll back at all. This is pretty simple stuff folks.

    I rented a Nissan Maxima with their ubiquitous CVT and it rolled back on inclines as well. And was generally dreadful to drive. Of the new transmission technologies I'd much rather have the DCT than a CVT, even given the DCT's teething problems.
  • I would have bought a manual if that is what I wanted to deal with , but since I paid approx 1,000 dollars more for what I was thought was an automatic tranny, I think they should of made me aware of the different driving characteristics of this car on inclines . Our test drive was on a 6 mile course on very flat terrain. I would be OK with the hill assist if it worked consistantly on our car, plus it feels like a different car each time I drive it.Because of the sparatic gear changes and lurches this car makes, the transmission draws attention to itself.Others riding with me even ask me whats wrong with my car.
    My senior Mother also drives and depends on this car and I think this justifies the extra concern.
  • Well.... I am glad that I am not going CRAZY!!!! I have been telling my husband about the shaking & shuddering for just about a few has actually gotten worse! I have a 2012 focus se that we bought in March & have about 4800 miles on don't get me wrong...I love this little car, but when the transmission mechanic tells my husband that this is normal for this "type" of transmission....SORRY!!! but I don't believe it...I used to have a manual stick vw bug and it never drove like this. So..what are you going to do?? I am just beginning on my mission to either get it fixed, or get a different car from Ford and I am sure that will take some doing!! Most aggravated....that should be my screen name!!
  • IM with ya on that, tired of being told its normal! Mine has almost stalled out and it only gets 27mpg! I bought it for the gas mileage I could live with the rest, for th 40mpg I was promised, but they tell me then can do nothing about the gas mileage either, then yesterday my air stopped working, I have over 10,000 on my car and each time I take it back it gets worse. Not sure what to do, think Im going to trade it on a toyota!
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    For you guys being told "it's normal", you're going to get that excuse from most dealers for any number of problems. It's up to you to raise a stink and make sure the dealer knows you're not accepting that answer. A few things you can do:

    1) Tell them you want the absolute latest software update installed regardless of whether they think it needs it
    2) Insist on going for a ride in another Focus on their lot to demonstrate to them this is what you expect your car to drive like
    3) Go to a different dealer (yes, there can be vast differences in service between dealers)
    4) Get the regional Ford reps involved
  • I have a 2012Focus sedan with handling package, 6speed automatic. For the first 3000 miles there was a small amount of shudder which lessened quickly after that. With 1 year and 15000 miles there is never a shudder, car creeps ahead when stopped like any other automatic. It runs flawlessly. Has not needed service except oil change that came out very clean at 8500 miles. mpg for my partial country road, partial interstate, partial in town driving is 42 to 43 mpg. Cruzing on interstate at 80mph -- 38mpg. 75mph ---40 mpg. 70mph----42mpg. 60 to 65 mph ----43 plus mpg.

    It handles beautifully and the brakes are impressive.

    Don't understand this stuff about rolling backward when starting on a hill. Standard shifts do that all the time---sounds like driving 101 to me.
  • The initial post was titled something like “ transmission or electrical problem”. Its been a while since my last post, maybe because the Focus has been working relatively well (2001, ZX3 , with automatic transaxle, with 40,000 miles) . Several months ago, we took a 500 mile trip and the car experienced some jerking phenomena. Actually we couldn’t tell if it was the engine burping or the transmission shifting because it was very intermittent / short lived. Hoping that the problem was a result of some bad gasoline, we added some water remover and hoped for the best. The problem just kept getting worse and during a typical bad drive the car would do the following: shift hard (jerk) going up a hill, shift hard pulling away from a stop, shift hard when the cruse control was activated, or the windshield wipers were turned on, or when the high beam head lights were turned on, or when the turn signal was activated, or when we ran over a bump in the road. The headlights , dash lights, would flicker during a bump in the road. At this point, I was thinking the primary problem must be electrical and the transmission problem was a spin-off. I Googled using phrases like “Focus electrical problems” and found some leads, the majority of which said that check that the battery ground was good. I looked at the battery ground and it had one large wire, one medium size wire and one very skinny wire attached. Although they all looked clean and seemed to make good contact, I cleaned them anyway. I figured that the large wire was for the starter, the medium wire was for other stuff and had no Idea what the skinny wire was for. Although it made no since to me, I decided to add a forth wire and route it from the negative battery terminal to a handy bolt on the fender brace. I used some scrap wire I had, probably a # 12 or #14 wire size. I had a few crimp wire lugs and used them. I am holding my breath and the car has not had any of the bad thing happen since, and its been about one week. I have ordered some #10 flexible ground cable and some new crimp wire lugs and I plan on running a new ground to the chassis and to some place on the engine block, it can't hurt and maybe it will prevent the reoccurrence of bad things...Bottom line of this post---WHAT CAN IT HURT TO ADD ANOTHER GROUND WIRE-- and it might help.
  • I completely understand the issue you are talking about. I am not sure if you have since received a recall notice from Ford but the issues you are talking about have since been resolved. If you haven't done so yet, take your Focus back to the dealership and they will reprogram the Transmission, Engine, and ABS controls to make these problems disappear. I agree that it is odd that cars were delivered to customers with these problems, but at least Ford has come up with a resolution. Since the software updates my Focus does not roll back on hills, the shifting is smooth, and it is one of the best cars I have owned. Call your dealership because these issues are well documented.
  • Im surprised to read this, That should have been repaired months ago. there was a letter sent out by fomoco explaining what you are experiencing.To all owners of the power shift tranny.
    it was a semi recall and it worked great!. I had the same problems but after the update to the computer its a blast to drive!. cant remember the TSA though. I think it 12 b 37. but cant recall. get it done and you will like that dct!.
    I :D did.
  • Yup and it works great. I had mine done in august and havent looked back.

    aint nothing wrong with that tranny. one might suppose it hasnt been updated.

    Its a cool tranny for sure!
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 51
    I agree with you 100% I think the real problem is the salesman at the Ford dealers are not telling people that these cars are not traditional automatic transmission but actually a automated MANUAL I researched the car before I bought so I was educating the salesman when I bought mine but can you imagine the disappointment of someone who never drove a stick and then buys a Focus not Knowing it’s a automated MANUAL?
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    edited December 2012
    Anyone drive both? how different are they? And do you think the dual clutch will survive?
  • Iv had problems with my 2012 forcus and my wifes also. I took it to one ford dealer they installed these so called updates and it was good for a while then went back to [non-permissible content removed] shifting. So I called another ford by me and they were stright forword. saying they have problems with the clutch packs going bad inside the trans and to fix that it needs to be rebuilt. I have warrenties on both and it wont cost a thing. Just letting everyone no thats what the problem seems to be. Plus the transmission are made in china now so that could also be a mistake.
  • hey johnny..So are you saying the beefier clutches are available without asking for it without a shotgun, Are we going to get a letter to your fact?. I want the new clutches too! how do I get that done?
  • I Have taken it to different dealers they tell me nothing is wrong, so how do you get them to fix something they say has No problems, of course they arent driving it when it almost stalls out or loses power etc.
  • jg darling. I figure this transmission will get fixed, Or ford will file for chapter 7. They put to much time and money in it. errr I mean the consumer did.
    It may be too late for ford.
    replace the dct with a conventional auto and Walllla what tranny problems.
    But they doubled down with it for the 13 models.Thats what I call top notch management.
    I expect to see a class action suit real soon.
    Ford did not take a bail out. We gave them it $ with this driveline. We as in consumers.
    ford had better get on it real fast. Or perish.
  • That is exactly right bobananda! I purchased this car and specifically asked if it was a standard and they told me no. I told them I didn't want a standard transmission. I have had them before as well and I have to tell you. I don't think knowing how to drive one has anything to do with it. This is an awful transmission and a terrible car and Ford should be made to do something!
  • took it back 6 times, still not fixed, almost stalled out on me 3 times last week, traded it in this weekend, hated that car I have never hated a car before, but now thank god I have a car that actually goes when I put my foot on the gas! Bye Bye Ford will never own another one!
  • My 2005 ford focus pretty much did the same thing. i was at the store and put in reverse and backed out fine then put it in drive and it wouldnt go at all with a loud roaring noise. when i pushed on gas the motor just reved up and acted like it was in nuetral. still have not found out what is wrong. have you maybe found some answers yet? please HELP!
  • Well...I can tell you this. I bought mine in April 2012. I have driven about 63,000 miles so far and I was going to buy the manual and opted for the auto. Why? Hands free driving. I am a car guy, and love shifting, but I have noticed while the shifting is a little weird in the auto, what is ment by a manual automatic is that the car has dual clutches like a manual transmission but uses a computer and a actuator to change gears. This was done, so that the engineers at ford could have better control over gas mileage. There are some inheirent problems with the dual clutch design. With a manual clutch, there is flywheel, clutch disc and presure plate. With this dual clutch thing, to have it serviced is a $2200 repair. How would I know that? The seals started to leak at 30,000 miles. It was covered under warranty, but the dealership was actually a little surprised because when I showed up they didnt have any other cars with that kind of mileage on them as of yet. They replaced what they called the clutch unit, which included a piece of hardware and two disc. I drive the car every way the car can be driven and it sees highway miles and back road miles every day. Living in Raleigh, NC, you have to drive it a bit agressively, and the car in my opinion, does a really good job. My previous car was a 2006 Pontiac GTO, a 2008 Corvette Z06, and a 800 RWHP 2002 Trans Am, so I feel qualified to speak on behalf of the car and the transmission.
  • lunaparklunapark Posts: 2
    edited January 2013
    Haven driven my Focus and was going to buy the Dart, but it was not out when I got the Focus in April, 2012, The focus drives, handles, and feels faster than the Dart. The Focus feels more compliant on the road. I was so excited when a dealer called me from an hour from my house about receiving the first Dart, I got in the car and drove down with the intention of trading in the Focus, only to be so extremely disapointed. Dodge had such an incredible opprotunity to get it right, and they so missed the mark and the thing has a Turbo in it and the Focus out accelerates it in N/A form.
  • hwiebehwiebe Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem as johnnyb15. I had the updates done before Christmas and now it's doing the same thing again - slipping into neutral it how it feels - back and forth. Can't get any speed out of it. Left it back at the dealership and told them not to call me until it's fixed once and for all.
  • 2007 Ford Focus with 95,000 miles. I'm having the very same issue as #579 above. Most of the time it is working ok - but now and then, it will ref like in neutral. It has happened when just starting out. But also when going down the highway at 70 mph. Took it to a shop this past week and they are saying that the transmission will need to be rebuilt. That there are two bore holes in the transmission that need to be rebored. And cost will be around $2,600 plus tax. Ouch. It has been a good car - until this. Have never had tranny problems in any past car for 45+ years. So very frustrating. (Mechanic said that Ford has had transmission issues.) QUESTION: Does anyone know of possible ways to get this fixed for less? No warranty. Just looking for possible alternative solutions. (Or would it be better to sell it and get something newer? Pro's and con's?) Thanks....
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,469
    $2600?? You could buy a brand new transaxle from Ford for less than that. Maybe you need to shop around a bit and get a second opinion on this issue.

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  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    Thats way high of a price.........aamco should run around 1,500$. remove and replace. You are getting taken advantage of In my opinion!.
  • the car is an automatic transmission has 70k miles on it i was driving along one day and the transmission kind of cut out in around 3rd gear and sounded like it was free wheeling , the overdrive light did come on but once i pulled over (silly) i turned the engine off and it wiped the code . Since then i have heard the same noise occasionally is there any way of checking the problem other then code reading and is anyone a mechanic these days who can troubleshoot without charging an arm and a leg? was quoted $400 just to drop the pan . only a few weeks before another light came on for the airbags and was wondering if by the off chance this could be related?
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 51
    My brother tells me that the S mode can be used for 2 things. 1 Manually shift the car with the button shifter or 2 pull it into S mode and just drive it. He said it shifts much better around town and its not fussy. It does not go into 6th gear so it kind of a City/sports mode. I am going to try it tomorrow. I will let everyone know how it works around town.
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    Arent the cluches on the powershift covered to 60k miles?
  • I just got my ford focus 2012, used, in august and I found out that my transmission is leaking and causing the cluches to slip. also found out my warranty ends in 2014-(warranty started in 2011)must have only been a 3 years warranty or 60,000 mile. I had a 2002 focus and never had a problem with anything. I loved it but now I am worried about having more issues with this one. Luckily the warranty covers it now. but what about next year/ I hope after this is fixed that will be the end of it.Maybe this info will help others, I hope so.
  • toolate1toolate1 Posts: 2
    Anyone confirm is late model Focus are affected by the transmission owes or not. in the news i see Ford reporting the the programming has been changed byt I doubt that is the real issue
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